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Text Comments (1042)
TwistedMoon CR7 (1 day ago)
Đinh Long (2 days ago)
guess that's how mafia works
Logan Croft (3 days ago)
Yo Stockx is fake asf
LukstrGamr (4 days ago)
“Gang gang, fortnite”
Rogelio Espinoza (6 days ago)
@1:29 it looked like he was throwing up gang signs
Papa Ang (6 days ago)
You still get make fun of ppl with Fanny packs
Dankman9 (7 days ago)
So damn accurate especially the resell and raffle part.
Johnathan Williams (9 days ago)
You probably live in Kent I can tell by the skate park
Charles Edmon (10 days ago)
The game has changed for the worst.....
Jacob Federici (10 days ago)
New supreme sneaker heads don’t even skate they all just posers
Alexis Ayala (10 days ago)
was 2:30 at ken station?
Znob (10 days ago)
And thas how the mafia works.
Sergio Flores (10 days ago)
Reupload ?
Sergio Flores (10 days ago)
Could’ve sworn you made this exact video already
Gillian Palmer (11 days ago)
This is more like hypebeasts
J Garcia (11 days ago)
2:42 I’m in tears
Arya (13 days ago)
borderline cringe
Miguel Betances (13 days ago)
Okay the fanny pack thing was pretty cringy
Ændy Bœį (13 days ago)
@4:30 bruh you really out here betraying Sonics and us seattle boys
Hugh Park (13 days ago)
"Theres a size 14 for sale" Double Sock?
Aka Hamilton (14 days ago)
You guys should make a video trying to learn to skate
Tortillachip007 (15 days ago)
Think that the word „hypebeast“ is better for the supreme part 🧐😂
gavin howley (16 days ago)
lol what a poser
moises valle (17 days ago)
Dope let’s show this young bloods how we do back in tha days whit the Griffey and AF1 😂
Wasnt that nyjah's skate part hahahahaha
Bill Wan (18 days ago)
Last one damn right!!
Ay man hook me up with some yeezys size 6
Really Nigga (19 days ago)
Nigga said “fortnite”💀1:39
bosco chan (19 days ago)
You should do canadian sneaker head vs american sneaker heads
Toksik EnVy (19 days ago)
0:07 old sneakerhead wearing 700s
Ákos Ágoston (19 days ago)
2:49 man these converses still rocks!!!😎😎😎
D_L (20 days ago)
Corny as fuck
Jesse Luciano (20 days ago)
I stay with the oldschool meet ups lol
Lucas Macias (21 days ago)
Yooo did you film some of these parts at kent station??
2019 anyone?
Fatality Beatz (21 days ago)
What’s this soundstrack called in the beginning called were the desk scene is at
Adryn Ingle (21 days ago)
“Gang gang, haha Fortnite” 😭😭😭
Alto Pianista (22 days ago)
It’s Kayo (22 days ago)
4:03 look at the bottom
Joey crab cakes (22 days ago)
Short sneaker heads vs tall sneaker heads
T Series (23 days ago)
I’m old sneakerhead
luis garcia (23 days ago)
Who thought the guy in the thumbnail was vince carter
mikeruck2888 (23 days ago)
The literal depiction of back-dooring 😂🤣😆😂🤣😆
Jose Rodriguez (24 days ago)
Did everyone here they played Drug attic‘s
Mac n Cheese (25 days ago)
3:11 fake supreme
ElDinko (25 days ago)
more please
Daniel Catalan (25 days ago)
2:30 he look like shotti 6ix9nine old fellow mate 😂
MrMahazestar (27 days ago)
Man when I saw the baggy pants, I be honest, took me back a little bit.
Alex H (27 days ago)
Amoeba 🤟🏻
Lil Boligrafo (27 days ago)
7:00 that gta v ass song
Taggerty Tran (28 days ago)
Make more pls
Victor Duran (29 days ago)
Bro what the fuck is this not even relatable
Mahalo. (29 days ago)
Lmao was great
Marks Skates (29 days ago)
The skateboard part pissed me off cuz I have been skating 5 years and he just fucking pisses me off
Crane HD (29 days ago)
BananaSplitter (29 days ago)
Gang, Gang. FORTNITE!
Montae frm da westside (29 days ago)
POC Skellington (29 days ago)
So new sneaker heads are lame asses who know nothing about shoes?
Thành Lương Trần (29 days ago)
You are Vietnamese???
Crane HD (29 days ago)
Chinese ,maybe
lil Moe lll (30 days ago)
My bad I thought it was Kobe I only seen the 2
lil Moe lll (30 days ago)
The Nike Kobe jersey though
Young Clapped (30 days ago)
Lil pump- drug addict I hear?
Tristan Rees (30 days ago)
Y’all just took that part from nyjah lmfao
jimmy joe (30 days ago)
The first clip of supreme skating is at my middle school lol
death _ (1 month ago)
Why tf this poser have to fucking use nyjah Huston
YT_ scAndy (1 month ago)
Your almost at a million subs richie :)
RAP-D3MONIO (1 month ago)
Johnny hits that big gas
motiv (1 month ago)
Big boy coughed taking the first hit haha
motiv (1 month ago)
Scuffed Lavar Ball
Adrian Voss (1 month ago)
Haha, this is so funny! Keep it up!!!
Gaming On Adderall (1 month ago)
3:38 right by my house 😂
The AnD (1 month ago)
3:07 music?
Cam Johnholtz (1 month ago)
Converse is the best
Last one pretty much sums up the shoe gig.
Moe (1 month ago)
I’m a sneaker head at heart I’m just young and broke so I’m grinding and trying to look fresh at the same time
yeezyhendrix (1 month ago)
Can't believe people use to ball in Chucks
pappagetti 2009 (1 month ago)
Pouches were never wack. Especially not in the 90's.
GFEAST (1 month ago)
Yeah nyjah lookin good
Anybody else a fan of One Piece?
Jeffy Jeffy (1 month ago)
What is that jacket Richie is wearing
Malcolm (1 month ago)
That was great, love it guys 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾 Richie your skateboarding 🛹 tricks were dope 😆
冼泽 (1 month ago)
The backdoor is real.
NTHiaguar 4986 (1 month ago)
The guy skating was nyjah houston
Sh1ne (1 month ago)
So Fuking True :D
LUXLE (1 month ago)
Old school for the win 😎
Jack Oscanoa (1 month ago)
Richie is ass at skating
Frutzie _Yt (1 month ago)
2:06 what kyrie is that??
Frutzie _Yt (24 days ago)
+Varga Bence ty :)
Varga Bence (24 days ago)
Kyrie 4 Confetti
J_P (1 month ago)
You guys filmed at the skatepark that I go to
Avuel ian De la cruz (1 month ago)
That backdoor sellin hahahahahahah!
Carlos_ p1 (1 month ago)
The cracked sliding phone 😂😂😂😂👌
Eeskiitit Gang (1 month ago)
Them at scene came from the prince of bel air
Imran Gomez (1 month ago)
yeye boys when you run out of ideas
PrinceRabbit ッ (1 month ago)
6:58 NOPE!
Brayden Earl (1 month ago)
Green Tea Hot Wings (1 month ago)
FYI there’s such thing as a sneaker head and a hypebeast get ur facts right.
Anthony Olson (1 month ago)
0:23 Nobody actually sells shoes like that... how is this a new sneaker head, thease videos are just not relateable anymore.
Leo Sai (1 month ago)
What’s the song at 1:34
Brandon Ellenor (1 month ago)
3:27 that song is from gta 5 lol
Mikey C23 (23 days ago)
So basically you're a millennial moron.
sean pitaro (1 month ago)
He really took nyjah houstons Nike part for the supreme part

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