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DIY Mini Backpack From Scratch! (Fjällräven Kånken style) | WITHWENDY

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This is a DIY mini backpack, in the popular Fjällräven Kånken style! In this tutorial I'll show you how to make this backpack from scratch and I'll stuff it with school supplies for you in the end! CLICK TO NEVER MISS AN UPLOAD: http://bit.ly/subscribewithwendy SEE MORE ON THE BLOG http://bit.ly/iawwminibackpack WATCH ANOTHER MINI BACKPACK DIY https://youtu.be/jiohKsZn-uI Hi!! I'm Wendy and I make DIY videos that teach you how to sew your own clothes (and lots of other tutorials). Subscribe if you'd like to learn, get inspiration, and stock up on helpful tips. Thanks for watching! The videos I mentioned were... DIY PENCIL CASE | https://youtu.be/Ve9k1mWzTyE DIY CORD ORGANIZER | https://youtu.be/ed-Q4DCirnw DORM DECOR HACKS | http://bit.ly/2b1BuIA BACK TO SCHOOL OUTFITS | http://bit.ly/2bCsizs Add me!! @withwendy My Patreon support page! http://bit.ly/patreonww MUSIC Electric Mantis - Daybreak [Majestic Color] | https://youtu.be/Lz68DccWZ4U craves - By My Side [Majestic Color] | https://youtu.be/1gpOsC_nJ2I Stupead - Let Me Know [Majestic Color] | https://youtu.be/Qq4w1YY47Po Olmos - Hold Me [Majestic Color] | https://youtu.be/vf_S0-V6wTE
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Text Comments (2171)
LianaPetraAlfa FH (16 hours ago)
Can anyone who's made this tell me how they finished the zip on the front pocket?
Julia Hnatkowska (5 days ago)
Love it 😍 ❤️❤️❤️
Hanna Miljukov (7 days ago)
I was like "yaaz!" I wanna actually make this, until I realized that I don't even have a sewing machine. :'D
Paula Castro (8 days ago)
MANDOU MUITO!!! 😱👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Venus (8 days ago)
Well... How big have the pieces for the backpack to be? How many cm on the sides? I hope someone can help 🙏
Caroline Turner (9 days ago)
I made my own version of this backpack using my a mix of my own pattern, and your instructions, thx so much for this vid!❤️
TheCreativityCat :b (14 days ago)
Wendy : How to make expensive backpack Video : Seems easy Me : spends enough money to buy the backpack and fails each time
Aramzam Zam (14 days ago)
Как блэт?!
Maddie Grace (15 days ago)
We are doing sewing in school and I hope after I can make this
Marie Marie (16 days ago)
I was wondering that how much making this this would cost? Like 10-20 $/€ ? I had that mini fjällräven but i didn't like that material. So this would be nice someday when i got my nervs together :D
Tj Angi (16 days ago)
Why am I watching this at 2 am with absolutely no arts and craft skills whatsoever
I wanna do this But we all know I would end up in the hospital crying
Aqua Artist (17 days ago)
prolly never gonna make this but still really fun to watch the process
angeleena rivera (17 days ago)
Can you use felt
Miss Sophia (18 days ago)
Thr only word i heard was stitch ans sow😂
Maddie Daisy (18 days ago)
Yeaa think im just gonna buy a backpack
Midnightplum (19 days ago)
this is incredible!!!
Kheiziarh (19 days ago)
This video was ahead of its time
Bob The Great Minion (19 days ago)
I’m thinking of making this bag, can someone who made it tell me around how much the fabric and materials cost? Thanks!
gracie coyne (20 days ago)
I really want to try to make this!! I've been taking sewing classes for quite some time, so I finally decided to buy myself a sewing machine recently and I'd absolute LOVE! to make this backpack! It does seem a little challenging of a project at some parts, but I think it'll definitely be worth the time! Also, I can totally tell you put a lot of hard work and effort into this video and the editing is super great too! <3
Alexis Carlsen (20 days ago)
I'm a professional seamstress, and ill be honest with y'all, this is a pretty difficult project and even I feel like it would difficult to get a professional finish on your topstitching. But this is gorgeous work ! just curious, why did you use the zipper foot even after you finishrd with the zipper application ?
Nova Wallinder (21 days ago)
Love How americans say Fjällräven Kånken
Elena Vdb (21 days ago)
This is amazing.
awienill a (23 days ago)
I just watched the whole thing to end up ordering a Kanken anyways
Ai Leen (24 days ago)
I'm trying this, I'll just make it a little bigger like the Kanken 20l. Hope it works out cause I can't afford a Kanken and I probably have enough money to buy the supplies.
Radha malyala (25 days ago)
This is a rip-off of wenggie for check her out
Loreina Juhu (27 days ago)
I have one general question, can I find this video in german, or with the german measure( centimeter)?
-Sofia 2112 (29 days ago)
Can you make the dame backpack, but biggest (sorry i don't know sobre mucho English so Yeah im tried)
monxheon uwu (30 days ago)
Iso de la bicht
Break n Remake (1 month ago)
Oh I loved this tutorial! I don't know that I would add the two little handles, they seem like they'd get in the way. Super cute! Now I need to find some fabric
Natasha Perry (1 month ago)
I didn’t see the demensions in the description I’m just going to have to eyeball it I guess
britini campbell (1 month ago)
I loved this video, very straight to the point and detailed 👏🏾
Valentina C (1 month ago)
Invoco a Maire Wink
Juliana pc (1 month ago)
Thank you so much by this tutorial! You explain in an really easy way, and I just can't wait to buy all the supplies to do mine as well! Hugs from Brazil!
I have 2.5 square yards of thin leather that I bought for a project only to realise it was to thin for what I wanted to achieve, thank you for making this and giving me a grand idea of what I can do instead! 😁
クリーム桃と (1 month ago)
yes i need this
thetruebindi (1 month ago)
What are the material dimensions?? I need to know
Incel State (1 month ago)
too hard
Pink Unicorn (1 month ago)
Lara Cruz (1 month ago)
This is so beautiful and amazing!! Congratulations for be a creative person!
LianaPetraAlfa FH (1 month ago)
She says in the video 1.5 yards of fabric, but does anyone know wide the fabric should be before cutting? Exact dimensions?
Mijamin it's me (1 month ago)
Muy bonito y fácil ❤️ lo voy a hacer pronto.
Paingu (1 month ago)
Do you think i could sew this by hand but with a backstitch (that one hand sewn stitch thats meant to be super durable)?
Nikita Palmer (1 month ago)
Can you make a black one for me pleas
Google Kullanıcısı (2 months ago)
Elinize sağlık. Sırt çantası, epey emek isteyen bir araçmış.
Alyssa CHAN [07Q2] (2 months ago)
ok i was confused for a sec but i clicked on this link :SEE MORE ON THE BLOG http://bit.ly/iawwminibackpack to get the backpack dimensions
Elsa _ Orientering (2 months ago)
yamashitarocks (2 months ago)
Glad I found this. I know most rather just buy one but when u just cant find the right color and nice fabric this is the way to go! I like to have something that's custom and unique. Make it to my liking. Thank you!!
withwendy (2 months ago)
I'm so glad you found it too! Making something custom and unique is the joy of it :)
OtraChicaDe Internet (2 months ago)
Wtf is a yard
NickMaddox0 (2 months ago)
I like this better than my Kanken, I may have to try making one
Emily Kirby (2 months ago)
I’m trying this on my next day off! Amazing tutorial!! Love your channel 💖💖🤗
Anna Kezar (2 months ago)
That's amazing
Jessica Langford Coco (2 months ago)
Would I be able to make the back pack bigger with the dimensions in the pattern?
a. moon (2 months ago)
i was going to make this but i feel like i wouldnt go through with it lol
L e m o n V l o g Z (2 months ago)
This is literally awesome
this is not very friendly to people to has never really worked with a needle before :(
Monica Valdes (2 months ago)
OMG ive been calling them Frankin Krankin's for EVER!
Cat96 (2 months ago)
Why do you use imperial measurements and not metric? Arent you based in canada? Im a sewer and this confuses me
Reza Pahlevi (2 months ago)
how many fabrics do you need to make that?
Jennie Kim (2 months ago)
can you please put the tukish subtitle
Claudia Chadwick (2 months ago)
Does anyone know the measurements?
jess finch (2 months ago)
what kind of fabric should i use?
Nagito Komaeda (2 months ago)
If I wanted the zippers to go across the top of the backpack, what would I do differently? I'm going to be cosplaying Peni Parker for a convention soon, and I think this is almost perfect!
Alyssa Estrada (2 months ago)
I made it! I had to watch and slow down the video but it's so cute! I'm glad I did it! For me 2 yards of fabric let me make two backpacks! Also I'm a plus size girl so I had to make my straps longer- other than that it's a good tutorial!
Rebecca Wilson (2 months ago)
Me: oooo imma make this *watches video* Me:....nvm
kate g (2 months ago)
dude you worked hard good job!!
Katrin (2 months ago)
Русские лайкните пускай иноземцы задумываются что я что-то умное и Крутое написала
Waf Pang (2 months ago)
May i know what kind of sewing machine did you use?
aslana977 (2 months ago)
Leahcim Robinson (2 months ago)
This was so cute!
XmeX (3 months ago)
Im just sitting here thinking “ how cum ur needle still didnt break ???”
And .. if i want in a regular size? Send Help ...
aslana977 (2 months ago)
HAILEYZ373 (3 months ago)
good job YOU EARNED YOURSELF A SUB btw i'm in process of making this and its going really good yes i know im late its not 2016 its 2019
cris dancingtree (3 months ago)
Loved this video 😀!
Monika (3 months ago)
Now I feel way better for having paid $500 for my Hammitt backpack.
Lily Hat (3 months ago)
Going to the fabric store today; I want to try and make one of these in regular size. I think it will be pretty neat to make my own backpack! I'll update this to let people know how it goes.
Lily Hat (1 month ago)
I meant to update earlier this month, but I finished the backpack! It took me a month, but I only worked on the weekends or days I had the free time, so the actual time was probably less than a week. I bought a total of 2 yards of fabric to make a regular sized backpack (1.5 in my main color, .5 in my accent color). I still have some leftover. For the long piece of fabric that makes the sides, It takes about 1.5 yds of fabric, so I recommend using the folded over side of your fabric and cutting from the entire 1.5 yd length to make your sides. I made a mistake so I had to sew an extra piece to make the entire length (don't do that. I will explain later in this). For the zipper, I used a chunky parka zipper. I might use a finer-toothed zipper if I make another backpack though because it does not zip as fast as my normal school backpack. I recommend using more fabric to make the front pocket so you can fit more objects into it, as mine ended up pretty thin. It can hold my mini speaker though, so I'm still happy. I also recommend making the small strap loops at the bottom longer so you can sew it more and reinforce it. My backpack had an issue with one of the strap loops, so it fell out of the backpack. The other one remains fine though, so I think it also has to do with me having to sew an extra piece to my side fabric, as the break occurred at the same area (the fabrics folded upon each other made the backpack too thick to machine sew, so I had to hand sew that portion). Overall, this tutorial was pretty solid. The rest of my backpack is doing pretty well, and one of my cousins said it was pretty cool I made my own backpack. My art teacher was impressed too, so I might make another.
Lily Hat (3 months ago)
Meant to post this last night but i didnt hit send whoops I was at the fabric store (JoAnns) for about 2.5 hours, and I now have everything I need. There weren't any purse zippers long enough for a regular sized backpack, so I improvised and made a double zipper out of one of the Parka Zippers, which had two zippers just not connected in the right direction. I am now at the part where I need to connect the front pocket to the front of the bag. I have been working for about 3-4 hours now, and this includes cutting the fabric pieces I need. I messed up while cutting, so I'll let you all know that for a regular sized backpack, you are going to need about a full 1.5 yard of fabric long piece. I would just cut 7.5" from the fold on your fabric to get the piece you need for the middle! Note: Make sure you use coupons!
Toothless fan (3 months ago)
Omg ur so talented!😲
Junea Fraser (3 months ago)
Can you make a backpack with 2 compartments please. https://pin.it/gvbhdme2cfbsmd
sonnymelba SonnyMelba (3 months ago)
Where is the dimensions?
aslana977 (2 months ago)
Carole Just Carole (3 months ago)
The sliders, zippers, and some colors for strap webbing are available from a company called Wawak in the US.
Also, if you go to the fjallraven website, you can get wax to make your bag water repellant
Angie Martinez (3 months ago)
where do you guys find the measurements of the fabrics?
aslana977 (2 months ago)
lost in the woods (3 months ago)
Oh god You are amazing!
TitekuboMountain (3 months ago)
LGBT backpack, no tks
Sandra Sadra (3 months ago)
Wo bleiben die deutschen Kartoffeln? 😂♥️
Fall Addict (3 months ago)
I really want to make this but I don't want to completely ruin it like most of my sewing projects
Citrus•Rosé (3 months ago)
I really want a kånken, but I'd honestly rather make one ssksk
Amber Johnson (3 months ago)
honestly i think the girl is cuter than the bag <3 lol i'm being really gay
Eugenia (3 months ago)
Great work!! I love it!
Lisa Kallmeier (3 months ago)
I recreated the backpack in normal size. It was my first Projekt with my new sewing Maschine and even tho I had a few struggles now I have a beautiful backpack! Thank you for the great tutorial!!!
Elizabeth Jackson (3 months ago)
This is talent
Lisa Kallmeier (3 months ago)
How long does it take to sew that?
SuperModerngranny (3 months ago)
Thanks for the tutorial. May I know whether you have another tutorial on how to make the internal lining with compartments which most (if not all) backpacks should have?
FernEnd (4 months ago)
An actual, useful DIY project compared to Troom Troom or other channels like them.
soophhiaia (4 months ago)
what can you fit in that?
spicy pickles (4 months ago)
like this comment if u have a kanken! i have the classic size teal one with the checkered pattern
EMNA GUERFALA (4 months ago)
can't find dimensions on the description box :/
Naomi Diy (4 months ago)
gave up on step 1
BriannaCabunag (4 months ago)
Wait where are the sizes??
copy cat (4 months ago)
Hi Wendy, I absolutely love this video and I am using it as an inspiration for my Textiles exams however I wanted to know how long it would take to make as my exam is only 2 hrs long Thanks
Vivian H (4 months ago)
I just bought a sewing machine a few months ago and I decided to make this yesterday. I did end up with a bag, but it is a different bag haha. I couldn’t for the life of me make that front pocket, but other than that! Totally have a backpack(: thanks so much! I’m going to try again later!

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