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6 Things That Turn Women Off | Reduce Your Chances of Rejection!

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Text Comments (719)
Holiday Man (16 hours ago)
Respect wamen
Rahul Nandi (18 days ago)
Your awesome
Andrea Sculthorp (1 month ago)
is anyone else a girl watching this so you don’t seem judgy?
Luke Schroeder (1 month ago)
Man this is too difficult. Like I have to change how I do things and dress. Its already hard enough for me to react if a girl says hi to me and I am 18 fuuuuuck this
Veljko Petrovic (1 month ago)
I had 5inch long hair and i had bet and must cut my hair. Now i am almost hairless. How to grow it again
Sean O'Donnell (2 months ago)
Great vids
Tenzin-Dorje Rusar (2 months ago)
The pocket shot looks like a condom
aNd PeGGy (2 months ago)
YESSSSS THIS IS SO FREAKIN TRUE. Btw im a woman. Also guys don’t curse!
Anthony Arroyo (2 months ago)
w a m e n
Azar khokhar (3 months ago)
Sir, i need your help..
x I Wolfy x (3 months ago)
Wtf I thought women love bad boys and now we have to be nice because they want us to be nice? I'm confuse
Persisted Line (3 months ago)
I did everything wrong on this list. There goes all of the dates to prom. Cries ;)
Earl Sanders (4 months ago)
I been rejected billions of times especially on social media
DZ tech blasters (4 months ago)
make a video bout long hair for men
SebaP1991 (4 months ago)
I thought we shouldn't be nice guys...
Firefox_GamingXD (4 months ago)
DAMN IT I've looked at myself at school may times and thinking how many people saw me doing it.
JJ (5 months ago)
Am I the only one who thinks that even tho this guy is stylish af there’s something in the way he dresses I still don’t like? It’s like... he’s always so elegant and all that stuff... you can still being stylish just with a graphic tee, jeans and vans
Kevin Lapus (5 months ago)
subscribe bro you same basus
Just Monika (5 months ago)
To be honest... The time that I get rejected I'll probably act like I didnt care and or I didnt like her or know her at all then I go to my friends and talk about them and cry about it
Sidd (5 months ago)
All guys dress the same.
r71oats6 (5 months ago)
Guys, the "professional stylist" is a bullshit artist with a talent for promoting himself. He may have you believing he "knows all about mens' clothing" but how much of it *can he make?* Odds are, he can't sew a stitch. Pay a bespoke tailor to mentor you for half an hour and you'll know more about dressing well than these internet "style gurus" know. Internet reference: Sven Raphael Schneider, gentlemensgazette, or Hugo Jacomet, Sartorial Talks.
Maverick Gyamfi (5 months ago)
being rude to others, adjusting croth in public man who does not take care of himself using too many emojis constantly checking yourself out tuning her out when she is talking
Johnnie Campbell (5 months ago)
I can see most of what he's saying here, but is he grooming you to be her bf or the guy she's going to cheat with...some of the things he says i'm not so sure about:  1) checking yourself out...why not? the worst thing you can do is pay attention to her looks, I say make her look at you. 2) texting to other people when out with her. it sends a message that you have other people in your life and she's not the only one....just food for thought.
French Vanilla (4 months ago)
Carlos Sanchez has the best comment with with a list that hit it out the ball park. Please pin his comment ❤️
Localbananah (6 months ago)
Too late....
KYLAR REPS (6 months ago)
I already failed the being nice thingy, I got in a fight, and I gave a kid a bloody nose. He claims I punched him, all I remember is pushing him..........but ya, I failed that
DOPE BOYS (6 months ago)
Before watching the video:get me a goddamn drink After watching the video:can I plz have a glass of water
Alvin Hed (6 months ago)
Respecc wamen and you should be fine...
No Cash Gaming (6 months ago)
You are right ! Your tips really helped me to improve myself thank you so much. Keep going 👍👍
AKSHATH (6 months ago)
4:06 I don't think so I like dat
K. Mahaneeyudu (7 months ago)
Dude ,please make a video on how to remove tan
Jacob P (7 months ago)
Ugh fashion stork doesn’t ship to Canada smh 🤦🏻‍♂️
Xking Deception (7 months ago)
Number one rule, respec wamen
The Lushenator (7 months ago)
Honestly,That outfit from fashion stork is trash
Jub Jub (7 months ago)
I will fuck any guy with dyed hair dark sence of humor saying fuck alot and pretends he hates me when it's obvious he wants to fucking date, I have only met 2 of these guys in my whole life.
Max It Up (7 months ago)
fuck ur Reasearch bro .. You are just good at Your Dressing .Thats all
Isigiel Cruz-Lopez (7 months ago)
still looks gooooooooooooooooood
love lives (7 months ago)
Amen!! Yep.
Ed Rose (8 months ago)
why can’t I check myself out all the time ? Bitch I’m fabulous
Alok Baghel (8 months ago)
Biggest fan of you.
iDateAdvice (8 months ago)
So that means that our fear of failure is actually fear of rejection?
LiSowSkY (8 months ago)
From my experience it looks like being nice is only going to be easier getting friendzoned :) Seriously every girl i've been trying to make her my GF it always ended in a friendzone and every single one of them are dating dickheads... Just saying :P
stecca (8 months ago)
This zuniga gay
ItzStorm YT (8 months ago)
If you get rejected the first time, it’s Ok, it’s not the end of the world, find out what’s making her not attractive to you and when your ready, the chances of rejection will descrease
Debasish Barpujari (9 months ago)
girls are not that smart. Do anything if they are in their mood.
Super Saiyan Cisco (9 months ago)
No research?? I need proven statistics
Sourav krishna k (9 months ago)
rude to other people a .turn off......fuck..im screwed
Brown Boyzz (9 months ago)
What is the need to see other style videos when you are alive sir??
make.it. happen (9 months ago)
And yeah what about us men, so where do we stand now. If its all about women
make.it. happen (9 months ago)
What the hell is wrong with women and what the hell is wrong with all this mentality of women. Cant they just do the reverse
Tod Lance (9 months ago)
I got a better idea grow some balls ask her out and if she’s into she’ll say yes
Brandon Garcia (9 months ago)
Seen this right after being rejected
chino gustaviano (9 months ago)
This dude cant dress for shit. He looks like a 40 year old guy from mexico
chino gustaviano (9 months ago)
I dont get it.. I dont see the fashion
Godfather Kyu (10 months ago)
got caught adjusting by my classmate, it got really awkward
Sienna Almanza (10 months ago)
things that turn on girls 1:being funny 2:being nice 3;bringing up conversations 4dress nice 5smiling more
Thomas (10 months ago)
All of ya'll that are mad, post a picture of yourself and tell us what your personality really is like.
Jerome Castro (10 months ago)
Nice one , but i have doubt in my heart to do that
EatDatShopLifter445 (10 months ago)
Even if im not erect i dont have a chance to "adjust myself". This woman just points out my bulge.
M4D BROS (11 months ago)
1. dont ask out
Rawr :3 (11 months ago)
Lol I'm a girl and watching this
bat prime (11 months ago)
This video waste of my time all things he mentioned I do not do I never talk with emojis I'm not lazy I use words and I'm still single I don't see wedding ring on his hand
OmgIts Brian (11 months ago)
Where did you get your jacket from?
James Castrõ (1 year ago)
Such an underrated youtuber😕You're better than all the other YouTubers these days
Petr Michovský (1 year ago)
Drinking game - take a shot everytime he says ,,stylish”
Armani (1 year ago)
If you like a girl and approach her , at that first few seconds the girl has already decided if she's in to you or not, after that you apply the rules of the video
Artist Rahul (1 year ago)
You look average or above? Yes You are no short of cash That's correct You see that chick Yes Don't waste time here, Dive in buddy! If she's single, she's yours. Just don't forget to keep the tap open.
Artist Rahul (1 year ago)
When a woman self grooms a lot it's socially acceptable. When men do the same they are self centered.... OPPRESSIONNNNN!!!!
alejandro duran (1 year ago)
Super Sprollie (1 year ago)
How about. For us ugly guys We don't approach at all. Helps us avoid rejection 🤘🏻
Eli 321 (1 year ago)
Nah nah you just need to treat her like your bitch and don't act like hers. Boom
zmanonpoint zp (1 year ago)
I'm single af i still watch hardcore shemale fisting porn
JDMIRACLE (1 year ago)
Naaaah You only Need tons Of money to get a 1 fuckking girlfriend
Sasuke Namikaze (1 year ago)
just be rich and you cant rejected
G__O__A__T (1 year ago)
Woah you posted at a different time
Lila Panic (1 year ago)
You can't be rejected if you don't have the guts to tell her
Leo Schmik (1 year ago)
After watching this. Wow I'm awesome
King KarlosTv (1 year ago)
Just say its a prank
Rhythm (1 year ago)
Amine chleh (1 year ago)
No app for android 😟
f89ry7 PS4 (1 year ago)
Dammit there isn't a comment that lost all the 6 reasons in this video.Time to watch the whole thing
Jake The Snake (1 year ago)
Jose you said Do-Do😂😂😂
DriftyKnave1 Michael (1 year ago)
us men are not knights in shining armor
ThatGuyFerny (1 year ago)
#5 basically defines double standards at its best
عراقي هاوي (1 year ago)
That Jeans will definitely makes you look like a prostitute . Man fuck fashion if men start wearing these Jeans then they might wear thongs too. why not just wear a regular size jeans comfortable , not too large not too tight and not fucking ripped .
Lewis Thick (1 year ago)
My research is more credible. Most girls are strippers!!
Kalash Handoo (1 year ago)
Respect WAMEN!
Movies on (1 year ago)
Bro make a video on indian products
Roshan Niroula (1 year ago)
I get rejected because she Thought i Don't have any future
Saucy Gore (1 year ago)
This guy looks like Bollywood actor Kunal Khemu. Wtf
DeAndre Oglesby (1 year ago)
Bonus #7: Not using Tiege Hanely
Ali Nofal (1 year ago)
man you give some a really good advices 😀 thanks bro ❤
Kersed Beats (1 year ago)
Getting advice from a fucc boi
Lee The Zero (1 year ago)
how NOT to get REJECTED... Solution: Just don't talk to her...Your welcome.
Mr Donkeyhead (1 year ago)
Here's my opinion from past experiences: 1. When talking to a girl, make eye contact. 2. Know where the line is (in whatever situation you are with her in) and don't cross it. 3. DRESS WELL (Rolled up sleeves can also boost your attractiveness.) 4. Smile when she smiles or says something funny or something or that was supposed to be funny. 5. When you are in a group of people with the girl you like, don't try too hard.
K.LEGGOTT (1 year ago)
He said dodo 😂😂
Christy Merritt (1 year ago)
2:30 "fondle other channels" lol
Deadman 25 (1 year ago)
Boi I adjusted myself if I want if she doesn't like it then she not normal
Pass Wifjreiguru (1 year ago)
I fucking lost it at the beginning lmao thx

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