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Sexy Girls Give Guy a Workout in Jump Off Booty Shake Dance Contest

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http://www.jumpoff.tv http://www.twitter.com/jumpofftv http://www.facebook.com/jumpofftv Please subscribe & leave a comment:) Sexy Girls Give Guy a Workout in Jump Off Booty Shake Dance Contest. This took place at "The Jump Off" London UK Feb 2005. Hosted by Rap6. For more information on the next event http://www.jumpoff.tv. TJO63_BS04
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Text Comments (62)
dog dude (1 year ago)
Summer Bryent (1 year ago)
2nd girl was all back
bonehead156 (3 years ago)
alright I've seen the one in black like twice? who is she cause my dick is in orbit!
Nathan Francis (5 years ago)
Seer Öz (5 years ago)
He´s black.
crystal woods (5 years ago)
damn didn't no rlly cheer 4 the second in the orange joggin suit
Jake Smith (5 years ago)
This is gay
Roodensley Alcius (13 days ago)
I like her butt
Roodensley Alcius (13 days ago)
That is good
whatshisF4C3 (5 years ago)
They're gay.
MayFlyGuy ?! (5 years ago)
they dont
samia31 (6 years ago)
ruppie - tempted to touch
Ashari Allum (6 years ago)
how do those guys stop themselves from having orgasma
jerry67291 (6 years ago)
Rajee carter u fat ass looking u need a workout
rojae carter (6 years ago)
i think after watching this i wqat to get a work out in jump off u see that ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kim Shaailyn (6 years ago)
girls are ugly
GlossyX (6 years ago)
Good question :D
Ramon LeBlanc Harts (6 years ago)
mohd Fuad (6 years ago)
itam letung gi2, lanjang bulat dpn aku pun dok stim..
TheHarke123 (6 years ago)
can we fuck while dancing/
Collin Titus (6 years ago)
It's called tucking your dick, before the booty shaking, into your waistband.
thisizrey (6 years ago)
That is the correct answer.... Also, I think about a boy grinding on me like that...
Mele Hosea (6 years ago)
whats da song they was plyn? ne one kno
John Borchers (6 years ago)
@just0jackable they get so much pussy they dont get off by it
clint d'souza (6 years ago)
@just0jackable i dont think they do
Hussain. T (6 years ago)
as more as she's ugly, she becomes more dirty .. shit lool
MelmanOfDaSouthh (6 years ago)
I'd be Three-Legged as Fuck.
snoop555ify (6 years ago)
watchin her ass make me wanna get a dance
OWNYOMAMA (6 years ago)
@twinkythesaint chill out with all that racist shit
Ty Thompson (6 years ago)
@just0jackable thats why they wear loose pants...
TrifeLife92 (6 years ago)
@RekCarter3 Shut up.
istemiFuNi (7 years ago)
what's the name of the song ???
Ewa B (7 years ago)
@just0jackable they just don't
Josh Meister (7 years ago)
@just0jackable they duct tape thier dicks to their legs
cmbsoldja (7 years ago)
@RekCarter3 This is in England.
Marty the kid Behsman (7 years ago)
@just0jackable cause men have control over there dicks unlike boys.yooull understand one day son lolol
Rek J Carter III (7 years ago)
this is soooooooooooooooo GHETTO...it makes me ashamed to be an African American (black)...the worst part of it is that we are all lumped together as "black people" but no one there has an education, and I am not talking about a G.E.D., which is worthless, but a Masters or PhD...it is really sad...dumb wannabe thugs and whores....
Dylan Jansen (7 years ago)
Gril : YEs Yes Get [email protected]! Man: No,No Not in public please!
IG: Spyda_337 (7 years ago)
@just0jackable dont move and dont think too much about it
bzipper yo (7 years ago)
uhm this is beyond wrong..
Jelena (7 years ago)
do they even do this anymore? the vids ive seen just says 2005
Senpai Nurdu (7 years ago)
@just0jackable ur white no? most black people are used to this since this is how we dance :P type "kaboela" in your search bar and see for urself how most black people dance :P
Kuro (7 years ago)
Heaven for alhocolics in a day.
o BoW DowN o (7 years ago)
@just0jackable its ugly black girls doing it?
Paso Pablo (7 years ago)
@djquana22 UK
juicee3 (7 years ago)
stupid people if he did have an erection you all wouldn't see it .
jhairish01 (7 years ago)
Lola Macks (7 years ago)
He'll get boner
shaquana cochran (7 years ago)
Where do this take place??
Destiny Diamond (7 years ago)
dam that first girl was crazy! i would of fell over! hahaha straight jumped on his ass!
SuperNova (7 years ago)
@just0jackable They don't only duck tape there wrists they also duck tape the dicks to there legs
BBers777 (7 years ago)
im surprised these guys dont get boners half way through
Pele (7 years ago)
0:20 no erection? WTF...this mothafucka is gay!
Tickela Lacheé (7 years ago)
So bad dancing and shaw... that was really awful :S i´m so sorry but u shuold delete it ! ! !
MK DH (7 years ago)
@justnoughtysally who asked? :)
tom farnsworth (8 years ago)
id be scared of getting an hard on...
April Camara (8 years ago)
@justnoughtysally oh shutup!
Anna-Rose P (8 years ago)
those men r injoying them selvs
radiance0044 (8 years ago)
Rupee - Tempted to touch
321livi (8 years ago)
This is madd
almosawi drakevest (8 years ago)
what i want to know is how do guys keep themselves from erecting!!!
Freewheeler 90 (8 years ago)
@unforgiveable777 Its not sean paul its tempted to touch by rupee

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