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Text Comments (516)
Ethan Langit (1 month ago)
Just saying who has just noticed the action figure tan has in his jean jacket pocket at 3:21 🤔
Brandon Mota (2 months ago)
Who’s watching this 1 year later damn I love this episode a lot idk may be the atmosphere and vibes lol 😭😂
akidfromhawaii808 (6 months ago)
What shoe does Richie got? Nike ACG what?
King Wayne (7 months ago)
These boys my role models man 😂😂😂 just wait when I graduated college next year I'm live life like yall
billy navarro (8 months ago)
ya'll bought four sneakers but ur bags lookin light as hell
TheLifeOfRo (8 months ago)
where you get the pants from ?
Jevel Esguerra (9 months ago)
Tan needs to button up those cuffs, he look like the only Asian in his group of white friends that has a skateboard just to hold it
Anthony Martinez (9 months ago)
Are uptempos good to hoop in?
Sboy's World (10 months ago)
Would these work with 0 degree to minus 0 temps?
edward loviyandhi (1 year ago)
Richie be like.. can i get a large pepperoni pizza? But instead of pepperoni i want OLIVES
Travis Takamori (1 year ago)
So who buys the sneakers at the end? I wonder if Richie beforehand tells Tan and Johnny that they can only buy one sneaker. Then Johnny gets two sneakers of the similar color way..."But Richie! You just gave me the nickname Tone Jones! And you can't reject Tone Jone's new calling!" I wouldn't mind doing YouTube videos and at the end of the shoot, Richie buys me a pair of sneakers. Just like when last time Joe was barely in a video and he was able to get a pair of sneakers too! Richie, if you need a sneaker head in Hawaii video, holla at ya boy!!! lol the cringe is real!!!
somebody tell me why the h 3:25 there is a female character anime pop out tan‘s pocket?
crabys (1 year ago)
Yo what song does he use for the cinematica
fagoat (1 year ago)
tan lookin like he bouta catch a baseball ball with his shoe
egodeath2007 (1 year ago)
i dont fuck wit da earth tones, still dressed like a neon demon
BHuynh (1 year ago)
Go to "The Cool" at southcenter
Terime Johsez (1 year ago)
How to dress like an idiot who doesn't know fashion during the winter
chino gustaviano (1 year ago)
Why richie bossballin but allways got that same bape hat
Calvin Quach (1 year ago)
What are the two shoes Johnny bought?
Pedro Sousa (1 year ago)
3:11 I just wanna succ
Ruben Chau (1 year ago)
whats the shoe richie got?
Rizky Ramandhika (1 year ago)
that chun li tho
Sovanary Thon (1 year ago)
Johnny is so cute
Nathan Jones (1 year ago)
Riche... stop trying to be tan with that denim shirt
EatDatShopLifter445 (1 year ago)
0:52 Bruh Wtf is they talking bout?
Azmi Maruf (1 year ago)
anybody know song in 0:22 please tell me
Christian Castillo (1 year ago)
Where he buy the olive cargos
Majida Khan (1 year ago)
Where Kylie at?
JKJAmul (1 year ago)
Y'all would freeze to death in Europe wearing coach jackets and shoes like that
TRILL Danny (1 year ago)
The black ones
TRILL Danny (1 year ago)
Yoo what's the name of the shoe in the video pic,they look fire🔥🔥
Arnold Macalipay (1 year ago)
@johnny why you leaving you left ear in the cold?
Cam Herring (1 year ago)
Tan look like a fool lmaoo
APproductions (1 year ago)
What are those shoes that tan are wearing, not the ones he picked out
WetLikeWater (1 year ago)
Where did tan or whatever his name is get that denim jacket
I wanna wear all these winter clothes but it’s always hot in Florida 😩😩
Elijah Stephens (1 year ago)
Tone jones
Big Johnny actually isn’t that big lol if he can if a Palace long sleeve.. 🤔🤔
Argenis Valdez (1 year ago)
Yo rich what brand of pants are those
Lincoln Betts (1 year ago)
Special forces for a special guy.
Lincoln Betts (1 year ago)
Earth tones, know what I'm saying. "ayeee these kinda hot! "
calodin (1 year ago)
I reference Big Boy Johnny....what ever looks good on him prob looks good on me
TheEmsonM (1 year ago)
Anyone else notice the Chun Li in tans pocket? LOL
whataderk (1 year ago)
Richie look like a permanent side nigga.
lol (1 year ago)
Got the hypebeast sharks
kevinamata (1 year ago)
5:05 Gotcha👌🏼
TJ The coon (1 year ago)
I’m messing with the editing 🤯🔥🔥🔥🔥
Samuel Carrillo (1 year ago)
Asian people look weird With those eyes
Tasi Asuega (1 year ago)
Im bigger than big boy johnny wtf that make me smh
Jrbr9 (1 year ago)
Where tf did big boy johnny get them mf jeans man?
tdtdft (1 year ago)
I forget what's the name for the Nike shoe on the thumbnail on the left🤔🤔?? Anyone know?
LJ_AF (1 year ago)
I'm diggin tan's outfit 👌👌
ERA (1 year ago)
Johnny lowkey has the best fit and the best style out of y'all 3. Richie take that damn hat off bruh and Tan Tang getting them shoes that look like Joker face lmfao
Josh (1 year ago)
man johnny the funniest
Gio Luna (1 year ago)
Anyone noticed Tan's chun li toy in his chest pocket?
Declan Mccabe (1 year ago)
johnny the elf
Daniel G. (1 year ago)
did cole bennet produce this vid?
Brian Zeng (1 year ago)
My man richie with the bait plug i see you bro. Keep up the great work guys
Reuben Simon (1 year ago)
3:37 chiun lee in tans pocket
Cuckwag (1 year ago)
0:20 instrumental?
Leon B-Hong (1 year ago)
Could you do a $200 outfit challenge at ZARA
Victor Williams II (1 year ago)
Can red technically be considered and earth tone fire is natural
Chandler Gilgenbach (1 year ago)
Richie change your clothes
Kogaeru Saru (1 year ago)
because alpha industries is non-branded, ok
jack popple (1 year ago)
richie gotta ditch that bape hat and jean jacket, all he wears
jack popple (1 year ago)
you guys are fun to watch hahahhaa
TB24 XX (1 year ago)
Lamelo Ball 7:30!!!
Robert K (1 year ago)
Great video I liked the pickups you guys got, but Johnny had the best pickups in my opinion 💯🔥
ItsFitzsy Channel (1 year ago)
Whats that shirt Richie's wearing
Jason Angeles (1 year ago)
Your winter is a Canadian Fall.
Jose Castro (1 year ago)
What is the specific name of those Nike ACG shoes Richie got?
Eli (1 year ago)
Johnny always getting af1 shit
Asap Cars (1 year ago)
So we gonna ignore the chun li in tan’s pocket at 3:30
kyle casey (1 year ago)
At this point the shit is just pure cringe
A-Aron 24 (1 year ago)
I got that wool pair tan has for $29 at nike outlet
Theodor Makki (11 months ago)
What are they Called beacuse i Think they are fire🔥🔥
Jarred Morris (1 year ago)
johnny a clown lmao
benson tong (1 year ago)
Please do a second part really love this
Lil Pump (1 year ago)
Shave the van dyke beard please go back to a goatee
Galih Jananuraga (1 year ago)
What fuckin winter fuckin shopping? U fuckin guys just fuckin bought a fuckin shoes
Marcos Molina (1 year ago)
whats the name of the shoes tantan picked out
simramhmang (1 year ago)
I feel older everytime a bait store video comes out.
Ascanti Kingsberry (1 year ago)
What is the name of the shoe that Richie had in his hand first
ugly nigger (1 year ago)
Big boy Johny did need to worry about the hype beast sharks cuz he too big for them to eat anyway
Zack Mendoza (1 year ago)
Richie the type of dude to mess with Olive so much Popeye about to pull up with his spinach
Imran Harris (1 year ago)
Mans has chun lee in his pocket
Tom V. Eekhout (1 year ago)
Honestly, big boy had the best outfit this episode
Boruto (1 year ago)
Johnny low key dresses the flyest
x fmk (1 year ago)
Why they always actin like such fools man with the stupid ass hand n face gestures like tf bruh
splvshgxrdon (1 year ago)
Whats the point of wearing a long sleeve if you're just gonna pull the sleeves up??
Stephen Barrios (1 year ago)
richie ... imma send you a new hat ... yeah .. new hat that bape joint you cooked that shit . you starting to seem look a cartoon character that stays in the same damn outfit
Leeder (1 year ago)
They didn't even buy those shoes lol 😂😂
Aria Farrel (1 year ago)
Johnny got stung by a bee 4:12
She Screams Nick (1 year ago)
So we gonna act like tan didn’t have a mai figure in his pocket
kntwing (1 year ago)
wish they have that store in nyc..
Kim Slayer (1 year ago)
Tans shoes whack
Kim Slayer (1 year ago)
Richie likes olive cause he built like one
Co Dean (1 year ago)
richie olive olive olive olive olive olive olive
Niccolo Carcereny (1 year ago)
how many times did you practice the vid?
CaptianInfidel (1 year ago)
Those 1st shoes Richie picked are fucking wack. Whos mans are you.
Mega Trunks (1 year ago)
Johnny got sauce 💥

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