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Berowra Creek Overnighter

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A very short video of an overnighter in Berowra Creek, just north of Sydney.
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Wye Explorer (3 years ago)
Invigorating to be out on that water phrayzar. Was that an Island?....nice spot and a somewhat unique way of gathering fire wood. I heard you say how easy it would be to live there for days. I agree.....a dream. All the best. Mark.
phrayzar (3 years ago)
+Wye Explorer It's a great little camp spot in an area called Berowra creek, just north of Berowra Waters, on the greater Hawkesbury River System, just north of Sydney. I do a lot of water based camping in this area. Thanks for watching, Frazer.
Adam Jacob (3 years ago)
Nice to have you back.
Fell Wanderer (3 years ago)
You do seem to find all the nice area's to go camping, Australia is a beautiful place you are very lucky to live there. Damian.
phrayzar (3 years ago)
+Fell Wanderer Yeah mate, there are some lovely places near where I live to go and see. Cheers for the comment.
Ben Duncan (3 years ago)
Great stuff mate! Looks like a top spot!
phrayzar (3 years ago)
+Ben Duncan Hi mate. It's one of the nicest camp sites that I have visited in the Sydney area. Thanks for stopping by.
Knucker (3 years ago)
As the wind and rain lash against my window that looks really pleasant! All the best, Al
phrayzar (3 years ago)
+Knucker Thanks mate, we are pretty lucky when it comes to climate. We do have proper winters in NSW but nothing too bad.
James S D (3 years ago)
What have you finished with the kayaks and canoes then phrayzar. Don't blame you, I used to do a lot of paddling but have had to give up almost because of Ill health, just do a little on the Thames now and then, now. Might get a little boat with an outboard myself really, I love messing about on the water, thanks mate.
phrayzar (3 years ago)
+James Stewart Dunn HI James, I do still go kayaking and canoeing. This boat belongs to a friend. I hopefully will get a small one like this one day, but for the moment, his will do. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.
Turtle Bushcraft (3 years ago)
very nice location for a camp site. looked like a great time out atb John
phrayzar (3 years ago)
+Turtle Bushcraft Thanks for watching and taking the time to comment mate.
Harry S (3 years ago)
Man I miss Sydney!
Nathan Lindsay (3 years ago)
A tinny in the tinny... F***in Straya.
phrayzar (3 years ago)
+Gear Grubs Ha ha, yep ;)
Random Button Pusher (3 years ago)
Now that looked really pleasant. What a great lakeside camp site.
Alfonso Casillas (3 years ago)
Nice I'm jealous
phrayzar (3 years ago)
+Alfonso Casillas Thanks for watching mate and thanks for the comment. It's a pretty nice place to visit.

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