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Text Comments (3453)
Alice Deathbelle (3 hours ago)
My beagle hates baths, he howls and cries every time he has to be washed 😂
Lori Thomas (3 hours ago)
get some biocell it reduces shedding so so much better than the Furminator or anyting
KaraLondon Vaughn (5 hours ago)
Koda is so big and fluffy soo cute
KaraLondon Vaughn (5 hours ago)
I love Cooper he is so freaking cute
misty Reyes (6 hours ago)
U guys r great parents!
Karsen Heidenreich (6 hours ago)
Yo dead a## our great parenees(can't spell at all btw) is named coda to
Maggiedog (8 hours ago)
Who ever disliked this doesnt have a life or they don't know what cute is.
Believable_Playz Lol (8 hours ago)
21:52 i know right after we give my dog a bath she gets really crazy and starts barking, getting her toy and tossing it everywhere!
Kris Harrison (11 hours ago)
17:03 is so funny
Dayana Guzmam (12 hours ago)
hey tmar tn2 i really like your videos and hope you reach 4 millon subscribers because i like your videos and bye see your new videos bye i love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
13:12 he looks like a cow in a barn xD
Lucy Castaneda (19 hours ago)
Omg I love your dogs like there so cute
P T (19 hours ago)
Who would win? A drain or one hairy boii
zahid Iqbal (1 day ago)
Awwww cooper and koda are super cute people who are watching this video have you seen cooper and Kodak’s birthday 🎁🎊🎉
Tyler Wright (1 day ago)
You could’ve made a scarf out of coda
Ben Buenaventura (1 day ago)
ugh the beginning was great
Davida Medlin (1 day ago)
What is like my dog IV she's also she's white like your dog and she sheds a lot in this is shedding season
Yaz Karcher (1 day ago)
Love 💝 your videos
Tjen Broun (1 day ago)
I think im going to buy this 😍
Lily TheGamer (1 day ago)
I’m just saying,You really need to feed your dogs more. Edit: They both look really skinny. I’m gonna be sad if you don’t. 😭😢😓😣
Lindsay MacGregor (2 days ago)
why do you have a pet polar bear?
Soviet vape King (2 days ago)
Have u ever seen weeknd & Bernie’s
RangoTheGreat Lol (2 days ago)
15:56 Omg I thought cooper jumped into the water for a second he was so hyper😂😂😂
89granville (2 days ago)
That is a nice ass house 😆
Dante (2 days ago)
Lucky you guys have an eager dog who like water, I have to fight with mines every other day 😂💀👍
G.A. .Pacag (2 days ago)
Cooper: ● v ● Koda: ○ ^ ○
Michelle Robatin (2 days ago)
You guys should go to Universal Studios soon and make a vlog for that
crackedcookies (2 days ago)
Ooh wow stfu
Luna (2 days ago)
Wtf is that picture on the wall 1:28
-oCrystal Z (2 days ago)
U r very bad koda feels bad u kicked him
coffEKolor (2 days ago)
I see a lot of "not so nice"comments..it seems like a nice house, for the dogs to live in. ..Fun and lots of love!...Altho I feel that Koda is sick. I hope not.
You kinda treat Cody different like you like Cooper more than cody
christoffkobe16 yuson (2 days ago)
i think your dog is stresed
Carol Gates (3 days ago)
Ok I'm getting a dog that doesn't shed
Victoria (3 days ago)
Koda is a Great Pyrenees or a maremma. One or the other he is a god boy!
Victoria (1 day ago)
TheBlade 97 I have three of them.
TheBlade 97 (1 day ago)
He's a Great Pyrenees.
LillyPads4Life (3 days ago)
I feel like you don't do any videos with coda he needs love to you know
Hello Kitty slimes (3 days ago)
Hi, omggg this is the first vid of yours I ever watched
Will you stupid people stop calling a full grown dog a 'puppy'. Stupid people.
Teppo Ruini (3 days ago)
FrankMcFly (3 days ago)
Which kind of Golden Retriever is Koda?
TheBlade 97 (1 day ago)
He's not, he's a Great Pyrenees. Completely different dog 😄
Diya Patel (4 days ago)
If u Like chocolate like If u like chicken nuggets comment
Diya Patel (4 days ago)
Look at the photo 4:00
Becca Samuels (4 days ago)
Try vacuum deseading them
I'm a Gamer girl (4 days ago)
12:36 cooper is waiting
Alicia Ruelas (4 days ago)
9:47-9:50 Koda looks like a furry blob like if you agree
T.C.R. Vlogs (4 days ago)
where can I get one?
Ahriana Farrell (4 days ago)
Coup is SO Much Smaller Then Kota
Sophrodos (4 days ago)
Woow, wish I had that energic positive attitude of that dude. Either he's healthy physically & in mentality or he's on some drug which made him super happy :D
Domanique Nicole (4 days ago)
Koda that booty is too thick😂💀
Luis Mendoza (4 days ago)
Do a Boeing And swing one😛😛😲😲🐶🐶🐣😏😏😍😍😎🐶🐶🐺🐺🍓🍒🍉
Imnotcreative Imc (4 days ago)
What dog bath is this? I want it!
Mia Anslow (4 days ago)
Too small. Needs bigger tub
It's Max (4 days ago)
8:46 that booty is too thicc
KpopBishForever (4 days ago)
1k people don’t like dog baths. Evil people.
Brooklyn Layman (4 days ago)
What kind of dog is koda
TheBlade 97 (1 day ago)
Great Pyrenees.
Arlyn Rivera (4 days ago)
do an prank call to your youtuber friend and make an change voice to him
NightcoreStars (4 days ago)
You guys still support this cheater? oh god
Aeni Widia (4 days ago)
Poor nature, if you guys can throw your dog hairs in the rubbish bin is more great than just left them in the very beautiful nature!
Oshies World (5 days ago)
How cool is that! Jealous I don't have one. Koda and Coop looking just as happy as can be about it!
Fun craft (5 days ago)
Actually my pet dog loves to bath
JumpyHorse_Lover365 (5 days ago)
My dog, a yellow lab, sheds the exact same amount, and every time we brush her, it looks like it snowed on the ground.
Fractious Raven (5 days ago)
Is it just me? I think he sounded like RomanatWood or something.
Why does it say the video’s category is gaming?
Bradley Collins (5 days ago)
Crazy Russian hacker did a video on dis same bath for his dogs lol
Fiddcs donk (5 days ago)
Chelsea got really nice legs :P
Samantha Stahlhut (5 days ago)
How did you get your dogs to taKE A Bath my dog is a lab and she doesn’t like to take a bath.
Rupert Murdoch (5 days ago)
I bet that blonde does A+ throat work
CringyKidSings (5 days ago)
You put your dog in a stove?!
Elizabeth Briner (5 days ago)
Swimming with them
kushal sau shakya (6 days ago)
1 like = 1 love for coop and koda
Zoe Earp (6 days ago)
do a swimming episode next week
Emma GERRARD (6 days ago)
Most people would say Koda is snow I say he is the meaning of winter
Jeremy Beaulieu (6 days ago)
Koda is such a handsome dog!
Becky Adams (6 days ago)
Is this after his third birthday I think the
Nirav Tuladhar (6 days ago)
JASMIN AMBRIZ (7 days ago)
Aww I loved that for my dogs where you bought that at ?
If you don't get their ears wet they will shake less.
Sky Robinson (7 days ago)
Play minicaft
Lysette Morgan (7 days ago)
hello. 😍 you Guy's.
Lysette Morgan (7 days ago)
hello. 😍 you Guy's.
Nightartist z (7 days ago)
How does Koda not like water like he's a Great Pyrenees they all like water and you see all that hair they've got to be sweating in
Pillycuff (7 days ago)
You should do a whole video just of stuff for Coda Like if u agree
Patrick Sullivan (8 days ago)
You fricken spoil your dogs
veyda mccauley (8 days ago)
I feel like you don't give coda a lot of love that makes me sad :(
MrsCarol Yuen (8 days ago)
Do a swimming video for us and Cooper
Soraya etique (8 days ago)
i really want him to jump in the water LOL
Soraya etique (8 days ago)
omg there using a horse brush lol
Nicole TYURKOVA (8 days ago)
Do a cool swimming test video with koda 😆
Rocky Kanaka (8 days ago)
So cute! I just gave my foster Golden Retriever puppy his first bath. He needs a home. Let me know what you think of his videos!
sneha Pradeep (8 days ago)
Koda look good than cooper and why Cooper is always treated good thn koda !!!! I feel bad for koda His fur is amazingly awesome
Ariyionna Chillers (9 days ago)
I don’t like how y’all treat both of differently
李凤杰 (9 days ago)
You should definitely do the swimming pool episode.
Danika Hopping (9 days ago)
I have a dog that is like coda and he is a mastic +yellow lab
barcafan (9 days ago)
10:57 dog knows what is the best place ;)
piper laridaen (9 days ago)
something tells me you like cooper way more than dakota,you just treat cooper better and thats not fair
Jadon Spring (9 days ago)
Don’t worry man my Siberian huskie sheds as much or more than your dog lol
marcie morris (10 days ago)
You should get a 3rd dog
Amime Expert (4 days ago)
marcie morris be quite
Ruth Par (10 days ago)
When Coda was taking a shower it was just funny that Cooper was just watching in the window!:)
King Bleach (10 days ago)
we all know who the favourite is

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