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Jamaican big booty girl

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Big booty half naked Jamaican girl shaking it Subscribe and comments
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Kirwina (8 days ago)
The lady in the video is from Trinidad but lives in the US, she comes down for Carnival every year dressed in skimpy clothing to show off her big ass and breasts. Even Trinidadians dont like how she operates. Her name is Sibongile Cummings. Check her instagram at symbaserothick
Erick 00 (14 days ago)
Strong mommy lift carry baby men vs ruedelstudio
Karuna Pradhan (24 days ago)
I like to live in this place
DJ Liyayi Cash (1 month ago)
For mixes contact me on whatsapp number +254721277971
xxrockmyglock xx (1 month ago)
Bust it down, Bust it down,Bust it down,
Mike Davis (1 month ago)
The black chick is drop dead gorgeous perfect in every way
Daniel Doyley (2 months ago)
EMR80 (2 months ago)
Cisse Ibrahim (3 months ago)
David Hunter (4 months ago)
Nhailey regine Chery (4 months ago)
John Dumelo (4 months ago)
I live in the wrong city
XX_mlg_Mr.girrafeXX 77 (4 months ago)
I would pipe her
HR Brown (4 months ago)
Not that it matters but she's not Jamaican, this is Trinidad and how they do carnival...2nd only to Brazil
Glitch guyzero (4 months ago)
mrqjmoss (4 months ago)
Dick throbbing big black bOOty teazin! STANK
Akeem Greenidge (6 months ago)
She's not Jamaican though. She's Trinidadian /American.
Danavan Gentles (3 months ago)
I could tell
Aaron Baptiste (6 months ago)
Yah baby continues like this +18
Kristen H (2 months ago)
Maurice Andrews (6 months ago)
PaiProfeta Oficial (6 months ago)
Deon Baker (6 months ago)
Beautiful baby beautiful
Mark Wilson (7 months ago)
Lopez Browm (3 months ago)
Mark Wilson hate
Amoya Anderson (5 months ago)
Mark Wilson I agree with u she looks ewww
Samara Thompson (5 months ago)
Mark Wilson but u need to tell the truth and let them know that it manifested from you
Mark Wilson (5 months ago)
Samara Thompson should I tell them that it originated from you
Samara Thompson (5 months ago)
Mark Wilson they said that you had AIDS
Andrea Zampier (7 months ago)
The Black one,who is she?
Ramsey Chan (1 month ago)
JoJo Siwa I am Ramsey Chan is the truck
Izzy Dan (6 months ago)
Miguel Rodriguez 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Miguel Rodriguez (7 months ago)
Andrea Zampier yo mama
Andrea Zampier (7 months ago)
Who is this woman?

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