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My Dog Reacts To Burglar - Wearing A Mask Around My Huskies (Funny)

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Pranking My Dogs. My Dogs Attack Me, Dogs attack me. Huskies attack me. siberian huskies attack me.
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Text Comments (7)
A-Fizzle ! (4 months ago)
They can smell you try doing It threw a window.
Sixty Formula (4 months ago)
Good idea, I'll try that next time! Thank you for watching! Hope you can subscribe :)
Cryo Fusionz YT (4 months ago)
My dogs probably wouldn’t even notice i have a mask on lol
Gazelii (5 months ago)
Good thing that they can recognize your scent, they’re just very curious because of the mask.
Sixty Formula (5 months ago)
Gazelii very true! They just thought I was messing around! Thanks for watching!
The Ice Pirate (5 months ago)
Hot Micheal Vick action
Sixty Formula (5 months ago)
The Ice Pirate 🤣🤣🤣

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