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$40 Walmart Outfit vs $400 Hugo Boss Outfit

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Text Comments (3390)
111danish111 (2 hours ago)
Your slim fit pants are disgusting . You do not need to show all the contours of your legs and buttotck . Also they are short .
Ashmeet singh (4 hours ago)
I could buy everything in my wardrobe for $500 lol
Iam WhoIam (18 hours ago)
Hope you don't get a hard on all day or your pants will rip, unless you have a small pecker.
Hector Cruz (21 hours ago)
That was a great video. I’d like to see one with the how to get a good tailor. I think that’s what is missing with my style
666miguel99 (1 day ago)
Very cool video.
roberto rivero (1 day ago)
Shit me, crisp 501’s fresh pro club white tee and some new white forces and I’m good to go
lucfireful (1 day ago)
You saved my Life! 👀😂
theniceneighbor (1 day ago)
Pants too tight
Chris Bertke (1 day ago)
Very informative, wow. Obviously the Hugo Boss clothes are better quality, but it looks like you can find clothes in a pinch for a damn decent price. Thank you for putting in the time.
Sans Tale (1 day ago)
i got my own tailor even im only 12, but she is kinda slow, she cant understand clearly, i cant blame her lol
Anthony Gaming (2 days ago)
Grandma how did you get on the video 😱
Alfie Carey (2 days ago)
My guys wearing a brown belt and black shoes and trying to give style advice smh
John Tim (2 days ago)
It is a dying brand. Nowadays it is not difficult to produce something with good quality,that is the strength Hugo boss got but in last century. The brand cannot bring you any value anymore.Over charging you and looking for the biggest possible margin. The design so outdated, you spend lots of money to make you look so cheap and old.
Larry Gill (2 days ago)
Boss does look noticeably better. I get the whole point of this video. Well done. At the same time, let’s see where these clothes hold up 1 year from now. I guarantee boss will still look brand new whereas Walmart will be in rough shape. Faded colours, thread hanging out everywhere. There’s a reason why it cost so much. You get what you pay for. **mic dropped***
Jim Thompson (3 days ago)
I fuckin love walmart, underrated as shit. Wrangler jeans made a fuckin come up
Sacha Mehrzad (3 days ago)
You don’t go to Walmart to buy trousers and polos. For fuck sake. There a cheaper alternatives to boss but not Walmart!
Joel Anthon (3 days ago)
My boy Jose!!! hehe
Paul Raad (3 days ago)
Soo helpfull keep it going man👍👍
lionofgod9 (3 days ago)
Blue Rivers (3 days ago)
That was very impressive
Algimantas F (4 days ago)
8:54 Those are way too small for you. They might be stretch material, but that doesnt mean you have to size it down so you look like a girl in yoga pants. Look at the creases in the back of the thighs. Its ready to rip. If your giving advices on fashion, fix your tie first, whats with a bulge on top. Just shows you that one should not trust every fashion "guru" on youtube.
Paradise635 (5 days ago)
Man I think Hugo Boss is much better Looks ///
Mr. Beetleman (6 days ago)
This whole “slim fit/modern fit” trend makes the proportions of the body look all wrong. Low waisted trousers make the torso look too long, and slim fit only works for a certain body type.
b100dr4g3 (6 days ago)
You need to include the prices for the tailoring cause that's a huge factor as well! Great video tho
Carl Blak (6 days ago)
Do a comparison with costco and big brand.I get my brand jeans at costco.
John Zaskoda (7 days ago)
Thrift stores dude
John Cardenas (7 days ago)
Walmart looks ok but i can definitely see the quality in Hugo boss
Lakme Hazratganj (7 days ago)
Walmart is bette
Sim (7 days ago)
This dude needs better shoes.
Gonzalo Venegas Gomez (7 days ago)
.... Americans wearing dress shirts is freaking terrible. Dont u know they qre not suposed to be so damn tight, god damn
Matthew Winkel (8 days ago)
how much would it cost to tailor the walmart clothing?
Khaled Alenezi (8 days ago)
Having ur shirt so tight around ur arms makes u look cheap...
F0rm perfection (8 days ago)
I have for a while went for hugo boss clothes and after 2 years there is no wear at all. Still looks brand new
sayeed alam (8 days ago)
It would be really helpful if you showed the process of tailoring your clothes
ponokunishima1 (9 days ago)
Very nice! Shows you that you don’t need a lot of money to look good, if you know what you’re doing! How about Gap and Ross?
Aaron B (9 days ago)
both look great. but Walmart is not known for quality. Boss is
Toxic ThunderBuns (9 days ago)
Clothes always look good on thin people, can you get a guy that size 50 and up and Taylor his suits and clothes to him?
Grim Reaper (7 days ago)
Toxic ThunderBuns hit the gym and put down the fork, bro.
Christopher Burgess (9 days ago)
Yes both of them look good but just wait a little while and you will see why they say quality beats everything I tried to go this route but found out that the cheap stuff doesn’t last long as long as the good stuff 👆🏾👏👏👏 you will get more wear out of the Hugo boss Than that Walmart stuff guaranteed because of course you have to wash those garments hell even if you go to the dry cleaners the quality stuff will last longer I rather pay $300 for a Hugo shirt just to know that shirt will last forever and look good forever as opposed of going cheap just to look good for a day now if that’s your thing hell yea Walmart is cool but if not always go luxury 🙌✌️
Mr130792 (9 days ago)
You should give a shoutout to your tailor
Jon Morris (10 days ago)
Dude I didn’t even know tailors are a thing.. I’m gonna check it out. I have so many outfits that fit close but not perfect.
Jon Morris (6 days ago)
+Grim Reaper 15
Grim Reaper (7 days ago)
Jon Morris are you 14?
Serge Rodriguez (11 days ago)
Love this video , im getting my clothes tailored makes such a difference and its cheap
Amar Singh (11 days ago)
We buy a lot of clothes when we don’t really need em. Things we buy to cover up what’s inside. Cause they made us hate ourselves and love their wealth
Grim Reaper (7 days ago)
Amar Singh couldn’t afford a car so named her daughter Alexis.
Shaun (11 days ago)
The rise on the Walmart pants is absolutely hideous.
Jesus Blanco (11 days ago)
Yo rose gold and black is overpriced af dude
alyosha pearce (11 days ago)
There is however the ethical question. Like were and how did that $5 dollar T-shirt come to be what was the human cost. Where is the stuff made coming from Hugo Boss. Is there a difference in the conditions of the workers that make this clothing. And if you can afford to buy better don’t you have an ethical question to ask your self. You the connoisseur that dose the most thinking. And once you know something it’s on your conscience to act accordingly.
Mandla Ndlovu (11 days ago)
everything you do is beneficial, I like it... keep on doing more videos
chaz Gurrero (11 days ago)
Ya, try lands end .
Torrential Lemon (11 days ago)
Are you mexican
LILGUY 4OUR9INE (12 days ago)
Just stop everything looks good on you
Chainsaw39 (12 days ago)
Yeah it's *Mesomorph* type of body, It's the best type!
Gabriel Felix Muñoz (12 days ago)
Strafey (12 days ago)
2:03 boiii backed into a guy in a wheel chair LMFAO
scott greg (13 days ago)
instead of Boss, try Ross
Everything (13 days ago)
Try this with a fat guy. Go ahead.
Beerus Sama (13 days ago)
Brown belt and black shoes.... damn dude that is a FAIL
Reynaldo Ramirez (14 days ago)
What if you have a dads body?
Riz P (15 days ago)
I am very biased when it comes to style and clothing. I'm a designer person and I have the same body type as the dude in the video. Anyway, my wardrobe consists of 2 main designers. Hugo Boss and Giorgio Armani. I like how they fit and feel on my body. The other reason is I am a single bachelor and go on lots of dates. If my date spent the night at my place or I at her place, I'd be very embarrassed if she looked at my clothes and saw "George" or whatever Walmart brand that they sell. Now, if she saw Hugo Boss or Armani, than it automatically makes me look classy. I know class is not bought and it has to come within, but I think you get the point. I'd wear Hugo Boss or an Armani boxers anyday over Fruit of the loom or Hanes.
grabana hk (15 days ago)
Is this minnaepolis
Dafydd Glyn (15 days ago)
2:03 hose almost got crippled by a man ina wheel chair😭😭😂
Blake Johnson (15 days ago)
The trousers look like chino’s cuz they’re kinda tight
XGN Kaneki (16 days ago)
i went on the rich fuck boy side of youtube again.... i should lay of the depression and poorness....
jack c.k (16 days ago)
great video gotta get a tailor
Diggz11 (17 days ago)
$450 for one outfit, that's insane. That's as much as my damn truck payment was
IAM DollaSIGN (17 days ago)
David Poore (17 days ago)
How much do alterations usually cost?
Rflexion (17 days ago)
10:13 the total look, 450 dollars including the polo and the pants?
Philippr Benyodi Obama (17 days ago)
Very sexy👌👌👌👌
james mccully (17 days ago)
but zuniga how much did you pay for all the tailoring tho???
Grim Reaper (6 days ago)
james mccully no, I mean the Walmart outfit likely was half the price of the tailoring cost on that outfit.
james mccully (7 days ago)
+Grim Reaper you mean the hugo boss outfit
Grim Reaper (7 days ago)
james mccully the tailoring likely cost more than the Walmart outfit, which is why videos like this are ridiculous.
miyoko anderson (17 days ago)
he has a great ass
[WM] Phantom (18 days ago)
Dimitri Dariotis (18 days ago)
He just looks good in everything
Marvin St John (18 days ago)
So how did this end? I left to go check out the site like Jose suggested
Julian (19 days ago)
How much was the tailor total for the Walmart outfit?
tj waffles (20 days ago)
you are a god
Lucas Lindberg (20 days ago)
I buy a lot off expensive pants and shirt. Not beacuse i think i look better. But beacuse the more expensive fabric feels so much better.
George Givens, Jr. (21 days ago)
Just found your videos. First time watching and I'm glad to see someone showing young guys how to dress sharp and for less. Really great job I'm very impressed. I'm an older guy now and in my youth I would spend crazy money on a good outfit but I also had no qualms about shopping at the discount store but like you said getting discount clothing tailored is the key. Which brings me to 2 points. 1. You didn't give cost for tailoring which has to be figured into cost of outfit. 2. Like young lady below said, your body type makes almost anything look good. I remember when I could say that about myself. Now in my mid 60's I don't have the physique to make anything look good BUT still and even more importantly good fit is the key! I am a shorter man 5'8" so I find that even the more expensive clothing doesn't fit like it should. Manufacturers are not consistent with sizing even among their own line! So, many times I end up taking clothing to my tailor. Especially shirts which I can get to fit in neck and body but then the sleeves will be too long. This is especially true for casual shirts because manufacturers don't size casual shirts by measuring neck, sleeve and chest! Instead they size them in ranges like Small, Medium, Large, X-Large etc. That sucks, really because the range will be something like 16-16.5 neck, 42-44 chest, and 34-35 sleeve which is way too long for me. I wear a 16.5 neck, 44-45 chest and 33 sleeve. When will manufacturers get it that casual shirts should be sized like dress shirts? Anyway, enjoyed your video and I have subscribed so keep up the good work.
Anthony Drury (21 days ago)
This has got to be my favourite Teachingmensfashions video
Ludoviko Peluche (21 days ago)
I have 20 bucks. Make something happen at Fallas paderes
Shahil Gupta (22 days ago)
I feel weird to spend 350 bucks for 2 t shirts.
Dragga (23 days ago)
This is explained in “The Millionaire Next Door”... love the video.
Danny Marroquin (23 days ago)
How much did the fitting cost?
Pedro Martinez (23 days ago)
My dudes and dudets!! the simple thing is you go to a Brand Outlet! Instead of going to the Hugo Boss Store go to the Hugo Boss Outlet. The best time to go is at the end of each season because they are trying to get rid of as much merch as they can to accommodate the new stuff. I went to The UGG outlet by me and got a 250$ pair of mens boots for 75$. Even brands like Express always have awesome deals at the outlets!
Pedro Martinez (6 days ago)
+Grim Reaper I can tell you from experience from being in a lot of different circles is that men don't give a shit what clothes you wear. The game is about what car you drive and the accessories like watches, wallets, etc. Clothes don't really matter
Grim Reaper (7 days ago)
Pedro Martinez if you’re poor and don’t run in circles that care about you looking like you bought off cycle clothes, sure.
J S (23 days ago)
You need to tell us how much you spent on tailoring or this video is pointless. If you spent $20 on trousers then $100 having them tailored what's the point?
Grim Reaper (7 days ago)
J S agree. I’d guess those $20 trousers have $35-45 work done to them. Stupid video.
Glen (25 days ago)
0:29 anyone get a reference of Zane Hijazi the viner in the background?
Sam Sunwoo (25 days ago)
If you are overweight, neither designer or Walmart will good great as the fit one.
Zoch Buppet (26 days ago)
He got the tailoring done in TIJUANA, MEXICO He got it done for dirt cheap in MEXICO. TAILORING IS VERY EXPENSIVE, and is now only done on high end clothes...like a BOSS SUIT. He wont say how much it costs because to get tailoring done in the U.S or Canada it's VERY EXPENSIVE.
Mathias Cameron (26 days ago)
I like the content, but his voice...I can't. It's too bad.
Shayla YT (27 days ago)
4:06 The taylor is nice, normally they would just ask to take the camera away
Pearl B. (27 days ago)
Boss outfit looked INCREDIBLE. Walmart outfit looked like crap.
Astro Mars (28 days ago)
So Walmart it is....but I am short and 60 lbs overweight....dang it!
ZGreyDrAg0n (28 days ago)
Even if i had money sweating from my body i wouldn't spend $300 on fucking pants
Luis Velasquez (29 days ago)
People who wear their money, don't know how to save money
Grim Reaper (7 days ago)
Luis Velasquez says a poor person.
PHILIP W (29 days ago)
Omg very informative
Ricky Le (29 days ago)
How much does tailoring cost?
Nrowsell8 (29 days ago)
Let me know next time you’re headed to gardens mall
join the fist (29 days ago)
Hugo boss is over prices, and seem like bad quality for the massive price
Hope Estarossa (29 days ago)
for me walmart looked better lol
piano0b (29 days ago)
9:44 hb Looks way better but maybe it's just the belt or the thing that you pose like a moron on the right pic ^^
How about Uniqlo?
Anthony Lin (1 month ago)
rose gold and black is expensive af

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