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GET THIS BAG: http://bag.gg/WaterfieldExec 01:00 Chase's shirt: Henley from Western Rise http://bag.gg/WestRise 14:31 Waterfield Pouches: http://bag.gg/WaterfieldPouches 19:09 Chases Patreon: http://bag.gg/Patreon 20:09 Camelback Chute Water Bottle https://amzn.to/2xmREJA 20:45 Anker USB Battery http://bag.gg/AnkerBattery 21:50 Chase’s Favorite Pouches http://bagworks.co/pouches 22:28 Chase’s Favorite Travel Snacks: http://bagworks.co/snacks 29:07 The Roost Laptop Stand: https://amzn.to/2ILto9g (Nextand's Totally Cheap and Totally Stolen Design: https://amzn.to/2RzY1SY 30:33 Crafted Goods: http://bag.gg/CraftedGoods 32:45 Chase’s Favorite Daily Carry Bags: http://bagworks.co/daily-carry-bags/ 32:53 Waterfield Bolt Backpack http://bagworks.co/bag/waterfield-bolt/ 33:10 Trakke Bannoch Backpack http://bagworks.co/bag/trakke-bannoch-backpack/ 34:09 About Chase Reeves: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnKyIIOyy9M *************************** CURRENT BAG RECOMMENDATIONS: — http://bagworks.co/now More Daily Carry Bags — http://bagworks.co/daily-carry-bags/ More 1-Bag Travel Bags — http://bagworks.co/1-bag-travel/ *************************** FOLLOW CHASE: — BAGWORKS: https://bagworks.co — twitter: http://twitter.com/chase_reeves — insta: https://www.instagram.com/chasewreeves/ — facebook: http://facebook.com/chase.reeves — youtube: http://youtube.com/user/chasereeves * sometimes we have agreements with companies and if you purchase through a link here it may support the channel at no cost to you! Please purchase through these "affiliate" links to help keep this work going! *************************** More from their website: The Boardroom Backpack. The Pro Backpack blends sophisticated style with serious functionality. It's highly organized with two compartments, strategically-placed pockets, and a removable Executive Folio for taking to short meetings. The optional Executive Folio ($89) holds a laptop, documents, and pens. The Pro Backpack stands upright, so it can be set down without falling over. Premium leather accents give the backpack its character and develop a luxurious patina over time. NOTE: The Pro Backpack was developed in collaboration with customers. Our goal was to create a professional-looking backpack that balances functionality with style elegant enough for the boardroom. See the journey from idea to product here. All our products are crafted locally in our workshop by the most skilled sewing team in San Francisco. Material: * 1050 Denier black Ballistic nylon * Full-grain leather accents (no skimping on the leather) Dimensions & Weight: * Pro Executive Backpack: One size: 13.5" (L) x 16.5" (H) x 7.0" (W), 2.9 lbs. Volume: 25.5 liters * Executive Folio (optional): -13” size: 10.25” (L) x 13.25” (H) x 1.75” (W), 1 lb. -15” size: 11.0” (L) x 15.0” (H) x 1.75” (W), 1.2 lbs. What Fits Padded laptop/tablet compartment fits devices up to 15" x 10 Features: * Crowd-sourced design with customers to create a stylish and functional backpack for professionals. * The optional is easily removable Executive Folio to take for short meetings. * Stands upright when it’s set down. * Two main chambers: back chamber zips down to carry laptop or tablet, documents, and the Executive Folio. Front chamber is spacious enough to hold other items needed for a day at the office. * Premium full grain leather front panel and handle. * Two zip pockets on the front panel to quickly access items when swinging the backpack from the shoulder. * Two large side pockets for water bottle and small items. * Top front pocket that’s deep enough to hold items securely. * Back slot for slipping onto suitcase handles. * Top handle is premium leather for a more comfortable grip. * Comfortable, padded shoulder straps. * Sleek, waterproof zippers throughout. * Built to last. * Lightweight. The Pro Backpack is available in one size, divided into two chambers: front chamber is spacious enough to hold items needed for a day at the office. The back chamber zips down to carry laptop or tablet, documents, and the Executive Folio. The Padded laptop/tablet compartment fits devices up to 15" x 10" * 15" MacBook Pro Touch Bar, Retina * Surface Book 2 (13” & 15”) * Lenovo X1 Carbon, Yoga 720 (13") * HP Spectre X360 * Acer Swift 3 (14") * Dell XPS 13, 15 * Surface Laptop 2 * Volume: 25.5 liters The 13” Executive Folio can fit devices up to 13" x 9" * 13" MacBook Pro Touch Bar, Retina, Air * iPad Pro (10.5" & 12.9") * 12" MacBook * reMarkable (paper tablet) * Surface Book 2 (13.5") * Pixelbook * Surface Pro 6 * Dell XPS 13" The 15” Executive Folio can fit devices up to 14.75" x 10" * 15" MacBook Pro Touch Bar, Retina * Surface Book 2 (15") * Dell XPS 15"
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Upload ABQ (11 days ago)
Trussell AND Peterson! I knew there was a reason I was watching a 40 minute video on a terrible looking bag. Awesome channel man.
Jason Thompson (15 days ago)
Hi Chase. Great video. How comfortable is this bag to wear?
Binh Dong (1 month ago)
Chase, that Red colored bag in this video. Is that the crimson color that’s offered on the site? It seems a bit more bright of a red then what they show. I’m still trying to figure out which color I want.
Chase Reeves (1 month ago)
Yea, in real life it’s much more like a wine color 🍷
gino (1 month ago)
29:00 business papers
gino (1 month ago)
12:15 time stamp for business papers
Simmo Papalia (1 month ago)
Hey bro! how about the shirt you are wearing !?
spechtacular1 (1 month ago)
What is the model of the larger Bellroy pouch
Chase Reeves (1 month ago)
It's called the Classic Pouch: http://bag.gg/BellroyPouches
S Ng (1 month ago)
I know you wanted to say business papers. Don't be ashamed. It's a beautiful thing.
Jose Sosa Quinteros (1 month ago)
Chase please review the fjallraven raven 28, i think is the best backpack arround 100 dollars, ty
Jack (1 month ago)
Holy shit, just rewatched The Big Lebowski, for the umpteenth time, but it's been a while. Bravo Chase, Bravo...man 😉
Chase Reeves (1 month ago)
{stirs drink}
Jack Crafter (1 month ago)
Great video as always! Random question, where did you get that shirt you're wearing? I've wanted one like it for ages now...
Jack Crafter (1 month ago)
+Chase Reeves Thanks Chase! Muchly appreciated!
Chase Reeves (1 month ago)
It's a henley from Western Rise. Love em. http://bag.gg/WestRise
Lauren Escote (1 month ago)
Could you review ucon acrobatics bags?
Antonio (1 month ago)
There are a lot of things I love that Waterfield makes but this bag is not one of them. I'm not sure what their design team was thinking but it just looks too bulky. Great in depth review regardless. Hope all is going well Chase!
Chase Reeves (1 month ago)
I love how divisive this bag is! It's true... most either really love or really hate it.
Damien Currano (1 month ago)
I really dislike the look of this bag but I loved the shit out of every second of this video and I'm glad I stayed until the very end or I would have totally missed the Patreon update.
Michiel de Vries (1 month ago)
This is the ultimate bag for your business papers, man. And yeah, someone should make a compilation video of all the business papers, man. Also, big boomer hands is the new business papers. Man.
Chase Reeves (1 month ago)
Big boomer hands IS the new biz papes!
Justin Dickson (1 month ago)
Hey Chase maybe you could do a review on the Sog Prophet backpack. Its a real backpack but it converts into a duffel bag aswel and it looks awesome! I hope you like it too.
Tim Richardson (1 month ago)
Do a review on the Pelican Mobile Protect Duffel MPD40, no one has anything on it yet! excited to see a review by you!
john verive (1 month ago)
"Get into the seeds and nuts motherfucker" needs to be on ChaseReeves.net shirts.
Julio Rodriguez (1 month ago)
Not a fan of this look at all good review tho
Jodie Miners (1 month ago)
I could not sit in a cafe with a roost, keyboard and mouse. I hate the idea of them thinking I've moved in for the day. I use a Surface Pro 4 which is lucky to get 2 hours of battery life so I can never work in a cafe for the whole day anyway.
1marcandrew1 (2 months ago)
he said 'you working people' haha
A L Sil (2 months ago)
I remember in a previous video you mentioned that you do a podcast and carry podcasting equipment around with you. What sort of pouch or pouches do you recommend for carrying microphones safely? There are a lot of boring looking way to bulky cases that I've found, but I wonder if you've seen something that really worked or had any recommendations.
Binh Dong (2 months ago)
I’ve been eyeing this for a while. Still trying to decide if I want it or not. It would help if I saw and felt it in person. It looks a bit big for a daily bag. Still a beautiful bag!
Bryan B (2 months ago)
Ok, I'm cool with something blowing my mind, but blowing my dick right off... whoa. I'm not sure I'm ready for that.
Chase Reeves (2 months ago)
It’s a real commitment, Bryan.
paul merida (2 months ago)
Definitely need to do the frenchie co speed backpack
Matthew Thomas (2 months ago)
You are killing me with the business papers, man! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 You are quickly becoming my favorite YouTuber, man!! 🤘
Neil Timmons (2 months ago)
Papers............................business papers
Jeffrey Coleman (2 months ago)
Chase wishes the executive portfolio had backpack straps. Minimal enough bro?
Hi, what kind of shirt are you wearing?
Chase Reeves (2 months ago)
Henley from Western Rise http://bag.gg/WestRise
todd pote (2 months ago)
You need to air out your little girls room if she walks in there she will be knocked over from all those f-bombs and ball bags respectfully and not trying to tell you how to run your family you know F that Im going to get some weed trail mix and a ball bag great video lol
Jay 'Ontario (2 months ago)
Brant would like this bag.......
Peter Wood (2 months ago)
I do love the new kid's room set!
Cabby Cabby (2 months ago)
I dunno man... just looks like a cheap bag with a piece of suede sewn on.
someguyinnj (2 months ago)
I'm having a few strong reactions to this video... Spectacularly entertaining as always. As for the bag, I'm on the fence as to whether it's the perfect balance of functional and professional, or if it looks like somebody just slapped some leather over the front of a Briggs & Riley bag despite leather and 1680D being a weird-looking combo. Does it look odd in person or does it work? Secondly, I've been wondering about this for a while but never got around to asking: Chase, what's your take on Tumi? Nice bags? Overpriced junk? Douchemarkers? I haven't formed a solid opinion yet.
Chase Reeves (2 months ago)
I hear the sentiment of it looks weird. This is really, to my aesthetic eye, a perfect bag for boomers. Not my style, but what it does I think it does so well. Every tumi bag I’ve investigated was made REAL well.
BobaFeet1138 (2 months ago)
Best backpack reviewer on YouTube! Chase Rocks!
PenguinDropings (2 months ago)
Those are the ugliest PRO anything bag .... Love waterfield though.
Sawyer Seth (2 months ago)
I can confirm that your anker power bank is one of the best bang for buck power banks. You can get more fancy ones with more features and stuff, but for a normal person (not dongle patrol) yours is great. Anker is one of the best/most reliable power bank companies.
Joshua Mueller (2 months ago)
Your philosophical stuff really resonates with me. I get that almost constant oppressive feeling that washes over me multiple times a week where I just feel like I’m not part of anything but just keeping it all together to survive. And I got the career, house, kids, wife, pursuing “more” money and education...blah blah.. I look forward to your other contributions. You seem like a great dude. Keep it up.
Dave Sullivan (2 months ago)
I'm sitting here in my office (an ad agency in Newfoundland, Canada). Nobody is in here, and I'm laughing my ass off at the Lebowski stuff and ball pouches. Great start to the week, man. Thanks for that. (Great review, too.)
Federica B. (2 months ago)
You really need to look at some Piquadro bag.
t braithwaite (2 months ago)
That is one Fugly backpack! Makes Tom Bihn look haute couture. 😀
David Dessus (2 months ago)
OMG !!! What an ugly bag ! The worst from all your videos 🤢.
Christian Onassis (2 months ago)
I have a great idea. Every once and a while you should make a video where you just ramble on and talk about whatever! I liked the bag, but really, I was here for the entertainment!
trickyduc (2 months ago)
Chrome Chase. Show’m Portland
Lars Larsson (2 months ago)
Get on with the god damn puches, buddy! ;) Love the pouches list on bagworks!
der hochwohlgeborene (2 months ago)
don‘t like the look at all, the zipper pulls look cheap AF and no air channel still love the video though
Michael Bartlett (2 months ago)
Awesome review, I love the up front blunt honestly of the type of people 😜🤔👍🏽 I’m going with the brown leather for the out doors look 🏔🏕👣👍🏽😎
pls dont click (2 months ago)
Looks really ugly 🤐😫👹
Gerald McMullon (2 months ago)
At 12:30 1200 voices cry out "Business papers"!
Aaron Del Bosque (2 months ago)
The sheer amount of depth and entertainment you provide with each video deserves so much more attention. I appreciate you, man. Keep it up.
Isaac Ogdan (2 months ago)
One of the nice bags you checked, I like it.
Best business papers build up EVER!!! Had me on the edge of my seat lol
And then you hit us with a second business papers!! I hadn't even finished watching when I made my first comment!!
TimeLag Gaming (2 months ago)
I preordered this bag but ultimately canceled my preorder because I didn’t like how bulky and thick it looks. I’m glad I did because it really does look too bulky for me. I ended up going with the Aer Day Pack and I love it! However if they make a slim version of this It would be an instant buy for me...
Eli Wimmer (2 months ago)
Would totally watch videos of you outside of bag stuff my man. "It'll blow your dick right off" Lmao
Mirkonzo 1 (2 months ago)
Italian man red ? Wtf
Tommy Elder (2 months ago)
Simmy Lee (2 months ago)
Your videos look so good, and we are currently looking for the right person to review our Backpack product, Could you please send your business email address to me, and then I will send our product information to you. Looking forward to your reply. Thanks. Contact me: [email protected]
Steve Place (2 months ago)
11:58 when those weed gummies kick in and you realize you’ve been filming in a kids bedroom...
venom5809 (2 months ago)
LOL, they literally took a regular ballistic nylon backpack and glued a piece of leather to the front, I mean I can do that. I feel like they could have put a little more effort into this. This looks half-assed, I'd rather just have it all ballistic nylon.
The same old Show (2 months ago)
Hello from New York
Dy A. Rahman (2 months ago)
I come for the bag reviews, and I stay for the life coaching. Chase is the living personification of quality over quantity in every aspect of your life I love it.
jraybozy (2 months ago)
11:57 it takes some real persistence and skill to make a reference to something a reference of your own
Nick (2 months ago)
Never thought I could watch a man talk about a backpack for 40 minutes, but you make it way too easy edit: I wish I could like this video twice for the quote "I'm not a businessman, I'm a business, man!"
Karamelli (1 month ago)
I had do go through the video until I heard that - so worth it even tho this is not a bag for a lady :D
Jack (2 months ago)
Yes! Glad I'm not the only one who caught that. Jigga man...
ThePaulpope (2 months ago)
I’m fuckin loving this is the FULL CHASE ! Blow your dick off ...man !
Brandon Waiss (2 months ago)
Oh man, Chase! I kept waiting for you to reach down and press the button to elevate the kiddie art table. God, that would have been funny.
King Ghidorah (2 months ago)
This bag....it’s ugly but what is so striking is the old combo of “been there done that” ballistic nylon and hipster leather. Then the loud orange inside....sigh, this bag is like a butter face with a slamming body.
Daniel Anugerah (2 months ago)
Looks like a Tumi actually
jarofsalt (2 months ago)
Uncanny to see Chase out in sunlight.
Sumit Paul (2 months ago)
Is there a compilation of all the videos where you say business papers ... man? Well, there should be.
Thomas Sawaya (2 months ago)
am I the only one who thinks this bag is horrific?
Kevin R (2 months ago)
I don't like it in the contrasting leather colors either. However, they do make it with ​black leather that matches the Cordura well and looks much better.
Don Chartier (2 months ago)
Fun review, thanks. I like the architecture, organization (I have a thing for side pockets), and the fact that it stands up. I'm less thrilled by the leather, though. It seems tacked on, rather than "this function can only be served by a leather panel." The leather grab handle makes more sense, because it would feel better than Cordura. Keep on keepin' on!
alfred (2 months ago)
Have you reviewed anything from Alchemy Equipment
Andre (2 months ago)
Business Papers ep. 1xx: Dementia Happens. Damn I love the way they designed the compartments!
eddyinet (2 months ago)
Your most epic review yet and I’ve been watching since your first upload. Love how existential it’s getting. Keep it up brutha...burrito. Peace
Bryan B (2 months ago)
YES! Finally.
iamsheep (2 months ago)
Ppppp...papers, your business papers...man. Stretch that shit out man!
grimmWednesday (2 months ago)
It’s a reference to a scene in *The Big Lebowski*, my favorite part of his reviews. I've moved away from needing so much dedicated organization in my carry, but I'm still a little bummed when a bag doesn't actually have a place for your business papers, man.
Matt Zahara (2 months ago)
Why does he always say "business papers man" in every video? I love it, but why?
Jeff J (2 months ago)
Chase, I love the Waterfield Designs bags and cases, they make wonderful stuff. But I struggle with this bag, it’s just too thick and a bit too bulbous. My favorite look for a backpack with a suit is a tote bag or briefcase. My second favorite backpack look with a suit is a sleek, smaller form factor bag, it’s going to hold some lovely and expensive thin laptop or tablet-keyboard thing (MAC/iOS or W10). It’s going to hold a really nice notebook/agenda and a few pens. And a pair of NC headphones from the usual suspects, probably a NY Times or Wall Street Journal. Everything else goes in the roller bag or a beautiful duffle. I’d not wear this with a suit or, as a startup entrepreneur, a blazer over jeans. BTW, I have a Roost, awesome tool for the mobile worker.
Chase Reeves (2 months ago)
Fish4Life (2 months ago)
The zippers should still say YKK without the YKK pulls, it will say on the side or bottom, recommendation for a good water bottle- get yourself a zojirushi. Just ordered a Mission Workshop internal tool roll for my my electronics/wires and other shit pouch....Damn I'm all over the place with this shit right? taking some meds now...peace out brah.
ryan webb (2 months ago)
This is the best looking backpack I’ve seen that will look good for the office even if i work from home.
Mawii FPV (2 months ago)
OK, I'm getting one for the sole reason of putting my balls in that pouch!
ahedderly (8 days ago)
I'm sure somebody has already emailed him a pic.
Jason Dranoff (2 months ago)
check out the RovyVon to Aurora 550 Lumens the flashlight is unbelievable size of a AAA Battery I think you would really love it. It's a fully rechargeable battery
Isaac Lucero (2 months ago)
This video has been fantastic.
Aaron Domanais (2 months ago)
You remind me Jackson Maine from the new A Star Is Born movie lol
Dane C (2 months ago)
Shout-out to bunk beds
M Price (2 months ago)
Troubadour Rucksack 👌🏾🔥 please review
Truth Seeker (2 months ago)
Do you have a trailer, just for your bags as you're traveling?
blair satterfield (2 months ago)
This may be the closest I have ever been to being "first". So....EIGHTH!!
Rowan Strang (2 months ago)
Please review the Field Muzetto by Waterfield Designs!!!
Jeff J (2 months ago)
Rowan Strang that’s a great bag, I own one and love it.
Marco Polio (2 months ago)
A Photography centric review please.
darioprime (2 months ago)
you can't take backpacks into professional environments, maybe it works for film editors based out of Hamburg, Germany, but anyone else will go into the meeting room and be immediately pegged as a temp or an intern. Which isn't to say they wont be jealous of your storage places for papers... business papers, but they will think your not being serious.
venom5809 (2 months ago)
eBags makes a backpack that can be converted into a briefcase looking type bag, looks great, I have the big one and the small one. If you're necessary and vital you can walk in the room with anything you want. Walk around Chicago and NYC, lots and lots of people with suits or business casual clothing and backpacks on.
Jeff J (2 months ago)
Yeah, I’ll argue this point. I see backpacks on suited guys every week in the airport, insurance, tech, healthcare, consulting, all of these industries a backpack is acceptable when traveling. Usually something from Tumi. Wall Street? High finance? No.
D Bass (2 months ago)
Depends on your field. I've never been in a wall street board room, but in the tech industry it's not uncommon. My boss carries a backpack and makes a 7 figure salary. Might be a tech industry thing.
James Dunne (2 months ago)
Thank goodness there is a place for my important business papers :)
Ready Eddie (2 months ago)
I am not an OGIO guy! Lol Maybe Tumi but not OGIO. I am now rocking a Filson Briefcase with Banana Republic pants. Love your videos!!! The kids room is a new look.
Dedalus11973 (2 months ago)
Dude, what exactly is your issue with Italy and Italians? Did some Italian dude still your girlfriend back in high school? :)
Chase Reeves (2 months ago)
No! Dude, Italians are the best at being like, "I'm fucking italian and you're gonna have to deal with that." And they flashy as fuck a lot of time :)
Jupa Gómez (2 months ago)
I love waterfield design... though I don’t know if I should get this one or peakdesign everyday 30l!!! Love your Chanel and the way you put all this useful info out here, 100% bullshit free!!
Bryan B (2 months ago)
I found the Peak Design everyday to be a disappointment.
Flight Saitek (2 months ago)
Jupa Gómez I was considering the Peak Design ultimately I watched some videos of “real review” of the 20L. since I would not be using it just for photography, I felt I would work well with the peak. Side note, I went Boundary Supply Errant. But I personally like Peak’s style more than this bag. And if I “needed” a second bag I would buy the peak designs, from a place with a great return policy.

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