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Vintage-Inspired Backpacks for Teens | PBteen

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We understand your school gear is a way to express your personal style so we've introduced a new line of cool backpacks called the Heritage Collection. These backpacks for teens have a definite vintage appeal with fun prints and playful patterns. This line of school gear has cool backpacks as well as crossbody totes. With the vintage-chic floral and polka dot pattern, these bags are versatile enough for school and weekend activities. Made from washed canvas, these backpacks for teens feature a vegan material trim. These backpacks and totes are built to stand the daily needs of your school day. As you often tote your laptop to school, we've designed our cool backpacks with a padded interior pocket. The pocket is perfect to keep your laptop safe and secure in your bag. These backpacks for teens have reinforced stitching and sturdy zippers for durability. If you need to carry a lot of supplies to school, these backpacks have roomy interiors. The front pocket with buckle closure is great for keeping essentials you need frequently. The tote from this collection comes with a crossbody strap so it doubles as a messenger bag. To know more, visit: www.pbteen.com Here is the Heritage Pool Ditsy Floral Canvas Backpack featured in this collection: http://www.pbteen.com/products/heritage-pool-ditsy-floral-canvas-backpack/ Take a look at the Heritage Black Ditsy Floral Canvas Backpack: http://www.pbteen.com/products/heritage-black-ditsy-floral-canvas-backpack/ Check the Heritage Washed Navy Dot Canvas Backpack from the same collection: http://www.pbteen.com/products/heritage-washed-navy-dot-canvas-backpack/ See all our backpacks and rolling backpacks for school: http://www.pbteen.com/shop/backpacks-luggage/shop-backpacks/ Here are some ideas on how to set up a productive study space in your room: http://www.pbteen.com/design-studio/rooms/study-spaces.html
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Text Comments (7)
Animal Lover88 (1 year ago)
I am going to buy one for school and i will leave a review on it
Jul Mendes (3 years ago)
Can I please buy one🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
iiAMnina (3 years ago)
Love the tote/messanger bag style, except you guys no longer have these vintage bags available :(
Dogs (11 months ago)
iiAMnina pottery barn teen is selling them again
Allison Sandi (4 years ago)
Hello! I would like to ask if pbteen will sell these backpacks again? Unfortunately they sold out before I could even get one so I was just wondering? I would really appreciate your help! Thank you
Dogs (11 months ago)
Allison Sandi Pottery barn teen is selling them again
Val_Skywalker (5 years ago)
You guys made a good decision :) on the style of these backpacks I was looking thru the other one and to be honest It didn't catch my eye as much as these did :) I love that you guys have a laptop case in the backpack I'm going to college this august and I think one of these will suit me well :) also I'm a small person so little backpacks make me feel more comfortable to carry on my back :)

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