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GET THIS BAG: http://bag.gg/TADlitespeed OTHER PRODUCTS MENTIONED: 12:23 Baron Fig Notebooks http://bag.gg/BaronFig 12:41 Chase’s Favorite Pouches http://bagworks.co/pouches 13:15 Leatherman Style PS Multitool https://amzn.to/2xBHdSk 14:40 Condor T&T Pouch https://amzn.to/2OvjL0f 15:34 Bluetooth Headphone Deathmatch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZbTVtAso-Q 15:59 Glyph Atom Raid Hard Drive http://bag.gg/GlyphRaid 16:57 YNOT Swoop Laptop Sleeve http://www.ynotmade.com/en/shop/swoop/?sku=3473&r=ExMN 19:48 GoRuck GR1 http://bagworks.co/bag/goruck-gr1/ 20:23 Evergoods CPL 24 http://bagworks.co/bag/evergoods-cpl-24-backpack/ 20:46 Everyman Hideout Pack http://bagworks.co/bag/hideout-pack-from-everyman/ 21:22 Aer Flight Pack 2 http://bagworks.co/bag/aer-flight/ 21:40 Boundary Supply Prima http://bagworks.co/bag/boundary-supply-prima-system-backpack/ 22:10 Boundary Supply Errant http://bagworks.co/bag/boundary-supply-errant-backpack/ 22:26 Kletterworks Summit Pack http://bagworks.co/bag/kletterwerks-summit-20l/ 23:01 Trakke Bags http://bag.gg/TrakkeLecht *************************** CURRENT BAG RECOMMENDATIONS: — http://bagworks.co/now More Daily Carry Bags — http://bagworks.co/daily-carry-bags/ More 1-Bag Travel Bags — http://bagworks.co/1-bag-travel/ *************************** FOLLOW CHASE: — BAGWORKS: https://bagworks.co — twitter: http://twitter.com/chase_reeves — insta: https://www.instagram.com/chasewreeves/ — facebook: http://facebook.com/chase.reeves — youtube: http://youtube.com/user/chasereeves * sometimes we have agreements with companies and if you purchase through a link here it may support the channel at no cost to you! Please purchase through these "affiliate" links to help keep this work going! *************************** More from their website: http://bag.gg/TADlitespeed Rugged construction and modular adaptability are the foundation of our FAST platform, helping you conquer the routine, the unexpected and everything in between. Combining the best of military design and mountaineering ergonomics, FAST Packs are built to be your trusted companion for adventures close to home or missions far away. Strategically engineered for premium comfort, utility, and modularity, our nimble 1350 cubic inch FAST Pack Litespeed is a new generation of everyday carry. The Litespeed is built for minimalist daily carry but has been carefully engineered to adjust to end-user requirements and adapt to multiple mission profiles. Step into the new evolution of carry and harness the speed of light. * MODULAR Strategically placed Pouch Attachment Ladder System (PALS) webbing is compatible with Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment (MOLLE) accessories so that you can customize the layout of your gear to suit your changing needs. Two-inch webbing underneath portions of the PALS webbing lets you attach wider items, such as Tek-Lok™ equipped sheaths and holsters. Our signature Transport Tail can be used to hold odd-sized items like a helmet, or released into the down position to hold linear items like rifles. * COMFORTABLE Made with a unique high pressure nitrogen gas solution process, aerated closed cell foam padding aids in superior shock protection and comfort. Polyester and nylon mesh aid in ventilation on the shoulder straps and back panel of the pack. The mesh also creates a softer surface to decrease wear and tear on your apparel. Engineered suspension geometry and a HDPE framesheet enable the pack to ride higher on your back. Load lifters allow the load to be pulled into the body for maximum comfort. * ADAPTABLE Anchor points on the exterior and interior of the pack enable you to continually adapt and evolve the pack configuration to your changing needs. Use our Control Panel 1 to create mission-specific loadouts and interchange them easily, or attach our FAST Transporter Tail internally to secure heavy items such as water bladders or ammunition against the frame for support. A lightweight attachment system along the handle provides an easy way to attach bulky items such as a rope or jacket to the top of your pack for easy access. Incorporating 8 feet of removable paracord, it's also usable for other purposes in an emergency. Removable compression straps at the base secure odd-sized items. * DURABLE Made of MIL-SPEC Invista™ Cordura® fabric, a high tensile strength composite nylon thread and webbing that’s nearly impossible to rip or tear. Hypalon, the same material found on Zodiac boats, was used to reinforce critical stress points on the pack, such as the handle, shoulder strap connection points, and top exit port for the hydration tube.
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Text Comments (97)
Mitchell Sims (1 day ago)
"You've got these load-bearing guys that help you do the load-bearing" Top-tier description
M JP (8 days ago)
TRIPLE AUGHT DESIGNS is fucking overpriced
Agustin Bueno (1 month ago)
That is a review, man💪! Im suscribing ⚡
Jose Duarte Van Helsing (2 months ago)
I like this video, very good review on the bag, it is a big backpack sometimes it is better to pay a little more and have something that lasts and that is not a sack of potatoes that you carry on the back of uncomfortable and heavy, this It looks super comfortable and of great quality
Jason Phelps (2 months ago)
Epic freaking review. Rock on!!
Jose Duarte Van Helsing (2 months ago)
I would like to see the difference between the backpack TripleAughtDesign Fast Pack, 5.11 AMP24 and HAZARD4 second front which of these is better construction
Chandler Chase (3 months ago)
Would this be a good camera bag for a videographer?
Bryan Oliveira (3 months ago)
Dude, you're funny.
Binary Sunset Chaser (3 months ago)
That’s not the LightSpeed. It’s the TAD FAST Pack EDC....
Binary Sunset Chaser (3 months ago)
Vic Cao - why what?
Vic Cao (3 months ago)
awesomesauce666 (4 months ago)
gotta give this man credit. mostly all the packs i want to buy he has crossed paths and reviewed
Travis Silcox (4 months ago)
Veteran here (Afghanistan), LOL at your comments
Chase Reeves (4 months ago)
Doc_alphakilo_41 (4 months ago)
Sweet pack but this dude is a douche. Will never watch another video
Chase Reeves (4 months ago)
Well, that's, like, your opinion, man
jarret45 (5 months ago)
It's nice to finally see a normal person review this shit. Great job, man.
Marnette François (5 months ago)
Great video, hard to imagine all theses on the website. You help us a lot!
Sam Watson (5 months ago)
those finger measurements XD
spicecrop (6 months ago)
"A lot of opinions on pocket knives, talking about their bug out bags". LOL That's some funny shit.
Jeffrey (6 months ago)
Let me tell you about TAD backpacks. I have (and still use everyday, as my do everything bag) the first version of the Litespeed. It's now over 10 years old, and yeah... basically perfect shape. The hypalon rubber around the top handle is falling apart.. but the handle itself is completely fresh. I mean... I seriously think I could get another 10 years out of this bag and it would just shrug it off. It's kinda crazy. They won't win any lightweight contests... but if you don't want to... You'll never have to buy another backpack.
mrtamborineman10 (7 months ago)
that's where I keep my cases, butt plugs, and cords as well
keliishaine (7 months ago)
Attach some shit🤣🤣🤣
evol (7 months ago)
They (TAD) killed it, first version of LT Speed was much better - shoulder straps much more comfy, overall form much cooler. It was iconic, now it is like any other tacticool pack.
Matthew Maurice (8 months ago)
Thanks so much for this. I've been looking for a review of this bag by someone smart enough to realize that neither zombies nor liberals are coming for them.
David Choi (8 months ago)
HAHA all the milspec gear boyz over at Triple Aught watching this like..."bro I can't tell if he's making fun of us or not...."
Erick Legue (8 months ago)
Chase, love the videos! BTW, the flag patch isn't backwards, it's how a flag appears as it is flown carried into battle. It's the same as the uniform flag patch worn by all servicemembers.
Chase Reeves (8 months ago)
Roger. Thanks, man!
JH Ψ (8 months ago)
1000D cordura fabric is super durable and heavy. that's why I sold it for a dragon egg 2. better compartment design and lighter yet durable 500D cordura fabric.
Michael Whorf (8 months ago)
Great pack! I love the wild guess work added to explain what you don't know about lol
Chase Reeves (8 months ago)
So true.
Don Chartier (8 months ago)
Just got my Kletterwerks Summit in "Brick" (a muted red). Love the old-school format and simplicity -- it's by no means over-designed. I expect it will get frequent use among my already-too-many bags (and that's before my Kickstarter orders for the Evergoods 24L CPL and Peak Designs Everyday Travel Bag arrive!) Safety Tip -- I removed the leather Kletterwerks patch because I'm not a sewn-on branding guy, but found that the patch was covering two tiny holes in the fabric. Not a huge deal, but definitely a surprise. Will also likely replace the leather zipper pulls -- not really a leather guy (no jokes, please). As mentioned in another post, Mystery Ranch seems to have discontinued this model, so try retailers.
Chase Reeves (8 months ago)
Nice, Don! I love that sucker.
PrinceLojack (8 months ago)
Zombies, or Russia, or Liberals!
Yanpei Wang (8 months ago)
Finally there is a great extensive review here!!!!
james Truscello (8 months ago)
Well that’s a snappy little soldier of a bag, I rather like that one. Hey the gr1 is now $400! Know what’s great about that!? Spending $250 on some other bag feels down right frugal! “But Honey I saved $150 and Chase Loves it!!!”
KnowYourHistory (8 months ago)
I put a reflective patch on the velcro area on my GORUCK. It's useful at night.
Victor Zuim (8 months ago)
Duuude... get to the point...
Vinicius lino (8 months ago)
You should check out the Prometheus Design Werx S.H.A.D.O. backpack. I would really like to see your review of it.
Don Chartier (8 months ago)
Kletterwerks Summit is no longer shown on the Mystery Ranch site. Previously, it was listed as Out of Stock. I was able to order one (at a discount) from Moose Jaw. Here's hoping MR brings it back.
Don Chartier (8 months ago)
Chase Reeves -- Maybe this could be a test of your mojo -- getting Mystery Ranch to bring it back. The Kletterwerks Summit Lazarus project!
Chase Reeves (8 months ago)
Oh man, seriously. I love that bag!
Jed Edwards (8 months ago)
chase, buddy, just get a Mystery Ranch
Jed Edwards (8 months ago)
Seriously, as a reviewer, those are the guys getting my money right now.
Julio Rodriguez (8 months ago)
Multiple but plugs hmmmm interesting
Yuheng Wang (8 months ago)
Please talk about what makes a good backpack?
TheKoss11 (8 months ago)
TheKoss11 (8 months ago)
Your initial description of the tactical knife guy bug out cause alien Russian liberals are coming... spot on!
The same old Show (8 months ago)
Can you test the moshi tego bag
ivan (8 months ago)
Finally a TAD! Bring in more military bags dude! Hoping if you check out Direct Action Dragon Egg!
Tim Maloshtan (8 months ago)
Does anybody know the brand of shirt Chase is wearing?
Binary Sunset Chaser (3 months ago)
Tim Maloshtan - Wankster Huckstep
venom5809 (8 months ago)
This and the GoRuck seem like the bags of choice for school shooters or Vegas shooters.
Anton Glukhovsky (5 months ago)
@venom5809 Sorry, but this is an idiotic comment.
David M. Bush (8 months ago)
Chase is this comment necessary?
Ryan W (8 months ago)
I have SUCH a bag crush on that Kletterwerks bag - but I don't think they make it anymore (also means the more info link on bagworks.co doesn't work)! Can only find links to it from third party sellers. Damn it, I'm fiending for a full Chase Reeves review of that thing.
Obert Kuo (8 months ago)
ever heard of lexdray?
Joel Higgins (8 months ago)
Look up morale patches. Lol
Aurelio Castro (8 months ago)
Great channel Chase, huge fan... definitely Si Me Gusta!!!! Regards from Mexico
DASH 80 (8 months ago)
Signaling my values via a Wreck It Ralph patch. Fight me.
Andre (8 months ago)
Velcro pad is for... "...papers, business papers?" patches, right? Right? Although probably that's not incendiary enough XD Anyway I now follow your trick on keeping the main compartment zipper pulls in one of the upper corners man! Now I can say "Bam! Bam!" too when pulling either of them pulls! Not to mention I realise now can just look over the shoulder to know if they're still there or someone behind has opened my backpack.
Brandon Waiss (8 months ago)
Hah, you made me spit up my Pho Noodo's at "off set it with a Merino Henley Western Rise". BTW you mentioned a while back you were going to do a clothing review. You really should try the SAXX - git'em at REI or Amazon. They are chonies or undies, or whatever you call them - not that I want to see an undie video from you necessarily. Anyway, they are the most comfortable I've ever had and awesome for travel and hold up well it seems. They feel better than all those other synthetics out there. Otherwise it's merino wool all the way. Am I off-topic?
Don Chartier (8 months ago)
Um, did you just sneak a "my butt plugs" into this video?!? And why do you need *more than one*? Are they disposable -- that's not particularly eco-friendly. 😉
David M. Bush (8 months ago)
If you're following his Instagram he did say he's trying a lot of new things recently.
Chase Reeves (8 months ago)
Butt plugs need bags too!
Keith Munson (8 months ago)
I had to come to the comments to see if I heard right. He did look like he was walking a bit stiffly.
Don Chartier (8 months ago)
I'm thinking a pro tip for manufacturers is... "Send a sample in any other color but *black*." A) It differentiates your bag from from every other black bag, which is *every other bag.* B) It's easier to see details on the video.
Angel Angelov (8 months ago)
Hey Chase. Really like you reviews, man, keep at it! One proposal for improvement - please add a bit of lighting for the table. You almost always show black bags and from some angles it is difficult to see what you are showing.
The Stuff I Like (8 months ago)
Chase, you need to check out Waterfield's pouch options! I just got their padded gear pouch and love it. Seems like it would be right up your alley!
Rob Hicks (8 months ago)
"...is this Leatherman, it's the Style PS..." and so it begins ;)
Rob Hicks (8 months ago)
Dude, it's a rabbit hole I've spent the last God knows how many years going down. I'd like to say I've finally landed on everything I need in one case (Vanquest) but every time I watch one of your videos I'm always thinking 'Oh God, what new "always need you, never wanna see you" case is he going to use this time and am I going to have to buy one...I didn't need any more bags until I found your channel...keep up the incredible work!
Chase Reeves (8 months ago)
Have I started slipping down the EDC slippery slope?
Jan Karlsson (8 months ago)
Nice! If you could get hold of the new Mission Workshop The Integer I'd be very happy.
Thane Moore (8 months ago)
HAhahahah " I just have a soul patch and a tactical looking backpack... I don't know about this stuff?!?" Fucking dead.
B Shadd (8 months ago)
The big three: Zombies, Russia, Liberals
Martin Trnka (8 months ago)
I really like your reviews. Wondering if you ever used any of the 5.11 bags? They are well known company in this whole tactical/EDC/CC community. :) And it happens they made some really good products.
ASamson123 (8 months ago)
This bag is more my style. I love this review. Thank you chase for reviewing something a little different
Dara Cazamea (8 months ago)
Nice to see a clean Litespeed :D
Truth Seeker (8 months ago)
Is this a re-post? I could swear I saw this one posted before. Please try to do Spectre 34. I think its a good contender for a one bag travel with a removable hip belt.
AtlasFox (4 months ago)
@Truth Seeker This bag comes with the transport tail as standard.
Truth Seeker (8 months ago)
I almost got it around fathers day, they were having like 25% off, awesome deal. But i felt like it needed the Trainsport Tail for me to get the most use out of it, and it's never in stock :(. Ended up going with SG Avail 2200. Another great US made pack that's a bit similar.
csuhdraven (8 months ago)
I love the Spectre series. I use a 34 for work and just took it on a 5 day camping trip. The modularity makes it one of the most versatile packs I own.
Chase Reeves (8 months ago)
Yea, my editor published it by accident! Didn’t have any links or anything added.
Jay 'Ontario (8 months ago)
It was a few weeks ago he posted it and immediately took it down
mars GIA (8 months ago)
it's a bungee cord
mars GIA (8 months ago)
Pals Webbing is good to add first aid kit and other accessories
M0ebius (8 months ago)
I run this bag as my EDC. The aesthetics is perfect if you like the tactical look, and the possibilities are endless if you are into modding your gear. But this bag requires alot of work to dial in and it is way too easy to go overboard with pouches. I hope the next iteration can be a full clamshell with 500D cordura instead of 1000D and laser-cut molle for a reduced weight and easier access.
Chase Reeves (8 months ago)
mars GIA (8 months ago)
Liberal Leftist attack
iamsheep (8 months ago)
Finding out about bug out bags is really eye opening for non-Americans...I heard them speak about preparing for EMT attacks with a straight face...
cocohelado (9 days ago)
why is it eye opening?
Sawyer Seth (8 months ago)
Gotta watch out for those liberals.
Ben Fauzi (8 months ago)
Please review direct action bag after this
blurpleunc (8 months ago)
I have a direct action bag and love it. But it's the 1st generation before the company was bought out.
Bang Bang (8 months ago)
Very goog thank you so much
Bang Bang (8 months ago)

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