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Vintage Swiss Army Salt and Pepper backpacks

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These great old packs are perfect for bushcraft overnighters with a bit of a traditional feel. I go through the main differences in these packs and have a look at the WWII era bread bag and it's contents.
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ROBERT M (4 months ago)
I have the Swiss Army manual in German for the bags, model numbers and the proper packing regulations. I can send you an electronic copy if you want.
ROBERT M (4 months ago)
+phrayzar How do you want me to send you the file? Do you have a Facebook or Instagram account? I don't want my email to be public.
phrayzar (4 months ago)
Hi ROBERT M, That would be very interesting to see
schlooonginator (11 months ago)
For a nation so neutral, they sure have some of the best equipmnet. It looks downright fancy. Imagine what it would cost new today to have that stuff.
CAMP CRAFTER (1 year ago)
You have all the good stuff there ! Hard to find all this now . not impossible but tough to find in good quality .
Queensryche (2 years ago)
where can you get these?
puma (2 years ago)
it is now difficult to find these in really good condition (even in switzerland) too bad since they are very nice, especially the salt-and-pepper canvas which is very sturdy and also interesting as a design item
1911Fan85 (4 years ago)
Where did you find all this?
very nice i love em both 
Great info
Jack Spencer (4 years ago)
Hey I'm after a pack just like the one on the left with the side pockets. Where did you get them from any how much ish did you pay mate? I've been to loads of surplus stores and can't find a decent one. Great vid. Subbed
Matt Walker (4 years ago)
Here's 2 of em for $17 plus shipping http://www.sportsmansguide.com/product/index/2-used-swedish-military-surplus-rucksacks?a=1727260
Jack Spencer (4 years ago)
I think im going to go for a cheaper modern one for now, just found a good dark brown one on ebay for 19.99, made by augur. Il keep my eye out for a bargain though, i love the look, my 5.11 rush 72 pack with all the molle is just too intimidating for bushcraft lol. Thanks mate!
phrayzar (4 years ago)
I found the '45 model on the left from a charity shop many years ago. The other one I bought from ebay locally so no shipping costs. They can go for crazy money online but some army surplus stores still get them in sometimes. You could try asking on bushcraft forums, those guys seem to like them, thanks for the sub.
Peterson Conway (5 years ago)
Thanks for this! Are you able to offer any leads on companies that made the canvas? We are looking to source a large quantity.
oldigger (5 years ago)
Great video.  Looks as though your gear will last for many more years yet!
phrayzar (5 years ago)
Thanks for the words and sub mate. These packs are amazing quality.
Howling Dingo (5 years ago)
Cool vid mate..Strange the Swiss never go to war but they have so much cool surplus gear.I what to get one of those vintage mess tins and try it for baking bread
phrayzar (5 years ago)
Thanks Pharraoh, The vintage gear is nice.
PHARRAOH (5 years ago)
I have a old Russian pack from the war but they wouldn't let it leave the country. I use it when I go there and keep it at a friends house in between. It is nice to see these packs, like visiting the past. cheers my friend
phrayzar (5 years ago)
Thanks mate, all this Swiss vintage army gear is amazing quality, but then I guess they could afford it to be :)
phrayzar (5 years ago)
Thanks mate,
phrayzar (5 years ago)
Thanks very much mate for the sub. Safe travels and g'day from down under.
davidsquall351 (5 years ago)
Those packs will definitely outlast a nylon pack, heck probably 10 nylon packs. The items in the bread bag are cool. That thread kit looks handy, I would throw that in my regular use pack for sure.
Survival Mindset (5 years ago)
Great video thanks 4 the share! We sub'd!!
phrayzar (5 years ago)
Thanks mate, those italian mountain packs are a great piece of gear. They look very versatile for sure.
phrayzar (5 years ago)
Cheers mate
phrayzar (5 years ago)
Thanks for the words AS150, safe travels mate.
phrayzar (5 years ago)
He he, no probs mate, you can't buy experience :)
monroe3004 (5 years ago)
I remember mountain climbing in the UK during the 1960's using these sorts of packs! Hmm, that's a worry.
ArmyStinger150 (5 years ago)
Excellent video. I like those a lot. It's cool that some of them come with extras.
Nice. Love em all
Whitetail Bushcraft (5 years ago)
Great packs!! I really like the vintage packs. I have the italian mountain rucksack. Im gonna have to get me the 1958 version . Thanks for sharing my friend very cool .Take cake ...Nick

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