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Body Painting Festival 2018 at Iccr Kolkata

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Body Painting Festival 2018 at Iccr Kolkata. Celebration of modern Art festival 2018,At ICCR, KOlkata (Ho-chimin sarani) West Bengal India. Hello Friends. Thank you to visit my channel. our other fashion show and sarees Photoshoot fashion below link heare https://youtu.be/AwoqYNFuzJg https://youtu.be/eSUTu8iOfkg https://youtu.be/dWnUG87VBbU https://youtu.be/b3L0AkXsGKs https://youtu.be/tO4zJMJoTK8 https://youtu.be/9DLc2QeETzY https://youtu.be/1pEYSQQIKuY https://youtu.be/gLOPZsYRRsI https://youtu.be/27-UQWbpPqA https://youtu.be/YsIpLz3FXxY https://youtu.be/_s0crL4dIC8 https://youtu.be/PADTx5AUAAA https://youtu.be/GNe6x9g4ccs https://youtu.be/Tl1OQpvfAIE https://youtu.be/I6orRpQzLWk I Appreciate you are Visit to My CHANNEL Thank you. Please… Like---Subscribe---Comment---Share
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Text Comments (44)
Zeeshan Khan (22 days ago)
Bkwas hai.
Ya Its me (26 days ago)
Painting in body is actually based on nudity. You guys ruined it
UNIQUE INDIA (25 days ago)
Raj vlog you r right
RAJ VLOG (26 days ago)
Ya Its me who told this to you? Every culture has their own different ways
ross mummery (26 days ago)
Absolutely piss poor, and that’s praising it well above it’s worth. Next time I want tie dyed material I’ll know where to come.
Raja Jee (27 days ago)
Don't like
Ramesh Rathod (27 days ago)
Body painting ka color alagsa aata hai Kya? Maibhi painter hu, jankari dijiye.
mahesh hegde (28 days ago)
Hochi Murthy (28 days ago)
Mamta should have participated 😎
Hochi Murthy (25 days ago)
+Akshaya Mohanty kahinki mohanty babu?
Akshaya Mohanty (25 days ago)
Hochi Murthy sagging b not allowed
Venkatesha Reddy P M (28 days ago)
Pradipta ghosh I like very much. I am happy if these girls also follow Pradipta ghosh way of painting.
INDIAN BY HEART (29 days ago)
Really happy to see this art after New York this is happening in kolkata ...
ATANU GHOSAL (26 days ago)
Yes ... happy to see Kolkata participate. However, the quality of body art did not quite impress me. Here in New York (central park) the work done by Andy Golub and team seems much better. Regardless, Kolkata is getting into the trend is news enough, guess the quality will improve over years
UNIQUE INDIA (29 days ago)
ABC DEF (29 days ago)
Thank god its body painting with clothes... Otherwise it would be pretty interesting to see the body painted men having their erected cocks upon seeing the nude female companions😁
Clothes Craft (29 days ago)
Nice work make nude body art
ambika subedi (29 days ago)
Pangaloki fouz
Alpha100 (29 days ago)
Very poor quality !
Beautiful woman with beautiful body painting all women looks like nature mother, I want to learn body painting n I would like to work as assistant for senior painter if any chance inform
Clothes Craft (29 days ago)
Nature mother🙄 are you incest
Soumen Das (29 days ago)
Kolkata r pichie nei
UNIQUE INDIA (29 days ago)
Arindam Kundu (1 month ago)
Er theke Holi te amra jevabe rong kheli Tate besi sundor lage dekhte. vulval ja khusi tai kore dilei hoye gelo body painting.. keo keo khisti marbe amake je ami art bujhina. Tham bhai erokom art na bujhlao cholbe.
Surojit Karmakar (27 days ago)
Arindam kundu I am totally agree with you....Tumi amio amni painting Kore debo no need to be a painter
chidanand billur (1 month ago)
I want to join
Suman Bhattacharjee (1 month ago)
I want to become a model
Clothes Craft (29 days ago)
Hi kese banogi tume job dene wale k pass sona hoga baad may amir admi baad may tum amir banjaogi
Haroon Kabadia (1 month ago)
Kapre pahanke body painting it happens only in india😊
abhishek kumar sinha (20 days ago)
India ... shit
abhishek kumar sinha (20 days ago)
India is a poor f,**ing country
Clothes Craft (29 days ago)
+samala prasanth kumar ha bro pata hai a slum ki larkia ko khareedkr painting nanata hai. Pr larkia bahut sexy hai
samala prasanth kumar (29 days ago)
+Clothes Craft ye link dekho
Clothes Craft (29 days ago)
Nahi yar a chutiya hai kapde penker body painting karte hai search karo indian nude art karke
Jay Patchy (7 months ago)
Dumb as their religion
Clothes Craft (29 days ago)
Its lord shiva and ram colours not dumb ass u bitch
samala prasanth kumar (29 days ago)
Why religion? Which religion r u?
Srijeet Sen (7 months ago)
UNIQUE INDIA (7 months ago)
Thank you so much
Jayashree Chowdhury (8 months ago)
Very nice
rajoshree dutta (8 months ago)
Khub sundor..
MONALI CHATTERJEE (8 months ago)
Darun dada

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