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Hidden Body Language Signs SHE LIKES You! | How to Read a Women's Body Language

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Hair Strand (1 year ago)
I got a girlfriend because of you thank u
Ramírez (22 days ago)
I always wonder the "What ifs" not as much as before but it's like what if the military recruiter would've never chose to talk to me that one lunch when she was ready to talk, would me and her have gotten along after that and possibly had something. Or wat about when she tried to talk to me at the choir concert or even the Gym and even tried to contact me thru my sister. She tried her very best and yet I still found a way to curb all that.. I mean I lost interest in her half way thru senior year but then again like I still remember the way I felt about her when I fell for her my junior year so I wouldve gave it a go just for those past feelings, why not? I rarely ever think about it as of today but I wonder if she ever thinks about or has thought about what could've been too. Wats funny is the military recruiter contacted me in my second year of college and tried too see how I was doing but really he wanted to see if I wanted to change my mind to the military instead of school. I kinda got salty and ignored his calls and texts just bc of what he had possibly costed me with her. Ooh and I also saw her couple times at the community college in my second year, First 2 weeks in I look to the distance as I'm walking out of class and I see her staring back lol, but then she quickly turned her head. But by that time my feelings for her was long gone, just saw her as any other girl. We do live in a not so big city everyone tends to work in the same general area especially if you go to school here, High school and Community College. Freshman year of college I worked at Under Armour and she literally worked at the Applebees literally 100 feet away, how did I know bc of her car lol, its always her car 😅. And she still works there to this day bc I always see it parked there sometimes when I pass thru there, which has only been almost 3 yrs. The only reason it may seem like I still have feelings is bc I'm writing paragraphs for this girl but that's not the case. So much things that dont really happen or shouldn't happen at all happened someway, somehow, and it used to freak me out back in high school/ 1st year of college. So many coudisciedense moments that it's just unbelievable that we both went that long single and nothing happened especially from all that went down in those 2.5 years between us. That took like majority of my high school years so of course that's one of the first things that pops in my head when I think back to high school.
Ramírez (22 days ago)
But I again acted like I didnt see anything. So now she knows I have a sister and knew who she was and she's in the same class lol. I honestly thought she was going to expose me to my sister pretty soon or ask about me.  After that I only saw her at the gym every so often. I went to the gym in the mornings when I could bc obviously she had high school and I was trying to avoid her. At that point I was avoiding her bc the awkwardness had risen to a whole nother, like what was I going to say and how would it be genuine when she in fact knows I've been avoiding her for the past year and a half. And I'm also a different person, I'm still kinda quiet but im not that shy anymore, same goes for her. We go onto after Christmas break and the first week back my sister tells me about her day like she sometimes did when I picked her up from school. At that point I'm still seeing her at the gym right, couple times in those first 2 weeks back from Christmas break. My sister says they made couple switches with people in the groups  like Soprano and choir stuff like that, and me feeling like it would happen I ask her who's in you're group now. And of course my sister mentions her name lol, like wat r the odds🤔. It doesn't take long before She tells my sister that she knows me. And when my sister was telling me that She sees me at the gym my heart literally dropped. I'm like if they've gotten this far in the first 2 weeks, theres a whole semester left and I was just waiting for my sister to roast me for getting rejected and avoiding my old crush. Like I was certain it was going to come before the 3rd week and my sister was going to let me have it. Eventually tho by the middle of February  I rarely saw her at the gym. I did a little research on social media and it was maybe by March where I saw her status as in a relationship. What's funny is that she got with and still is with the guy that I've kinda known since 6th grade. If I had to take something from this rollercoaster,lol, is that I dont want to say it but FATE was trying to pull us together in basically those 2.5 years we knew each other and that we also acted to ignore each other. Like wat r the odds of all of those things happening towards 1 person. I feel like my sister meeting her was the last line of defence FATE was going give to whatever I had with her. Like I said I lost feelings for her going into my senior year but if she would have somehow managed to talk to me her junior  year/my senior year or her senior year/my freshman year at college I would of probably gave it a chance but it didn't happen.
Ramírez (22 days ago)
At this point he has me like atleast 10 feet away from my clique on another lonely bench while my friends just leave us to it. As he is just going on and on about stuff, at this point  it's been like 15 mins into lunch and theres still another 30 mins left. Around that time her and her 2 friends come out the door and they literally almost walk into my group of friends, basically desperate at this point, probably tired of me trying to ignore them and would have pulled me if I was there. But then I kinda see that they see me , you know where I was with the recruiter lol. So they go back to there spot where they've been hanging out the past couple weeks like now maybe 15 feet away since I was like half the distance from my friends to them. Now they're just staring at me straight on as the recruiter keeps talking. She was literally sitting down like if once the recruiter said his goodbyes to me she would literally eat me alive or something lol😂. But the recruiter went on for the rest of the lunch all of the 30 mins smh. Once the bell rang I told my friends ill catch up as the recruiter guy kept talking to me. She and her 2 friends were standing up like way closer now, literally ready to hijack me once the guy stopped talking to me. As 30 seconds after the bell went on they were still waiting in the background. All the sudden she calls out my name kinda loud like in a upset type of way probably mad that the recruiter used up all the time. I glanced her way for a quick second as we made eye contact in like over a year lol. She walked off with her friends as I walked to class too. After that day we went into that winter break we got in February. Soon I stopped seeing her at the gym and her and her friends barely even tried to talk to me that last semester of high school. Like couple weeks after that tho there were 2 times where she literally walked past me as close as possible, once where we had never crossed paths, literally her arm was almost touching my arm, and we weren't even going opposite directions. She walked in front of me kinda hesitating as she passed by, and I had thought that she probably wanted to see if I would talk to her. Then another time when we were both heading to our rides. After that I dont recall another attempt lol. Graduated while she was going into her senior year. But... I didnt go away after high school, went to my public community college where I thought I would never see her ever again. It was 1st week of October when I'm at the gym. As im finishing up my workout I glance towards the treadmills and I see a girl with blonde ends on her tips of her hair. I was like could that be? I was like nahhh, it was also hard to tell bc there was equipment in the way. So I go home and I was still like, was that her? Next day I go to the gym and its official its definitely her, I see her car in the parking lot, But this time it seems like she's just minding her own business with a friend, so i just let it be. She's probably with someone by now. That same week my younger sister, a sophmore at the time, had a choir concert with the school. As I'm going with my parents to see her concert and looking for a parking space I see her car again but this time at a venue at a church where the choir concert was taking place. I'm like holy damn y is this girl still in my daily life rn🤣. I found out couple days later that she ended up being in the same class as my sister after asking my sister some questions about her choir class without raising suspicion lol. Back to that choir concert, obviously by time the concert was over, I already knew she had seen me walking in bc me and my parents arrived a little late and all the atleast 120+ students were waiting outside while the remaining late people walked in. By the end of the concert as me and my parents r looking for my sister and were walking back to the car I hear kinda like a girl screaming "No Stop"!. Just by the voice I could already tell that it was her. I kinda turned my head and see that one of her friends was trying to pull her towards me lol, deja vu right!?
Ramírez (22 days ago)
but It wasnt until the week before Valentine's where she and her two best friends probably tried there best attempts at trying to talk to me. Dude like they would literally try and hang out as close as to my clique as possible during brunch and lunch. Would be like 20 feet away and that was never there spot. I remember this one time, same time like couple days before Valentine's, I was eating my brunch, pretty much finishing it up as I hear a door slam behind me, and I happened to have my back turned to the door with 2 of my friends on each side of me, both of them having there own side conversations with other friends while I'm just there just chillin staring off into space drinking my water, and simultaneously I was thinking "oh they're not pushing no more I guess", bc I didnt see her or her 2 besties around us anymore. we hung out sort of next to an entry to the connected inside buildings and when I heard that door open and close I didnt think much of it, you know couple students walking by, until I hear no more than 10 feet away her 2 friends like hyping her up. Like all I heard in those 5 seconds as I was finishing my water was like "c'mon go talk to him", and her kind of resisting. I also forgot to mention that she was also kinda shy herself. Right when I heard that I acted like I didn't hear it and I'm pretty sure none of my friends heard it either as they kept talking and I just chugged the last drops of my water and walked towards the closest trash can to dispose of my brunch which was ahead of me, and walked straight to the restroom which was like 30 feet away ahead of me. When I was done I kind of peeked outside and they were still there, her and her 2 friends talking to my friend cuz they kinda knew each other too. I was like "shiet they better not tell him that they've been trying to talk to me" cuz I didnt tell none of my friends about that rejection lol. Luckily the bell rang and good thing that it did bc I didn't want it to seem like i was avoiding them by hiding in the restroom for too long even though I basically was lol😅. Honestly tho I was being a bitch tho I just didnt want to talk to her bc if I did and she pulled me away and my friends had noticed it they would've asked me what that was all about and of course I would probably have no other way of telling them the truth depending on how the situation with her wouldve gone. I almost forgot she also had gotten a gym pass with her mom at the gym that I was going too around January after Christmas break so it was even more awkward even though I had no feelings for her, now not only am I avoiding her at school but now I gotta avoid her at the gym. That wasnt as awkward tho bc she was with her mom and she would have to approach me in an environment where people dont know or wouldn't care what's going on bc I always went to the gym mostly by myself 90% of the times. Idk if that was a coudisciedense but I do remember telling her the year before that I went to that gym, so maybe she saw that as another opportunity for her to try and talk to me. Anyways fast forward back to Valentine's week, after brunch I was literally thinking to myself if they try something like that again I'll just give in. I'll see what she has to say to me. Literally after 4th period and its Lunch time I'm finishing up my lunch sitting down this time on a bench. Again just like brunch I didnt see her or her 2 friends at the beginning of lunch outside. I finished my lunch and thought they would try some other day lol. As im thinking that you guys know those annoying ass military recruiters that sometimes walk around the campus and are hella forward with you? The recruiter starts talking to some of the guys in our group and finally makes his way to me. He hadn't talked to me so he had a lot of information and questions to give and ask me. As the recruiter guy keeps baffling about stuff to me, the friends at my side decide to move over with the rest of the group as the recruiter guy basically pushes me away from the group and puts me in like a interview type setup.
Ramírez (22 days ago)
Dude I had that same thing my junior year of high school. This girl I really liked would always do that. We sat together(assigned seats) at the nick of time, 2nd semester after coming back from winter break high schoolers have in February. When the spanish teacher was assigning seats, "I was like man would I love to sit with her", and luckily we did, I was starstrucked. Honestly she was the top 10 prettiest in her class, she was a Sophomore btw, me being a Junior. She would always have her legs pointing literally to my hips, basically her face and shoulders were pointed at me when we talked. She would also do that hair styling thing too. From the jump I saw some signs that she possibly liked me from the 1st semester bc I would catch her staring at times and one time she went out her way just to talk to me when I was going to get a book from the shelves, mind you we sat like almost half room away from each other that 1st semester. She was so pretty I had thought she was taken bc she would hang out with her Sophomore clique that also had guys and I was certain she probably had a guy she was talking too, bc No Homo but There were Guys If u know what I mean. I only remember seeing her a couple times the year before when she was a freshman but I never saw her the way I did once I met her a year later in the spanish class. But me being the kinda quiet guy that I am I just only accepted her as a friend and pretended to not catch on to her body language bc I just had a feeling she was talking to someone else and I didn't wanna embarrass myself. Anyways long story short I asked her out during the day before finals and she just says "I'll think about it".😖.. I cringed so hard and it was awkward as hell bc I literally asked her out in class lol. Honestly tho If I would have asked her way sooner in the semester and talked to her more often she would of not hesitated. Bc we also started to talk less in class like couple weeks before school ended so maybe she gave up and thought I wasn't really into her. Like there would be days where we didn't talk at all bc the teacher would literally lecture us to death, just a quick 'Hi' when we sat down. Anyways School ends and it's off to Senior year. I literally avoided her the whole first semester of my Senior year mainly bc we left off at the wrong foot and just for me to break the ice would be the worst and I was also just embarrassed and a little mad so I was like in that "forget her" mind set. Right before 1st semester ended, right before going onto Christmas break, 6 months after that horrific, cringey, probably the most embarrassing moment of my life of being rejected that way when I 100% thought she would say yes, literally maybe a week before finals I kinda sense that her friends and her were trying to make eye contact with me bc they got as close as they had gotten to me all that semester, bc I kept my distance. The point where they would try for her to talk to me was when I was going to a class and she and her friends would always walk past the direction I was walking towards. TBH tho after half way thru Fall semester I had just lost interest in her, like you know when u like a person vs you think they're Hot. I still thought she was the prettiest among her class but I no longer had her in my head. Sometimes it would only be her walking alone when we crossed paths but half the other times she would be with her friends. But when she was with her friends there were atleast 3 or 4 times on the last week before Christmas break that they tried to make eye contact but I was just ignorant and I had lost any feelings for her at that point so I was just in my head like "dude leave me alone" and just looked forward towards the hallway. Christmas Break pasts and I thought her hunt was over bc it seemed like it went back to normal back like in the starting of my senior year where we acted like we didn't know each other. I also changed my route sometimes and went the long way just to let her know I wasn't with that no more and see if she caught on. It calmed down u know all that January,
Farhan R (3 days ago)
Whos that chick?shes cute...
William Overly (4 days ago)
She likes you, yeah, yeah, yeah. With a like like that, you know you should be had.
SKYNET #2025 (6 days ago)
Does this kind of stuff actually happen to people?
Jeremy R (7 days ago)
Haha I was talking to a girl small talk during the line at Moe's and I noticed her torso was turned toward me even though at that moment we weren't talking, just waiting for our food. I am so oblivious to women's body language sometimes lol. Thanks bro
christopher masina (10 days ago)
This is totally the opposite of African women
luis a (13 days ago)
I'm so nervous this better work at school tomorrow with my crush
Diogo Leal (18 days ago)
Signs that my crush might like me: -When we speak she is very close to me; -I look into my eyes for a long time; -It's towards me when we speak; -When we speak, she has a special affection for me and for our friendship; -When we are close to each other, even close to each other, sitting down, she constantly does her hair and stuff; -She looks at me with a tender look, I find her pupils dilated; -She already told me that I can count on her for whatever I need, that I can vent with her. And a few days ago I talked to her about my problem and she supported me well; -Sometimes we have already put our hands on each other's shoulders, and she has also put her hand on the beginning of my arm; -And on the same day we kissed each other on the cheek a few times. Do you think these are guaranteed signs that she likes me for love? 😊😊
Dog Doggy (1 month ago)
What if She does a bicycle kick should i still pursue??
kris kyle (1 month ago)
Money is the weakness of women.
Himmat Badal (1 month ago)
That chick is hot can I have her number
lightswitch off (2 months ago)
What about a girl your friends with like to play hit you alot
John Green (2 months ago)
"No she doesn't need a fidget spinner"😂
RaxDen YT (2 months ago)
There's a girl that I hate(Very violent and boyish) She smiles at me and legs open everytime
Bryan Betancourt (2 months ago)
I’m sorry for what I’m gonna say but this video is totally bullshit. All you need is a brand new car and money a lot of money 💰 I💰💰💰
TRG 400 (2 months ago)
Aye nigga this shit doesn’t work I did all deez before I watched your stupid video
wandi sherpa (3 months ago)
She have all the sign but she stopped texting me
LeonDrippy NYC (3 months ago)
Can I do a video about how to get a girl to like u or how to get a girl to like u if she is new in your school plus knowing you can’t stay outside with your friends because of your parents or something
fuck yourself and your informations you little indian cunt !
Tutti Bird (3 months ago)
Those thighs 😍😍😍
Arthur B. Johnson (3 months ago)
I am need a girl who is far from me and we Chat almost all the time, how can I capture her love?
SySam (3 months ago)
Open the caption and go to 2:56
Reza Suhartono (3 months ago)
1:01 had me shook af!!! But still great advice from Jose!
Miguel Garcia (3 months ago)
I've already learned this from a book called body language
Cesar Galvan (3 months ago)
It didn’t work smh
Gerald Alvino Fugen (4 months ago)
Is it only me that being here simply to look at the girl's attracting body line?
Zain Khalid (4 months ago)
finally i watched this horrible video after it appeared like 30 time in my recommended
festivelegend (4 months ago)
How to *not be socially awkward around girls and not say stupid shit randomly cause you don't know what to say at all, and end up ruining your relationship with a girl, all because one stupid fucking joke.* (from personal experience.)
Dragon Killer (4 months ago)
I got that same bomber jacket fro h&m except in burgundy/maroon
zhidan yanuar (4 months ago)
i can't focus
HUB GOBLIN (4 months ago)
This dude is the tallest Mexican on earth
The Batman (4 months ago)
Oh dear me. Thank the Lord for me finding this video.
Cc Cc (4 months ago)
I came here because I don’t have a girl and I’m lonely
Jeans Louissaint (4 months ago)
1:07 naaa bro those pictures don’t help at all you’re just bragging yourself.
Winn McNulty (4 months ago)
Shorty thhhhiiiiiiccccccc
Evolq (4 months ago)
So they eyes, legs, chest done, approach?
Gianni Rodriguez (4 months ago)
What's the song called in the video ?
R S (4 months ago)
Liking me isn't gonna cut it. I'm looking for love. You might wanna step up your game .
Tinopinoh (4 months ago)
A.D Suri (5 months ago)
What if she maintains eye contact while you talk to her but breaks eye contact when she starts talking to you?
monjoyee sarma (5 months ago)
at least this video didn't have sponsors
h4rder10 (5 months ago)
most of the time what really happens is guy is trying to read girls body language n girl is doing the same. and time is just laughing its way to the bank lol
Michael (5 months ago)
Loool for fuck sake, I was sitting next this hot girl a couple of days ago who did literally all of this and I was fully aware of it. So I started talking to her, she gave me another shit test and I completely lost it. This makes me feel worse now...
Ahmad Sabara (5 months ago)
2160p quality... holy fuck lol
shaun william (5 months ago)
it doesnt apply to extremely intelligent aware females
TheLightingSquad (5 months ago)
If I ever see a girl out there hands behind there head their under arrest
PyramidHead138 (6 months ago)
in MY neck of the woods, women want nothing to do with me
Mr. Realistic (6 months ago)
So if she fidgets it can’t mean that she is attracted to you but is nervous? Ok got it
Aayushman Shrestha (6 months ago)
Jose's hair is men's hair goal. 👌
Andrianne Smith (6 months ago)
Its weird when u gay and watch this
Edge (6 months ago)
1:46 look at the center of the screen what's directly below it?
illumi zoldyck (6 months ago)
Girls ig?
raiden stark (6 months ago)
hablas español?
used napkin (6 months ago)
Nigga , are you even yourself or are you just doing all things , analyzing shit and trying to apply the correct tech?
erfansvideos (6 months ago)
I don’t think I’ve ever seen a girl with her arms behind her head. See a lot of guys do it though
JACKSON LYNCH (6 months ago)
Wait. For the one about how women sit, what if she likes you, but is insecure, and therefore somewhat scared. Do they still cross their legs?
Raul Alejandro Martinez (6 months ago)
Girls name?
phillip perkins (7 months ago)
This guy is awesome
Xena's Animation (7 months ago)
I showed my bro this video . . . He cried ;-;
Andromedia Z (7 months ago)
I don't understand a girl who is a classamate of mine I don't begin a conversation with her but she begins I do some silly funny things with my friends and she is the first one to laugh She tries to ask simple silly questions to me instead of asking my friend sitting next to me or her friemd She always try to talk with me whenever i am near but i don't really talk with her whenever i talk with my friends she always try to get in the middle But some times i feel i love her but sometime i feel i hate her but sometimes i feel like hating myself for being im love with her I don't know what to do with her Sorry for by bad English I'm still learning grammer 😂
HolbergEM (7 months ago)
that girl has really nice ass))
Shub Virk (7 months ago)
She thick af!
Bryan Osorio (7 months ago)
Thank you, you just given me so much confidence
gaton 36 (7 months ago)
Jose's girl gotta noce ass
Ismail El Massaoudi (7 months ago)
There is a girl we used to be in the same shool years ago i was talking to her 2 weeks ago i can't figure out if she likes me or just sees me as a friend cause i like her i'm not saying i'm into her but i want to get to know he better so should i ask her out at least signs of that she is borred or not interested she didn't do that as far as i know she did the open signs and she was fixing herself when she was talking to me like she all of a sudden wanted to look better but she already looked great she always does so yeah i'm not sure if i should ask her out
zawse (7 months ago)
if I'm holding a gun and she does the ankle twist?
bubble butt (7 months ago)
Women never approach me, forever alone
Prasad Koli (7 months ago)
1:01 Damn a serial killer?
RaD070 5 (7 months ago)
who is the girl that was with you
Captain Souvlakis (7 months ago)
1:47 and if she opens her legs...you know that she wants the d :3
Gerardo Rodriguez (7 months ago)
Damn this girl is fine 😜
Nobody Gomes (8 months ago)
What to do if you look like shrek?
EMONJI (8 months ago)
thanks for disterbing me :'( now i think i have 14 girls like me if what u said is right.. i need to choose one
Abdul Khiyaam Hendricks (8 months ago)
This guy is Amazing.how does he know so much
Mr Awesome (8 months ago)
Give me a penny: il go kiss lenny Give me a nickle: il tickle your pickel Give me a dime: well thats just fine Give me a quarter: il go over the boarder Give me a dollar: il give it right back Give me a 5: Oh SHIT thats mine
RG11 (8 months ago)
I have a problem and don't know what to do. There is this girl at the gym that i like and see probably twice a week. I think that she is so pretty and I really like her. We tend to have eye contact with each other but not over eye contact. I don't know if this is because she is just cautious of me or because she doesn't want to seem too obvious incase I don't like her. So right now I don't know what to do whether she like a me or not because I'm crazy about her. Right now I'm on holiday so I can't do anything about it but still are unsure about whether she likes me or not. Anyone know what to do?
PEAR sona (8 months ago)
What’s her @
miniman man (8 months ago)
I watched ur vids on Thursday and I got a girl on Friday super helpful thanks dude
Dan (8 months ago)
But if it is about shy girls all these sings are totally ruined
Labratuga SMF (8 months ago)
This dud looks like adan dron free fire
Akul Zhen (8 months ago)
I can't notice all of these, too busy lookin at her boobs
Jairus Wiggers (8 months ago)
Cool thanks Jose.
Fabu lous (8 months ago)
Are you asian bro????
Zoey (8 months ago)
Would this work if I’m a girl and I like a girl???
a.h.m. van Weers (9 months ago)
🤔that one girl that always stares at me at the gym....
Sasha Romano (9 months ago)
My lawyer didnt show any of those signs ...
Bryan McCallum (9 months ago)
I just started to understand what flirting is and I have realized how stupid I have been all these years. I like your videos keep making them for guy's like me that don't realize what we have till it gone. Thank You.
Bryan McCallum (9 months ago)
I just started to understand what flirting is and I have realized how stupid I have been all these years. I like your videos keep making them for guy's like me that don't realize what we have till it gone. Thank You !
Bryan McCallum (9 months ago)
I just started to understand what flirting is and I have realized how stupid I have been all these years. I like your videos keep making them for guy's like me that don't realize what we have till it gone. Thank You !
Bryan McCallum (9 months ago)
I just started to understand what flirting is and I have realized how stupid I have been all these years. I like your videos keep making them for guy's like me that don't realize what we have till it gone. Thank You !
Clark Kent (9 months ago)
Congrats on getting 2Million subscribers!🔥
Rock21 (9 months ago)
everyone of these applied to me... thanks man!
Wil Sims (9 months ago)
what if she's cockeyed.....😎
Tea Kay514 (9 months ago)
4 the squad!
DankHub (9 months ago)
Jose the type of zuniga to shave his head bald to get that minimalistic look
mind eulle (9 months ago)
i got all the good sign but guess what, she said im like her older brother.
lil kek (9 months ago)
dude is this made for autistic people or what?
William Hubert (9 months ago)
A fidget spinner boi get dat out of here
Elijah Psalm (9 months ago)
What if she's just a shy girl?
Lucky 147 (9 months ago)
"No she doesn't need a fidget spinner" Haha man I love you 😂

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