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Dogs Meets Owner After Long Time ★ TRY NOT TO CRY (HD) [Funny Pets]

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Text Comments (16271)
Hilda AYBAR (1 hour ago)
I love ❤️ my dogs 🐕 their love ❤️ is unconditional, we loss a few dogs and it makes me so sad 😭 when I think bout them
Kames Nunnget (5 hours ago)
I miss my dogs I lost my favorite frost my daxson pit mix a month later my yourkie rat terrier snozzur then a month later My DOCXSION was attacked
Julija ar milu (6 hours ago)
А мой кот даже не обернулся бы !
Sitti eja (7 hours ago)
hewan yang sangat menyanyangi tuannya💞💕💖💘💘💘
Sitti eja (7 hours ago)
hewan yang sangat menyanyangi tuannya💞💕💖💘💘💘
skirts365 (12 hours ago)
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Cookiie Nation (15 hours ago)
This melted my heart i really do need a dog i prefer dogs then cats
Lynn Peppa (16 hours ago)
I get this kind of greeting if I’m gone for 5 minutes and come back to the house.
phuntsho wangmo (1 day ago)
steven jones (1 day ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ot4NTmZhrm4 all we have 2 due is watch this video. so share it watch it 1st goal 1million views we are starting at 20,000
Matt D (1 day ago)
Nothing purer than a dogs love, it's what gives me faith in this planet!
Dragos S (1 day ago)
where is yours souls...5.7k dislikers ???
Jay Patt (1 day ago)
Brono Mars is the best from jeremyah
Emm Catherine (1 day ago)
I had tears in my eyes as i watched. Yes we domesticated animals for right or wrong? My little friend Troy is my cat friend and we help each other a long our way.
Med Karo (1 day ago)
Какое Счастье.... Бог мой!!!!
linnie mouse (1 day ago)
my dog is now 9 and I got her when I was 3 and if she die I die from the inside
linnie mouse (1 day ago)
awww💖💖💖💖💖 I love my dog
Хаски 👎
arya mas (1 day ago)
I'm crying because same like that happens .Before I was go to Japan army an,then I come back my dog cry to me then I was to much crush dog heart
Tilden Uploads (1 day ago)
My dog gets that excited over night
I miss my dog😚😚😚😭😭😭😢😢💔💔
Coppulor (2 days ago)
gee.....I wonder why I never see videos like this with cats...... cat: "oh.....you're back. very cool - another person to get me my food"
Hendrik Andiko (2 days ago)
So remember the dog 😢😢😢
Cutie Thunder (2 days ago)
I definitely cried how could you not. You would have to be a dog hater or animal hater . not being rude those people are missing out.
Alice Nordström (2 days ago)
Why are the text written in Swedish?
springmilies (2 days ago)
Uuh.. How do you even handle that much unconditional love? That's why I have cats, they're assholes like we are, I can deal with that
Raj vardhan Ray (2 days ago)
It reminds me how cruel those people are in southern china who eat dogs meat
fnaf crew (2 days ago)
More like try not to awww challenge
its youth boy Jah (2 days ago)
So cute
Kain Plan (2 days ago)
when im 5-10 minutes away from home my dogs freaks out til i finally arrived
an le (2 days ago)
0:18 that's a fish, not a dog...
C D Warren (2 days ago)
Dogs are great. Loyalty you can never get from any human. Trust me,I know and so do you!
Djanekim Quimadz (3 days ago)
Instead of crying, I'm laughing the whole time! awee they're so cute! BTW who's watching this in 2018!!
jay ferg (3 days ago)
Or are these dogs just always that happy to see anyone
Leah Worthy (3 days ago)
Thank God for pets! Their our furry babies!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Mezekiela Jan Bernal (3 days ago)
i imagining if i had a dog and i am 2 hrs gone is my dog's gonna cry???
Hema Goswami (3 days ago)
Such a nice kind, responsible family and happy pets I've enjoyed watching this..... Weldon
shoutout to your grammar
Sideequah Brown (1 day ago)
Yesss My God 🙄🙄.... Someone needs to go back to school 👆
Tony Stark (3 days ago)
Why would I cry over this shit. I am not a litte girl
Сергей Юрин (3 days ago)
А мой мопс-туша попросту садится на башмак и расплывается в ухмылкой во всю курносую рожу,а позже заступает на дежурство у моей кровати
el presidente (3 days ago)
so disgusting to let your face licking by a dog
Angin Sun (3 days ago)
Who dislike this? Wer zum Teufel?
ktos xd (3 days ago)
i'm crying and smiling
Robert Glass (3 days ago)
My dog does this if I am gone an hour.
Just In (3 days ago)
Check this https://youtu.be/ISUDkDco2fE
The Hammer (3 days ago)
what am i doing? i just looked at 1 video and got thrown into a dog video vortex..
Taylah Sheridan (3 days ago)
When our dog is exited he piddles every where
Booyaka9000 (3 days ago)
Hey, no fair! You said doggos, not horses!! 3:07
Manu Müller (4 days ago)
Kein Lebewesen kann sich so ehrlich freuen wie ein Hund!
Joe Elliott (4 days ago)
This is my parents dog, it does the same thing haha. And I'm over at their place every weekend lol
Budi Darmawan (4 days ago)
3:11 That's not a dog. That's a bloody bear! 😄
Donut Blox (4 days ago)
This made me cry
Brooke Cole (4 days ago)
breanna animations (4 days ago)
Well I failed
John Fulcher (4 days ago)
Killjoy McQuire (4 days ago)
Came here directly after seeing Hachiko..
jaymi focht (4 days ago)
this video is so cute. why is because i like videos like this because they can't see there owner until a long time feel sorry for them i really do.
jaymi focht (4 days ago)
oh and its a kid that just said that.
Bianca Nicholas (4 days ago)
My dad goes away for a month once a year and when he comes back my puppy is jumping woofing crying and dad picker my puppy up and wow what a surprise he brought back puppy toys
Anmol Sahay (4 days ago)
I tried my best not to cry but I was unable to stop my tears
hemanth vishwakarma (4 days ago)
This is how my pet reacts when I come back after long time. It just makes me emotional.
Leo Antonio (4 days ago)
Dog:YEEEESSSSS now the pack is complete.
Braiden Band (4 days ago)
wow good video check i mind have thing good like this too.
Leslie Harold (4 days ago)
Laughing and crying!! My dog is cussing because he can hear the dogs in the video!! 😂💞🐶
Jenny Garcia (4 days ago)
that special bond wow
Eugene McDonald (4 days ago)
Dogs are the best thing to ever happen to uman beings they are so adorable and loving all they want is love unconditionally
Mike 2 (4 days ago)
this is how my dog reacts when I come back from the toilet
Alex Fcsb (5 days ago)
SimplyLimbo (5 days ago)
Dogs are loyal and noble.
alejandro fernandez (5 days ago)
Gary Cotter (5 days ago)
So cute
NeonDarkiplierWolf (5 days ago)
This makes me miss my dog.. I had her for 7 years.. meaning I was only 7. She died on January. Miss you girl.
Русские вообщем в коментах кушать?
no u (5 days ago)
stupid dogs
DaniMccann25 (5 days ago)
Mine passed on my b day
DaniMccann25 (5 days ago)
Dis is to sad my dogs died
Noche Obscura (5 days ago)
And God once said "Thou shalt love and be loyal to thy friends." Only dogs understood.
I actually thought it was cute
Armando Sulejmani (5 days ago)
Bradley Tomas (6 days ago)
Defendly teared up
CADEN WOEHRMYER (6 days ago)
Whoever disliked this are MONSTERS and need to become a carrot and get eaten by a bunny
joseph Rapoza (6 days ago)
Dogs are the best.
Genesis Rivas (6 days ago)
The 1:22 that dog was kissing him!
aCtuAlly, tHatS WrOnG (6 days ago)
Thank you for adding *happy* music
lunatic fringe (6 days ago)
Happy puppers RIP Angel my four legged cousin
jada bourne (6 days ago)
awww so cute!!!
Temmie !! (6 days ago)
And yet when I come home after 5 mins they go even crazier and nearly blow the house down.
delosombres (6 days ago)
The only animal that is able to love others more than itself...
Jassem Lol (6 days ago)
3:20 kingal the king 👑
ABK Creations (7 days ago)
Why do people dislike this kind of videos
tatenda wakatama (7 days ago)
Come to Vietnam we eat dogs there nice meet 😎😎
Rob Duckerberg (7 days ago)
Sorry to note it's usually people coming back from killing other people. Is that an American thing? If I had the choice to defend my country or not abandon my dog my country can go whistle.
Im happy I almost cried🤧😌
Put sad violin song to this video and ill cry 100%
IWASLONED GT (7 days ago)
I miss my dog my dog died
Hey it's Kamille (8 days ago)
Since you put happy music, I didn’t cry 😂
joshua hand (8 days ago)
I act like them dogs, too.
Shankar Patel (8 days ago)
At 1:41 what about the other dog
Evelyn Wolfz queen (8 days ago)
I tried not to cry
Red Raph (8 days ago)
No hate on cats or cat lovers but why would you want one when you could have these?!!
Red Raph (8 days ago)
Who would cry at this? This is so joyful and happy!

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