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Boxer Puppies won't leave Baby alone | Beautiful friendship at first sight

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Text Comments (260)
RowdyRaginRosco - (2 days ago)
manonamountain (24 days ago)
Well, at least i managed to see one pup that still had its tail intact, so to all the clowns who think a dog looks better without it, fuck you very much.
Супер, у нас тоже был баксер. Звали его Жан. Лайу. Здоровья всем питомцам.
P. Elliott Smith (1 month ago)
I have two beautiful girl Boxers. Very unusual personalities. Love them
Curtis Allred (1 month ago)
I love boxers! They are so good with kids. A married couple I used to go to church with had one named Champ. Best dog ever!
Jide Ajibola (2 months ago)
lovely vid...but more like, babies won't leave boxer puppies alone.
cruiseny26 (2 months ago)
So sweet
Nice dog boxer 😉
henrietta henson (4 months ago)
Babys @ puppies have the same energy ..thats why they love ♡being together ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
Shanty Irish (4 months ago)
How I love Boxers ! Oh, yeah...babies,too !
Dog Loves Baby (4 months ago)
No breed has a more expressive face than a Boxer when it's happy.
Nancy Stone (5 months ago)
Valerie Griner (5 months ago)
Children and pets are God's greatest blessings. I really LOVE boxers...they are so lovable, loyal and goofy. GREAT "fur babies" for families.
Emanuel Viana (5 months ago)
Tamsen Roberts (5 months ago)
I grew up with boxers NB and there is no better dogs in the world with kids and elderly?!!!!!!
GIORGIO CALANDRA (6 months ago)
Nathan Jones (7 months ago)
If people stop making Pitbulls hurtful creatures then it would be this way for them also, one day that will change for the better, Boxers are so awesome
Revertino Tse (8 months ago)
Lol. Dogs & Cats are so sweet with infants as well as little kids
Dely Does Gacha (8 months ago)
I have 3 boxers!
Potatopoo Smells (8 months ago)
When my first dog died we got a new one when I was 2 and when we got the dog and it was in the car I said to my sister when winston gets back from the vet he can be friends with Harley. Winston is the dog that died😢😢😢😭😭💔💔💔
Flowersand chocolate (8 months ago)
Becky Ayers (8 months ago)
2:21 😂
Matt B (9 months ago)
Boxers r great dogs
Cindy Jones (9 months ago)
akaf3rrar1 (9 months ago)
A boxer with its tail is beautiful.
Rena Streetman (9 months ago)
I hope there are plenty of boxers in heaven.
Jennings Buzard (9 months ago)
boxers love everybody and everything.great dogs for any age.
Mikelyn McCord (9 months ago)
This was the best!
Walt Gibbs (9 months ago)
Boxers are probly one of the top 2 dogs to own in a family they are great dogs
Eldon Barenberg (10 months ago)
Never met a bad boxer
CodeRed (10 months ago)
Boxers are adorable and very friendly, but if you don’t train them right, they’ll hump everything, like the girl at the end.
Jenna lane (10 months ago)
I hate how they cute there ears, I have a couple of Dobermans and we never would put them through that. If there ears are long then they are meant to be long
Raul Salazar (11 months ago)
the boxers can start training the babies how to box at an early age!
Laura Chelsea (11 months ago)
I have a niece. She'll be 1 by the time our boxer puppy comes home.
Jacob Hidalgo (11 months ago)
Son asi de protectores y mimosos asi era mi bebe Theo. T extrañamos y siempre estaras en nuestro corazon nuestro angelito
Raul Salazar (11 months ago)
the roles are reversed the pups get to sit on the babies!
Manuela Federico (11 months ago)
amore cucciolo tenerissimo, sei bellissimo buona vita coccole baci musetto bello🐶💞💓🐾🌹💖💕💋💌
Noah Sexton (1 year ago)
I love this
ScottnKelly Paul (1 year ago)
Boxers will tolerate anything you do
I l o v e I t. I love boxers. I have one. His name is Atos and he's 2
Reiley art And roblox (1 year ago)
SO CUTE !!!!!!!!
alonsa m (1 year ago)
Please pray so I can get a boxer.
Ian Robertson (1 year ago)
Super Cute Baby
Linda Seenath (1 year ago)
puppies are more ardorable than babies and children.
Mary Brantley (1 year ago)
Wonderful video of love and friendship!!
Take Five (1 year ago)
That’s terrible giving a baby a newborn pup that hasn’t opened its eyes!
Suzannah Wade (1 year ago)
That poor baby puppy should be with it’s mother , not given to a small child to make funny . You can hear the noise the puppy was making to get to his or her mother . You can see how young the puppy was , not even the puppy eyes were not open .......OMG HOW STUPID THE PARENTS ARE
Alan Cassett (1 year ago)
once people get a boxer,thats it- thats the dog they always want
Tripura Nagesh (1 year ago)
Dogs are the best gift of god.
RubiesRule (1 year ago)
Lifes Sky (1 year ago)
How can people cut their tales and ears omg it is so wrong
Christina Turner (11 months ago)
Docking the tails saves them lots of pain and problems later on but the ears is just for show and thank God that is no longer the norm.
Tommy Barlow (1 year ago)
Actually it is absolutely NOTHING like someone cutting off your fingers. No offense, but I am not going to read any more of your comments after that...
Lifes Sky (1 year ago)
Tommy Barlow and it does hurt it does hurt them they need it in life if they didnt need it rhey wouldent have it they need it for communicating and swimming alots of stuff in some countrys it is even illegal imto that for example here in Finland it is and thats good atleast we have realised that right
Lifes Sky (1 year ago)
Tommy Barlow Okay well u have knowledge i admit that but cutting their tails is wrong it is like if somebody cut your fingers
Tommy Barlow (1 year ago)
I️ have the 10th and 11th boxer of my life as we speak, so I️ think it’s fair to say I have decent knowledge about the breed. Maybe you should just take a look on the information about WHY it is done....
henrietta henson (1 year ago)
One of the clips with the ears taped .....you can do it till the cows come home it never worked for us ...the ears have a life of there own!!!!
CRAZY CRAFT (1 year ago)
I have a white color boxer he is 2 yrs old now I 💕 HIM HE IS JUST LIKE MY SMALL BRO
SWSimpson (1 year ago)
Oh, the babies are so cute.... the human kids are okay too, I guess
Life of lucky By amal (1 year ago)
Even I need a boxer, very loyal and cute
Fanda panda (1 year ago)
Boxeři jsou super
Λιανα Λιανα (1 year ago)
αγάπες μογ
Kin Ho (1 year ago)
The one I like is at 0:27. Both the baby and that puppy are alike.
Just lost my boxer of 11 years 😞 he brought so much joy to my life
Boss Lady Lauren (10 months ago)
Real music/WWE 2k Footage I'm so very sorry.
idaho38 (1 year ago)
on the second 0:26 that is so wrong! just like you wouldn't handle a baby like that, that is not right to do to the poor puppy., the baby was poking his eyes...$%^&*
Stella Georgeson (1 year ago)
idaho38 is 6
grytlappar (1 year ago)
2:22 LOL. Beautiful non-bobbed boxer too!
Anthony Smith (1 year ago)
abbeyjo Draycott (1 year ago)
the beautiful thing with babies and puppies is that as they get older they have that close friendship and strong bond
Omar González (1 year ago)
el boxer gana
Denise Whalen (1 year ago)
Boxers are fantastic family dogs but be prepared for the paws, they come by their breed name honestly.
Serge Shaakov (1 year ago)
the reason boxers ears and tails were cropped is because they are naturally hunting/working dogs. in case if they get into a fight, the other animal cant grab them by their ears or tail
Christina Turner (11 months ago)
Unless you are going to use them to hunt there is no reason to dock the ears but the tail docking is a good idea because of broken tails (the way those guys wag will hurt themselves or someone else) and the wagging so hard that they cut them up all the time and get infected.
ultrabaiter (1 year ago)
cats are OK and all... but dogs are a whole different level of pet animal... cats are a bit more on the level of a hamster or something... dogs are truly your friend.
Denise Whalen (1 year ago)
They are adorable together! Boxers are an amazing breed perfect for families and you'll never get tired of the joy watching them grow up together. Please don't crop their ears, they are incredibly soft to touch, and it is a horrible practice.
Pam Ellingwood (1 year ago)
I had a beautiful, gentle and loving Boxer. I think of her every day. Best dogs in the world.
Valerie Griner (5 months ago)
Pam Ellingwood: Me, too. Mine was a male named Duke...best dog EVER. I got him when I was 6 and he lived until I was mid-way through college. My whole family had boxers...started with my great-grandmother on down.
Norma Zucchiatti (1 year ago)
Pam Ellingwood
Shayla McGehee (1 year ago)
Liked, commented and subscribed - because I needed something to smile about because my dog Lana is literally messing up everything around me..... DAMN IT LANA.
Dog Loves Baby (1 year ago)
Thank you very much, u made my day :D
Shayla McGehee (1 year ago)
ommgggg im crying i want both!!
James Geo (1 year ago)
Puppies and Babies together!! Sweet! Most comments are just as sweet, but there's always a person going too far when making a challenge or counterclaim. I will stick to the video and skip the comments.
N o x o r F u e l (1 year ago)
aaawww, the second baby cried when the pup did, so sweet, ha ha
grossesTennis (1 year ago)
stop cutting off their tails for god's sake.....
NameIst Unbekannt (1 year ago)
Boxer + Human = Dream Team
Shauna Brown (1 year ago)
I think Boxers are the best dogs in the whole world!!!
Mark Edgette (7 months ago)
Shauna Brown I've heard boxers are quite viscious when it comes to protecting children.
Graceffa Fan21 (1 year ago)
same there so fucking cute
Katarthere (1 year ago)
Me too. Mine makes my life better everyday.
Enrique Garcia (1 year ago)
owwww they are realy cute!!!
Dog Loves Baby (1 year ago)
Thank you for the love, boxer is a lovely breed
Naty Giro (1 year ago)
la cara de la bebe cuando el cachorrito llora en el minuto 00:40
Mimi Me (1 year ago)
So glad I watched this. Absolutely adorable. I had a boxer and to this day, I personally think they are the best family dog ever. I love all dogs (I now have a boxer/pit) but I stand by what I said. Great dogs.
Dog Loves Baby (1 year ago)
Thank you for watching , my dear
Brownie lover (1 year ago)
loved pillow puppy
Dog Loves Baby (1 year ago)
This is so lovely
I love boxers theyre so gentle... even though they were breed for fighting originally
Denis Daly (1 year ago)
I don't know about gentle. My lad is as boisterous as they come. But even if you end with a ripped up sweater after a play session, you know it was all in good fun!
Dog Loves Baby (1 year ago)
that's right.. i totally agree
Simpson Nasa (1 year ago)
Hold my hand, babe. Dog and babe, you are always make me happy and reduce stress
Morrow Andrea (1 year ago)
When the dog and babies are together, they do not need anyone else care or play with them
Logan 2nd (1 year ago)
1:00 are you kidding me why peppy pig
Ava Reynolds (1 year ago)
If you don't cut off their tails it could give them spinal problems but I agree 100% about the ears
Purnia Louis (8 months ago)
Boxers have extremely powerful whiplike tails that can be damaged easily thats why theyre docked
Christina Turner (11 months ago)
Have you seen those rear ends and how fast and hard they wiggle? Boxers with long tails nearly always have problems with them at some point in their lives. Sometimes major problems.
Adele Hudson (1 year ago)
It's banned in Australia too.
Karin Jansson (1 year ago)
In Sweden it's not allowed to cut their tails.
sclogse1 (1 year ago)
And why is this true only with boxers and not German Shepherds and so many other dogs?
Ron and Gail (1 year ago)
Beautiful, thanks for sharing.
Cara (1 year ago)
I have a 5 month old boxer (snoring his head off beside me) and he has a major attitude I love him so much they have such a big personality
K Hitch (1 year ago)
I miss having a boxer. Enjoy every minute of it :)
Katarthere (1 year ago)
That snore only grows with the dog, you come to adore it.
Raquel D (1 year ago)
Cara Mulholland I have a 7 month boxer, I love it when he snores. I gota resist the urge of grabbing him and kiss him. boxers are adorable
Dog Loves Baby (1 year ago)
aw a nice story.. thank you for sharing
marie marie (1 year ago)
adorable. but it makes me sad because our kid was stolen from us. and today, 2/14, is her birthday.
Char del (11 months ago)
Really sorry to hear that.
Lily Hurley (1 year ago)
Sort to hear thas
Tommy Barlow (1 year ago)
marie marie: I’m sorry to hear that😡☹️😡☹️
Mark Marsh (1 year ago)
Every baby needs a dog.
JY JYC (1 year ago)
Ho what beautiful boxer pupies. I really love boxers, they are wonderful dogs who love children and are very protective. I always had boxers. I'm on my 4th. Unfortunately they do not live long enough 10a 12 years max.
Purnia Louis (8 months ago)
Mine isnt even 7 yet and shes already gone grey
Boss Lady Lauren (10 months ago)
My oldest Boxer girl is 10. She still loves to swim, play with her daughter and chase squirrels and crows but I notice that she sleeps more and doesn't like going up stairs. Her muzzle is starting to grey. I don't know what I'll do when that time comes and fear for her daughters reaction.
Randy Lin (1 year ago)
JY JYC mine lived to 14 wnich is not uncommon in my area.
Dog Loves Baby (1 year ago)
One of the cutest breed dog I have known
gentlegiant6585 (1 year ago)
Too.........Much..........CUTE..............OVERLOAD! (Thank you for starting my morning off with a smile). Love the look on that baby's face at the 41 second mark.
Seniorita Fernandes (1 year ago)
sweet evening mood. got fresh feeling good
msBellosa (1 year ago)
Ron Goodin (1 year ago)
Warning, warning, cute OD.
A james (1 year ago)
there boxers. i love boxers. i have one
Dog Loves Baby (1 year ago)
thank you for enjoying with me.. you have a lovely breed dog
Lennox1492 (1 year ago)
Awww that little girl at 1:06 is cute with her puppy
Tam PMusic (1 year ago)
Cuteness overload!! ♡♡
Dog Loves Baby (1 year ago)
i was about to say some thing like that.. super cute
uppanadam74 (1 year ago)
@2:24 LMAO!!
Dog Loves Baby (1 year ago)
Here's Johnny (1 year ago)
Terrific video👍😂😊
Your Majesty (1 year ago)
there really is no need to cut their tails and ears
Simone Weber (16 days ago)
The ears are ok. You have to tape them for a while when boxers are young or one ear will look strange later. Only tape. No one got hurt.
Jasmine Gomez (18 days ago)
the few people I know who kept their boxer's tales ended up regretting it or took their dog on to have it surgically removed because their dogs kept breaking it or injuring it. and it's considered amputation rather than actual docking
Ulf Berggren (3 months ago)
I agree to 100 %, it is against the law here in Sweden. Boxer for life
Christina Turner (11 months ago)
Totally agree! Tail docking is safer and the ears are stupid! Love the floppy ears and no medical reason to do it!
Cleetus (1 year ago)
+Dr Hannibal Lecter - Typical retard that thinks it's ok to butcher a dog, and I'm here because Gmail sends me an email when losers like you reply. Go figure.

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