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Ezyspit with Modifications

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Just a look at the Easyspit. A flat packing fire pit, rotisserie, BBQ, and the modifications that I did to the spit support ends. It's a great portable fire pit to take camping, and it doesn't leave a fire scar. I found that it was too high as it came, for efficient roasting, other than maybe roasting a whole animal. Now that I have cut down the ends, about 70 mm shorter, It works just fine, and saves a lot of fuel. It also works great for a fire pit at home or camping or as a BBQ. The whole unit comes apart for flat pack transport. http://www.ezyspit.com/product/es600/ Click on my "Wall Tent Camping" video to see it used as a fire pit.
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Aussie Outdoor Reviews (2 years ago)
Looks the goods, how heavy does it come in at?
StealthCamp (2 years ago)
OMG i hate ikea. didn't think they sold stuff like the trivet. might have to go there for a look lol
StealthCamp (2 years ago)
I already have an original ozpig so my cooking is mostly done that way. My camping mostly happens from the back of my ute. I'll have to pay some videos.
phrayzar (2 years ago)
I know what you mean lol. If you are into BBQ and stove building, their stainless stuff in the kitchen section is worth a look at. However, I strongly recommend looking online to avoid more hell than necessary in the actual store ;).
so steve (2 years ago)
good thinking my friend atb steve
phrayzar (2 years ago)
thanks mate, just subbed ya.
wattshappenin (2 years ago)
Mate, such good mods. Well thought out, executed and explained! Looks great. Thanks for sharing.

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