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Outdoor backpack, rugged canvas backpack made in the USA

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http://duluthpack.com/wanderer-backpack.html Tired of a life with too much work and no play? Take a break with one of the most traveled packs in our product line. The Wanderer has literally been to the farthest reaches of the planet and back again, has been on more shoestring European holidays than can be counted, and just loves to be thrown on trains and planes leaving for far flung destinations around the world.
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Green Man Diary (2 months ago)
Try some narration.
johnny6148 (1 year ago)
wrong knife in cutting machine. guy has to learn across table instead of turning the goods. open end awl drill for marking drill. some of the work should be done with Juki needle feed instead of walking foot which is too slow and tempermental. I have 39 years in cut in sew business with stores world-wide. I'm very popular in Japan and NYC. who am I ??
johnny6148 (1 year ago)
also cutting machine blade should be teflon coated to prevent fuzing especially with nylons.
johnny6148 (1 year ago)
no no cutting with clicker just straight knife machine. careful handling cut goods they tend to ravel easily
Amrit Samtani (1 year ago)
Its interesting you mentioned that because i too am curious about the cutting process of canvas (especially 16oz ones). Should all canvas backpacks actually be cut using a hydraulic machine instead ? The ones used to cut leather ?
Michael Paulsen (1 year ago)
I'd love to see a longer/more detailed video of this. Like complete start to finish. This was great though, as is.
Johnny UrbanWoodsmen (1 year ago)
Here's a video about there operation, https://youtu.be/Lwk_Xr7l05A I love this video must have see it more the 10 times. It helped me design/sew up my backpacks for my company Urban Mountain Pakks. It's not easy starting a backpack company from scratch, lots of work and advertising. Enjoy
johnny6148 (1 year ago)
go to peters mountain works on you tube for full factory . made in usa
Thomas Cashman (2 years ago)
Beautiful product!! I love how it has no zippers: closures are much less likely to malfunction, and if they do it won't require sewing to fix! Outstanding design!!
Duluth Pack (9 months ago)
Thank you, Thomas!
Lavoi Wilder (2 years ago)
Cool to see how it's done
Jose Jeffery Mendoza (2 years ago)
ToddAndelin (3 years ago)
Cool video!
shivanj1 (5 years ago)
Good video, I really enjoyed seeing how the product was/is made.
Duluth Pack (9 months ago)
Thanks, friend!
Duluth Pack (6 years ago)
The scraps are woven into rugs by the Lake Country Developmental Achievement Center. We wrote a blog post about it in 11/2011 (I'd post the link, but YouTube doesn't allow links in comments). Thanks for your idea, though. They are great!
XecuttioneR (6 years ago)
nice to see things made in the USA
Duluth Pack (6 years ago)
This pack is $175. Thanks for the question!
Duluth Pack (7 years ago)
Great! Let us know how you like it and check under the American Flag tag inside to see who hand sewed your pack!
Donald Phelps (7 years ago)
I just ordered my first Duluth Pack (The Wanderer) yesterday. So it is great to see how it is made...Can't wait to get it!
Adam Manning (7 years ago)
@mostcanwait Do you really not know anything of the quality of these packs? They're well worth spending a lot on something that will last your life and more than having to shell out more cash when your nylon packs tear.
Wanderlustman (8 years ago)
Duluth doesn't post product reviews on their website that are less than 4 stars. SHADY. Heinously overpriced as well, google is your friend for discovering options for the same/better products from other companies. Cheers to the people whom take their own lead.
Kactapuss (8 years ago)
Thanks for the video, really enjoyed seeing how everything goes together!
dinnerandashow (8 years ago)
@mcrainshane Too many business men are hiding behind the American flag to sell their products, If I see "Made in America" as their first marketing gimmick, I tend to stay away from the product. Its usually a inferior product that exploits misplaced patriotism or hatred of non white people.
mcrainshane (8 years ago)
@dinnerandashow No one has complained about the way these bags are made, so why change something that doesnt need it. dont you understand these bags are handmade? Humans will never be perfect
dinnerandashow (8 years ago)
@mcrainshane With that sort of blind optimism, all I gotta say is there is a slightly used Ford I like to sell you.
mcrainshane (8 years ago)
@dinnerandashow there is no need to try and improve on something that is already perfect...
secretsquirrell13 (8 years ago)
hell i'll buy one just because its made in the U.S.A.
calibmx90 (8 years ago)
I like that song in the beginning whats the name of it?
tumblingwall (9 years ago)
How many man-hours per pack?
Tilbily (9 years ago)
WOW! Nice packs. They look bombproof. Wonder if it's possible to add a waiststrap to the rambler? The price isn't an issue considering the quality and origin. If I had to attempt making something like this, there would be $1000. labor and gallons of frustration involved lol.
Buddmac (9 years ago)
I own several Duluth Pack products. A couple of which I have had customized with extra pockets, straps or a d-ring here or there. It was great to see how they, the packs go together. I hope they never change the TLC that is the Duluth Pack family. My Sparky pack has been to South America, and Europe. Yes, I have other favorite pack that I have carried, but my Sparky sits in the hall closet ready to go when the call is heard.
Greg Stauffer (9 years ago)
Good video. Glad to see how the packs are made. Love my Rambler from Duluthpack.
terrarosagear (9 years ago)
Beautiful packs. Very inspiring stuff.
dinnerandashow (9 years ago)
@mariovr4 I see so many ways to improve their manufacturing of these bags.
What! (9 years ago)
1:57 stick goes cricked

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