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Body Art Fashion Show | Sacret Geometry @ World Bodypainting Festival

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Every year at the World Bodypainting Festival the greatest artists in the Body Art world come together under the direction of Karala B to create new shows with live performance, living art and extreme design. This years show "Sacred Geometry" took a great leap in the direction of this style of performance with the added creativity of Video artist Joshua David Lim mixing together visuals by Void Visuals and from the film Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds, (links below) plus spoken word written and performed for the show by the artist Iseult Sheehy. Renowned artists such as Einat Dan, Scott Frey and Madelyn Greco, Bella Volen and Karen Yiu as well as many more world renowned artists came together for the fourth time for the largest display of body art in one combined show. The theme reached deep into the creation and expression of the human soul,with the level of body art and performance taking another step in beauty. This years Body Art Fashion show was the tightest and most emotionally reaching performance in the series to date and the many models, performers, painters, make up artists, lighting and stage directors and film crew have a lot to be proud of. The thousands strong audience were greeted with a high impact show that they will remember. With all my thanks and gratitude- Karala B cocokarala.com Links: bodypainting-festival.com/en/ Video: voidvisuals.com/‎ innerworldsmovie.com/ (amazing film exploring a host of themes, including Sacred Geometry) Spoken Word: themayblaze.com
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redoks altar (2 months ago)
body painting is a underrated art....
jack john (1 year ago)
theme of phylosophy
Kumar Mani (5 months ago)
Muslimsexmovies the
Pirker Helmut (2 years ago)
World of Bodypainting (5 years ago)
Review from the Body Art Fashion Show at the World Bodypainting Festival 2013. 
Joan Barrios (5 years ago)

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