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8 EASY Grooming HACKS That Girls Will Notice!

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Text Comments (757)
Sonny (7 days ago)
Great Video. Thank you for posting.
Kinaibhlan (8 days ago)
Sweet, I actually already use something he recommended. Arm and hammer deodorant is the best.
Wasee Rahman (12 days ago)
Just drink water kids.
head master (19 days ago)
PLS DO TELL SOME TIPS FOR guys with glasses
Khululwa Seyisi (20 days ago)
Wait, on the hair thing, what if your black (on the first hair thing)
Jose, Can i use heat everyday/everytime? Is it what you mean?
Jonny Matthews (21 days ago)
Adam Johnson liked this video
CHEZZZSSS Playz (1 month ago)
I have a problem with my throat that makes my breath smell bad and i brush my teeth until they bleed and they are still yellow
All-minds Circle (1 month ago)
What are some good hair styles for guys with long hair
anuj- coder (1 month ago)
2:52 i think air dry hairs are better
AJ Cano (2 months ago)
This man is fucken epic
bob bee (3 months ago)
who needs to groom when you have ESNTLS
XTOTHE Z (3 months ago)
Buddy you had a jump scare add lol
ItzYaGuala (3 months ago)
@1:46 Jose, was that blood? lol
manne raju (3 months ago)
i want u to tell us some indian brands for hair face etc.... becoz i am indian
adnarry (4 months ago)
Where can u locally get the oil sheets
Iqbal Ahmed (4 months ago)
#Q. How to remove pimple,acne,wrinkles.?
Tai Jin (4 months ago)
videos are very helpful👍
Gilberto Jaquez (4 months ago)
Bruh 🤣 I thought that was your girlfriend then I realized that is Maria lol
Adan Henriquez (4 months ago)
Most of this doesn’t apply to me because i have a buzz cut😭😭
muhdhafiz haqif (4 months ago)
sugi wood will make more whiten teeth
Kai (4 months ago)
I love taking care of myself
Arshad Momin (5 months ago)
A really sense making video I love it
Serban (5 months ago)
Groom your hair with those chemicals and 20 years later you are gonna be bald, gl!
Totally not mansa (5 months ago)
I’m a black guy so the brush Isn’t going to work that well with my type of hair
JoraTV (5 months ago)
That's your sister
Joaquin Beltran (5 months ago)
U don’t even know about girls ur just making shit up
Julius Ceazar Sungkip (5 months ago)
wow..thanks bro..
Wildfire (6 months ago)
These channels are good for some small tips from time to time, especially random shit you might not think of. But let's be real, a lot of these things are absolutely unnecessary when it comes to getting decent - high quality women in your bed, on a regular basis. I just got back from living in Toronto for 2 years as a brit, and the main thing that kept my bedroom like a fuckin white house wasn't all this metrosexual shit, it was just simple stuff: - be confident, it's literally the number 1 trait you can have - be funny... who wants to hangout with someone boring and negative? Also have good stories... - keep yourself in shape! All of the other stuff that's in your videos is great, but it's great for yourself! Don't start doing all these things just because you think it'll get you some pussy, do them because being clean and looking after yourself is just a good habit to get into anyway... If you want women, focus on the shit that matters... confidence, humour and your body, all of which lead into having Presence. Ok rant over.
Saeed Sheikh (6 months ago)
1:11 damn jose you need calcium
Daniel Yankana (6 months ago)
Hey Jose! I'm new to the channel but I'm loving it already :) I have one problem and that is...my hair can never get any volume and it's always flat :( I was wondering if you have any tips on how to add volume to it
David Martín Utrero (6 months ago)
min 2:40
Tom van der wulp (6 months ago)
This dude spends so much time on his looks
Tech Lover (6 months ago)
Impressing girl is like diving into 15cm deep pool ,extremly diffucult to do.
xLilsss x (6 months ago)
Did anyone take this title completely the wrong way..
Aqib Mehmood (6 months ago)
My problem wid my nails is tha I used to bite my nails so my nails r in a different shape than they were
axn axn (6 months ago)
U cant use a blow dryer thats why dont buy the brush
I AM (6 months ago)
Where did you get the information
KINGBANANA (6 months ago)
got turned on by that 60 FPS, ooooh!
OmerBM (7 months ago)
Watching this in june 2018, and the skin tone diffrence, WOW... youre sooo white here compared to today
IFunny421 (7 months ago)
Alpha M is better ur copying him
JACK Kelly (7 months ago)
Y r u speaking too fast have u taken a big d!ck
Shift up (7 months ago)
you are coping from alpha m. bloody copy cat, shame on you
Destro Daboss (7 months ago)
Was this dude like female in all his past lives 😂😂
The Vian (7 months ago)
you have potassium deficiency
Eyad Hamdam (7 months ago)
so much things to remember ahahhh
Vinit Phadtare (7 months ago)
Good but Alpha.m is better than you bro...good try
Pratik Borude (7 months ago)
Awesome..🔥 ❤️Love from India🇮🇳
Itifilinb (7 months ago)
2:47 well for me as a girl, this one on left looks better for me
Bob 28 (7 months ago)
He’s not lying about the fingernails lmao I took this girl out and when I was driving her home she said I have nice fingers lolllll so yea girls look at ur nails
Nazhif OOO (7 months ago)
Please make a video on how to stop smoking pleasee.....
roshan xanovavych (8 months ago)
Dude... im subscribing. I saw 8 of your videos and i like each and everyone of those. Good job and please keep it up.
Ram Rana (8 months ago)
Thumbnail give me AIDS
pizzahelper100 (8 months ago)
Burt's Bees is actually supposed to dry out your lips further so that you keep reapplying
Ethan Lastiri (8 months ago)
I started watching your vids 2 months ago and daaaaam, you just made me a girl magnet
Mohamed Aashif (8 months ago)
A perfect video on how to become GAY!
jonathan Ramos (8 months ago)
I don't take care of my hair at all, bc I don't really care about what it looks like
Arnav laxamanagoudar (8 months ago)
Hey jose....i got hair just like u and its tough to style it even with hair wax.... Any suggestions for best results.....????
Rk King (9 months ago)
My mom won’t let me buy that because she says the heat will damage my hair
Ivo Brick (8 months ago)
thats right
Aryan Pal (9 months ago)
which country belonging u
Nico Herrera (9 months ago)
4:17 hahaha you are a good YouTuber, my hero of style, but a pretty bad actor, lol
Nicool333 (9 months ago)
As I have gotten older, I have noticed younger men become increasingly concerned with their appearance. While I can certainly appreciate good hygiene and a sense of style, the amount of time and effort the new generation of men put towards their appearance seems overkill... Almost feminine. Moreover, the objective here seems to be to impress girls with looks; as opposed to feeling good and building self confidence. We used to call such guys "metrosexual" back in the day, but it seems like the norm now.
KRYPTO (9 months ago)
You good but stop to imitate
HardCity RainDrops (9 months ago)
Unfortunately some guys work for a living and we get our hands dirty and by the way fellows most girls actually dig that just don't keep them disgusting.
Ausiin (9 months ago)
0:01 You assumed your audience's gender.
Ausiin (9 months ago)
Damn it's a joke. xD
blumountaindew (9 months ago)
*[The Chez Knight]* It’s a MEN’S fashion video. The majority of his viewers are MEN. I bet you wouldn’t be upset if one of these beauty gurus addressed their audience as ladies/girls/women etc.
FreSh VideOs (9 months ago)
great dude
walter Duszkiewicz (10 months ago)
3 $ is cheap? For5 sheets? You kidding bro...
Anastacius Wyse (10 months ago)
That transition to a promotion 😂😂😂
Molly (10 months ago)
at 2:46 i think the air dry hairs are better than the others
Jethro Jacinto (10 months ago)
When Jose brings out the percentages and the stats, I know he means business.
Alexander Le (10 months ago)
Bro where are you getting these percentages? I gotta know 😂😂
James Mercado (10 months ago)
0:48 huh? Yeah, I’m outta here...
raj luffy (10 months ago)
Jose man you will become billioner some day.. I will pray for you luck..
yuvraj singh (10 months ago)
Really man eyebrows 😕
Nehal Saad (10 months ago)
Trust me bro, girls don't like ads too! you missed em'
aboalmlk aboalrhman (10 months ago)
Di I need to wash my hair after deep conditioning ?
aboalmlk aboalrhman (10 months ago)
Do i clean aftar mustrise?
Adventure Production (10 months ago)
THANK you sooo much Jose. Your tips helped me look more attractive and I got a girlfriend just because of you videos. Keep making your videos. You are such a inspiration.
Charly Wayne (11 months ago)
What if i have curly hair??
Vaibhav Jadhav (11 months ago)
Can u make video on how to make lips pink..??.
harsh dwivedi (11 months ago)
All time favourite video
Tristan Lynch-whyte (11 months ago)
Faster than a blow job
Julian Muñoz (11 months ago)
Alyzeh (11 months ago)
You air dried hair looked so much hotter. I think messy hair looks better.
BNTY_Dirt (11 months ago)
What’s ur hair style called?
Raj Sadaye (11 months ago)
I'm sorry but I have a question...What is grooming? 😌
Matthew Munoz (1 year ago)
Best video ever
Saasi (1 year ago)
what if your homies find out you use lip balm and keep clean and clears on you ?
Quantrel Leggett (1 year ago)
What he doesn't understand is that not everyone has that type of hair......how about guys with low hair
Andrew Mckibben (1 year ago)
I have bitten nails 😂
Robin Andersson (1 year ago)
I have to ask, where can I get the shirt your wearing in this video? Love that dressed up denim look
okramra (1 year ago)
I use old spice deodorant and still get sweaty after 15 min. Any advice?
Researchers said that yellow teeth are more cleaner that white teeth -trivia and facts
marcel klünter (1 year ago)
This guy is a fucking marketing machine. Jesus there is somebody doing a great job.
Sibbe (1 year ago)
My hair always fucks up when cycling to school😫
akash sunil (1 year ago)
any ways to get rid of marks from face
Slayer Of Evil Kings (1 year ago)
My long hair will definitely look silky and healthy like Griffith from Berserk or Final Getsuga of Ichigo. And the girls may bite me if they see me. Okay girls. I know I look delicious so take it easy. ;)
Zelda1986 Nes (1 year ago)
Did you mean girls notice your shiny white teeth 67% more no I didn't just make that up
Sarthak Sharma (1 year ago)
Tricks for bad hairline? 🙄
TheGamerDude45 (1 year ago)
,,Girls are turned on by bad breath and yellow teeth" :D -Jose Zunniga

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