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The 6 MOST Attractive Beard Styles Women Love

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Text Comments (580)
Gaz Taylor (2 days ago)
ease tres (4 days ago)
what a shitty video this was
Hi You (8 days ago)
I just let mine grow shave my lip area that's it until I'm done growing and ready for a trim. Forget what people think. Do it for you. 👍.
pain (18 days ago)
i have a full beard but i hate it couse its cover my jaw line that my girlfilried love
Chazz Ram (20 days ago)
Again the only FACES THEY SEE ANY MASCULINITY IS IN THE WHITE BOY, cause they're their trophy boys. if they were to see half of these beards on a LATINO depending who he is they would downgrade it and judge him SOLELY AS A BUM..GOOD LUCK WITH THAT...and the kicker is WAIT FOR IT!! They don't know him from a hole in the wall their just very JUDGEMENTAL so I suggest just keeping it CLEAN..
Megan furlong (23 days ago)
teachingmensfashion I HATE FACIAL HAIR SO MUCH. I HATE WHEN GUYS are unshaven . well-groomed men are more attractive facial hair is for men who cannot be bothered to groom themselves and put a razor to their face and shave and that is coming from a 35 year old woman.
Shams Abdullah . (24 days ago)
I’m 80% thru my beard’s progress, and the fact that I’m 15 those styles make me stand out very well. As always thanks jose.
Fazil Flicker (24 days ago)
Is dollar shave club available in india?
Samuel Davis (26 days ago)
I'm 21 and can't grow a beard 😭
ANIME-ator (26 days ago)
Do a beardstache mate
Hadi Cheaito (26 days ago)
Jose you do not have a super full mustache
Michiel De Jong (26 days ago)
All my exes wanted me clean-shaved
High Jacka (27 days ago)
Try the beard stash
BreakinBeatz1625 (28 days ago)
?yeh¿ like if time is from my fong toshave....
Is it possible to do the translation feature into Arabic
THEO TORO (28 days ago)
Seria demasiado increible este video de tipos de barba en español
Ryan Karaya (28 days ago)
Dont do number 4
tabarak ahmed (28 days ago)
Henry Cavill mission impossible beard looks great.
fezan ullah (28 days ago)
I have medium beard
Saiyan (28 days ago)
Hey TMF why don't you start a Facebook group this will really help us so plz do it
Amit augustine (29 days ago)
Where’s the study from ? I kinda feel u r selling this to milk views 😂😂😂
Vegito 1 (29 days ago)
What's you hair length? I try cutting it like yours but then something isn't right
Talha Choudhry (29 days ago)
Very insightful Jose! 👏🏻🙂
bob marley (29 days ago)
Is it okay to shave against the grain like he does?
SleMoE YouTube (29 days ago)
Nobody better say the ad ends here. He actually gave us advice. So shut up. 🤐
ScHoolboy Lore (29 days ago)
I am 19 years old and I have and love my moustache beard
Yo man you becoming annoying with your advertising, and you remind me of a guy who i nearly taken his women of him he had to check me out few time's lol his girl was nothing just an afternoon tea😂
Rutwikevil10 (29 days ago)
5:18 he is the Indian cricketer KL Rahul
Anoodh Usman (29 days ago)
Its now getting full of BLA BLA BLAAA.... seriously find it little Boaring.😨
alakazam (29 days ago)
six min video, 3 min ad...shameless
Dea draws and animates (29 days ago)
I knew that a pic of Robert Downey Jr will be here. I really wonder how will you look like with a Goatee beard.
RSX (29 days ago)
now that was a great advise But there's one single pretty smal problem Which is : I don't have a fucken beard yet😂😂
Faraaz reshmi (29 days ago)
Dude jst stop promoting ads..... Itz annoying..... Otherwise ill unsubscribe u..... N hope mny will do d sme
Cruz Moreno (29 days ago)
I'm 17 and I don't even grow a stubble
KSES KATI (29 days ago)
Clean shaven faces never get the girl? Well you don't know Pietro bosseli
Jean (29 days ago)
Jose, tell dollarshaveclub to ship to Puerto Rico :(
Eddie Hogg (29 days ago)
My facial hair grows all over the right areas of my face but not past like 2-3mm in length
Faris Siddiq (29 days ago)
yo try bring back that 80 90's beard style
nitin sani (29 days ago)
i know the last beard guy KL Rahul Indian cricket Player
Captain Souvlakis (29 days ago)
For some reason in my country we start growing a beard from 17 years old lol
Kalpesh Makwana (29 days ago)
Go for the beardstache!!!! Nothing wrong with experimenting.
Muhammad Haiqal Iman (29 days ago)
Why is it always 6? Is Jose part of the illuminati?😮
Adrian Hanekom (29 days ago)
There is my Daddy the best man on YouTube for men
Francesco Chistè (29 days ago)
0:01 that's the first time I saw his hair bouncing
Hugo O'Brien (29 days ago)
I can't grow a beard, yet imma still watch the vid
Daym-ja3 -enol (29 days ago)
Stablestash looks best on mixed race 25+yrs
Mahdi Bayat (29 days ago)
We want BeardStache for Jose!!
Anand Suresh (29 days ago)
Now I'm in a skin fade luk
Diamant Belallari (29 days ago)
Lol Jose your tiny mustache won't do well for a beardstache
Zshy X (29 days ago)
I have signed up for dollar shave club for week. Now my box hasn't came does any one know when it comes ?
Radu988 988 (30 days ago)
jacket name?
Narek Avetisyan (30 days ago)
I think you should try it. Be our guinea pig.
Tjerk Wiersma (30 days ago)
Harshraj Rana (30 days ago)
No Jose 🤗🤭♥️
David Sage (30 days ago)
Some videos ago you said you use mower Now you use dollar shave always 😐
Villas (30 days ago)
Im 13 but ill try full beard
Kunal Singh (30 days ago)
You are far more better than alpha.m
Moiz Shakruwala (30 days ago)
Try full beard
Sahil Lakhotiya (30 days ago)
Dont give this a shot you will look like cat
KRISH PATEL (30 days ago)
Pls go for beard stache ❤
lil PACINO (30 days ago)
Do a hairstyle video
brandon martinez (30 days ago)
I can grow a beard but I cant grow hair around the area that forms a goatee around my lower lips to my chin. I hate it I cant grow a full beard.
DaringwarKsen Ksen (30 days ago)
Yash Damree (30 days ago)
Try it Jose
Mohid amir (30 days ago)
Make a video about subliminal messages who make bad boy attractive.
Viren Pathre (30 days ago)
Go for it Jose! Get a beard-stache! It's gonna look sick!🔥
Memefied Bacon (30 days ago)
Beard at 15 year old is normal?
Rolly Carino (30 days ago)
I’m Asian tho
I want your jacket
Cameron Kiesser (30 days ago)
Clean shaven but with noticeable sideburns is a good look too.
Jaime Duende (30 days ago)
Why im watching this, i aint got beard:(
Reaper Sz (30 days ago)
1:31 it's beard style
Alan Ha (30 days ago)
I'm a 16 years old Asian. Can't grow a beard smh😢
Vijay Hoelas (30 days ago)
Don't grow that damn stache😂😂🙏 just... Don't
Shock 3l1t3 (30 days ago)
Beardstache this ain’t it chief
Top Bandit (30 days ago)
Jose where'd u get that necklace from
Johnny Z (30 days ago)
Pro tip: 1:50 use the single edge side of the razor for your neckline going from the bottom of your neck to the top. Your jaw stops the blade exactly where you need to stop. Saves a lot of time!
Toño Morales Boeck (30 days ago)
Jose you always find a way of helping us to look even better than yesterday. Thank you Jose
Amruta Karekar (30 days ago)
Beard is the identification of our masculinity
Silly Billy (30 days ago)
2:07 I never shave my neck like that anymore cause it always make red marks. Just use the trimmer with no guard.
mayank bravo (30 days ago)
0:18 Never knew Jose could rap!
Moulaye Traore (30 days ago)
you're a legend Jose keep it up!
EminemBeats (30 days ago)
But what if I can't grow a beard...? :(
Amsal Badarpura (30 days ago)
My ass can’t even grow a beard
Lut3nant Craz0 (30 days ago)
Scrolling down to the comments to get where the add ends
David Rodriguez (30 days ago)
4:30 do it
Josh Romero (30 days ago)
don't grow a beard stache. It wouldn't look good on you
Kayden Reece (30 days ago)
Im 21 and can't grow a beard but i get the goatee soulpatch mustache goin on and rock it stubbly but thinking bout growing it a lil thicker since it's getting cold out?
Awesomegam3r (30 days ago)
So does the pencil beard work cuz I’m thinking of switching up to a pencil beard
fetty shaq_1738 (30 days ago)
Do not try the beardstache I repeat do not try the beardstache Jose it kinda looks disturbing ,it looks like you went to the barber and while trimming your facial heard you received an emergency phone call and had to leave instantly🤣🤦‍♂
Zacky Mohmand (30 days ago)
Yo Jose. Straight razor over everything
Rose Simms (30 days ago)
Jose how is it that u don't have a girlfriend
Joe Smith (30 days ago)
What to do if I don't have the genetics for beards
Mohammed Hashim (30 days ago)
I don’t have a beard, but it’s jose’s video so i must watch it🙃
Jafar M (30 days ago)
I want a video without a sponsor😩
Top Bandit (30 days ago)
Jose where'd u get that awesome jacket
John Gregory (30 days ago)
Please don’t beard stache
Julay Bib (30 days ago)
haha I have only one beared that is coming out, hope one day ............
BurgerCheese (30 days ago)
Hey tmf gang, I'm 14 and I grow a fairly good sized beard, what do you guys think I should get? I'm thinking of a faded beard.
NITROg0d (30 days ago)
fuck you Jose, all your channel has turned into is basically one giant commercial with some semi-relevant, Overly repeated, common sense facts. Get your shit together man.
Idan Burali (30 days ago)
All he cares about is money

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