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From the cutest to the craziest hats - there's a dog hat for every occasion. From Halloween to Birthday parties check out these hats and put a smile on your dial! Check out our easy sew sun cap tutorial if you feel inspired to make your pup a new hat! Heres the link: https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&feature=vm&video_id=AokXIWrIFA8 At Cooking For Dogs, we showcase weekly videos on cooking, grooming, crafts, activities and outfits for your Dog! If your puppy is your best friend, SUBSCRIBE to see more great ideas for how to pamper your pooch. Measurement Ingredients Converter - http://alldownunder.com/australian-convert/measurement-chart.htm If you like this video please subscribe to our channel and LIKE us on FACEBOOK to stay updated. We upload weekly new recipes for healthy treats/meals/grooming and so much more info for Dogs. FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK! http://on.fb.me/1c8Utf3 FOLLOW US ON PINTEREST http://www.pinterest.com/byers3029/pins/ FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM http://instagram.com/cookingfordog Music track used with permission - "Crossover" by Trent Kelly
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Text Comments (18)
Cupcakefun kitten (4 years ago)
These are just adorable :)
Cupcakefun kitten (4 years ago)
:) mine was the pug with the fruit bowl hat.
CookingForDogs (4 years ago)
+Cupcakefun kitten thanks :-) my fav was the Elf hat! Xxx Chris
Tori Samson (4 years ago)
My old dog had the elf red and white one
CookingForDogs (4 years ago)
How cool - the elf is so cute xxxx
L Halstead (4 years ago)
1st one is my favorite
CookingForDogs (4 years ago)
Hi L :-) the Mexican hat was pretty cute too! Thanks for your comment xxx Chris
Julia Martin (4 years ago)
1:06.That hat would come in handy when I dress my dog up this Halloween.He is gonna be a magician!!
Julia Martin (4 years ago)
A pug,He is the cutest little thing
CookingForDogs (4 years ago)
Hi Julia :-) so cute - what breed of dog do you have?
nthekitchen48 (4 years ago)
What adorable dogs.........the hats were pretty cute, too!! Great video, i loved it!
CookingForDogs (4 years ago)
Hi nthekitchen48 :-) haha - some dogs just love to show off like these did - Roland likes the attention he gets when he wears a hat or jacket. Thanks for your comment xxx Chris
Haley Morales (4 years ago)
Soo cute!! Awesome video!!
CookingForDogs (4 years ago)
HI Anayah :-)  Im pleased you like the cute hat ideas - gotta luv some of those gorgeous puppy faces lol! xxx Chris
Rebecca Chen (4 years ago)
Does Roland have hats like these?
Rebecca Chen (4 years ago)
oh just like a kid :D
CookingForDogs (4 years ago)
HI Rebecca :-)  Yes Roland does have a few cute hats.  You'll be seeing him dressed up in various hats & costumes on the show from here on.  He loves to watch me cook xxx Chris
Melanie Vences (4 years ago)

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