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Text Comments (256)
Richard Contreras (2 days ago)
Every one of these is terrible.
Paiden Fee (1 month ago)
These guys basically telling people if a designer piece doesn't look like a billboard advertisement for the desingers name it's not worth it and if you buy a piece of desinger you can't mix it with another desinger in the same fit and when making a fit you gotta follow what the mannequin looks like 😂 you guys have no style
Alithia451 (3 months ago)
Do you know that Overwatch Jerseys are superdope and inferno fire? Check out the black-white-orange Philadelphia Fusion jersey!
A Rather Small Turtle (3 months ago)
These guys chat so much shit. What tf is rule two?
den (3 months ago)
rule 3 definitely
Nathan Chak (3 months ago)
why is Richie Le always rubbing the table tho...
Hoodhokage (3 months ago)
does #rule 4 count for designer brands x rappers
Adrian S (3 months ago)
Fuck these rules I'ma wear what I want to!!
Bradley Stocker (3 months ago)
So your expecting a glass of champagne and the sales assistant to be sucking you off because your spending $300/£250? how old are you 15!!! ...................you bunch of idiots, $300/£250 if nothing to these big designer shops and also ONLY little kids care that other ppl see and notice that your wearing designer cloths adults keep it low key!!! AND a rule you don't wanna break is wearing your wolly hats like a fisherman/dustman/like EVERYONE else so you look like a clone just like EVERYONE else .......... aaaaaah wait thats you 2 mugs you aint got a clue you just where what other ppl say is nice so you think your kool and are down with the kool kids!!!
Mordecai The-Jew (3 months ago)
Don’t follow rule #2 the slight flex is always better when they don’t know it’s designer 🐍🦅🙏🏾💧
Cesar Arellano (3 months ago)
Y’all look like some bootleg wario and waluigi 😂
Avery Anderson (3 months ago)
I swear to god. Louis and supreme could drop a strap on, and these niggas would buy it
Maximilian Pichler (3 months ago)
Where is you shirt from, Richie?
Tonee Nguyen (3 months ago)
Whats up with these beanies? they suppose to be trendy and lit? they ugly af
IMTOOCHXLL (3 months ago)
I just realized Tan’s name is “Tan Tang” and not “Tan Tan”
J EST (3 months ago)
So buckle boyz is back?
Evani Davila (3 months ago)
Where is the best place to buy denim? been going crazy looking for some lol
Zhang Jia hua (3 months ago)
Sometimes, i go for the fit, instead of the branding, some designer shit could have unique fits
Malemakkile (3 months ago)
what is richie's actual job??
Shin (3 months ago)
Rule 2 is what’s wrong with peoples style lol.
xav264 (3 months ago)
Can definitely tell a real teddy from an alternative lmao
Drew Kang (3 months ago)
They deadass look like Pat and Mat lmao
heka Cha (3 months ago)
its *crazy* man (karate chop downwards)
Rohith Lohith (3 months ago)
Tan stop wearing that shirt
Mcflyz009 (3 months ago)
Fresh fit requires Fresh ✂
Krey Kid (3 months ago)
Nah bro cdg and Alexandre wang look lit togetherness
jerson (3 months ago)
the saint laurent hoodie can be replaced with a plain black hoodie 😂 the brand logo is way to small to notice anyway
David Perez (3 months ago)
What’s up with those condom hats they be wearing in every video
Ryan Batacandolo (3 months ago)
Tan u cheap not frugal
Eijah Tan (3 months ago)
Buy items with brand recognition 😂😂 foh
flipdog69xxx (3 months ago)
I work as a cashier. You have NO IDEA how many customers rocking designer clothes and/or expensive jewelry/accessories ask (and sometimes BEG) for discounts. In those cases, the more they beg the worse I make it.
jedijooj (3 months ago)
I'll happily wear Adidas joggers with nikes unless they pay me
mazzimaz (3 months ago)
you guys need to learn how to pronounce saint laurent lol #cringe
sakala kalashnikov (3 months ago)
this is tacky af
John Paul Moya (3 months ago)
Lol SLP teddy replaceable? Yeah right, have you seen those low end ass cuts? If you're buying an alternative to that piece, you're settling fam. Often imitated, never duplicated.
Dj VENZON (3 months ago)
Triple s with a Gucci hoodie?
imjonathandude (3 months ago)
I get so intimidated in designer stores. They’re so pretentious and I feel like they look down upon me
adam tana (3 months ago)
Hey Richie how do u guys feel about denim shirts and how would u guys wear them
1300zw (3 months ago)
My mans did not just diss the SLP Teddy Jacket LMAO
Shin (3 months ago)
1300zw lol for real. This video is literally a how to be a hype beast or brand whore. lol. Fashion != style
Chiraq (3 months ago)
we cant buy designer from stores in london lowe it
Panda (3 months ago)
Lmfao buy items with brand recognition? Fucking clowns
PristineTM (3 months ago)
Richie just described the fit his homie had in one of the other videos.
norm paul (3 months ago)
wait you cant stack designer brands ? but it ok to wear reebok hoodie , adidas joggers and nike sneakers and new era hat for your outfit ?
norm paul (3 months ago)
Hazem Baky (3 months ago)
No it's not ok
LM Adriano (3 months ago)
Dope intro bro!!
anthony G. (3 months ago)
Why are you making rules for how people should dress, let them dress how they want
Renzo Castillo (3 months ago)
I thought Richie is gonna talk about the Velour Suit again when he said “Back in the day”. 😂
GameClips (3 months ago)
What's up with the re-upload?
Tim Barito (3 months ago)
Do the rate the outfits on our selves!
manufaktur (3 months ago)
The Brand Recognition thing is dumb as hell... I Would much Rather have my Haider Ackermann Hoodies with no branding than a Gucci Hoodie with a big ass print. The fit, the quality, thats what matters
James Lober (3 months ago)
It pisses me of when I see people wareing adidas pants and Nike shirts
Jack Urgun (3 months ago)
Vid made by 2 hypebeast who only like designer for the clout not quality smh 🤦‍♀️
shihrajio chalai (3 months ago)
Chef Chegg (3 months ago)
I only rock archive designer pieces like number nine, undercover, CDG (not play), Raf Simons, etc. cuz I personally think that most of these newer pieces of LV, Gucci, Fendi, off-white are mad corny and honestly an eye sore with all the logos
Eijah Tan (3 months ago)
the quirky archivist
Javier Reta (3 months ago)
The 5th rule tho 💯
Eiby Velasquez (3 months ago)
Yo what happened to the giveaway for some Air Force?
Tate Wearner (3 months ago)
I guess I’m the 0.0000001% then.
Diago Canaveris (3 months ago)
How to get stained 101
Justin Lin (3 months ago)
#6 always buy authentic designer brands. Avoid the fake shit.
Pedro Forde (3 months ago)
Didn’t I see this yesterday?
Daniel Garcia (3 months ago)
You guys don’t know fashion you guys look like Fucken ding dongs
Mrk (3 months ago)
Nick Frazier (3 months ago)
Why does Richie always wear beanies but have good wavy hair? Rich and tang lookin like a traffic light
Erik Guier (3 months ago)
That flannel tho👀
ThetrueMarksmen (3 months ago)
Y’all look ridiculous with those beanies
Nelson Petelo (3 months ago)
What video are you doing today
Yvng Biggzy (3 months ago)
Don't stack multiple designer brands. I see that all the time and it looks stupid. So glad you guys addressed it
Jesse Manaois (3 months ago)
Y’all dressing the same too much now lol
Donnie Aloot (3 months ago)
You know Riche is serious if he does the spiderman hand movements.
Sulaiman Hamzah (3 months ago)
Man I really wanted to cop that Saint Laurent Teddy Jacket 😫😫😫 Imo the alternatives ain’t do it as clean as the original
Mr Lean (3 months ago)
Only piece of designer I’ve ever bought is a Gucci belt
Miko Esquivel (3 months ago)
My only rules are that you can't wear Supreme or Gucci around me.
David Kabahit (3 months ago)
Sorry for your loss Richie, thoughts out to you and your family my guy, let’s hit these 1 million subs for your pops 🙏🏽
Benson Dimaculangan (3 months ago)
Tan...I love the Harley Davidson tee...but it is TOO BIG ON YOU. Look like a Goodwill cop in the XL section....come on man 🤦🏽‍♂️
Werved (3 months ago)
OGs know this is a reupload
Jordan Brown (3 months ago)
May your dad rest is peace Richie 🙏🏽🙏🏽
Ethan Peter (3 months ago)
Why does ketchup and mustard look like Richie and Tan
Tony Vo (3 months ago)
Richie look like Joe Pesci from Home Alone.
tnductai (3 months ago)
i think buying designer brand on the internet is better, you can get discount from coupons (like first time customer discount, etc.) and tax free (from ssense, matchesfashion, brown)
Nicolas Sanchez (3 months ago)
Who else doesnt like the new intro
Luc_07 (3 months ago)
The Bible comes again
Damian Arizaga (3 months ago)
Rip riche's dad
xTesticules (3 months ago)
Fucc expensive outfits ill stick with my 501s and proclub tshirts.
Robert K (3 months ago)
Enjoyed the video, these were some helpful tips for people who buy designer or are just starting to buy designer👌🏽
SvM3K (3 months ago)
I would add one more rule.. Don't pretend that you have better personality cause of your clothes
GlamBalam (3 months ago)
Why buy designer clothes? To impress others? Then what? It’s just a waste of money. Better take that money and invest it, put it to work. Otherwise you’ll keep working until you’re old and for what a logo on a hoodie? Really? Just think about how silly that is.
Eijah Tan (3 months ago)
If hoodies with LV or Gucci logos are the first thing that comes to mind when you’re talking about designer you probably dont know what you’re talking about
fabian velazquez (3 months ago)
Tan is you’re shirt thrifted?
Prod. J Patterns (3 months ago)
We watching this like we can relate 😂
Swedish Chef (3 months ago)
Richie yelling "talk to em" and interrupting when someone trying to speak
EXUchihaツ (3 months ago)
yall dont know shii bout fashion lmao
Nomadness (3 months ago)
I think you could rock a full Fear of God Outfit but thats really it. But i agree with all of the Rules!
Jonas Andreasen (3 months ago)
1 more rule: There are no shame in buying your favorite "designer" pieces second hand. It doesn't have to be new to be your all time grail!
Stay Scheming (3 months ago)
Rule #1 Beanies are for cold winter months
Eduardo Olivares (3 months ago)
These dudes gonna be wearing beanies in the summer too
BJ Martinez (3 months ago)
Condolences, Richie. <3
Kevin Kataren (3 months ago)
some Guc*i store in my city will treat you like sh*t, it is so bad that they kick people out if they don't look like a potential buyer
Donovan (3 months ago)
Sending prayer to your family Rich 🙏🏾🙏🏾
Rayatron (3 months ago)
I disagree for the second rule, when you buy designer that is covered in logos it looks cheap. If you are buying pieces go for unique cuts and not basic items, you want your clothes to make a statement. This way you look fresh, stand out, and look like you came just off the runway without looking like you try so hard. You'll look expensive and this way your clothes still look clearly designer. Excessive logos or just a plane shirt that has gucci written in big font in the front isn't fashion, its just you tryna flex and most of the people that shop designer like this don't even have money, they be spending all their money on these pieces but be hella broke. Also the pieces that have the most logos on the front are usually the items you can get fakes of easily so people might see your real pieces as being bootleg .
John Paul Moya (3 months ago)
Absolutely. If you need to flash the logo all over your clothes to show you have "style", you ain't got no style.
Rayatron (3 months ago)
@Green_Touko123 exactly
Green_Touko123 (3 months ago)
Galaxy Girl Exactly. Everybody thinks you actually don’t respect the designer and the history of that brand, if you don’t go for its typical style where its roots are, but buy a plain shirt with a logo on it, which anybody could have made. For example if you go for Stone Island, you have to go for those innovative tech pieces not get a tshirt haha.
m el-mohamad (3 months ago)
Richie the type of dude to cut himself to give a distressed look to his body
Eric Badass (3 months ago)
Rule #3 tell that shit to that dumbass kid from your old video wearing the air mags
Tyler vail (3 months ago)
Fuck your rules

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