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A #SmartBrownGirl Question for Michelle Obama | @Jouelzy

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An amazing #Booktube, where I, along with several YouTubers, sat down with Michelle Obama to discuss her book, Becoming. ⇢Watch the YouTube Originals #BookTube w/ Michelle Obama: https://youtu.be/3tBFW8nw8_o ⇢#SmartBrownGirll For the Culture Shirts: https://jouz.es/2z87Hwy Please support by: *Turning off your ad blocker. *Becoming a Patron via http://Patreon.com/jouelzy *Donating via Cash App http://cash.me/$jouelzy *Subscribe: http://jouz.es/sub-to-me http://www.twitter.com/jouelzy http://www.facebook.com/jouelzy http://www.instagr.am/jouelzy Snapchat: @jouelzy #SmartBrownGirl Shirts: http://jouz.es/sbg-shop Send Me Mail: PO Box 18096 Charlotte, NC 28218 -------------------------------------- TECH INFO Production: Camera: Canon 80D Lens: Sigma Art 30mm Lighting: Natural Audio: H1 Mic Editing Software: Adobe Premiere Pro Tech Store: http://bit.ly/tech-store
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0.0M views (23 hours ago)
Where can I get that shirt y’all.and Michelle Obama, thank you so much 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Shikeereya Smith (28 days ago)
Why doesn’t this have more views
Corn Flakerr0 (1 month ago)
Famous for being a presidents white, bigggg deal
Rebel Boulton (1 month ago)
lovely curls (1 month ago)
omg what did she smell like !!!!! your question where spot on !!!! such a beautiful flow and chemistry you guys had
Jasmine Houston-Burns (2 months ago)
Um, no, I am not about to lose my mind right now. How wonderful that you interviewed Michelle Obama.
Crystalbell Smith (2 months ago)
My beautiful talented sister I am proud of you
Ann Betsa (2 months ago)
She better speak !!
Santilla V. (2 months ago)
I definitely read it and enjoyed.
Vanessa Marie (2 months ago)
I am so happy for you! Thanks for making me very proud to be a black women! I love to see black women doing great things.
Becky Phala (2 months ago)
So short😭
Melissa Lucien (2 months ago)
You spoke this into existence power of the tongue
ade (2 months ago)
I’m living for this!
Teboho Moloi (2 months ago)
BossiBabes (3 months ago)
😍😍😍😍 great job#
raven rose (3 months ago)
Wow sooo proud an happy for you Sis!❤️
raven rose (3 months ago)
What in the hell!!!!! My notifications are playing games!!!!
Fine Natural Hair Rocks (3 months ago)
OMG This is absolutely amazing!!! Congratulations @Jouelzy!!!🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
Prime1018 (3 months ago)
SheCoop (3 months ago)
You nailed this! Smart Brown Girl 👧🏽
SheCoop (3 months ago)
Dimitri Merritt (3 months ago)
Cleopatra Myers (3 months ago)
Yes baby girl, so proud of YOU
BLK CHLD (3 months ago)
Girl, I would’ve been stuttering and everything. I really love your confidence , Joelzy
You did that Queen!
Marie (3 months ago)
Wow you really did that! Congrats on meeting our first lady.😍😍 I am not even american buc idc idc
Gabriela ASMR (3 months ago)
Really admire your confidence in this moment!!!!
so anna (3 months ago)
too cool
Crystal Smith (3 months ago)
Love the interview. But I think I loved 😍 this shirt more. I will be buy it if it’s still available.
samanthagl (3 months ago)
Yes, Jouelzy! Inspiration needed for today!
cynthiaholland13 (3 months ago)
How did you get invited, that's amazing!
Jennifer C (3 months ago)
Wow. Just wow✊🏾
Tasha D (3 months ago)
So cool. I'm happy for you Jouelzy.
Lady Bug (3 months ago)
Awesome, thank you for sharing! It’s a great read...😊
R Uno (3 months ago)
Go girl
Hilda’s Mood (3 months ago)
Akira Brown (3 months ago)
Yaaaasss jouelzyyyyyyyy!!!!!
LiveNaturallyLove (3 months ago)
I'm so happy for you !
LGnLA (3 months ago)
So coooooooool!!!!!😍😍😍😍
Lacedra Minor (3 months ago)
Proud of you🙌🏾
Girl omg !!!! How you pull this shit off!!???? Woooooowwww
Cafralansa (3 months ago)
Thank You so much for this review and interview. I appreciate the quality of work you do and your commitment to staying true to yourself! When I read the book I was surprised to find out just how much Michelle has in common with everyday women. It seems that the book touched you in the same way. Thanks again for sharing and keep up the awesome work!
angel telp sorrentino (3 months ago)
I was at the market and I saw this and I was like yassssssss! My girl done made it . Thank you god! Crying like I physically know you lmao! Sis I’m so proud of you!!!!!!!!!! Happy dance!
trinibwoy27 (3 months ago)
Rainee_ Suprema (3 months ago)
What?! Why am I about to shout for you!!! You did that sis!!
Sergio Smith (3 months ago)
Michelle is the guru of black Americans in white America
Chin926 (3 months ago)
Mybrwnisbeautiful Hin (3 months ago)
Come on somebody 🗣🗣🗣!!!!
ClassyGirl Chat (3 months ago)
Omgoodness....ALL THIS❤❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍😍
J Hunter (4 months ago)
Congrats on the growth of your channel and content 😁
cuzoma7 (4 months ago)
Jouelzy!!! I am so proud of you sis! Excellent questions. You are shining lady. Keep doing what you are doing. So proud of you. -The sis you didn't know you had. :D
madjoabutterfly (4 months ago)
Omg you & Michelle O faints, girl you were amazing!! Such great sincere questions sis, we needed a one on one cause you owned this segment 🙌🏿🙌🏿 And sidenote love your pixie cut😍 Just last month also had to let go of my natural hair, time consuming struggle chile for 2nd time & permed cut mine into short asymmetrical bob 💃🏿💇🏾‍♀️
Words Matter Inga Hill (4 months ago)
This is so awesome! CONGRATULATIONS!
Tokovia Pitts (4 months ago)
You can see the glow & genuine admiration in your eyes Jouelzy. You were like a little kid lol. 😆 Congrats to you on interviewing The Phenomenal Michelle Obama!
Sakinah McCoy (4 months ago)
I’m late watching this but congratulations Jouelzy. Your question was great.
RonnieNicole D (4 months ago)
such a happy and proud moment. So glad you got to experience it and was able to share your experience with us.
ONYX Pages (4 months ago)
I'm SO happy for you!!!!!!!
AnJelliB (4 months ago)
Girl you better go!!!!👏👏👏
labellenoire94 (4 months ago)
Preparation meeting opportunity! YASSSS GIRL!!!
Beatrice Downey (4 months ago)
So happy for you! Keep shining!!!
Locheadbosslady (4 months ago)
Ok as a youtuber I look up to you so much
Mya Mya (4 months ago)
The sparkle of admiration and love you had while talking and listening to her I love seeing from you!!
Mya Mya (4 months ago)
She has been doing interviews with so many youtuberd which is awesome
Starchildfrom 90s (4 months ago)
Joulzey I’m so proud of you as a fellow black woman and as subscriber. I remember your video on how your previous friends didnt support your journey and wanted you to have a 9-5 and look at you now. Firstly i so happy that you accomplished a goal you had for yourself and I’m o so happy that as a subscriber you allowed me to share this moment with you. When i see women I identify with break down barriers and show people what you can do it really brings a joy and inspiration to my heart. Thank you ❤️
NaturallyBold (4 months ago)
I liked before I even watched the video 😂
Shataya Graham (4 months ago)
#makethisviral ......if this was controversy this would be in the millions
Shataya Graham (4 months ago)
So proud that you was able to interview #MICHELLE OBAMA ......#APROUDMOMMENTFORALLBLACKWOMENANDMEN
Shataya Graham (4 months ago)
Get this more views
kukuforcocoapuffs95 (4 months ago)
You killed this! Your questions were so thoughtful and nuanced. I hope this launches more opportunity for you! You deserve it!
Miss Bebe (4 months ago)
SOOOO PROUD!!!!! Amazing question, Michelle is really so flawless and down to earth.
mochasbutterfly (4 months ago)
1GreatAgent (4 months ago)
Congratulations! Amazing career moment!
Adeola A (4 months ago)
Go Jouelzy!! Woop!!
Maureen Okposio (4 months ago)
Amazing!!! I’m so proud of you 😍😍
TotallyAwwwesome (4 months ago)
Adrienne (4 months ago)
I loved her answers .... I was just talking to a friend of mine about missing having a space to decompress with my kinfolk. I currently live in Germany and most of the spaces I am in are majority white. It’s hard sometimes.
Tori Uptown (4 months ago)
congrats!!! been following you since you were a natural hair girl! this is dope to see. i almost shed a tear
Charming Flowers (4 months ago)
Girl I would have lost my shit and got tackled by secret service. You did amazing!
tocrazyjay (4 months ago)
Wow! What an awesome experience! 💜💚💛
KeenaArtist (4 months ago)
Nice !!!!!
Ashley HW (4 months ago)
Such a great question, sis! 👍🏽 I just love Michelle Obama. ❤️ That’s so crazy! You spoke it into existence and it happened!
Esther Karin Mngodo (4 months ago)
Loving those blue nails 💙
LawBooks & Afrocan (4 months ago)
I love youuuuuuuu omg
Linda Mitchell (4 months ago)
Great questions! I didn't get to have close friendships as kid due to moving a lot. Now, I try to treasure those relationships.
jali276 (4 months ago)
I love this 💖, you did a great job! Congeats on this moment!
Theorie Johnson (4 months ago)
That thumbnail did not look like her
BRUCE ASKEW (4 months ago)
Great job sista 💪🏽👏🏽👏🏽💯
Dakarai McClinton (4 months ago)
You are can I be free @ typedwritten{/^\}
YasLoLo7 (4 months ago)
Alright for manifestation!
Afro Lit (4 months ago)
Beautiful interview Jouelzy.
Sports Actuary (4 months ago)
Congratulations on being selected as one of the people to make up a small group to meet with the first lady. I assume she is one of the women you admire most. Would it be appropriate for you to make a video displaying your exhilaration upon finding out that you would have this meeting particularly since you put your followers through your griping and belly aching when youtube passed over you? When you laugh the world laughs with you, when you cry you cry alone but you made us cry with you.
Jas Nicole (4 months ago)
I legit just dropped a couple tears. this was a pleasure to watched, you are so amazing. The things you have done will last forever
sp123 (4 months ago)
I thought the thumbnail was a photoshop for a second
Latasha F (4 months ago)
They definitely needed you within this panel! I love the questions you asked. And this haircut girl, BEAUTIFUL!! This needs to be your signature style 😍😍 congrats on this opportunity many dream of !!
Gina WRoss (4 months ago)
Raven Morgan (4 months ago)
Teresa vs.theMillennium (4 months ago)
Yay Jouelzy!!!!! Just Yay!
Sabrina Latimore (4 months ago)
Queen keep us empowered!!😊
RicciStyles (4 months ago)
Thankkkkkk youuuuuuuu for this and CONGRATS on such an accomplishment!!!!!!!!! 😘
Amberez (4 months ago)
Great interview. I am currently reading the book.
rach ritch (4 months ago)
Actually teared up I’m so happy for you!

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