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Doberman Vs Mailman

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Like any dog would - Kado the SuperDobe reacts to the ever so bothersome presence of the mailman
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Justin Khan (24 days ago)
That’s definitely his dog or he knows it very well. I play the same game with my Doberman every day.
too gay for me
Hi poop (1 month ago)
Hi poop (1 month ago)
poor guy
martin vaccaro (1 month ago)
krazivaya (2 months ago)
That's a FUCKED UP couple !
Alexander R (2 months ago)
my min pin beat the shit out of my mailman couldn't believe it. He tore 3 holes in his jeans and cut him twice. wounds needed stitches. I lost mail service for 6 months.
SirWBVentura (3 months ago)
This is stupid. I didn't have fun. Clickbait title.
oilmilk (3 months ago)
What a cool dog!!!!
Chris Brand (3 months ago)
I'm a retired letter carrier, this is NOT amusing. It looks staged but still NOT amusing...
Mo Betta (3 months ago)
Chunky doberman is a few scooby snacks from becoming a rottweiler
old dog city pound (4 months ago)
I've been raising Dobies for over 40 years. beautiful intelligent dogs.much smarter than cadet bonespurs or any of his supporters ✌
Duane Allman (3 months ago)
Smarter than that cunt Hillary who rigged the primaries against Sanders,lost to Trump and didnt have the balls to come to the podium and concede.She sent the child molester John Podesta out to do it.She is truly a human shitstain.
Ivano C. (4 months ago)
😂 😂 😂 Fantastic!!!!
Steve cross (5 months ago)
ITS a felonie to rob a federal employee. that dog should be impounded. bad dog!!
mark bissett (6 months ago)
Very good😂😂I had one these dogs he died age 11 they are is my opinion the best dogs in the world
BIGPAOLO1969 (6 months ago)
Maria Musella (7 months ago)
Ma daiii lo voleva solo aiutare a portare la posta 😂😂😂😂😂❤️
mrsparex (7 months ago)
It's not "fake". It's a fun video.. You don't watch a sitcom or movie and call it fake. It's cute short and entertaining... ... just thumbs, laugh and continue!
Crystal Benabey (8 months ago)
Rob Bob (8 months ago)
Awesome dog.
Kevin Aylesbury (8 months ago)
Beautiful dog you can see how sorry he or she is raised and looked after smart intelligent and very loved 👍
SnifyWhisper (9 months ago)
Dog: hay guys look I got the mail bag I got the mail bag!
violadash (9 months ago)
thats why im bringing a bat w/me. those mf dogs arent going 2touch me. w/o getting killed. #mailmenlivesmatter
#BDS (9 months ago)
Lol nice dog! Helps his daddy carry stuff
Adeline Sieng (10 months ago)
This is my Doberman when he steals my dads wallet
Ms E Maduako (10 months ago)
I find it cute how doggo turned around after stealing the package 😂😂💓💕
Glanced (11 months ago)
0:12 LMAO the way he stopped killed me
Hal Heywood (11 months ago)
Bee Baskerville (11 months ago)
A-Rock Monster (11 months ago)
Lmao I would have paid to see this in person
zviad bakradze (11 months ago)
Awesome clip
Marshmellow& Chocolate (11 months ago)
So cute, that's his pet Dobi turned around at end waiting for him.
Carolus Magnus (11 months ago)
ayeye brazorf (11 months ago)
Good dog
Lj Cooks (11 months ago)
Haha. Cool man
Knee Slider (11 months ago)
on point (11 months ago)
Waiting for the dumb people with NO SENSE to drop their "its fake" comments 😂😂😂
Maureen m (11 months ago)
Aww the sweet doggie is carrying his bag for him🤣
None ya Biz (11 months ago)
HA HA HA ....TAG YOUR IT! Thats too funny, cute as hell. I raised and trained Dobies for 20 yrs. They are not the vicious killers they're portrayed to be, in reality the biggest babies and lovers you've ever seen.
Merson (11 months ago)
Unbelievable. :)
fred v.r. (11 months ago)
I was also in a situation like this ... I do not understand why people leave their dog loose if they know it is dangerous
kabar48 (11 months ago)
His pet female Dobie. Lol Good vid. Bad acting. Especially by the dobi
snugbug (11 months ago)
How many rehearsals did that take ? 😉 Very cute.
Jose Ayala (11 months ago)
Alucard Helsing (11 months ago)
What a great friendship.
Derron Tillery (11 months ago)
The minute he looked back. I thought his ass was done. Ok, you got me.
David's Favorite Videos (11 months ago)
That made my day. You can tell the two of them do this all the time, awesome.
Keith Etheridge (11 months ago)
Dirk Diggler (11 months ago)
It's yooooo as Mr Mailman
AdamWayneone (11 months ago)
*Yes... because you know... mailmen never get enough exercize! ;)*
Ron Wilcox (11 months ago)
The true nature of a Doberman! Finest dog on earth, period!
James Green (11 months ago)
I thought that he was going to hide in port a potty, set up but funny😁
Dale Gribble (11 months ago)
You have a good dog waiting for you at home and even carries your mail bag
Simo Beve (11 months ago)
ahahahaja it s a joke !! Very funny😂😂😂
Will Hopkins Hopkins (11 months ago)
Oh my too funny
Lefteris raf (11 months ago)
Wayne Smith (11 months ago)
I love dogs!
D (11 months ago)
dm7097 (11 months ago)
I was waiting to see the mailman run into the porta potty! 😂😂
Ismail Muhammad (1 year ago)
chriscoolTV (1 year ago)
I love dob
chriscoolTV (1 year ago)
T Wright (1 year ago)
I was already sayinh get his ass kujo😁😁😁
Lotfi Mouelhi (1 year ago)
"Son of a bitch give me back my bag" NICE !
Rich Farfugnuven (1 year ago)
Got your lunch bitch, tomorrow better be yo' lunch money....
Kamikaze Yamamoto (1 year ago)
"Nigga, why you be takin' my lunch?"
Kevin Ray Banks (1 year ago)
Ahh tht dog so cleaver cause man ran he wasent gonna attack looked back you coming mail man look carefully dogsnare so smart mans best friend foreal 👌🏾✌🏾
S Scott (1 year ago)
You people saying, "fake" are fucking retards. No fucking shit.
YFBN DRIPPYMARC (1 year ago)
I would've dipped on that lmfao
Sabrina Quezada (1 year ago)
Thank you! Laughs for the day!!😄
baba zaildar (1 year ago)
Ha ha ha
M F (1 year ago)
LOL!😂😂😂 typical Dobie, always up for clowning around.....
David Norwood (1 year ago)
Is his name Yogi?
Bonnie Weiss (1 year ago)
Too funny. Love me a Dobe. We have shared our lives with 2 over the years. What a wonderful breed.
Luke G (1 year ago)
Dog 🐕chased him👨... Then he👨 chased dog🐕.. Best Revenge😂😂
Love Peace (1 year ago)
Angela Fleming (1 year ago)
Too cute! I knew it was staged when the mailman turned his back to the dobie to run away.
WinstonS84 (1 year ago)
heckin strong doggo
Randy Douglas (1 year ago)
Excellent! That Dobie dodged a bullet getting away from that vicious mailman! Wheww!
Cary Hamilton (1 year ago)
LMAO.......That was funny
Anubis R (1 year ago)
Beautiful pupperzz, damn i love dogzzzz
dijin456 (1 year ago)
Awesome doby..great mailman
Peter Michalski (1 year ago)
humandogs.com is for sale don't bother going there
Anna M. Addison (1 year ago)
That pooch is just hungry....Hahaha....
DJ Gearheart (1 year ago)
That was cool
Leo Dlva (1 year ago)
Aww This makes me remember when puppy(my doberman) used to protect my nephew when he was a baby. 😞😞😞😞😞
Rigo Tovar (1 year ago)
His dog!! 🐶
Mike Moore (1 year ago)
Too funny. Dobie's are the best
dd dd (1 year ago)
Probably his dog
Skipper Glente (1 year ago)
Great job with the video well trained dog.. I really dislike using the word dog because they are our family
Daniel Madden (1 year ago)
way to fat for a doby!
Ronald Reagan (1 year ago)
Everyone missed what happened here? The dog just robbed the guy's lunch!
Everett Cox (1 year ago)
The dog obviously has a very good history with the man. I would bet that little thievery the dog did is something they do every day he comes. Dobermans are great guard dogs but they have to be socialized with humans from an early age and this one clearly has been. Well done to his humans! :)
Floofer Pupper (1 year ago)
This was so cute!
oldschoolsinger (1 year ago)
Sooooooooo funny
Bill Blinky (1 year ago)
Absolutely brilliant. Actually so many dogs thrive on training and tasks. It's actually good for them and good for us. They are after all.......our best friends.
Laura Alfieri (1 year ago)
Such a great and cute video. Just like a kid.... yeah daddy's home!
Oh man, this crack me up lololololol. I love that dog

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