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We actually touch LIVE animals!!! HILAROUS CHALLENGES ⇢https://youtu.be/WO29-i7x1O0 MORE FUNNY PRANKS ⇢ https://bit.ly/2KaHT6Q ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RECENT VIDEOS YOU'LL LOVE ⇣ *THE NUN PRANK⇢https://youtu.be/T99DCbG2g_Q *BEING MOM & DAD 24 HOURS ⇢https://youtu.be/Qq7LvZTEthc*INDOOR WATERFALL ⇢ https://youtu.be/aE0SGG0KkfA *WORST PRANK ⇢ https://youtu.be/XzLzluf4_Ug *WERE WE'VE BEEN ⇢ https://youtu.be/COHl-u_wbGA *EPIC SURPRISE ⇢ https://youtu.be/cmoRjUyC5SM *DE'ARRA PREGNANT FOR 24 HOURS ⇢ https://youtu.be/nEaZYzXMTvM HILAROUS CHALLENGES ⇢ http://bit.ly/2ocTC9s ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RECENT VIDEOS YOU'LL LOVE ⇣ * WERID FOOD COMBOS ⇢ https://youtu.be/kWv1XQPiUEY * GF CAUGHT TEXTING SOMEONE ELSE ⇢ https://youtu.be/8RVU7OfPSUk * GAINT BALLOON CHALLENGE ⇢ https://youtu.be/YI1C_kHl4g0 * CRAZIEST PRANK EVER ON DE'ARRA ⇢ https://youtu.be/Mulm-JNAf3o HILAROUS PRANK WAR ⇢ http://bit.ly/2oWMTUB ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OUR VLOG CHANNEL IS LIT SUBSCRIBE :) ⇣ http://youtube.com/VlogsbyDK4L ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RECENT PRANKS PULLED ON DE'ARRA :) *I DESTORYED HER SHOES ⇢ https://youtu.be/uqYvGms8kQM *DE'ARRA RUINED MY PS4 ⇣ https://youtu.be/qwRljgGgqnE *BATHROOM PRANK ON GIRLFRIEND (2,000+ CUPS) ⇣ https://youtu.be/OMJMmGZBU28 *TERRIFYING REAL TARANTULA PRANK!! ⇣ https://youtu.be/xddLQTp6oY8 MORE PRANKS,CHALLENGES ETC.. SUBSCRIBE TO US HERE ⇣ https://youtube.com/DK4L ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BECOME OUR FRIEND ⇢ http://bit.ly/2a01Nmh ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LIKE DAILY VLOGS!? SUBSCRIBE TO OUR VLOG CHANNEL ⇣ http://youtube.com/VlogsbyDK4L *VLOGMAS 2016 ⇢ http://bit.ly/2jsmyaF *OUR JOURNEY AROUND THE WORLD ⇢ http://bit.ly/2jspF2w ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SEND US MAIL :) De’arra and Ken or DK4L P.O Box #7457 Atlanta, GA 30357 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Theme Song: Deeman Ohhrite - Blessing STALK US :) De’arra Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/therealbambinokitten_/ Ken's Instagram: https://Instagram.com/rollplanes__/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dearra.ken/ De’arra Twitter: https://twitter.com/shortymacshort_ Ken’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/rollplanes__ Snapchat: dk_4l Age: De’arra: 22 Ken: 24
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Text Comments (7385)
Aramis McFarland (1 day ago)
It’s squidward! Lmaooo
Aramis McFarland (1 day ago)
He said thank god spongebob
Kirlecia Augillard (1 day ago)
Kirlecia Augillard (1 day ago)
xCarlos 666x (2 days ago)
0:03 lol
Itzyogirlz Petty (2 days ago)
0:04 what was de’arra doing😭
Ja'Leasha Walker (2 days ago)
shut up with all that scrmry
Taylor Queen (3 days ago)
Ewwww the heart
Claudette Flwr (3 days ago)
She gus a shout😨😨😨😨
keshia holloway (4 days ago)
I LOVE YALL soo much y'all are the first yo utube channel I've watched since like 3rd grade😘😙😙❤
Chimorah Wilson (4 days ago)
Dearra got some long fingernails like cardi b
Sonya Young (5 days ago)
She said is kt bbn peeing
Sonya Young (5 days ago)
I mean is it peeing
Tasiaa Nae (7 days ago)
I like how the crabs are throwing up gang signs at Dearra 😂
Grace Robertson (7 days ago)
3:17 crabs like post up
Title: “LIVE ANIMALS!!” Video: *squishy bananas*
DJ Gamer (9 days ago)
0:03 dude are you kidding me
shambreshia myers (9 days ago)
Team d
Janell Williamson (9 days ago)
Dearra too funny 😂lmao
DaCheesy One (10 days ago)
Damn them crabs were trying to grab her hand lmao 😂😂😂
Gaming with J'Mya (11 days ago)
HI I’m new to this channel
Clabreia Hogan (11 days ago)
Haha it on my lashes it smash my lashes
Labree Beasley (12 days ago)
Team b
Martha Harris (15 days ago)
Team ken
Joy Pigott (16 days ago)
she is scared of everything
Piper O (16 days ago)
Lol 😂
Mike Denton (16 days ago)
Team dearra
y0u l0velaii (17 days ago)
I screamed when them crabs pinched at her😩😭😂
Journey Martin (17 days ago)
Mr crab is so scary like omg I was so scared like!p the hair deeara
Monica Burden (17 days ago)
It is crab s
Unecia Williams (17 days ago)
Raveena Hoosein (18 days ago)
Love the rat round and the rest
Liszande francois (18 days ago)
Hurriyah M (20 days ago)
Its squidward😂
Neenah Alexander (23 days ago)
You tooo loud
CDream MusicTV (23 days ago)
orlando stewart (24 days ago)
Those crabs weren't playing it almost got De,arra😂
Carleigh Silver (24 days ago)
Team De'arra
Ra'Onia Day (25 days ago)
ken you are crazy
Cedricus Caldwell (25 days ago)
Don’t be scaryy
Mia Jones (25 days ago)
Dearra ur making me laugh a lot lol in the video 😂🤣
Romeo Donawa (26 days ago)
Ken us afraid of the crab dearra. Thumbs upp😍💚💜❤💙💛👏👏👏
Myiesha Alford (26 days ago)
ken won deffle
Mani Mani (26 days ago)
where is the part 2?
Cierra TheMixxedgal (28 days ago)
Man I am fucking cryingggg funniest shit ever 😂
Dougie Jefferson (28 days ago)
4:20 that crab wont playin😂😂
Annalya Joseph (29 days ago)
Bro I got scared
nikeriah dennard (30 days ago)
4:18 going on that crab ain’t want to leave
C0G Doll (30 days ago)
thank the LORD for this day and rebuke the devil in JESUS name AMEN .. Don’t use the LORD name in vain
JaNaya Draw's (30 days ago)
Dearra:"Ken clamp him clamp!!!" Me: 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Bad Queen (1 month ago)
I love you from France 😘♥️
Patience Daniels (1 month ago)
Team derra
Elyabell 56 (1 month ago)
Why do I find the crabs cute when they reached for the top?😂😂
just gabs (1 month ago)
0:03 did y'all see that
Xana MakeupAndStyling (1 month ago)
Skylet Hernadez (1 month ago)
I love rats how could you🙁
jelani taylor (1 month ago)
Mad ppl
infinite hawkins (1 month ago)
Poor sponge bob and squid actually fuck squidward
Tomia Manning (1 month ago)
The boy look like nick cannon
Sion Hughes (1 month ago)
Christen Johnson (1 month ago)
imma be honest. green wasn’t dearra’s color
Soraya Lynn (1 month ago)
Taem De'arra
Mynoraxis (1 month ago)
Why was she jiggling her boobies?
Queen Kay (1 month ago)
He always scaring her 😂😂😂😂😂😂😩
Queen Queen (1 month ago)
I got a deep bad cut from a crab that was dangerous
_jami _ (1 month ago)
Y'all ever notice how De'arra always be smelling something then she be like "eww that stank" like its so funny cause I do the same thing
Curtis Boyd (1 month ago)
King team because his cool
Timeshia Grover (1 month ago)
Drara you are so scared😰😭😭😕😰🙅
Mary Weaver (1 month ago)
I'm scared just like dearra
Akira Williams (1 month ago)
Jamacy Robinson (1 month ago)
team derra
I lovveee de’arrras hair sooo much
destiny claudio (1 month ago)
Yall funny and brave lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
ABCD Any Body Can Do (1 month ago)
bad very bad 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
CRYSTAL PRICE (1 month ago)
O my God
Gerardo Santoyo (1 month ago)
Cool green harie
Robolxraina Andmore (1 month ago)
Them crabs wasn’t playing girl I was so scared for you oooooooo
Yhana Jayzee (1 month ago)
part 2 please😁
Taniesha S (1 month ago)
You now when you get nervous and bodey start inchen
135rickjames (1 month ago)
It’s all fun and games until somebody gets a piranha
Itz Shonda (1 month ago)
You guys are funny 😂
Duke Source (1 month ago)
You guys are so cute together❤️
Amysaid (1 month ago)
Who is here in 2k19
D The Diva (1 month ago)
where ya'll get rats from 😐
Daymond Felo (1 month ago)
The crab tho
nba garyon (1 month ago)
nba garyon (1 month ago)
Mishale Wilson (1 month ago)
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 ken is so messed up for the crab they ready to pinch !!
reapslut (1 month ago)
Live animals they said...
Kelani Hunter (1 month ago)
Team D era
Frances Bentley (1 month ago)
This some little lil sea creature thang I’m done he funny he just cracked me up with that😂😊😅
Ananiah Senkevich (1 month ago)
Thanks for blowing my ear drum out de' arra
eddie simmons (1 month ago)
de'arra team my name is amiyah
Pastel Xx (1 month ago)
Yvette Judson (1 month ago)
My eardrum was about to pop I had I had headphones
Geovonti Moore (1 month ago)
Love your work
nene young (1 month ago)
You look pretty with you hair lime green 😍😍
Melinda Schnur (1 month ago)
Mad crabs
Mya8D (1 month ago)
Poor crabs, you can’t shove crabs in fresh water first of all. Second, tap water is not good for any aquatic creature. This was irresponsible and insensitive. Have some respect for animals and nature. Smh disliked and reported
Dezzie Mdaka (1 month ago)
Is that a human being's heart

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