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NECRO - "HOE BLOW" (off the Album I NEED DRUGS)

569 ratings | 73894 views
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Text Comments (52)
Travis Garcia (2 months ago)
Mitch Connor (6 months ago)
Your cunt lookth sthoooOoOOoooo gooooOOod
The Government (6 months ago)
MrWestcoast52 (7 months ago)
This Beat is gold 😎 raw and simple but so fucking awesome
Gang Star (1 year ago)
I brush my teeth with this song
Marek Szmidt (5 months ago)
e yo
The Government (6 months ago)
I’ll vote you.
The Mold (6 months ago)
Finn the Human (1 year ago)
GUHOLEC / LANCETOS (1 year ago)
its a real fuckin love song N
Eric (1 year ago)
I just heard 50 Cent doing basically the same chorus on one of his old mixtapes and wondered if one of them borrowed from the other, but upon doing a little research I found out that they both got it from a song by Bubba Sparxxx and Jadakiss, that was released just a little bit before I was old enough to really follow what was playing on the radio/video stations. Maybe all three of them borrowed from something even older, who knows.
D G (5 months ago)
@Eric i appriciate the info brh 😂😂
Eric (6 months ago)
@Mitch Connor I'm pretty sure I responded to someone but who knows.
Mitch Connor (6 months ago)
@Eric are you talking to yourself?
Eric (1 year ago)
Yeah, I knew Necro wouldn't sample a Jadakiss and Bubba Sparxxx song. It was actually a much older sample, from an old KRS-One song called "Criminal Minded". Well that was a fun research session.
David Pfeifer (1 year ago)
Jeff Ross !!!!!
Oteck Officiel (2 years ago)
Necro c'est une putain de Légende !!!!!!!!
Tyler Durden (2 years ago)
Sex bird
Tyler Durden (1 year ago)
Shiny Mewtwo (2 years ago)
i could snap ur fuckin neck if you say u aint down to fuck! 100
John Dillinger (2 years ago)
Nobody says the word "Sadistdick" like Necro ! lool.. Any word with "S" in it.. The lisp Jus makes him sound more raw n sickening lol
Cody Hewer (3 years ago)
i could snap your fuckin neck if you say you ain't down to fuck!!! lol
fag beater (3 years ago)
wait for your surround start to fail, then when you lease expect it......in your mouth
Jens McGhee (3 years ago)
where has this song been all my life? it sucks to have the chorus in your head tho as you might accidently start singing it in class or at work or some shit haha
PeepTentacion (2 years ago)
Actual me in class
Peter Pain (3 years ago)
+Jens McGhee lol true
Kevin Lanier (3 years ago)
Du pure song
keegan six (3 years ago)
i knew this song forever
5.56 Only (4 years ago)
Whip out my Jimi Hendrix
NYG1991 (4 years ago)
Some raw Necro shit.
Jesus Muñoz (4 years ago)
Hoe Blow!!!!!
Randy Jones (4 years ago)
the days back when necro was so much more sicker the gory days dvd cd and can't forget about the rare demos and freestyles volume 1,2,3
Magnefficient Fragz (4 years ago)
necro  always has raw beats 
Ro Maniac (4 years ago)
raw as fuck
GUHOLEC / LANCETOS (6 years ago)
fuckin classick kurwa jego w dupe mać, necro mój idol
Marek Szmidt (5 months ago)
co kurwo
tastycakey (6 years ago)
the views are 999 now backward triple sixes it's sadistic rugged shit :D
oh yeah yeah (1 month ago)
Lemme cum in your ass
lolfast (6 years ago)
I can snap your fuccking neck if you say your not down to fuck
Relly E. (6 years ago)
Feel my knuckles hit cha clit!
John Dillinger (2 years ago)
Read exactly as the part came
Memento Mori (6 years ago)
One of the first Necro tracks I ever heard.
Firstbig Lastb (6 years ago)
this old still better than the new musique of the industrie
V1LLAIN (6 years ago)
I NEED DRUGS is classic album, a front to back banger. Necro production is legendary.
Eric (1 year ago)
You're right. I'm a big underground hip hop head, not the biggest horrorcore fan, but this album is really dope regardless. Only other horrorcore albums I really fuck with are Esham's KKKill the Fetus, and Gravediggaz, plus a few Brotha Lynch songs here and there.
tastycakey (6 years ago)
lovely song to wake up to
Trudi Green (4 months ago)
Scum on your face
(1 year ago)
i am
ss dm357 (1 year ago)
tastycakey you down to fuck
NecroNomiconJesus (6 years ago)
Tim Hosking (6 years ago)
Scum suckers
The Hip Hop Elohim (6 years ago)
"My Cum Will Coat Yo Throat Like The Milk From A Goat"

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