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Jennifer Lopez - Booty ft. Iggy Azalea

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Jennifer Lopez "Booty” (ft. Iggy Azalea) Get “Booty” feat. Iggy Azalea here: http://smarturl.it/jlobootysingle Download J. Lo’s latest album A.K.A. here: http://smarturl.it/akajlo #JLoBooty #JLoAKA Follow Jennifer Lopez http://twitter.com/jlo http://facebook.com/jenniferlopez http://instagram.com/jlo
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Text Comments (150104)
Keyonte Dollison (24 minutes ago)
Mistérios Urbanos (1 hour ago)
andi schmid (1 hour ago)
f4ck that b1tch h4rd
Omole Musah-Eroje (7 hours ago)
This is actially sad...when did hypersexualisation become so normal? 😭
RC on PC (9 hours ago)
Fun part: never ever listened to the whole song and I have been on this comment section a hundred times
Sarath Hettiarachchi (11 hours ago)
Got lost in the booty world ... !
Anuska Behera (11 hours ago)
Very hottttt
Luis Cortes (11 hours ago)
diera lo que no tengo por estar con tigo bb me encantas desde q tengo uso de rrazon
David Curry (12 hours ago)
This is why god created the Mute button
FuturisticHub (12 hours ago)
The chorus sounds like the song When doves cry.
Julz1206 (15 hours ago)
This is REAL big botty. That came from your momma not the doctor. #kimK #NickyMinaj #KyleJenner #LilKim etc...... 2 realest right here.
Valeria Prieto (16 hours ago)
Someone in 2019? Xdxd I forgot this song jaja
AJ Muraira (16 hours ago)
I hope a gay guy recorded this cus....
lissa tv (16 hours ago)
Lord Draco (1 hour ago)
You and Me Make to Sexy. 😀
Wilson II Buerano (17 hours ago)
2019 ?
emanuel serrano (19 hours ago)
Porn: 100% Music : 00000 %
CrazyDreadpool (19 hours ago)
I don’t like the music in this porn
Charlotte Webster (20 hours ago)
Chris brown wrote this song yk
Sparrow Wilson (20 hours ago)
Is Eos lip balm owned by the richest person in the world or something? How is that brand in every music video??
Pik s poooori tini zooop pazziiiiiiy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💋💋💋💋💋👙👙👙👙👙👅👅👅👅
SalvoMadia19 (22 hours ago)
This video should be on XNXX, not on YouTube
Jairo Herrera (22 hours ago)
Jordan Saavedra (1 day ago)
4 years later no one listens to this song , is soo bad .
Nathalia andrew (1 day ago)
The mothers 👑💄👑
does she even age? I don't think she does
CꝏlꝚaoul (1 day ago)
Gracie Alejandra (1 day ago)
I found this so funny as a kid
Gracie Alejandra (1 day ago)
Lmfaooooooo whose still here in 2019
Su Er (1 day ago)
Klip kalça dan ibaret sağ sol ön arka yukarı aşağı kalça 😁😏
veminem (1 day ago)
Is anyone here after pornhub suggested this one?🤗
Milo Bedford (1 day ago)
Let's hope her kids don't see this...
no one (1 day ago)
Milo Bedford her kids are safe. And what about millions of other kids?
ur man daguy (1 day ago)
Watch this in slow mo
FrankieFourFingers (1 day ago)
📣 Fergie or Jennifer Lopez
a (1 day ago)
2:20 the hypnotising begins
Anticristo 666 (1 day ago)
Addison Denman (1 day ago)
Jennifer Lopez Booty ft Nicki Minaj Booty in hot tub
Addison Denman (1 day ago)
Jennifer Lopez Booty ft Mae Slattery
Addison Denman (1 day ago)
Jennifer Lopez Booty ft Ms Slattery
Addison Denman (1 day ago)
#jenniferlopezBooty as of January 2019
reverse flash (1 day ago)
i love her body
pete swink (1 day ago)
Huan Ling (1 day ago)
I'm here to listen music not watching lesbian having sex
Paisley Jamgochian (1 day ago)
Well that was the sexiest Esos commercial I've ever seen.
michael ellen wood (1 day ago)
Love life people😬😀😉😘
Thaís Souza (1 day ago)
Evangeline _Gaia (1 day ago)
How is it so possible that Jlo who's in her 50's look way hotter than Iggy who's in her 20's
Shaz (1 day ago)
Oh the things these do to make money....average will continue to follow and grow their bank balance 😂😂😂😂
Selma Temiz (1 day ago)
Breagh silva (1 day ago)
Anyone 2019
Harley (1 day ago)
You Tube quick to ban anything these days that's ''sexually provocative'' and yet.........
The video tho
Jose Da Monkey (1 day ago)
Iggy que vaya al gimnacio hacer mas ejercicio o que se opere la mami o veterana o tia Jlo esta fisicamente mejor proprcionada por delante y portetras que la niña iggy aqui se ve que el vino viejo da mejor sabor cuando mas años se añeja o se deja fermentar que vieja mas buena esta la sra jenifer yes
Y3e Y3e (1 day ago)
This video made me lezbian
Dary Marko (1 day ago)
UT Wolf boy (1 day ago)
Is giggling Australian??🤔🤔🤔
FlynnZach (1 day ago)
What is this
Warning ⚠️ wrong side
Alissa Fox (2 days ago)
Loved It! 😍
Perla Brillanti (2 days ago)
Mm..igy si...Jeny..nop
Atakan (2 days ago)
dort posta attım valla İggy abla
Nimal Nimal (2 days ago)
Free Songs (2 days ago)
Killer curves💖
Kirsten Conklin (2 days ago)
Lmao they had to put that eos in there as if a chapstick will give me a thicc ass
sexy girlssss yassssss
Puff Cat (2 days ago)
.....I'm low-key turned on
jboogi90 (2 days ago)
This is funny like why are they shaking their hips so hard. Ain't no ass back their they are to in shape.
Tommy 2pieceYa (2 days ago)
Turn the volume off and it's not bad, just say'n..
Аександр Т (2 days ago)
Жопный клип
Mohamamad Qaisar (2 days ago)
So bad so shameful🙂🙂🙂🙂
Lily Maria (2 days ago)
Jennifer just looked at all that twerking in rap songs and simply decided to give it her own little twist with a little more style 🙄🙈😍😛 And all that at 45 years of age! Eat this twerk QUEENS! 😭😂🤣😂🤣😂
Parsamy Parhamy (3 days ago)
Saba Gashi (3 days ago)
I got big botty 😁 i work for it
Guy Klynzin (3 days ago)
Iggy raps better than cardi b
Its Kaliformula (3 days ago)
I remember when Jeniffer was hot.. nowadays kids are so thirsty they obsess over this. 😂 🤦‍♂️
Reyhan Bagirova (3 days ago)
Adam Kennedy Minoza (3 days ago)
Butt to butt
javad afshari (3 days ago)
Her booty looks better than others face lol
donovan dupree (3 days ago)
Poor Iggy I bet she did not even wanna do this. I fell bad for Iggy
jillian jones (3 days ago)
Jennifer u r a fricken goddess. Sexy af
atarashiiyume12bind (3 days ago)
A song truly dedicated to a butt!!
Cold Duck (3 days ago)
Someone is getting pink eye!!
Daniel Windham (3 days ago)
I can't believe how dumbed down people have become. Boooooootie booooootie stuped!!!
mr mann (2 days ago)
Perhaps modern jobs require more creative thinking and people just don't have as much of a need to find thoughtful entertainment anymore. With increasing automation, this will only increase. As creative jobs are very difficult for a computer to do, they are not nearly as prone to automation. Thus, in the future, the majority of people with a job that are able to afford entertainment, might prefer less creative content. And in commercial entertainment, you get what you pay for.
Badass Blair (3 days ago)
J'HOE is overrated af. Her butt isn't even as big of a deal as people make it.
Pilot Deemo O (3 days ago)
My VPN didn’t worked today so i come here
Seth Gyellins (5 hours ago)
Apparantly your education didn't either
Hello Hi (6 hours ago)
Diazzy Dave (3 days ago)
чет подташнивает потом просмотра
The Pyae (3 days ago)
No matter what people said I still enjoy this song <3
bogdanova unuka (3 days ago)
ye me too
im grey (3 days ago)
real booty😍😍😍😍😍
Dark Nature (3 days ago)
Luis Pr 193 (3 days ago)
Cool Patience (3 days ago)
ASK_ REI (3 days ago)
Ooo mein Gott diggga beide so was von herrlassen
Erika Sazia (3 days ago)
Oohh god😆🍑🍑💣🤦‍♀️🙊
Beebo junior (3 days ago)
Im legally blind now
Brandon Rodriguez (3 days ago)
Jeremy Gossett (3 days ago)
Shoutout to me listening to this my 9th grade yr..lol
Ben (3 days ago)
If you listen on mute it makes the song much better

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