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10 Things Every Guy Should Have In His Bedroom

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Text Comments (844)
Super Human (11 days ago)
I have $10 in my pocket and watching This. Lol
Sathya narayanan (16 days ago)
Some thicc girls too 😎
Aayan Mohammed (26 days ago)
Isn't 2 a number??
Shoutouts&Gaming (1 month ago)
I cracked up when he said when u play with ur self😂😂
Partha Gogoi (1 month ago)
So your videos are not usually for us but for them whom you promoting for ...
Stuart Duncan (1 month ago)
A few of things I NEED to say, and I would be shocked if others haven't said this 1 - You sound like you are shouting everything - NOT GOOD 2 - You come across VERY ARROGANT - how you have this many subs, I have no idea 3- YOU LITERALLY HAVE PRODUCT PLACEMENT/SPONSORSHIPS IN EVERY VIDEO - you can not believe in all of those products, you are LITERALLY BEING PAID TO TALK ABOUT THEM - it is obvious it is not the opinion of a genuine consumer, they are paying you, and for the amount of them you have, YOU LOOK LIKE A TOTAL SELL OUT!!! MONEY GRABBER, HOW THE HELL ANYONE BELIEVES A SINGLE WORD YOU SAY IS BEYOND ME, IF THEY DO, THEY'RE GOD DAMN STUPID!!! 4 - I got VERY ANNOYED by you VERY QUICKLY! - one of them weird things happened like, I've just seen this and I actually hate him, you just pressed on that nerve and it made me hate you instantly - ...AGAIN THE WAY YOU COME ACROSS, ITS GRATING. I FOUND THE PART ABOUT SCALES IN THE BEDROOM TO BE VERY INSULTING, THE CHESS SET IN THE BEDROOM MAKES YOU LOOK PRETENTIOUS AND VERY UP YOURSELF, HOW OFTEN DO YOU PLAY CHESS IN YOUR BEDROOM? NEVER! IT'S WEIRD, HAVE THE GAME SET OUT IN A COMMUNAL SPACE LIKE A DEN OR SITTING ROOM ALCOVE - LIKE EVERYONE ELSE DOES. THE WORLD IS CERTAINLY A F**KED UP PLACE IF 3 MILLION PEOPLE LISTEN AND LIVE BY THIS BULLS**T YOU GO ON ABOUT, I REALLY HOPE DONALD TRUMP IS VERY CLOSE TO STARTING A NUCLEAR WAR TO WIPE US ALL OUT!!!
Hoody K (1 month ago)
Tsering Dolker (1 month ago)
Plz make a video about how to look good at basket and football jersey
Joe Hunt (1 month ago)
1:23 Uh José usually i sleep at night
Al Belfort (2 months ago)
All non-US viewers: "A GUN wtf?!"
Paul Evans (2 months ago)
Millionth view 🤗
Chandra Wibowo (2 months ago)
Chess set so I can play myself?
Samiur Rahman (2 months ago)
Can I know the name of the first track you played on that bluetooth speaker?
Bob Weaver (2 months ago)
What do you think, would she like soft or would she like it more firm?
Jayesh Kalara (2 months ago)
Why does he have a firearm
Muh Mh (2 months ago)
The title should be : 10 Ads in one video
Frank Ortiz (2 months ago)
Run me dat chess game😈
Montgomery Truitt (2 months ago)
How many mattresses does he have
Sayfullah Abbasi (2 months ago)
Forgot condoms
Communi Sm (2 months ago)
U have firearms? cool.
Adan Vera (2 months ago)
what kind of scale would you recommend, a great working scale but easy on the wallet.
FaZe Time (2 months ago)
Eli Mumm (2 months ago)
Pro Tip: join the Navy for all room needs covered
Ionut Antoce (3 months ago)
You nailed it with the last one 😂😂😂
Tom Green (3 months ago)
Number 10 a bed
retardeadly awesome (3 months ago)
Damn mans packin heat
Coolbeans Pizzaman (3 months ago)
Keep ur curly hair
Adi Stefan (3 months ago)
I bet you don't even know how to play chess...but hey, it looks smart to have a chess board in your room. Do you have some quantum physics books too next to your bed?
Danjim 721 (3 months ago)
"To play with yourself"😂
Carson Kalbfleisch (3 months ago)
My Mattress doesn’t even fit my bed
WitherWingz (3 months ago)
jose is the kind of zunigga who gets broke teenagers accustomed to skipping 10 minutes of a video which they think are ads and then makes a 5 second ad
Jon Gram (3 months ago)
Where is that brown desert book at 1:05 from?
Artur-d2 hello (3 months ago)
He said 3 2 timss
Artur-d2 hello (3 months ago)
He missed 2 lol
Beckett Bateman (3 months ago)
Wow... A lamp, a mattress, and a mirror I’m really glad you told me about all of this
Jalen Winrow (3 months ago)
I love your videos man. You are a complete life saver 🔥💯💯🗣 I salute you my friend ✊🏽
Life of Ryan (3 months ago)
Did anyone see when he said 9 but showed 8 with his fingers
Santo Heanue (3 months ago)
I have a sub and speaker system
Dan Ionut Baiceanu (3 months ago)
play with yourself :))
Krishna Gara .Salgado (3 months ago)
Beeesameeeee beesaaaameeee muuuuchooo! Solo lo entiendes si hablas español
Luke Slade (3 months ago)
Worst video I have ever watched
Ricky Ticky Toe (3 months ago)
a condom
Rizwan Tariq (3 months ago)
Hey can you do a video on should you shave your arm hair
John Smith (3 months ago)
Candles give u cancer
Lil Stuart (3 months ago)
John Mayer👌
Trey_edits _ (4 months ago)
Part 2 please
DotsV (4 months ago)
this greedy ass nigga, trying to sell me an $800 mattress.
Tj Berry (4 months ago)
How can I find that bed from the thumbnail???
SolidBanjo Banjo (4 months ago)
I actually already had all 10 😳
Awesome Top 10 (4 months ago)
Awesome Top 10 (4 months ago)
Elvandio Dwiputra (4 months ago)
Do you have india ancestor?
Darren D'Souza (4 months ago)
oh its already pleasurable dw
T.J. Dunham (4 months ago)
Did u say play with yourself
The Game Maniac 3D (4 months ago)
4:32 lol at least you can play with yourself
Ezequiel Peralta (4 months ago)
MrSqueakyClean (4 months ago)
4:32 so some toilet roll and lotion. Ok I get it now 😂 jk don’t mess around with porn
David Harris (5 months ago)
I always have love dice good way to break the ice
Alex Castillo (5 months ago)
thanks for the ideas
Suveshan Nadasen (5 months ago)
4:31 , "at least you can play with yourself" lol
Morrise Perez (5 months ago)
If ya’ll want a good Bluetooth speaker, go with the UltimateEars Megaboom.
Alexis Rivery Jr (5 months ago)
Hello everyone
Erick Suaste (5 months ago)
lol at 4:11 " number 9 " only has 8 fingers up😂 much respect though
Gabriel Cain-Martinez (5 months ago)
"A good smelly pig sty"
DaPixelMan (5 months ago)
4:30 Right...
Nope And nope (5 months ago)
0:30 was that the first song to pop on pandora ? (Andrea Bocelli ) Bésame Mucho
Blake Quintana (5 months ago)
“At least you can play with yourself.”
referral madness (5 months ago)
Having a safe for your valuables is a good idea but you'd be surprised how easy they are to break into with very few or even no tools especially if the safe has a 7pin tubialr lock but still safes are quite safe because most people don't have this knowledge of how easy they are to break into with the combination
referral madness (5 months ago)
That ikea cubicle thing looks great , I think my cousin uses it as a book shelf
Rob Johnson (5 months ago)
#11, Every man SHOULD have a gun in his bedroom. How else can he expect to defend himself! 👍
Źiø (5 months ago)
#11: A girl
Źiø (5 months ago)
referral madness I mean i am far from having a family
referral madness (5 months ago)
Zio family guy ? What's that got to do with anything. I don't watch the show so i don't understand your reference
Źiø (5 months ago)
referral madness Nah man.. I am far from being family guy
referral madness (5 months ago)
Actually having a boy and a girl in bed with you is better than just having a girl :) best of both world
madiha fayyaz (5 months ago)
Can you pls spell me your name? I don't think I get it right
Young brodie Alex (5 months ago)
Literally have everything I’m proud of my self
epicfaaail (5 months ago)
fkc yeah, 9 out of 10, no need for a safe yet
Mario M&M20 (5 months ago)
Definetly need a humidifier
referral madness (5 months ago)
A.J. Ello (5 months ago)
You know we're in a fucked up place when you feel like you have to say "literally" to use the word "lit" when talking about a fucking lamp.
Last King (6 months ago)
am i the only one who noticed Jose skipped the 2nd tip?
MasterPoog (6 months ago)
i can tell this guy is a conservative just by the fact he has a gun
Kw e (6 months ago)
This guy💪
PSR (6 months ago)
Francisco Gonzalez (6 months ago)
2:09 Uh Jose, crei que dijiste que un hombre NUNCA se pone comodo...🤔
Abraham Lopez (6 months ago)
My bedroom is the living room.......What should I do? Please help.
David Carrasquillo (6 months ago)
play with yourself checkmate lol
Nikolai Lugo (6 months ago)
Boi. If I'm gonna spend that much on a mattress, I'll just buy a Purple.
Nick Glover (6 months ago)
Your edc is missing your pistol
anwar hussain (7 months ago)
Don’t know where your based but isn’t having firearms in your possession at home illegal ?
9ix6ine (7 months ago)
"You know, for those lonely nights you can play with yourself" 😂
Juan Alcaraz (7 months ago)
At 1:06 I'm like... WHAT ARE THOSE
Nicolas Pimentel (7 months ago)
Says number 9 shows 8 fingers I’m dead
Schultzsi (7 months ago)
https://www.sonos.com/da-dk/shop/play1.html Wifi Music speaker
Black Bird Noodle (7 months ago)
Number 1 Lube
JGHifiversveiws (7 months ago)
chess so you can huh.......play with your self.
Walker Pafford (7 months ago)
Did he skip 2 or is it just me😂
Nlmb Jay (7 months ago)
Do a room tour
Sibasis Panigrahy (7 months ago)
What's the song that u played in calm??
Anne Uy (7 months ago)
Need condom
You say 3 , 2 times
Ryan Azevedo (7 months ago)
At 0:48 he skips 2 and says "the third...."
Quinlan Packard (7 months ago)
i gainded 2 pounds in 2 days lmao
Riz Kler (8 months ago)
Awesome vid Jose I know what I'm missing now thanks!

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