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Cat scared of mask

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I never seen cats eye's glow like that .
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B (43 minutes ago)
Poor cat :(
D K (20 days ago)
Orbs, man you got spirits in that house
Rose Franca (27 days ago)
Os olhos do gato são dois faróis kkkkkk😂
Nicholas Perkowski (1 month ago)
Why why why this is not funny what if the cat had a heart attack
thetannaree (1 month ago)
y'all don't deserve animals
Bob Bigtoe (1 month ago)
You're a bunch of fuck wits.
Shannon Feathers (1 month ago)
kitties eyes are scarier than anything.
TNTexe (3 months ago)
Hehe so cute, the kitty didn't understand he/she thought you was another animal until you took of the mask he/she chilled out and understanding it was just you haha. I wore a Anonymous mask one time and my cat freaked out and scratched me really bad until i took the mask off he realized it was me and gave me a "Oh im sorry " look. btw to the camera man, yeah those are orbs your house must have spirits.
TNTexe (3 months ago)
Those are orbs sir.
Isac reyes (3 months ago)
Lo que suena de fondo parece la radio de gta 3 :v
Kenny Martin (3 months ago)
I'm cat paranoia 😷😷
Leo1508 L (3 months ago)
I hate people scaring animals , Cats are very sensitives
FancyHat (3 months ago)
Judge: What crime did you commint? Guy: I pranked my cat. Judge: I have already heard enough of your disgusting mouth, I sentence you to beheading! Seriously, most of these people are grabbing their pitchforks and torches over this video? I don't know what makes the majority of this comment section so aggressive and stupid. But, whatever it is, it's really working ...
mememaster Nodari (4 months ago)
Fake the cat is a paid actor
Luis Gonzalabal (4 months ago)
Pinche idiota... Ese tipo de estrés les afecta en su sistema defensivo y los riñones...
Scott Leighton (4 months ago)
I guess you could say he got CATfished.
000000000000 (4 months ago)
That cat must hate the children only to be pranked by the adults too
SE7EN Ω (4 months ago)
Uh yeah dude that was an orb and a twirling orb of light at 0.16 that moves acriss the screen that's not a reflection. Y'allll got aomething in your house.
BASE line (4 months ago)
Thats bad to do with your pit
Doom (4 months ago)
I have that same mask and my dog freaks out 😂
Guilherme Valerio (4 months ago)
0:11 nani?!!
Gio Gotti (5 months ago)
I was hoping the cat would claw owners eyes out what a fucking idiot
Neda Obuchovaite (5 months ago)
Cat:fuck of!!!! Him:thats hurt dude
Sd As (5 months ago)
Кэц обосрался
Samuel L. Jackson (6 months ago)
Not leaving that cat with a way out of that scenario is really stupid and will cause it to lash out
s defuite (6 months ago)
The cats eyes are awesome, I want one 👍👍👍
Ruvix (6 months ago)
0:12 CatGOD
pew pew
SoilentGr33n (6 months ago)
I get how it's interesting but cornering your cat for 2 minutes is dragging it. You had your experiment done after 5 seconds.
iShqbe (7 months ago)
Use what? (Cat uses a move like Pokemon) *Rainbow Eyes* *Tackle* *Headbutt* *SPOOK*
XxXdeadly sniperXxX 99 (7 months ago)
The cat is.... ............. *WOKE*
salvi (7 months ago)
that cats eyes were going super saiyan
natalie meier (7 months ago)
Really SICK .In which counhtry is this sick abusing animals allowed! Poor Cat and what exemple to teach his child like this.!
Tyler Riddle (7 months ago)
Its different when the animal has space to retreat but cornering them like that is kinda cruel.
TMB (7 months ago)
It was cool for like 5 or 10 seconds...beyond that is just mean.
E. B. (7 months ago)
You are messed up
stella argentata (7 months ago)
Lo scherzo è bello quando dura poco!! Questo non è affatto divertente
symmetra - سيمترا (7 months ago)
*do you have a heart?*
Ronnie2787 (7 months ago)
Not good that u made him attack then u stopped. Trust me not good for a cat to experience that.
The Hoax (7 months ago)
is that cat a cyclopse....take care...😂😂😂
Rahul Jain (7 months ago)
I dont think their relationship would ever be the same again
Godz_Sh4rk l (7 months ago)
Daniel Renford (7 months ago)
You are a bunch of cruel mother fucking cunts.
Rodolfo 01 (7 months ago)
Jajaj que jodedor
Mr. Beardman (7 months ago)
I saw orbs :15
Sugar Ninja (7 months ago)
cat: I knew it was you the whole time... ur scaring me brian.. xD
icxmvxn * (7 months ago)
This vid is kind of freaky with all these orbs flying around defiantly a haunted house
TimLee356 (7 months ago)
not cool scaring the cat like that. went for too long i think.
merenguin (8 months ago)
Hasta que no le entierre las garras en la cara el gato a ese cabron no va a estar feliz
EvoDark Plays (8 months ago)
RellyOhBoy (8 months ago)
What would have been funny is if that cat scratched his eyeballs out after he took the mask off. Now that's comedy.
Carlos Vega (8 months ago)
Most of y'all clicked on the video so you knew what you were getting into....Don't Complain
TheKanonHara (8 months ago)
cat meows "IS THAT HIM" cat hisses "IS THAT HIM DOING THAT THO
noah corum (8 months ago)
Umm so animal abuse
sal venezia (8 months ago)
read the comments below, way to many people getting offended. there just beasts. A cat is just a animal. thats it. nothing special. let the family have fun
sal venezia (8 months ago)
did you see that string orb
My Thoughts (8 months ago)
The cat has fucked his hand up
skills1ent (8 months ago)
This is ignorant!
X Hendrix X (8 months ago)
That cat like don’t you dare do that shit again ...don’t don’t ...don’t do that shit again
Dominus roblox & More (8 months ago)
Who still wacthing in 2018?
DeadPool (8 months ago)
That cat came from planet krypton
Andy Sharp (8 months ago)
szalard (8 months ago)
The guys bandaged nahd shows that he tries often to scare his cat...
McSuperfly (8 months ago)
If you leave your cat’s headlights on you’ll drain the battery.
Alex Mine (8 months ago)
А что с рукою, плохой дубль)))? Смотри будто бы он для тебя яичка не откусил когда нибудь, забавляешься, де.ил! Это же скотина всё таки.
OneLove-Lokos (8 months ago)
I bet the cat was wondering why nobody had his back
ricky yacine (8 months ago)
cat eyes like Superman
Braulio Mejia (8 months ago)
Why did you do that. You don't have anything to do?
Clinton Leonard (8 months ago)
That got a little sadistic toward the end.
Sieayrra Williams (8 months ago)
there were definitely orbs in this video
David Kotlarz (8 months ago)
They stressed the Cat out way too long that's over the top already
Rosco (8 months ago)
Jake&Cody on Disney XD
allofstewie AS (8 months ago)
Glorious Waifu 89 (8 months ago)
Those are orbs not usually a good sign
Chimp Wimp (8 months ago)
That Zack and Cody tho...
W Nij (8 months ago)
When i was a kid i enjoyed watching and doing things like this until i grow up and matured, c´mon, that cat is part of your family, and you are sharing a house, it´s your obligation as leader and member to bring the most comfortable ambiance for the rest, specially weaker members like pets, you don´t scare them and make them feel treated in their own homes.
FancyHat (3 months ago)
No, It's just a little prank. I don't understand why people are grabing their pitchforks over this ...
Sandra Kullak (8 months ago)
that is not funny...the poor cat.shame on you😡😡😡😡😡
raptor rodger (8 months ago)
"Zack and Cody on Disney XD!" Damn right in the childhood
you cant record an eye of cat in a lighty place it kinda has lenses or night vision so it glows when the light strikes into a cat eye the light bends
Hipster Of War (9 months ago)
This cat ate radioactive sardines...
Jamie Long (9 months ago)
And now the cat will shit in your shoes for the rest of its life....
mayrushart (9 months ago)
I saw vine app. Rip vine
Adam Adaszek (9 months ago)
Biedny kot.:(
Paper Bag Man (9 months ago)
Aww, poor kitty :)
east ny's finest (9 months ago)
my man had the C-3po eyes he was like R2 D2 where are you lmao
WontedColt5673 Xbox 360 (9 months ago)
The cat's eyes looks like the cat is about to hit the fuck out of the man
Light (9 months ago)
Azart (9 months ago)
Fucking idiot.
T. R. (9 months ago)
Poor cat, completely terrorized and very afraid :-(.
Destinie JOHNSON (9 months ago)
Heyyy now, be nice.
Arancar11 (9 months ago)
The dad and the child retard
Senzo OM (9 months ago)
not mask just nigga hello
Shivas Thong (9 months ago)
the cats using iddqd
Matias Celis (9 months ago)
Pobre gato
Smesh XO (9 months ago)
The actual video title would be dude with mask scared touching a pranked cat
What would you feel when somebody just comes and threats you? Would you enjoy it?
Hmmm???? hmmmm????
shamson Arun Kumar (9 months ago)
jeanette mcintyre (9 months ago)
There was an orb right after he said there is an orb it was long
Mess around and get your arse kicked by that cat.

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