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The 6 MOST Attractive Beard Styles Women Love

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Text Comments (665)
Filthyfin (22 hours ago)
You look like a toyboy with zero women in hook
James Smith (1 day ago)
That’s not a beard that’s a chin strap
Rohan Singh (1 day ago)
dollar shave club is not available in India......now i really wanna try that blade what should i do??
Lo pan (2 days ago)
Who cares about what the girls think, it's not their beard.
Beta male detected. You're too hyper bruh! Tone it down a notch, learn to be relaxed & not so on edge all the time. This will help you out tremendously. Other then that I rather enjoyed the content.
Giorgio Karagiannidis (7 days ago)
Clean shaven guys also get girls!
Toprak Zion (7 days ago)
Who is the man at 0:16?
Steuern Gaming (8 days ago)
Didn't come for an extended ad. Why does this video have likes?
Nicholas Sabadicci (8 days ago)
That was the most painful add/plug things I think i've ever seen pls stop screaming
pernada boriusz (8 days ago)
What about peach fuss😅😅
Eduardo J. Pacheco (12 days ago)
guys I had been in the gym and I had noticed that full bearded men are more frequent there, so I theorize that exercise help with the beard growth. As for me, every day In the morning I dedicate 15 to 20 min of exercise and I am able grow a full beard with long mustache very quickly.
Ben Hicks (12 days ago)
You can also be mature and attractive to women by realising that the beard doesn't make the man.
Tim Flowers (13 days ago)
Great commercial.....
william Lidgett (18 days ago)
too much infomercial
Mason Bracken (20 days ago)
Makes video about attractive facial hair..... Is single.
Brent Call (21 days ago)
Dude I get tons of girls I’m always clean shaven
William Gwillam (22 days ago)
Bad jacket
Butch Craven (22 days ago)
The guy in the red shirt looks like a puccy.
J Redders (22 days ago)
Lost interest when it turned into an add.
baba yaga (25 days ago)
did you say your girl just don't allow it? i'm sorry i thought you were talking to men.
P Smith (25 days ago)
30 seconds of talk of facial hair......seemingly 37 years of advertisement about dollar shave club. Could you maybe be a little less of a corporate whore?
Megan furlong (27 days ago)
my 35 year old husband says if he lives to be 100 he would never grow any sort of facial hair because it is just gross having hair around your face.
Grey (27 days ago)
This is a commercial.
Den Tadz (30 days ago)
full of ads
Mike Landwolf (1 month ago)
One more thing, dollar shave 6 blades? wtf! dont touch that shit, it's six blades passing through your skin, you'll pass that razor 3 times on one spot will be 6+6+6 razors irritating your skin, and good luck with ingrown hairs pimples and pizza face. Good advice, I've been shaving since i was 15-16, everytime i had that Gillet 4-5 razors they used to kill my face, next day i looked like a red onion. *Learn how to use straight razor, with disposable razors. Parker sr1 $20 on amazon, double edge razors 100 for $10 will last you for 2-3 years. Pros_wont irritate your face, cheap af, that's how real men shave, you can pass for barber.
Mike Landwolf (1 month ago)
lemme tell ya something, women love what you give them to love. Your patches can be garden of roses for her, and someone else's full beard _ pointless bushes. This comes from a dude with a really good beard, but my beard has nothing to do with my wife marrying me, or getting laid in old days. If hairs had brains, they wouldnt grow in the ass.
Top Winner (1 month ago)
Money 💰 is more attractive .
TheQuinngw (1 month ago)
I want that jacket
nomadicway (1 month ago)
Full of ads. Useless video.
Damien Davis. Ezekiel (1 month ago)
Who cares what they like, we are on earth for more important things, God is coming for the players.
shero 0 (1 month ago)
5:17 is kl rahul
MsZeitgeist85 (1 month ago)
The most attractive style is the big full beard because it's the worlds best foreplay enhancer. Once you have a makeout with one kissing and sex without a beard is like a jacuzzi without the bubbles. The bubbles are there to tickle all your sweet spots.
boblarry (1 month ago)
Who is this clown
maeu59 (1 month ago)
I hate to tell you but your beard doesn’t look too great. The mustache is too thin, take your own advice and go with the stubble look
Paul Orlando (1 month ago)
I have a beard because im bald otherwise might not
Paul Orlando (1 month ago)
All rock stars and movie stars were clean shaven i guess elvis sinatra john wayne steve mcqeen paul newman never got laid lol
Ciro Alpha Lyon (1 month ago)
don't look to demonic hollywood for an example
Angel Tapia (1 month ago)
Suave how he place that commercial in the middle of the video to sell razors 😂😂😂😂 ... shit was longer than the main topic 😂
Sam (1 month ago)
Best advice, grow your beard for yourself, fuck what any girl thinks, they’ll like you more for it.
Ciro Alpha Lyon (1 month ago)
1sick Cat4u (1 month ago)
I'm #6
Christian Beck (1 month ago)
So this is a commercial for dollar shave club. What a waste of time
Stoney Hiker (1 month ago)
STEP 1 -Be Attractive STEP 2- Grow Beard The End
Skyprey (1 month ago)
Worlds longest doller shave club add
mike Bordeaux (1 month ago)
Could this guy be more annoying?
David Rodriguez (1 month ago)
2:35 Bruh. Why?
AdamRising (1 month ago)
Any kind of facial hair/stubble is going to make a guy look more attractive...don’t matter the style. I’ve never seen any dude look better clean-shaven...it’s just a fact of life. If you can grow anything, just rock it the best you can, shaving clean is hiding your masculinity and why would any self respecting man want to do that?
Brett Cannon (1 month ago)
I have a full beard. I get compliments every single day. I'll never shave it.
M M (1 month ago)
No to the beard-stache - just no. And while the stubble may look good, check with your SO to see if it hurts them to rub up against your stubble.
Apollo Russell (1 month ago)
Didnt know this was a dollar shave club commercial. Ur lucky I a dollar shave member
Gabe Icaza (1 month ago)
You guys just made me go shave my fucking beard off!
Phantom Lord (1 month ago)
Fuck the whole “pretty boy stubble” shit. Let that motherfucker grow and flow! 👊
Mark Rodriguez (1 month ago)
Dude! If I have to get a stubble beard,I still can't grow it right. No sideburns. So instead,I have a regular mustache like Mark Harmon in Goliath Awaits.
Samual Watson (1 month ago)
My beard grows in like norman reedus' and it looks awful on me lmao
Mlemons3171971 (1 month ago)
Dude trying to sell for dollar shave club on a beard survey what a goof ball.
jimmie bullitt (1 month ago)
This idiot is a salesman !!
Trent Bennett (1 month ago)
Sold out to dollar shave club. Loser.
ItsNikoHIMself (1 month ago)
There's also a difference between looking like a man and a Hollywood douchebag, with no character.
sanjay madhav (1 month ago)
white women love my beard
Arthur Duncan (2 months ago)
Im always changing my beard up!
Gaz Taylor (2 months ago)
ease tres (2 months ago)
what a shitty video this was
Hi You (2 months ago)
I just let mine grow shave my lip area that's it until I'm done growing and ready for a trim. Forget what people think. Do it for you. 👍.
pain (2 months ago)
i have a full beard but i hate it couse its cover my jaw line that my girlfilried love
Chazz Ram (2 months ago)
Again the only FACES THEY SEE ANY MASCULINITY IS IN THE WHITE BOY, cause they're their trophy boys. if they were to see half of these beards on a LATINO depending who he is they would downgrade it and judge him SOLELY AS A BUM..GOOD LUCK WITH THAT...and the kicker is WAIT FOR IT!! They don't know him from a hole in the wall their just very JUDGEMENTAL so I suggest just keeping it CLEAN..
Ceo Highkey (2 months ago)
I’m 80% thru my beard’s progress, and the fact that I’m 15 those styles make me stand out very well. As always thanks jose.
Fazil Flicker (2 months ago)
Is dollar shave club available in india?
Samuel Davis (3 months ago)
I'm 21 and can't grow a beard 😭
ANIME-ator (3 months ago)
Do a beardstache mate
Hadi Cheaito (3 months ago)
Jose you do not have a super full mustache
Michiel De Jong (3 months ago)
All my exes wanted me clean-shaved
High Jacka (3 months ago)
Try the beard stash
BreakinBeatz1625 (3 months ago)
?yeh¿ like if time is from my fong toshave....
mohamed khaled (3 months ago)
Is it possible to do the translation feature into Arabic
THEO TORO (3 months ago)
Seria demasiado increible este video de tipos de barba en español
Ryan Karaya (3 months ago)
Dont do number 4
tabarak ahmed (3 months ago)
Henry Cavill mission impossible beard looks great.
fezan ullah (3 months ago)
I have medium beard
Saiyan (3 months ago)
Hey TMF why don't you start a Facebook group this will really help us so plz do it
Amit augustine (3 months ago)
Where’s the study from ? I kinda feel u r selling this to milk views 😂😂😂
Vegito 1 (3 months ago)
What's you hair length? I try cutting it like yours but then something isn't right
Talha Choudhry (3 months ago)
Very insightful Jose! 👏🏻🙂
bob marley (3 months ago)
Is it okay to shave against the grain like he does?
SleMoE YouTube (3 months ago)
Nobody better say the ad ends here. He actually gave us advice. So shut up. 🤐
ScHoolboy Lore (3 months ago)
I am 19 years old and I have and love my moustache beard
Free For All The Galaxy (3 months ago)
Yo man you becoming annoying with your advertising, and you remind me of a guy who i nearly taken his women of him he had to check me out few time's lol his girl was nothing just an afternoon tea😂
Rutwikevil10 (3 months ago)
5:18 he is the Indian cricketer KL Rahul
Anoodh Usman (3 months ago)
Its now getting full of BLA BLA BLAAA.... seriously find it little Boaring.😨
alakazam (3 months ago)
six min video, 3 min ad...shameless
Dea draws and animates (3 months ago)
I knew that a pic of Robert Downey Jr will be here. I really wonder how will you look like with a Goatee beard.
RSX (3 months ago)
now that was a great advise But there's one single pretty smal problem Which is : I don't have a fucken beard yet😂😂
Faraaz reshmi (3 months ago)
Dude jst stop promoting ads..... Itz annoying..... Otherwise ill unsubscribe u..... N hope mny will do d sme
Cruz Moreno (3 months ago)
I'm 17 and I don't even grow a stubble
KSES KATI (3 months ago)
Clean shaven faces never get the girl? Well you don't know Pietro bosseli
Jean (3 months ago)
Jose, tell dollarshaveclub to ship to Puerto Rico :(
Eddie Hogg (3 months ago)
My facial hair grows all over the right areas of my face but not past like 2-3mm in length
Faris Siddiq (3 months ago)
yo try bring back that 80 90's beard style
nitin sani (3 months ago)
i know the last beard guy KL Rahul Indian cricket Player
Captain Souvlakis (3 months ago)
For some reason in my country we start growing a beard from 17 years old lol
Kalpesh Makwana (3 months ago)
Go for the beardstache!!!! Nothing wrong with experimenting.
Muhammad Haiqal Iman (3 months ago)
Why is it always 6? Is Jose part of the illuminati?😮
Adrian Hanekom (3 months ago)
There is my Daddy the best man on YouTube for men

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