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What Does My Husky Do When Home Alone? *GoPro Spy Footage*

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Ever wonder what dogs do when home alone? Find out what my husky Gohan does when he is alone! GOHAN'S MERCH: https://teespring.com/stores/gohan-the-husky Subscribe please :) - http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=gohanthehusky Follow Gohan's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gohanthehusky/ Like Gohan's Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/gohanthehusky Support us on Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/gohanthehusky Gohan's Website: http://www.gohanthehusky.com Music: https://soundcloud.com/julian_avila/maxs-room https://soundcloud.com/julian_avila/strangerthings Questions? Talk to me! Contact: [email protected]
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Gohan The Husky (1 year ago)
Gohan once again is a confirmed GOOD BOY! Look at what he did when he was home alone! Make sure to check out our limited time holiday merch!! It came out amazing. Rep it and send us pictures of you or your pets wearing our march to be in our next video :) Gohan’s Holiday Store: https://teespring.com/stores/gohans-holiday-merch Let’s take Gohan to see snow next - https://www.patreon.com/gohanthehusky Follow Gohan’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gohanthehusky/ Like Gohan’s Facebook: https://llwww.facebook.com/gohanthehusky <https://www.facebook.com/gohanthehusky> Gohan’s Updated Website: http://www.gohanthehusky.com/ Subscribe to our channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/gohanthehusky?sub_confirmation=1 Want to send Gohan something? Be in our fan mail! Gohan The Husky PO Box 836750 Miami FL 33283
Blake Shelnutt (10 days ago)
Gohan The Husky do you make him sleep on the hard cold floor if so that I not very nice but you do you love you and your dog 🐶
Robo Riley (13 days ago)
25W (15 days ago)
Cute dude, when i seen you scratch him I wanted to hug him too. The worse thing on it all is they some day walk away, then I don´t want any animal ever, maybe plastic chicken :)
Mohummed Salman (23 days ago)
Make sure to subscribe to Gohan the husky !!!
Don Ochetti (2 hours ago)
Imagine he starts talking then turns on netflix and chills on the sofa
xx lookbehindyou xx (3 hours ago)
Such a good boy😭😭❤️❤️❤️
Mughali Swu (7 hours ago)
He is very cute😍😍😍
Dragon Slayer (7 hours ago)
I feel like catching a dog during the puppy years is way better ..... they do some destructive shit.
chris briscoe (9 hours ago)
After two minutes I quit. Too much talking and schilling.
Bamino Tasia (11 hours ago)
He’s a good boy
zandara york (12 hours ago)
Oh god, i thought my pet would do strange things when i left home (such as dancing *celebrating i left home*) lol
AgentMurphy286 (13 hours ago)
Like, if this is your art and this is what makes you happy cool, but why does this have so many positive comments on it? This isn't good content and is basically an ad for your merch. Yet people eat this up and ask for seconds. What's your secret?
AgentMurphy286 (13 hours ago)
2:20 is when the actual content happens. And by my count the content honestly ends at 6:00. So basically you made the same video twice, but this one has an ad for your merch and less activity from Gohan. Quality content.
Autobuch Club (15 hours ago)
Super lame, prefere cats
Re Creation (18 hours ago)
Laziest Dog Ever!!!
floating one (18 hours ago)
He knew he was being recorded so he didn’t go to his OWCA headquarters like he usually does
Steve SIPUL (19 hours ago)
What if the dog wanna lie on its back or roll around???
The EDNC (19 hours ago)
Dogs are meant to live in packs, to communicate, play and interact with each, on the other hand domestic dogs live a cruel and lonely life... mentally punished ... no wonder they become fat & depressed
Poonam Lakdawala (19 hours ago)
What a dog so calm and cool
Michelle Belle (19 hours ago)
Lol really what was the point of this video my dogs just sit and wait for me too
Lingudu Murli Krishna (20 hours ago)
He is really cute
Алина Маца (1 day ago)
Francy van Lierop (1 day ago)
Ah he just waited till you came back. My dog does that as well just sleeps through the boring parts of the day.
Soundtracked (1 day ago)
That's exactly what I do when all the humans leave my house too.
Joshua Hammond (1 day ago)
I've gotta say, that's pretty goddam uninteresting.
Froggyboi071 Yeah (1 day ago)
Dog:was a paid actor
Tame Lit bhatta (1 day ago)
Face reaveal plz
Ginger Ninja (1 day ago)
_”If he finds them, he finds them but if he doesn’t, he doesn’t.”_ Yes, I can’t disagree with you on that one.
brandon eier (1 day ago)
That's so cute and sad. Just goes to show how we are their everything.
salty blood (1 day ago)
soo sweet ayy😍
Sameer Kooliyat (1 day ago)
Scott Seufert (1 day ago)
*"he takes a long nap"* Yeah, me too. Skip!
Lucifer (1 day ago)
Kim Sai (1 day ago)
If this was my dog he would've wrecked our house.
Junior Suzy (1 day ago)
What if the husky knew what you were talking about and he didn’t do anything on purpose? Well... Huskies are intelligent creatures anyway... That might be possible.
ORA ORA ORA (1 day ago)
Lol i dont know how this video came into my recommended, but i clicked because of your channel name. Im in tears typing this. My german shepard passed in September. Ive been a mess ever since. He was my bestfriend, and anyways, his name was gohan. I miss him everyday. Appreciate your pets.
Belinda Galvin (1 day ago)
I have a husky
Noor fatima (2 days ago)
On this timewaste video has 11m views thats not fair😡 How people wacht this full video burr
Filip Tošović (2 days ago)
@Gohan The Husky Thank you for sharing this moments with us!
kevvcop (2 days ago)
Israel Reuben (2 days ago)
Ya boi a ranga (3 days ago)
Makes me cry cuz all they do is wait for you to come home. I love dogs so much
LA HardBody (3 days ago)
Plot twist: the Dogg knew the Camera was Tied on to him the whole time, so he played it safe and didn’t do nothing dramatic😭😂💯
Life secret of Pets in a nutshell
MadMarty1337 (3 days ago)
nice blink wall mate :) and the old one with the 5 arrows - lovin it
yass ine (3 days ago)
i got exam in 6 hours and here i'm watching a random dog walking in the house doing nothing.
aurasphere87 (3 days ago)
Gohan going ssj2 with the z sword around that house 🤣🤣🤣
Elihle Radebe (3 days ago)
The most bored husky in the world
Tetrax (3 days ago)
Gohan must've hacked the cameras....
spiderpond (3 days ago)
I woulda licked my balls n crack
Nek Deep182 (4 days ago)
gohan loves blink 182
Lucas' Sexy lips (4 days ago)
i feel like i'm crying 'dogback riding'
Pothula koteswari (4 days ago)
Some dogs are leading good life better than humans
Vidya Rai (4 days ago)
Did you left your water tap open? You maniac!
Goo gle (4 days ago)
who else think husky are smarter & intelligent
Spartan003 (4 days ago)
Surprised he didnt start talking
The Maestro (4 days ago)
Whisskers (4 days ago)
Lol he has the blink 182 logo on his wall
Isaac Jouwstra (4 days ago)
11.M views yay
Mary Blusway (4 days ago)
Why is the whole world on when you’re not home huh?
ralo390 (4 days ago)
I love the homage to dbz classic show gohan
Pamela (4 days ago)
meanwhile i’ve had a bunny completely destroy every wire in the house munching on them by climbing on stuff and destroying furniture while we were gone for about 3 hours leaving him out with a diaper.
snugzillal (14 hours ago)
My Bunny is the same lmao she always make a hole on the Couch so we had to add a barrier they are so cute but yet furious its so funny and cute
Lucie Středová (4 days ago)
Except for that beautiful dog, I wanna say that I love the Blink-182 sign above the bed
Elson Ayson (4 days ago)
He is training to surpass everybody
Thelittlecutiepeach (2 hours ago)
What a sweet dog you have!!! Loved this video!!
CatalyXt (4 days ago)
I have a test to be studying for, yet I just watched a dog do absolutely nothing for 7 minutes. OK
Clary K (19 hours ago)
Me too buddy
Conjuring Karkare (4 days ago)
Dogs do not watch porn & masturbate like humans when alone
Hegar Aryo (4 days ago)
Pretty much a human on his/her day off.
Eter Wael (5 days ago)
Would be insane if the dog puts on Pornhub
Lewis Butler (5 days ago)
0:00 ASMR.
BEAST FOR BEAT (5 days ago)
Wait he didn't pee the whole day r u giving him water or not
Freya Jagger (4 days ago)
He was only gone for a half hour
Mekan Karayev (5 days ago)
Я разочарован....
Call Boy (5 days ago)
Lol so he acted like he never leave the door
AERYBEAUTY (5 days ago)
Anonymous (5 days ago)
Holy fuck, what a waste of time.
Efren Carranza (5 days ago)
You ler it wasn't 30 minits
#Why name a dog Gohan
I love huskys but yours is dumb.
Gklbghjderu (5 days ago)
So? Big deal. These kinds of videos are so boring
nicole mcguinness (5 days ago)
Why bother post this when he just slept 😂
FF LvGamesLv FF (5 days ago)
When ur talking to ur dog ... In hes brains: Hmm what is he talking about ? Stop talking and GIMME THESE TREATS!!!
Tina Otu (5 days ago)
If it was my dog she’ll just be sleeping all day😂
Babzee k (5 days ago)
He is a good boy😊
Pipizao Pipizon (5 days ago)
He schleep
Ricardo Haye (5 days ago)
Invasion of privacy
Soulus (5 days ago)
He leaves 2:35
翯翮穒 (5 days ago)
He was going to destroy your family
Thomas Katt (5 days ago)
Was kinda expecting him to open the door and 48 huskies with a keg of beer and a boom box come stampeding in..
E Rico (5 days ago)
2:29 when you wait for your parents to leave completely so you can bust a fat nut
How does a video of a dog sitting on a bed have 11 million views,
Second Best (15 hours ago)
Your mad
Is this channel literally about a dog
He is such a good boy in camera. He knows there are cameras but in reality he is the director of CIA.
Z love (6 days ago)
He is a good dog
captainphoenix (6 days ago)
"The Umbrellas of Cherbourgh". Sorry for ruining your day, folks.
Jaedon Ng (6 days ago)
get this man to 2 million subs for a face reveal like if you agree
Mister (4 days ago)
bro i dont care, im here for Gohan
Anthony Eyolfson (6 days ago)
Huskies have killed more kids than any other dog.
The first 5 seconds are adorable
Jordan Du Preez (6 days ago)
2:27 that's sad, i really felt bad for the dog
Hanan Yamini (6 days ago)
Dogs need to be outside in fresh air playing. Staying inside sitting on a bed is not healthy
Ksjsn oh (6 days ago)
Is that blink-182 poster on the wall??
Fr Cluc (6 days ago)
Skip the publicity and nonsense and start at 2:20
Aaron Carter (6 days ago)
Gotta love Gohan 👊

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