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Text Comments (599)
Lans Martinez (6 months ago)
This guys know hoops up
Ray Dominguez (11 months ago)
pls include steve franchise
Jaydin D (1 year ago)
Richie lee got me weak he Seattle wastten
LOONEY CAVS (1 year ago)
2:14 stuperman is in the building!!!!!!!😂😂😂
Hulk Buster (1 year ago)
Rich cp3 stepped on Curry’s shoe
Cason Martin (1 year ago)
Steph stepped on cp3 shoe
Alonzo H (1 year ago)
Shout out Iverson #RIP my boy MJ
Chris paul stepped on currys foot
Keatrick Thomas (1 year ago)
i can do the jammal crawdford but its hard u gotta pratice it
Brandon, The Great (1 year ago)
WHat about TIm HardAway?
Zoltardoctow (1 year ago)
lol did you see tan at the beginning behind the pole
[email protected] (2 years ago)
0:06 Wachington?
Ha Truong (2 years ago)
so basically Jordan cheated? :(
Vikramjeet Singh (2 years ago)
siraa mo es
Choi0820 Steve (2 years ago)
Tim harderway
Colin H (2 years ago)
i belive i can fly.......mom says wish big kid
TheDurpyOne (2 years ago)
In the beginning he said Washington wrong 😂 but still one hella good vid
YaBoiSwagJag ;-; (2 years ago)
Best crossover ever!Me and my friends were playing basketball at recess.So I was going side to side forward back and you see him fly to the left into 3 people😂😂😂😂
Jaylen Segers (2 years ago)
What about Tim Hardaway
se. sanjuan (2 years ago)
kyrie Irving thinking the earth is flat smh
Abhay Kumar (2 years ago)
It was a foul
SkobThePotato (2 years ago)
0:22 music??
SkobThePotato (2 years ago)
0.22 music??
theblockybuilder128 (2 years ago)
Congrats on 600k
Seth Impson (2 years ago)
Chris Paul stepped on Curry's foot and he was trying to whip
Xavier Robinson (2 years ago)
1:10 why he look retarded
Vj Vargas (2 years ago)
Its funny how richie is spreading his legs in the air during a shot. Is that a short guy shot looks like or he's just like that? Lmao
Ian Virgo (2 years ago)
Michael Smith (2 years ago)
Richie Le I ❤️ your NBA vids
TheGreenPandaGamer (2 years ago)
What editor do you use?????
Random Randomness (2 years ago)
What editor do you use?
Wong Vincent Ignacia (2 years ago)
Song 5:25 richie sing
TheGreenPandaGamer (2 years ago)
Vincent Wong White Iverson by Post Malone
Vieto Vitay (2 years ago)
what is the song that tan tang sing on 5:26
John Lloyd (2 years ago)
Tan has got me crackin up
Theodore S Arasavelli (2 years ago)
Bruh the Ai crossover by Richie 😂
Dilpreet Kaur (2 years ago)
AI sees Tyronne Lue; AI:"I'm sorry I stepped over you." Tyronne Lue:It's alright guess who actually has a NBA RING?
LETHAL_HOOPERS_24 (2 years ago)
Steph curry
Zacky Elroy (2 years ago)
what the music in 0:29 ?
abdullah abdellatif (2 years ago)
What about derrick rose crossover on wade and lebron
Arley Noah Lopez (2 years ago)
Stephen Curry was my favorite
Qwerty (2 years ago)
what about the crossover of AI against lakers finals *like aomine moves *
Ohtzki Sagelliv (2 years ago)
fuck you...
matrix (2 years ago)
The imitations sucked
Cody Spangler (2 years ago)
My dad went to high school with detlef schremph
Corrupted SINX (2 years ago)
Should just show the films .. Rather not have y'all re-in act it 💀
Jeff's Videos (2 years ago)
Number 3 is unfair Steph stepped on CP3's foot to make him trip look for a different video that's close up on the top of them and look closely leave a like
NBALIVE GAMING (2 years ago)
Eblo Sayli (2 years ago)
Yo where's Brandon Jennings breakin curry fam on Milwaukee
Joel Vanegas (2 years ago)
You forgot to step on his shoe with the double behind the back
JustAmvEverything (2 years ago)
the cringesss in this video make me ankle breaker
King Fleek (2 years ago)
kyrie crossover 10x better than steph's
Mattia Mosca (2 years ago)
Brianna Hitchcock (2 years ago)
u live in seattle me too i want to meet u so bad
Amar Oliv3ros (2 years ago)
Yo that Kyrie move easy ...cmon man
luis (2 years ago)
what is the song on 0:35 ?
Qahawk (2 years ago)
I'm from seattle
SwishEnterTainment (2 years ago)
Trashy impersonations lol
Dankie (2 years ago)
Paul stepped on currys shoes
David Wilkie (2 years ago)
Curry tripped paul
pdamon (2 years ago)
double behind the back is kyries move
n u t (2 years ago)
leafy is here lives in seatle
n u t (2 years ago)
what up reptilians
Dee (2 years ago)
Dude who's your friend ? 😉
Bruno del Castillo (2 years ago)
Wtf was their imitation of kyrie ankle breaker, i mean is not that difficult to imitate
Anthony Brambila (2 years ago)
+Bruno del Castillo dude they were messing around. calm down before u hurt yourself
Bruno del Castillo (2 years ago)
Yeah of course
Anthony Brambila (2 years ago)
+Bruno del Castillo they were having fun
Bruno del Castillo (2 years ago)
Well actually most of the imitations where kinda bad
Aj_ Joseph (2 years ago)
Donovan Kaapana (2 years ago)
guys want to meet up
Dulukong (2 years ago)
I did the joe Johnson low cross without even knowing that it was already made by someone else.i guess I'm a natural at this crossover
Kolbaba Vlogs (2 years ago)
I finally found a YouTube that lives in Seattle it is awesome because I live there to
rfjxxi (2 years ago)
i thought tan tang was good at ball like if you agree
Jake Playz (2 years ago)
What is the music used at 0.25
Jake Playz (2 years ago)
What is The Backround music used in this Video
SpongeBob SilloPants (2 years ago)
Curry sucks lebron Goat
Adriell R (2 years ago)
people be hating on currys greatness smh
Lil_aver Milligan (2 years ago)
I can do the shake and bake.
King Rahza (2 years ago)
chris stepped on currys shoe
ASAP SIXTY (2 years ago)
It was not a cross. It was Chris Paul pivot foot.
Psycho 66001 (2 years ago)
One of My favorites that should have been in this list is Curry crossing through the whole Clippers team!
Naruto Is a legend (2 years ago)
I like the Jason Williams crossover on gp
ImJoaqs (2 years ago)
Song name?
RULERZ YT (2 years ago)
Curry did not cross cp3 he stepped on his shoe dumbasses
Jackson Dalton (2 years ago)
wade didn't really make him fall. look close and you see Wade hit Galloway in the nuts
Aadit Shah (2 years ago)
Y'all shleep on Kyrie...
Fuzzy_FK8 (2 years ago)
What's the song
djokovich fan (2 years ago)
can someone please tell me that intro song they used
Yashmin Pascual (2 years ago)
left guy got face problems?
what is the song pls tell guys
PeterThePanda (2 years ago)
2:13 to 2:22 IM DEAD
Soy Sauce (2 years ago)
brandon knight did the same thing to paul pierce
fahad kamarah (2 years ago)
Hunna (2 years ago)
anyone else notice the purple 180sx in the background?
Raul (2 years ago)
2 of these aren't even crossovers. CP3 stepped on Currys foot and so did Tyron Lue.
JTuckk_ (2 years ago)
Chris Paul had his foot on Steph currys foot then curry pulled his foot away so Paul fell
Parneet Sidhu (2 years ago)
You're the best nice
moss_gaming seconds (2 years ago)
I live there :)))))
eustagoesout (2 years ago)
How to do that superman edit!
Johnny Rafchiek (2 years ago)
Yo you were at Ron Regis??
BBert yuh (2 years ago)
It was a push by Jordan not a cross
Demar Derozan (2 years ago)
Amatisto (2 years ago)
Snoopy (2 years ago)
Ai is automatic
vwlkwan (2 years ago)
Brandon Knight just tripped
Skechers Kid4 (2 years ago)
Yo Kobes last game was against Utah like MJ!!
Seven Timer (2 years ago)
song at the beginning?

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