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GET THIS BAG: http://bag.gg/WayksOne 10:05 Camelback Chute Water Bottle https://amzn.to/2xmREJA 17:37 Bluetooth Headphone Deathmatch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZbTVtAso-Q 18:50 Chase’s favorite pouches http://bagworks.co/pouches 21:13 Baron Fig Notebooks http://bag.gg/BaronFig 21:34 PODCAST EPISODE: Duncan Trussel and the White Witch http://www.duncantrussell.com/episodes/2018/9/21/maja-daoust 21:38 PODCAST EPISODE: Joe Rogan & Jocko Willink https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NnKcquMobHQ 31:13 My Favorite 1-bag travel bags: http://bagworks.co/one-bag-travel-bags/ 31:41 My favorite daily carry bags: http://bagworks.co/daily-carry-bags/ *************************** CURRENT BAG RECOMMENDATIONS: — http://bagworks.co/now More Daily Carry Bags — http://bagworks.co/daily-carry-bags/ More 1-Bag Travel Bags — http://bagworks.co/1-bag-travel/ *************************** FOLLOW CHASE: — BAGWORKS: https://bagworks.co — twitter: http://twitter.com/chase_reeves — insta: https://www.instagram.com/chasewreeves/ — facebook: http://facebook.com/chase.reeves — youtube: http://youtube.com/user/chasereeves * sometimes we have agreements with companies and if you purchase through a link here it may support the channel at no cost to you! Please purchase through these "affiliate" links to help keep this work going!
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just asking guy (3 months ago)
Dude please Talk less and show more :)
mnl8712 (3 months ago)
It arrived today and I really like it. They have done a few changes (buckle at the top to close roll top and harness is attached differently). The harness system seems really well and comfortable. Agree with the zippers maybe being a size too small. As long as they don't break I don't really mind though.
Robert Shadowen (6 months ago)
This is the first rolltop that looks good to me because I would only use the rolltop to manage the expansion. All the other access would be through the clawshell - open to pack, top or side for access. FWIW I'm a dinosaur who predates the designed travel backpack. In my experience using top loader backpacking bags, the thing you want is always at the bottom. Always. Gave them up long ago.
spark wilkie (7 months ago)
Can I please ask if you think this bag can handle camera gears about 11kg easily? or it maybe at the edge ? Thank you in advance
Karotten Kind (7 months ago)
I really want that.
PuppyzLover (8 months ago)
Can you put a camera insert on the side opening?
Babybop Kidsrock (8 months ago)
Chase is WOKE!
smartgeartravel (8 months ago)
I am just thinking this scenario. Camera in the bottom with all lenses, laptop in the main bag. I come to airport and my bag is too heavy, more than 50% of airlines allow 10kg (22 pounds) or less. I would have to take the laptop out of the top bag and carry that along with the camera part on to the airline. If I were to travel with camera and laptop I would want this in one bag and if airlines become to rigid and check in the rest of my stuff. As someone who has travelled a lot in SE Asia where airlines want to weigh all the bags to get you to pay excess fees which resulted in plenty of repacking, this concept would not meet my needs. Airlines are playing games with customers to maximise their revenue. You need to travel ultralight or have a flexible concept, here the flexible concept does not work in my opinion.
mnl8712 (8 months ago)
Can you provide a link to your fanny pack?
Chase Reeves (8 months ago)
Listed on this page: http://bagworks.co/pouches
Jules-Frederic Nerestant (8 months ago)
The whole "always need you, never wanna see you" thing is a REAL one-sided relationship... Give a little, Chase... Give a little.
mnl8712 (8 months ago)
Just backed this. I like the mixture of clamshell/rolltop. Plenty of organisation and good outside access. As far as I understand it the two g-hooks are there to make the different methods of closing the bag possible. Don't know how to feel about that. Seems overkill without having seen it. Cant wait to get this thing!
james Truscello (8 months ago)
U went to Chattanooga TN, with gummy‘s in your bag. Do u want to experience a state issued Dopp kit. “Organize this mother fucker”
Nat Tan (8 months ago)
Chase, do Cotopaxi Allpa 28L and 35L please!! :D
venom5809 (8 months ago)
This is kind of a dope ass bag to be honest, one of the few truly revolutionary ones I have seen.
Andre (8 months ago)
8:27 A squishability pocket for flat stuff, ummm... like flat earthers?
Andrew Branham (8 months ago)
Your lower thirds are amazing! Tutorial?
Adrian Bilaoen (8 months ago)
Right?! The new Maniac show is killer! Btw love your reviews, producing my own line for functionality's sake.
Jai Hunt (8 months ago)
Great vid dude! You should review the Kathmandu lite haul 38 litre.
Kristine Lovelle (8 months ago)
it would look good on army green or khaki color..
Kristine Lovelle (8 months ago)
I love this bag but I agree about the clam shell.. instead of clam shell maybe it would be better to have an LShape opening to be able to still have a large opening that could still hold the the big portion of the bag...
Jay 'Ontario (8 months ago)
Jackie Treehorn "Limited" Edition
Chase Reeves (8 months ago)
{draws dick}
Chase Reeves (8 months ago)
{draws dick}
DeathByVlog (8 months ago)
Weed gummies! 😂 You’re awesome man!
drzausable (8 months ago)
Thanks for letting us out of your basement! (bag dungeon?)
wagstaff613 (8 months ago)
I am definitely an acolytoe of the cult of Chase. Because one of the more profound things, I've ever heard, seriously, is: A Porsche is just a bag. For your body. That goes from one place to another....
Chase Reeves (8 months ago)
{makes the sign of the cross in the air}
Nicola Katsikantamis (8 months ago)
Help me
Amie K (8 months ago)
But where would I put my papers, my business papers?
David Loyola (8 months ago)
Ok but where you get that sick cap?!
Fish4Life (8 months ago)
That's the ugliest damn bag I have ever seen, I would rather not carry a bag if that was the only bag available. I'm also sending my Bellroy pouch back, its nice but not $50 nice, I can snag some sweet pouches from Kifaru, TAD Gear or Tom BIhn instead.
Fish4Life (8 months ago)
Have you looked at Rough Enough pouches https://www.roughenough.net/
Chase Reeves (8 months ago)
Truth Seeker (8 months ago)
This bag actually had a good idea that should be expanded upon for true one bag travel. I haven't seen any bag yet that I'd consider using as travel bag and EDC. The Riut X25 actually comes close, it looks pretty small compressed, they did a good job. But a smaller removable section with a hip belt..... That idea could be explored further. It would be a challenge not to make it look weird though.
quotidianlight (5 months ago)
Yeah, that's how I ended up with the tom bihn hero's journey. The top zips off and becomes a shoulder bag or backpack. But the back construction is lacking. They took it out of production and I really hope they did it to ditch the back sheet and design an actual backpacking style back because the bag was soooo close to perfect. That seems to be the way with one bag travel bags though huh.
Life.Masters (7 months ago)
checkout Eleveden Hunter backpack by Elveden London .
Branden Palasi (8 months ago)
Chase you need to just design the most ideal bag!
quotidianlight (8 months ago)
Oh... that back harness looks way more comfortable than my hero's journey... hmmm. vegan... hmmmm. The zip off bottom... hmmm. Very interested once it's in production since i'm gonna need a Pan American Highway oh shit abandon ship type bug out overland bag.
Nicola Katsikantamis (8 months ago)
Hello, I know you're busy but I need 5 minutes of your life for a thing I'm desperate I have a backpack that I have to use for everyday and traveling with clothes and school stuff And I would need it this month because my backpack is small and 30 liters too small And this backpack that you reviewed and perfect but you can not have within this harvest then as a facio to have it within this harvest? Or which backpack is more like this and perfect for those needs that I told you about that I can buy and was coming to this harvest? I ask you why for me you are the most expert of backpacks that there is in the world the best please help me
der hochwohlgeborene (8 months ago)
that cut where the notebook jumped from his hand to the couch
Dustin (8 months ago)
Also a huge fan of both Joe Rogan and Duncan Trussell!
Wei Chen (8 months ago)
You have a nice kid
Nicola Katsikantamis (8 months ago)
It's perfect as I have it because I can not get it on kistarter ???
Jerry C (8 months ago)
I was just looking at Kick-starter. this bags also comes in black. Thankfully. I couldn't buy it in the Sand color. I don't like roll tops but this one has potential. Still don't see myself replacing my Goruck GR1 or my MEI Executive Overnighter. Good review though. Love what you do Chase, keep it up.
Ritch Flynn (8 months ago)
Further down the rabbit hole of cranny creeping with Chase Reeves, we’ve got kombucha, coconut water, & more places for dongles than you can believe. Wax cotton canvas & pockets we got in acres, including a few spots for your business papers. We’ve got YKK zips, roll-tops & kundalini Tantra, We’ve got space for your bottle, your vibration & a mantra. We got shamans, magnets & tea made of ‘shrooms, and check out todays bag it’s built to take you to the moon! A towel & a bag is all you need for this trip to the etherial and click the link in description if like the material. :-)
Chase Reeves (8 months ago)
ryan webb (8 months ago)
Forget the bag. Like the mushroom junkie in Chase.
Jeffrey Coleman (8 months ago)
Mine would look filthy in like... 11 minutes. Good thing it comes in black too.
sabriele (8 months ago)
quotidianlight (8 months ago)
Yeah, he makes cute kids.
Christian Yoon (8 months ago)
Why does it look like butter i think i want to eat it
FatMenace (8 months ago)
Looks like an 80s cadillac
Baby Pootsie (8 months ago)
But will it fit my dongles?
just jay (8 months ago)
That color hurt my eyes 😂
Jason Bennett (8 months ago)
The title of the review should be “its a NOPE bag”, it might be super sustainable but it’s stinking, fair play its made from recycled products but its not very nice, I’ve just invested yes invested in the AER daily pack because of your excellent review, my wife is now saying that she doesn’t like this Chase guy as he’s gonna make hubby spend too much. Keep up the usual excellent reviews.
Karotten Kind (7 months ago)
What exactly don't you like about it?

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