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13 Easy School Girl Fashion Hacks and Back to School DIY Clothes Ideas by Crafty Panda

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Is it time to go back to school? So study with fashion & style! Discover awesome school fashion hacks, learn how to make your own stylish dress code and create clever but simple DIY clothes. We'll also show you how to reuse and upgrade your old outfits, plus many more cool and simple DIY tricks and tips by Crafty Panda! Subscribe to Crafty Panda channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC03RvJoIhm_fMwlUpm9ZvFw?sub_confirmation=1 Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/craftypanda Visit Bored Panda website: https://www.boredpanda.com Loved the music used in this video? We find our music on EpidemicSound: https://bit.ly/2JcUlBa For sponsored content contact us at [email protected]
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Crafty Panda (3 months ago)
Hey guys! 🐼Can you feel it? September is coming! It’s time to get ready for school 📏👩‍🏫🤗. I’m so excited that I made some fashion tips for you girls, your friends or your younger sisters. Go to school in style and make everybody surprised by how original your new clothes look! 👗👢Are you ready to go back to school yet? Much love from Crafty Panda ❤️❤️
Minarwati Ibrahim (12 hours ago)
PA AG (11 days ago)
Crafty Panda September 21
Ruveuda Akbas (20 days ago)
Crafty Panda m
Allyssa Steiner (5 hours ago)
Most of them were cool
Not to be rude, but what's this girl trynna hide lol
7:31 Dab violation....IMA DAB PO-PO
Asdjjc Afjf (11 hours ago)
Nam Taekook (18 hours ago)
Good job.
Me encanta
Me encanta
Vera (1 day ago)
1:22 that is my childhood
Refa as sef (1 day ago)
Emylee Garcia (1 day ago)
No entiendo inglih
alolalolo alolalolo (2 days ago)
عابت عابت شكد يخزي
ferhat yılmaz (2 days ago)
Amit Seth (2 days ago)
I love you janu
Nasim Beig (3 days ago)
it is very nice video
Você é linda demais parece uma princesa
Samit Bawirov (4 days ago)
Kira Lee (4 days ago)
The no shoes seem weird and unable to wear at school
Felipe Uribe (4 days ago)
Felipe Uribe (4 days ago)
Jaja. Comotellapmaps
【MidnightVibes】 (5 days ago)
-thot hacks-
el CheshireeSurma (5 days ago)
The first one is actually really good but its more for old too short jeans and not Extra made HIGH waist "jeans" just buy a normal jeans
A A (5 days ago)
this is why girls weren't allowed to vote
0:01 look plis
Mini SSSniper Wolf (6 days ago)
Cloey Bonch (7 days ago)
I like the second songg
Juju cristal (8 days ago)
l Love you ♡
Juju cristal (8 days ago)
l'm from Brazil
Juju cristal (8 days ago)
Happy birthday♡!
05:26 *Parece eu tentando chegar no crush* *kkkk*
Good job
Nona Houchaimi (8 days ago)
I never knew saying “no” was so hard, your ideas where helpful except that I wear a uniform to school so that SUCKS
shyshy shy (8 days ago)
What happen if you wash it? 8:13
Огонь !!!
Aidaah Abrahem (9 days ago)
علي علي (10 days ago)
مين عربي هوه يا يدي يعني جدي 😂 منو ماضحك
Kavya Jain (12 days ago)
Hi I am a person(I think) From earth(I hope I'm right) I have a YouTube channel(Click on my icon to see it ) So just subscribe and like my video (even tho it's cringey) It's not my bday btw I'm just bored
Lil' Charmyne (12 days ago)
Who watches these but never makes them?
Océane MDG (13 days ago)
Pas mal
아내정국의 (13 days ago)
Where we gonna get a potato at school
Hedgehog Hedgecock (13 days ago)
Messed up your white shirt? Fuck up the whole thing!
ابو عيد (13 days ago)
Кто российский???
Sara Santos (13 days ago)
Yesenia Orellana (14 days ago)
Q buenas ideas
ALLY GONZALEZ (14 days ago)
Muy bonitas mee encantan las manualidades
fanny morlighem (15 days ago)
Hello guys
Angry bird Daily (15 days ago)
good fashion show
Кто ток на попку сматрел лайкосик
1234567nevaeh (16 days ago)
Whos watching this even though they have to wear a Uniform Ugghh the Struggles are Real!!
Nien A (18 days ago)
unicornio teen (19 days ago)
Só eu que sou brasileira ?
Jürgen Siebold (19 days ago)
Ihr könnt voll die guten Tricks
Jessika Knight (19 days ago)
Jessika Knight (19 days ago)
Nely Da Silva (19 days ago)
Hello eu sou brasileira.
Fernanda Garcia (19 days ago)
Cara tonta 9:59 jajajajajajajajajajajajaja
montse chefcitawi (20 days ago)
Me encanto
Sanju Sanjudas (20 days ago)
What the hell kader chod
Sam (20 days ago)
the song tho
Nama Rezkia (21 days ago)
Neha Chawan (21 days ago)
Hi Read more a
Preeti Acharya (21 days ago)
What if it rains??
Vanessa Rodrigues (22 days ago)
3:18 mas se ela passou cola ate no meio como q ia caber o celular
Heart Beat (22 days ago)
laesposadebts :3 (22 days ago)
Ahora quiero una sandía -ㅡ-
Skits Family (22 days ago)
Why is there so much of us looking at girls butts?
Omolara Aderoju (23 days ago)
0:26 if you wash the shorts will the glue dissolve or wear out
Ananya Agrawal (23 days ago)
at 7:30 does it need to b glossy paper
Sownheard (23 days ago)
2:00 how to get your ass kicked by your mom 101
Warisara Promjak (23 days ago)
Bianca Alivia (24 days ago)
heyy what's the title of the song from 3:22 to 5:23???? Im really want to find out huhuhu
raul Perez (24 days ago)
meryem karakan (24 days ago)
little bell (26 days ago)
The first one why did you need to show your butt?👊😱😱😱😱just why? 😒😒💢
abo slman (26 days ago)
michaelJackson fans (26 days ago)
This pony Is dance? Like michael jackson ...
Rachel Smith (26 days ago)
kpoper (26 days ago)
Tipico ¿no? Te cae una gotita de pintura en la polera y necesitas ponerle estupideces
Ana Satimbaeva (27 days ago)
В 3:49 что за волшебство такое???
Hasan Banu (27 days ago)
I like your Ass and your Boobs
Yoni Bouma (27 days ago)
How to NOT pet ur doggo 8:20
Rupali Moon (27 days ago)
Jazmyn Elena Jane (27 days ago)
I admire you a lot you are an expert at these I am not good at these things
Keysha Dara (27 days ago)
Jadai Lopez bartolome (28 days ago)
Casi todo es repet
Paola Elosegui (28 days ago)
Corona84 (28 days ago)
2:23 I guess she thinks the watermelon has too many calories or why is she taking such a smallass bite???
Jane Calma (28 days ago)
Who just like it to watch but don't do it..😂
Lind Rocha (28 days ago)
Simplemente si quieren que les queden los shorts comprenlos de su talla ,no que los compran una talla más pequeña para sacar trasero
Tyriana Williams (29 days ago)
This Read more Leave a like if I tricked ya
Julianna Denisse (30 days ago)
I love that you're so cool I mean why would you give me some cool clothes
Какие это краски для футболки?
Brittany Forbes (30 days ago)
Roses are red Violets are blue Your reading this comment Because your scrolling through
Brittany Forbes (30 days ago)
First To like my own comment
Jays Journey (1 month ago)
It’s almost like they’ve never heard of wiping or washing some of these things..... u know forget that and just paint more crap onto it.
Ellie W (1 month ago)
Pause at 2:18 lolololololololololol
Whitney Garrett (1 month ago)
Whitney Garrett (1 month ago)

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