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TOP 5 SNEAKERS Every Man Should Buy (GIVEAWAY)

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ESNTLS 4th collection drops 11/24! Sign up to our mailing list to be the first one notifed: https://www.esntls.co/ Pick one up and let me know what you think! Subscribe to our 2nd channel: http://bit.ly/2aOthqV Thank you to ME for sponsoring this video! FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Website: http://teachingmensfashion.com/ Snapchat: Joseczuniga Instagram: http://bit.ly/2ejnsFf Email: [email protected] Facebook: http://bit.ly/2hiqMS4 Twitter: http://bit.ly/2hirC19 Our Address is: 10380 SW Village Center Dr., 240 Port St. Lucie, FL 34987 Music by: https://soundcloud.com/lakeyinspired & https://soundcloud.com/dyallas
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Teachingmensfashion (1 month ago)
Who wants to win some new sneakers?! 🙋🏽‍♂️ Comment down below the pair you’d like to win and was your favorite! 👇🏽
Hydro (1 month ago)
Nike undefeated please!
echo p (1 month ago)
Sunny Gill (1 month ago)
Airforces pls
Hyper x Games (1 month ago)
Air Max 97 UNDFT because they are just sooo clean 🔥
ssiris lmao (1 month ago)
Off white prestos in black!!!!!!!
heartSLB (9 hours ago)
The Continental and Off White one are the only decent ones. The other 3 are ugly af.
Dean Hewitt (12 hours ago)
Great content. Join our sneaker community @ https://www.facebook.com/groups/CrepsandClothing/
Darnz (19 hours ago)
He has a camera man for his camera man
Angel Guachichulca (2 days ago)
Please please, please! make a sizing video!! I don't want to get the wrong size
Hey. (3 days ago)
i just wanted to know if those products you sell are eco friendly? just curious, love your vids btw atl to tmf fam ❤️💪🏼
Robin Robert (3 days ago)
I would love the nike offwhites❤❤
Hayden Larsen (4 days ago)
I signed up
Hayden Larsen (4 days ago)
I never win any give away
Hayden Larsen (4 days ago)
I want the oFF wihte 👌
Hayden Larsen (4 days ago)
Please I need it Also I liked and subscribed 😀😀
chrisis (4 days ago)
Off white forces 44 EU, I love them
Joshua Dan Ian Tayawa (5 days ago)
ESNTLS are the best in the world. Including the Air Force 1 👌
Jm Casem (7 days ago)
would love the Nike element react 87
Glasgow Scotland (9 days ago)
You fucking very smart lol
Md Mehrab ul Alam (9 days ago)
is this worldwide?
Mark San Gabriel (9 days ago)
Off white af1 looks peng
Liam Dail (10 days ago)
I'd like to win the off white forces bro.. they're definitely my favorite
Ragnarok Williams (10 days ago)
Your all sold out bro 😐
I never win in any giveaway but I hope this in my birthday can I have a sneakers for you please!
Freddie Mallee (10 days ago)
5:59 - 6:05
Benji (11 days ago)
Hopefully I can get some sneakers 🙏
Emilio Ramirez (11 days ago)
I would like yo win the af1 in 6 US and muy favorite was the Nike air max 97
Sameer Sheikh (11 days ago)
I want that continental White sneakers. 💔 i don't have any pair of white shoes😞 (sad...)
RHOLD PELAGE (12 days ago)
What is the 4th sneaker ???
Aldo Caballero (12 days ago)
I have never won a give away and I hope so much too win the Adidas continental!!! *love em* !!
Dead Lock (12 days ago)
Ive been watching all your videos and i would like to have a good looking style like yours,problem is that i still cant pull out those basic styles cause i dont have white kicks,hope to win on your giveaway
Briggs Pinto (13 days ago)
Undefeated airmax 97 would be an perfect early christmas present.
spencer White (14 days ago)
react element light boneeee :o , love the vids keep it up
Mehmet Ali ERGİN (14 days ago)
Nike Air Force :))
Raheem YT (15 days ago)
Off White and I did everything dude can't wait for the winners
Ankur Bagai (15 days ago)
It would be lovely to win Yeezy 500. I love yeezy.
Samantha (16 days ago)
Hey Jose I really want the off white air force 1 size 37eu because my fav shoes are the af1 but mine are so beat up and I can't afford a new pair. Congrats to the one who'll win
Michael Berk (16 days ago)
Air force one pls
Roger Ayerdis (17 days ago)
Hey this is Jose Zuniga and welcome to Complex
Qazi Sazzad (17 days ago)
I want the nike air force 1
Joshua Wallace (17 days ago)
I really love the air force 1s
Miroslav Manahilov (18 days ago)
Off White Air Force 1 in US11
Leffe (18 days ago)
Sagar Tekwani (18 days ago)
Love that sneaker number 4 you're soo good teaching men fashion you have improved my fashion a lot and give me a lot of confidence love you bro ❤️🤘
the great one (18 days ago)
I would like the air force 1s pls I just stumbled across the channel and I love the content definitely gonna binge watch
Joséphine Lemaire (19 days ago)
I would like the Nike air force one X off white in size 6 for man please bro. I think they are so fire ! !!
Potara Fusion (20 days ago)
My favorite was the off white plzzzz I signed up and everything!!!!
Ali Qureshi (20 days ago)
I want those AF1s. I could use a nice pair of white sneakers
The Air Force are amazing bro!!!
Dr.Moose (21 days ago)
“I want you crazy bastards to look crazy as hell.” 😂
Nathan Boss (21 days ago)
I’d like the off whites, thanks!
ROAD RUNNER (21 days ago)
As you where saying I would like to get any one of the pair but the off white would be really a special one to me
Erick Vhonn (21 days ago)
Awesome video like always dude nice style I would like to apply for the adidas continental I am saving penny and penny to get it but if you give me that chance perfect congrats and keep it up
Bones Cole (22 days ago)
if only I had money
hoang Nguyen (22 days ago)
Absolutely adidas continental, suitable for all event and very convenient
xasan xabibullayev (22 days ago)
Yeezy 500
No Moe (22 days ago)
I would like to have the off white air force 1 please.
George GG (22 days ago)
i want the 500 yeesy
Mohammed Al Nayeem (22 days ago)
Any shoes above £200 is unnecessary.
Virus 2905 (22 days ago)
3 strips
KARNIKA AGGARWAL (23 days ago)
Nike air force are the one.
iTakeoff 22 (23 days ago)
I would like to have the Airmax 97 . Would be a blessing
Fernando Rivera (23 days ago)
Hahaha you deadass got the same white shoes son 💀🤦🏽‍♂️
Callum Sangster (23 days ago)
The Nike air max 97 undftd are one of my favourite trainers ever just soo clean looking
Brandon Pledger (23 days ago)
I wouldn't mind to win any of those trainers however the yeezy 500s are my favourite and I'm a size 7
Fredy Zavala (23 days ago)
Hey Jose your videos always inspires me to dress better thanks Jose. If I had to choose out of the shoes I'll say the Air Force 1s
Johnny EZ (23 days ago)
will there be a size chart on the site? i hate returning clothes cuz i got a Lrg when I should have gotten a Med
Zishan Naufel (23 days ago)
Jose just sponsored himself for this vedio cuz esntls are necessary for everyone luv u man
Plachet (24 days ago)
You just dropped 5 grand 😯😯😂😂
Mihajlo Tešić (24 days ago)
Yeezy 500 are so damn fire :o
Jam Ferrer (24 days ago)
I'd love to have undefeated airmaxes. Seriously I don't have any hype shoes
SG Dragoon Gamer (24 days ago)
Hello Jose! I would really love to own some Adidas Continental! Thanks for reading this and have a good day!
Sesko Keksic (24 days ago)
When you record a cameraman recording Jose
Emma vl (24 days ago)
All these shoes are so dope..... but my fave's are definetely the Off-White x Nike Air Force. My size is us 8.5/9
simba tachi (24 days ago)
Nike air force
ASiJimenez (24 days ago)
off white is the best
Mouhamad Fakhri (24 days ago)
Air< 1 please it's killed😍 [email protected]
Jose Manuel Arao (25 days ago)
and the 90s and the continentals hehe
Jose Manuel Arao (25 days ago)
would love the yeezys
Bernard陈焕杰 (25 days ago)
Nike React Element 87 that colourway is my favourite!
Ethan Bazinet (25 days ago)
I would love the adidas continental. They look amazing and keep uploading your fire content!
L1l P3p1n (25 days ago)
The adidas ones, size 2.
Syahmi Hazimin (25 days ago)
I would like adidas continental pls
ItsDmaster (25 days ago)
I need this man to sell people my YouTube channel
Maya Wallach (25 days ago)
It would mean the world to me if I could win the Adidas Continental 80 shoes. My favorite shoes were probably the off white ones but I know I could never pull them off.
jalexis mq (25 days ago)
I would like to have a pair of Fila venom 😁
_Jaimes _ (25 days ago)
Yo, Jose the essential hoodies I’m definitely gonna purchase. Ik the chances are slim to nun, but I would like to win the Nike Air Force 1 OFF WHITE
Lance Uy (25 days ago)
Off white af1s !!
Lance Uy (25 days ago)
Love your vids!! I'd like the off-white af1s!! Thanks!!
Knicholas Boston (25 days ago)
Those off-white are doooooooope, maybe you can lend them to a high schooler like me?
NobaDyKnowZ (25 days ago)
I'd love to win the Off white Air force 1s cause I entered every raffle and never won any of the cool off white sneaks!!
The Allstar (25 days ago)
Hey bro, I signed up for your essentials 4th edition, the nike 97s look lit bro🔥,so maybe those🙏
Møñît Thåkûr (25 days ago)
Off white nike air force 1
Ritik Sharma (25 days ago)
Hey jose I am from india I like the hoodies which you have I have to order them.It is deliverable to india or not
PUBG MOBILE TV (25 days ago)
Nike epic react
Barock Assegid (25 days ago)
Just a pair of vans. Thats legit all I want.
gurb2000 (25 days ago)
I want those 97:s they are fire
Cliff Mabesa (26 days ago)
Off White Air Force 1😍
Patrick Moraru (26 days ago)
Air force 1 please! I am from Europe i hope i'll win them!
shivansh tiwari (26 days ago)
Adidas continental please
Jovan Lee (26 days ago)
Air max 97
Ilane Aliane (26 days ago)
i'm not usually hype (cuz i can't afford it) but the off white air force 1s are ............................. just FIRE
Simon Kearns (26 days ago)
I want those yeezy 500s so bad!!
Anna Moldez (26 days ago)
yeezy 500 10

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