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Body Painting Day 2016 New York City

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'Inner Beauty'
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Gary Lee Hutchings (20 hours ago)
My whole channel deleted for artistic underwear shots, but full nudity and swinging dicks is okay if you are a big corporation. YouTube is CorpTube now..
ماهذاالاحتفال وفى اى بلد
Rick O'Shea (22 days ago)
You might like this body painting video. It has even more "art": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8BaydPAE2g
Billy Nunya (23 days ago)
How bout all those asians with their cameras? “Crick crick”
marlonmagico (3 months ago)
Hahahahahaha !
Nina Gorlushko (6 months ago)
Nice works and nice idea!Its really nice to make art on the body.Im bodypainter and doing this since 1999,my video here https://youtu.be/t42ymvRJHPY
Kr. R. (7 months ago)
6:50 what a beauty
Andreas Metaxas (9 months ago)
I think most people are here to see crazy exhibitionists
Satnam Tandon (9 months ago)
I like it
FAZILY VLOGS (9 months ago)
Good punishment
Karles Manullang (9 months ago)
Dunia barat memang aneh
danuw broto (10 months ago)
Rudi Saputra (10 months ago)
Mantap bogelnya...
陈玉才 (10 months ago)
Sudhir Kumar (11 months ago)
Very nice
Boniface Beta (1 year ago)
shinzon k (1 year ago)
how do her titties stand up like that at 1:20 wow!!
Bartosz Szczepaniak (1 year ago)
06:00 holy shit MOAAR!
Shrawan Kumar (2 years ago)
l like body panting
Noemia Mendes (2 years ago)
Assad Khan (2 years ago)
Shame on you all bitches and dogs , is this your civilization?
Nasiruddin Shah (2 years ago)
just a naked day
Joseph Jankovics (1 month ago)
Pervs and freaks!!
Tulika Dhondiyal (2 years ago)
kitne besharm hain sharm bhi nahi aa rahi hain
Aadan Daakir (2 years ago)
Hey Its Lyssa (2 years ago)
there was more men then women behind those gates probly hopeing to see some cute girls there getting body painted
Banana panda bear (2 years ago)
What the no clothes at all in public so wierd
bryan sullivan (2 years ago)
legalized filth
anony mouse (2 years ago)
this is absolutely only exhibition and not art at all
Goni Basappa (2 years ago)
what a wonderfull body painting nudes i like this event. I L OVE BODY PAINTING DAY I WAIT COMING SOON BODY PAINTING.. I WISH ALL ARTISTS & MODELS..
Deplorable American (2 years ago)
I used to live in NYC during mayor Juliani, tanks God I have moved out. What these people are doing is the beginning of the end of civilization.
Joseph Jankovics (1 month ago)
ebutym11225 now which politician does that remind me of hmmmmmm
32Dorbust (3 months ago)
You want perverse? Look up in the sky and see the white, chemical puke the puppet masters have been spraying on us heavily for decades. A few naked, out of shape bodies w/gaudy paint jobs should be the least of our concerns.
ebutym11225 (2 years ago)
@Abusayeed Haque You apparently have no idea what is the meaning of the word fascist.
Deplorable American (2 years ago)
@ebutym11225, he was a perfect mayor for the city like NYC. NYC need more mayor like him nit like the fascist one you have right now.  
ebutym11225 (2 years ago)
Giuliani was a repressive tyrant. I could not wait for NYC to get rid of him. The megalomaniacal bastard wanted to stay past his term limits. What a power-hungry whore he was.
daniel grandemange (2 years ago)
Du cul,,,,  Bof.... pas très malin,,,
M Kufel (2 years ago)
The collapse of American civilization. What else can you show? Thus fell the power of Old Rome. What is unpleasant picture of a New York street. Cheep ZOO !
Mark Miller (2 years ago)
ya I'd pass on the bus ride
James Williams (2 years ago)
Joseph Jankovics (1 month ago)
Perfect opinion of a moron!! This is your vocabulary??
sophia Gibson (2 years ago)
THE LOVE OF FOOTBALL....nice pussies and boobs.
sophia Gibson (2 years ago)
It's not football..what culture is this.
Murka Ljitsa (2 years ago)
do you ?
Suvajit Bhaduri (2 years ago)
Nothing but nudity in the name of art....pathetic!!! I strongly believe this is not the American culture...this can't be art at all...shameless creatures
Joseph Jankovics (1 month ago)
Suvajit Bhaduri that's because you're a subhuman Indian!!
Suvajit Bhaduri (2 years ago)
+Dave Thorpe great 👍
Dave Thorpe (2 years ago)
Oh, and if you google Naked Bike ride London 2014 or Naked Bike ride Brighton 2014 you will see me naked on a bike In London and Brighton along with lots of other naturists
Dave Thorpe (2 years ago)
Of course. Why would I not? I am a naturist. I can't go naked at work obviously but at home when it's warm enough I never wear clothes. What is the point? If friends come over they know me and happy to be around me naked. Some strip off others stay clothed. It never ends in sex as it is non sexual nudity. I also go to naturist clubs and beaches. You should try it. It's liberating.
Dave Thorpe (2 years ago)
I am not trying to belittle you here. I am just amazed at your attitude. Maybe it is a culture influenced issue. Clothing appeared about 42 000 years ago and it appeared to improve the comfort of the wearer. I.E to provide warmth and to protect from the elements. It was not to hide the body from others. This isn't my opinion but fact. If anyone told you differently then they are not correct.
ChudyseuszTV (2 years ago)
art in every shape and size !
Tony Mul (2 years ago)
+ChudyseuszTV (above me) And that's the way it should be. In ANY size! Well said. Not just skinny! Thank You!
Carlos Estrada (2 years ago)
it is an artistic event. this is freedom of expression. i will attend and participate in this event next year. This a way that an artist's work can come to life!!!
ExileNJ (2 years ago)
Adetokunbo the LEGEND (5 months ago)
Hey Its Lyssa (2 years ago)
+Tony Mul your a pervert
Tony Mul (2 years ago)
At 2:02, my dream girl on the right. Although on camera for a split second close-up! That isn't fair?!! Buttt, at 2:26 - 2:33, the female painter in blue shirt and dark blue jeans also looked nice. :-)
Tony Mul (2 years ago)
+ExileNJ (above me) BITE YOUR TONGUE! I happen to appreciate all the big girls in this clip. :-) Love the BIG boobs and BIG butts!
JW (2 years ago)
this is just another way people can get away with not getting arrested for being naked, what bullshit, but I like the women  LOL
W0LFGANXS (2 years ago)
I think most people are here because they want to see people naked, not because they like art.
Rick O'Shea (22 days ago)
This body painting video has even more "art": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8BaydPAE2g
David Mccann (22 days ago)
Ya Think !!!
Rick O'Shea (1 month ago)
Same reason you are here.
Joseph Jankovics (1 month ago)
A bunch of pervs ogling the exhibitionists!! NO ART HERE!!!! And certainly not a place for body acceptance!!
absoftitanium (3 months ago)
TuankuLelo (2 years ago)
nothing great about this event..I just love the pussies that's all...it's all about nudity, not art
Adetokunbo the LEGEND (5 months ago)
why are you not naked outside then
Adetokunbo the LEGEND (5 months ago)
pussy is not a real word
Pikudo Pikao (1 year ago)
Pikudo Pikao (1 year ago)
Hey Its Lyssa "your also a pervert" Stop being a hypocrite.
Kaiden Renee (1 year ago)
TheMalayaUnion I agree
Shantyman47 (2 years ago)
49% of the artists have got the talent but no inspiration. 49% have inspiration but no talent.
Gerald Adams (2 years ago)
I found this very interesting. Nothing lurid at all. I wouldn't go in for this as I would need far too much paint.
Joseph Jankovics (1 month ago)
Gerry..it's freaks on the streets....a horde of faggots thrown in too!!
Nemo (2 years ago)
Where is a legendary anglo-saxon puritanism ? There are children over there ! Before nude bodies exposed !A lot of male or female persons without any shame, on public places !!!What a puritanism in fact ! What an hypocrysistic philosophy ! I've only seen a lot of pudicity attempts ! What will do the law against it one day !!! ???Scandalous !
Greg SyCip (2 years ago)
world body painting
Greg SyCip (2 years ago)
The Reeper (2 years ago)
@Dark Pyrrus we understand a lot of things [English is the most spoken launges in the world] and we are not [mostly]snobs, its the people who think we are that are snobs and while we are 400 years late to the party we [and I belive you mean the us] have the largest eco and military in the world, the fall of the us eco would mean the fall of the worlds eoc
Nemo (2 years ago)
as well as i do ! You (English peoples) are really not abble to understand a very large lot of things (you NEVER try to understand because your brain is - for sure - unable to do this and that's your failure, your limit and your and ... very soon. You're allway breaking on a word or form without trying to reach the idea ! Consternant ! Try to explain your opinion in french perhaps... one day and to change something on this planet !!! And try not to be so snob as so many English persons (your are not the world and you'll experiment that soon !). I mean you have allmost 4 centuries late on other civilisations. When you will understand it it will be to late ! Good night and that's all !
The Reeper (2 years ago)
@Dark Pyrrus umm I really don't understand what you where trying to say
Professional Fan girl (2 years ago)
There was little kids there😨
Joseph Jankovics (1 month ago)
Rahil Arora you have a brain!! SO write for christ's sake!!! The fuck is smh???
Rahil Arora (7 months ago)
Dave Thorpe (2 years ago)
Ashley, yes as there was nothing sexual about it so why not. Surely your parents walked around in the nude?
Terry Robinson (2 years ago)
Yeah, and what's your point?
Rodolfo Tancredi (2 years ago)
Master Tortoise (2 years ago)
how is this on youtube
Azhari Ghani (2 years ago)
so its for each and every single turkish thruout the nation to watch. good for culture invasion
Joseph Jankovics (1 month ago)
Just ignore the freak parade!! You Turks probably want to kill all the faggots!!!
Edgar Palafox (3 years ago)
for art sake
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