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AMAZING! This dog spent his entire life inside a dark box ... we had to save him !

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AMAZING! This dog spent his entire life inside a dark box ... we had to save him ! Cesar and his friends were all rescued from a cruel puppy mill operator. Puppy mills or dog farms where dogs are bred and sold for profit are terrible places that need to be banned by law. IF YOU LOVE WHAT WE DO, JOIN US, HELP US SAVE ANIMAL LIVES... PLEASE BECOME A SPONSOR ON PATREON!: https://www.patreon.com/LetsAdopt If you not only care about animals, if you want to make a difference in the life of the orphaned kids of Ethiopia, PLEASE JOIN AMBESSA ON PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/AMBESSA
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Viktor Larkhill (3 months ago)
IF YOU LOVE WHAT WE DO, JOIN US, HELP US SAVE ANIMAL LIVES... PLEASE BECOME A SPONSOR ON PATREON!: https://www.patreon.com/LetsAdopt If you not only care about animals, if you want to make a difference in the life of the orphaned kids of Ethiopia, PLEASE JOIN AMBESSA ON PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/AMBESSA
Yheziel Jimenez (1 hour ago)
+Sheila Steele a
Gina Cavallo (5 days ago)
These are two different issues and two different problems. They need to work out separately! Matter of fact I would like anything or one to suffer! But the fact each issues are suffering and need to find solutions to solve each problem!
Naz awan (6 days ago)
How can v help u
Ellenor Malik (17 days ago)
Mills like the one Kaiser (Cesar) came from have to go. Any future mills must be households with top-quality living conditions that make the breeding stock feel like they're in heaven. This goes for dogs, cats, and foxes bred for human use. Oh and end fur farms
SuperSUGAMAMA123 (19 days ago)
ia, sorefor u rdog
Wessel Steyl (2 hours ago)
From a breeding facility??? Definitely not a facility with love for animals! They should get closed down and the owner thrown in jail.
Lynne Marino (3 hours ago)
bff6688 (8 hours ago)
That was a very amazing transformation that dog went through i mean why do people put innocent little animals through that thats just hurtful but at least now the dog is better and is happy after all that mmm
Sandra Patricia Osorio (14 hours ago)
Michelle Sun (17 hours ago)
i was nearly crying of the thought of all the other animals that are homeless or hurt in the world that are waiting to be saved :(:::::
barbara mori (18 hours ago)
Hope no one buys a dog ever again. NUNCA COMPREN PERROS! Adopt!!!
Maisie Unger (20 hours ago)
As sad as this is, if he is covered in poop, why are they not wearing gloves?
Moon Beam (22 hours ago)
The story of a little dog whose only crime was to have been born.
pat gladwell (1 day ago)
The owners of the puppy mill need to be prosecuted , and very seriously reprimanded , put them in prison lock them up in dark , barely any food and water , no washing cleaning , treat them like they treated this poor little dog and the many others they have been so cruel and abusive to . They are scum are need to suffer like these poor dogs have suffered .
pat gladwell (1 day ago)
It is heart breaking to see this and know that animals are treated so badly
Rosemary Gillanders (1 day ago)
Theres a special place in hell for the people that did this .
Thank you sir!
Rose Whaley (1 day ago)
I love animals but my yorkie's are my babies both have now passed on and i miss them so much jack was 18 years old Lucy was 14 they gave us so much joy and fun i can't believe how people can treat an animal in this manner Cesar is a beauty thank you for helping him and thank god we still have humans with kind hearts thank you for loving and caring for all dogs being treated in this manner i thank you all x👏🐶🐶🐶🐶
Annette Mayer (1 day ago)
pls help me save one of these babies 😥
Annette Mayer (1 day ago)
pls contact me at 802-733-5151. my baby girl needs a friend. she is so lonely.
Annette Mayer (1 day ago)
I am poor but my babies r very well taken care of.
Annette Mayer (1 day ago)
That's a whole dog!!! OMG!!!
Birgitta Andersson (2 days ago)
Wonderful video. He get a good life now. Thanks all wonderful people for helping cute dog❤
Jada Stoneberg (2 days ago)
He’s beutiful
Jada Stoneberg (2 days ago)
Awwww so glad he’s ok now
Feledwards (2 days ago)
So sad 😞
Janet Mcbee (2 days ago)
♡♥♡Thank You So Much For Sharing This♡♥♡ I have an Infinity of Compassion. Although, I Apologize, that I only made it to about 5sec. , of your video. Please Don't Take this wrong. I just really wanted to say ~ Thank You for Sharing. ♡♡♡
Bob Knob (2 days ago)
Some humans truly suck at the lowest level of suckingdom
Thomas Stecyk (3 days ago)
What the Hell. This is what happens when you worship money.
Jayne Gardiner (3 days ago)
Groomer needs to be more gentle with this poor little soul. He was shaking! Needs a huge cuddle and food x
Hope & Love (3 days ago)
We don't deserve animals
rosedragon108 (3 days ago)
why on earth ?? didn't they trim the hair around his face 1st? so he could see?
Bela Fiuza (3 days ago)
I hope people, that do this, go to prison!
Bela Fiuza (3 days ago)
Bela Fiuza (3 days ago)
Cruel people!
Susan Mills (3 days ago)
How can anyone treat an innocent little animal like this. I can't believe they can have no humanity at all. So glad though that Cesar got a good life in the end.
Ujwala Kadam (4 days ago)
How cruel type of people are, they should not punish the animals, like... They are our best friends and they love us. Why should we do that to them,dont use expriments on them, dont harras them and love them as our best friend...
Nancy Ann (4 days ago)
God Bless you for all you do. I hope those people burn in hell that did this to the dogs.
Serge Hamel (4 days ago)
How human can be so cruel and heartlessness
Charles Her (4 days ago)
God bless you guys....thanks for saving him.
Cap Aranha (4 days ago)
Wonderful story...please update Ceasar's situation nowadays. The old owners should be put in a black box too....I hope they ended in jail at least for animal abuse....mdfkrs !!
Helen Higgason (5 days ago)
This to me, treating a dog in this fashion, is absolutely disgraceful, they are SO adorable, I can’t imagine treating a dog, any dog in this terrible way!
Celia Gorleski (5 days ago)
I hope someone went to jail over this.
Naz awan (6 days ago)
This is amazing. Am also helping them. Feed them as much as I can, I can't leave them to death. I have a request to all viewers plz don't beat animals if they do anything which annoy uu. Coz they are not human. If u have a pet at home don't leave them on roads . They hv feelings. Love them and train your children to love animals. While driving be care full if they are crossing. Plz give them ways. Help them and love them Thanks
MOM on DUTY (6 days ago)
When he got all trimmed...he looked SO CUTE!
Jeffrey Hancock (6 days ago)
That was without a doubt very hard for me to watch without a tear forming, Well, more than one. At least someone has a heart and takes action. I've done it myself and feel great joy knowing we had a family member that gave us all the love we gave her. She's gone now, but lived a full 14 years with us. Sleep well my Nala....we miss you.
Alicia De la rivera (7 days ago)
Angel beatiful
Alicia De la rivera (7 days ago)
Incredible transformation cute and happy
Milena Mila (7 days ago)
My God ❤️
Mateo Montaña (7 days ago)
Tu acento españolisimo 😂 Excelente video!
Praveen Kumari (7 days ago)
Kelly Jones (8 days ago)
Oh how lovely 😍 congratulations x just wondering if you are keeping a girl or a boy? X
Rick Jordaan (8 days ago)
Viktor i am a 53 year old man from South Africa. This clip broke my to see but uplifted my spirit to know that there are people like you in this world! Thank you for doing your best for these doggies. Geez, this really got to me
Jacqueline Anghelov (8 days ago)
C'est très beau ce que vous avez fait pour ce petit chien 👍💕
Jasmine Ghosh (8 days ago)
God bless u for saving this puppy...
pat gladwell (8 days ago)
Thank you for helping this dear little dog from such misery , thamnk you to the vet staff for cleaning him up and clipping him free of such bad knotting and matting , terrible state for the sweet little thing , he must think he has gone to heaven with these lovely new owners / mumma and poppa . God bless you all involved with his rescue and good health now , you are all wonderful people x
Brian Stevenson (8 days ago)
time for a change people
Aussie Gypsy (8 days ago)
This just makes me want to cry that poor baby.
Jacklyn Salleh (9 days ago)
Jacklyn Salleh (9 days ago)
sarah kilburn (9 days ago)
one time the police went into one house and found 30 dogs that were very bad. they had to take them to many animal hospitals. they took them to my dads some of them. it was awful. but people like this and my dads office who do things out of their hearts for the animals.
ISKEL ARTEAGA (9 days ago)
God bless! a nice dog!
john elton (9 days ago)
such great work, and we thank you
sensei saitama (9 days ago)
victor larkhill ! thank you for rescued puppy save her life very pity god bless
sensei saitama (9 days ago)
omg! victor larkhill ,tangk you for rescue this pity puppy god bless you always for your helping hand
Lamina Anju (9 days ago)
How did the dog even survive for 10 years in a little box like this without food and water?
sheroni (9 days ago)
I hope the people who neglected those precious, innocent babies spend the rest of their lives in jail, and when they die, enterenty in HELL! I’m so thankful for the love of the rescue team. The poor little boy was so afraid and so mistreated. It’s amazing how heartless PEOPLE can be.😰
Retty Luha (10 days ago)
God bless you, little dog!
Av8tore71 (10 days ago)
How I get this dog to America, I'd adopt him in a heartbeat and pay!!!!
Mary Garcia (10 days ago)
Beautiful transformation. I love you Caesar!
cynthiadean19 (10 days ago)
I'm in tears😢😢
J STRATTEN (10 days ago)
People who are cruel to animals should be tortured and sent to hell. NO PASS NO FORGIVING.
Kayla L (10 days ago)
Стала кросоткой!
Diane Czir (10 days ago)
God Bless you for your helping hands.....
Lawrence Wright (11 days ago)
I love all dogs, but I especially love Jack Russell Terriers and Yorkies
don wilson (11 days ago)
The people who did this...deserve retribution. Never forget the Lord our God knows everything you have done. Good luck explaining it to Him. Karma...do your thing.
TEAM flakstad (12 days ago)
im smiling of 😭😭😭
phildirt3 (12 days ago)
People need to be held accountable for such cruelty
Mohitsingh Kukreja (12 days ago)
🌺💖🌹🌼🌻💐⚘🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 THANKS for saving this beautiful baby 🐶 god bless you. Continue sir
mia riley (12 days ago)
Nuu the yorkie
Thank you for doing what you do.. u save lives ❤️
Trinice Williams (13 days ago)
What a good boy❤❤ After all he's been through!
Lu RT (13 days ago)
Poor thing!
lillady697 (13 days ago)
Poor little guy!! How can people be so evil n cruel to these innocent little babies!! Thank u for saving him!! God bless u!!
Anchalee Smith (13 days ago)
I would like to know what's kind of people who can do this to him.
Ter. Ha. (13 days ago)
Poor Cesar😢 What a lovely dog❤❤❤ Thanks for saving him...god bless you😇
Mayquel Jurado (13 days ago)
What a good little boy❤️!! what is wrong with humanity!😡 I hope this inspires people around to never wait to help out animals no matter what kind!❤️
You are wonderfull
Happy Michie Worriah (13 days ago)
Looks like my cute dog cutey but.m
Happy Michie Worriah (13 days ago)
Poor thing covered in...wat he ate
Happy Michie Worriah (13 days ago)
O my aa hair
Happy Michie Worriah (13 days ago)
Felix Vilas (14 days ago)
Gracias 👍👏😍
Mohamadreza Delgaran (14 days ago)
Best people
Mohamadreza Delgaran (14 days ago)
Mohamadreza Delgaran (14 days ago)
Caroline Josephine (14 days ago)
I want to adopt her pleaseee 😭😭❤️❤️❤️
Jeevana Priyanka (14 days ago)
Poor lil baby🐶😭😭
Amy Lohr (14 days ago)
I bet that dog 🐕 feels a lot better
Amy Lohr (14 days ago)
The humane society thanks you so much for caring for this dog thank you for saving him or her👍👍😁😁
Shatha Alobaidi (14 days ago)
Please I want him He touched my heart
Pervin Boran (14 days ago)
I am very grateful that the people are still so good in life, thank you for saving poor dogs. Rs everything is very nice and good only the lady with the scissors the complete fluffy coat which has grown too much that cuts off you really respect only she should work with feeling or cut the hair carefully I think that they worked a bit faster in the end because you almost managed to cut off all the fuzzy fur is already heaps of hours way work ahead I would like because you cut faster at the end, has also cut the meat or cut her if you look closer you almost see the end where the whole leg is full of blood and her hands are full of blood, then she does bandage, too. You see that this poor dog is full of fear and trembles if you were tender with caressing and slow cutting without hurting I know it from my two Dogs have happened to me once before. The hair is hard to my skin, you know at all like the one or the other small cries when you cut the skin a bit with the hair together? Because of this, I ask you to cut your hair more carefully in the future, rather than a flashlight or a very bright light, so that you do not cut the skin out of your hair. And if we come to nails or to cut the claws not much just a small point like point This pliers is also too big for this little poor dog !!! Would understand if it were a big big Bernadiner dogs then you could cut off scissors of course with the pliers again with the flashlight or a very bright light so that you do not cut the inner skin underneath nails because that is again very hellish pain even at night the claws throb violently because it is completely injured. I speak through experiences because it all happened to me does not want this hellish pain other dogs or cats suffering it please PLEASE with very bright light and with much patience and love tenderness with caressing so that one takes the fear and then does not shiver SO as it was in the beginning.
Lashonda Williams (14 days ago)
This really pisses me off
Alice Fink (14 days ago)
Awe ceaser is so adorable!! I wish I could adopt one of his siblings but I live in America to far away to bring them home here. Thank you for all you do to save these precious babies.. your an angel in discise .

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