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Text Comments (718)
Daniel Koh (1 month ago)
Tantan were you in Phnom Penh??
d_won1 (2 months ago)
0:20 Damnnn hey girl 😩😍
Cameron Bran (2 months ago)
YO!! 2 years later and that shawty from the beginning still bad as hellll
MattTab (2 months ago)
Bruh u know a girl is a hoe when she sticking out her tongue when a camera is in her face
Reggie (3 months ago)
Why richie wearing a flannel if the weather is hot
Juan Antonio (3 months ago)
richie aint tryin to show yall the latest trends be tryin to show yall hes a hustler
DUKE CHAN CHAN (4 months ago)
please can I get a Jordan I'm from India ,Manipur
mina ted (4 months ago)
2:43 peep day guy dancing in the back
Keezy TV (4 months ago)
home girl in the beginning can get it foreal tho
Oof Oofer (5 months ago)
Why does Richie look like a transgender soccer mom 😂
The Asian Beast (6 months ago)
Ryden Hiebert (7 months ago)
Tan should make his own clothing line and everything well be tan.
sruly odents (7 months ago)
they started up with dicks beacause they love eating dicks
Austin Richard Post (7 months ago)
0:20 damn
mauricio perez (8 months ago)
7:27 not again pretty rico with his ball sack again 😂
Zenny Boy (8 months ago)
Go Seattle
F*ck boi (9 months ago)
Damm who the shorty in the beginning❤
King JM (9 months ago)
Tan and Jonny should get a channel
King JM (9 months ago)
Shorty in the beginning tho
King JM (9 months ago)
I live in Seattle and I love dicks Burgers 🍔
MaskedFilipino (10 months ago)
Mr.Upshift (10 months ago)
In most Hypetalk Videos I am totally on Jonnys side. Especially when it comes to shoes
Peep Tans balls hangin at 8:54
Jerry Bonney (10 months ago)
30 seconds to 35 seconds on the video. Pause. Why Johnny didn’t say no HOMO
Noah S (10 months ago)
Lord help tan
Saul rodriguez (11 months ago)
i like how they said dick alot as if it was intentional XD
KING MUHAMMAD (1 year ago)
complete the analogy: Big Baller Brand, Big Boy.........
Odin Olivares (1 year ago)
Improper use of ironic
Detention (1 year ago)
Y y'all eatin' DICK'S
Donn Lewis (1 year ago)
I feel like Richies channel should be called Richie Tan & Big Boy Johnny
Dan montenegro (1 year ago)
Yo why does Richie look like a lesbian??
marcusyc (1 year ago)
y'all out here looking for the intro girl's Insta but I'm still out here searching for kylies
Hamza Lodhi (1 year ago)
The weasel loves dicks so much. Explains his braces. 1:00
Sneaker Life (1 year ago)
Tans balls at 7.29
Purgified (1 year ago)
Sky pilot is the camera man
It's Tyson (1 year ago)
Why were there five burgers and 3guys
Renwar karamani (1 year ago)
Burgers from dicks 😂
Noah Ircink (1 year ago)
Spokane Dicks is better , #eastside
Itz Rockez (1 year ago)
hold up , tan wearing Nike socks with ultra boost
NSL Fortnite (1 year ago)
Johny low key wants all the food on the menu
Sonic 10123 (1 year ago)
what does the camera guy eat
R Williams (1 year ago)
Pretty Ricoooooooo he is carrying lol damn 8:07
Grzns (1 year ago)
Who likes Richie's vids when the ad is on because you know it's going to be fire?
maryam del mundo (1 year ago)
love the channel - Shout out from Dubai to Seattle
Gabriel J McCullough (1 year ago)
Richie has 666k subs right now
Jalapeño Gonzaga (1 year ago)
yall took an L for eating at dick
Xavier Najera (1 year ago)
It looks better than McDonald's
Xavier Najera (1 year ago)
They are eating dicks
Shawty behind the counter at Dicks was type fine
Adolf Hitler (1 year ago)
Im rewatching so many old videos and I have to say Johnny lost really much weight
Dropped Truckz (1 year ago)
Asian Page Kennedy had me dead asf broo 😂😂
Jordan Panganiban (1 year ago)
Richie is right. everybody has hypebeast in them
Lavar Ball (1 year ago)
Johnny the type of waiter to take a bite out of the food before serving it to the customer
Ryan Pablo (1 year ago)
friend: aye richie, what are u eating rn richie: Im eating Dicks
Cole Tucker (1 year ago)
Man y'all eatin a lot of dicks
Usha Gharti (1 year ago)
the shade from Rico, boy we see you
Sang Luu (1 year ago)
*Grabs burgers* "Can't forget these bad boys" *Leaves camera behind*
Jaylen Oddy (1 year ago)
the girl at intro tho !!!
Squiddich (1 year ago)
Richie's way better with these doods instead of fungbros
Deaf w Headphones (1 year ago)
hypetalk>fungbros 🔥🔥🔥
Kevin Johns (1 year ago)
Is this a responding to your comments or is it going to food places?
Jesus Christ (1 year ago)
You guys love dick's
Noam Ku (1 year ago)
Richie give the fungbros more credit ,you became popular because of them
It's Andrei (1 year ago)
How y'all eat so much?
Carson Smith (1 year ago)
johnny low key hiding the rest of that burger in that dirty sanchez mustache
Carson Smith (1 year ago)
richie the typa dude to make tan and johnny slouch on the couch to look taller
Alan Hernandez (1 year ago)
Tan isn't Filipino?
fxcknoky (1 year ago)
Alan Hernandez cambodian
Bodeboop Y (1 year ago)
Hurricane Tortilla (1 year ago)
"best way to fuel up is dicks"
Blanketly blank (1 year ago)
why are they eating every second
Tobi Laja (1 year ago)
Of course at 3:33 Johnny was the one to remember the burgers!
Triggered Hot pocket (1 year ago)
Tan look like he about to bust a nut
Nate (1 year ago)
That shordy bad af
Pooping Machine (1 year ago)
Can you guys help. Where can I get affordable Joggers that fits a guy that's 5'10-217 lbs. thanks
Not Playboi Cactus (1 year ago)
The store fucking Google it you lazy fuck I'm pretty sure has some cheap stuff
Webster (1 year ago)
I love this
Destroyer of Sins (2 years ago)
An I the only who thought "Let's eat some Dick's"
Traepox 114 (2 years ago)
00:22 ay she fine tho
Wayson Wong (2 years ago)
johnny and tang should make there own channel
Tony Cortes (2 years ago)
Damn the the girl in the intro is a cutie
Sophearith Saing (2 years ago)
What? Tan is Cambodian?
Timmy V (2 years ago)
Tan a cambo? Instantly like him more
WAVY CURLSON (2 years ago)
I like how you are putting seattle back on the map. Keep it moving!
Head lines (2 years ago)
You should make a video with qrew kicks
Yvng Killa (2 years ago)
im the 667 comment you're welcome
Kenny Ly (2 years ago)
Theo the Greek Thunder (2 years ago)
Jón Gunnar Ólafsson (2 years ago)
you guys are legends
Hugh Morgan (2 years ago)
obviously they had to refill on some dicks
Wheelbur (2 years ago)
You guys are so COOL! I hope you guys will come to philippines too :(
Johnny Stevenson (2 years ago)
Have they ever explained why the make the voices high at some points?
It's Andrei (2 years ago)
I really like ur channel and everything, no offense but why do u guys eat so much? 😂
Quin Buchanan (2 years ago)
"We're gonna make this a regular thing on the channel" Pretty Rico
Lenny S (2 years ago)
can we get some Washington state hype?
5:35 (2 years ago)
Do y'all hang out at Oasis at like 1 am? Cause that's the only time I'm there haha
Mukattash Yazan (2 years ago)
Damn boys y'all eat too much
Mr.FPS7y (2 years ago)
8:16 tan tans shorts
Danny Pham (2 years ago)
Kevin Harrington (2 years ago)
Johnny look like the one uncle that eat off ur plate 😂😂
Joshua Kinkead (2 years ago)
freky lmao

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