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What Does My Husky Do When Home Alone? *GoPro Spy Footage*

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Ever wonder what dogs do when home alone? Find out what my husky Gohan does when he is alone! GOHAN'S MERCH: https://teespring.com/stores/gohan-the-husky Subscribe please :) - http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=gohanthehusky Follow Gohan's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gohanthehusky/ Like Gohan's Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/gohanthehusky Support us on Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/gohanthehusky Gohan's Website: http://www.gohanthehusky.com Music: https://soundcloud.com/julian_avila/maxs-room https://soundcloud.com/julian_avila/strangerthings Questions? Talk to me! Contact: [email protected]
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Gohan The Husky (1 year ago)
Gohan once again is a confirmed GOOD BOY! Look at what he did when he was home alone! Make sure to check out our limited time holiday merch!! It came out amazing. Rep it and send us pictures of you or your pets wearing our march to be in our next video :) Gohan’s Holiday Store: https://teespring.com/stores/gohans-holiday-merch Let’s take Gohan to see snow next - https://www.patreon.com/gohanthehusky Follow Gohan’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gohanthehusky/ Like Gohan’s Facebook: https://llwww.facebook.com/gohanthehusky <https://www.facebook.com/gohanthehusky> Gohan’s Updated Website: http://www.gohanthehusky.com/ Subscribe to our channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/gohanthehusky?sub_confirmation=1 Want to send Gohan something? Be in our fan mail! Gohan The Husky PO Box 836750 Miami FL 33283
Qxr Kronos (1 day ago)
Gohan The Husky ʝ
Turbo Turtle05 (4 days ago)
Gohan The Husky I love how you’re dogs name is gohan I’m a huge dragon ball fan
Magsie Mccabe (9 days ago)
Gohan The Husky is not nice
The Cove Family (10 days ago)
Tonya Slaton (10 days ago)
Ridiculous 5 your Erica
robert ward (31 minutes ago)
Such an overrated video.... what a waste of my time
Dani Danae (3 hours ago)
Why am I crying a bit?????
Nayun Asahina (4 hours ago)
This thing is in my recommendations and i dont regret it lol
crazyintern (4 hours ago)
Who is a good lil doggy yes u r Gohan!
golden boys (7 hours ago)
Annette Rodriguez (12 hours ago)
This is what my life has become .. I just also finished watching a video of a mouse trying to eat peanut butter 😒 lol
Kenrick Bautista (13 hours ago)
Man I love Huskies! They're one of my favorite dogs and I like to get one one day.
Teddy Bowman (14 hours ago)
Dope room
For some reason i feel kinda bad for those dogs Oh yeah yeah
DarwinRulezz HD (18 hours ago)
How cute :0
brandon Furney (18 hours ago)
Why did you name him of goku don of dragon ball
xzxb s/ckj bC/a (1 day ago)
Iff I get 200 likes il eat my dog
Rayshard Porter1234 (1 day ago)
Who likes every kind of dogs 🐶 I’m. Not asking for likes I just wanna know
Maureen Saulo (1 day ago)
Oh Gohan, you just melt hearts for a living😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘
GhostlierRex139 (1 day ago)
Louden Klein (1 day ago)
Nice blink wall!!!!!
Mutual Sense (1 day ago)
He clearly acts differently when the camera is on him
MystikAlphaX (1 day ago)
Oh yeah yeah
Dominic Gutierrez 2 (1 day ago)
Nathan Parsons (1 day ago)
10 million views to watch a dog take a nap and window watch, not complaining just impressed, love husky's 😊
Nicole Newman (1 day ago)
God left dogs on this planet because he knew that humans needs a loyal friend and it cant be another human.
Anshuman Bajpai (1 day ago)
Opens the laptop and watches porn 😆😆😆😂😂😂😂 silence ....masturbates ..... silence 😱
AQUAMAN 53593 (1 day ago)
I will surely do this with my Doberman Pinscher gunner to see what his goofy ass will do in the future lol
Vashti Perry (1 day ago)
Gooder pupper
MrTerkyMan (1 day ago)
That Blink 182 mural thing though
War Robots Gaming 7 (1 day ago)
I was expecting him to wreak havoc but nope, he just slept
kimonogirl01 (1 day ago)
His face when asked/told if he was gonna behave... Gohan: ( ok.... If I must behave...)
Sherjeel Chaudhry (1 day ago)
This might just be the most famous husky? Like =if you agree comment =if don't agree
Sherjeel Chaudhry (1 hour ago)
+Doodoo Shid fard.....?
Doodoo Shid fard (3 hours ago)
Sherjeel Chaudhry fuck off
Sherjeel Chaudhry (3 hours ago)
+Doodoo Shid fard....?
Doodoo Shid fard (4 hours ago)
Sherjeel Chaudhry pee on me
Vijenderkumar Kumar (1 day ago)
So cute
CofiFox (2 days ago)
At 2:38 is that 3 knocks?
Artexatreyu Reyes (2 days ago)
Nice blink-182 logo!
Artexatreyu Reyes (2 days ago)
And Hendrix!
Chief Savvy (2 days ago)
🤣its 2am in the morning and im watching this.... LIKE
I hope the floors were clean
Kyla P (2 days ago)
This is so cute omg
Goku warriors! Goku (2 days ago)
6:11 🙂
homes24 (2 days ago)
He don't even look like rice nigga XD
Dayshon Campbell (2 days ago)
See Gohan is a good dog but does he know how to DOOOODGE!!!!!!!
Reuben Yazzie (2 days ago)
Nice dog I wish my dog was like that
Marcky Marck (2 days ago)
I really need a life....why the fuck I’m watching this at 2 am for.....
Dannon Collett (2 days ago)
what if some kind of dog did that every day?
Dannon Collett (2 days ago)
look out window,sleep,repeat...
Alleison Sellers (2 days ago)
I love this husky
bebop gaming (2 days ago)
bebop gaming (2 days ago)
Marilyn Gomez (2 days ago)
IS GOhan a girl or boy
LINK HYLIA (2 days ago)
Sometimes I wonder if my mom puts one of those on me when she leaves me home alone.
Joy Brereton (2 days ago)
The eyes at 00:59 after the guy asks "Are you gonna behave?" Says it all.
Irok 121 (2 days ago)
He knew you were recording, so he acted nice
TacticalNuke 2019 (2 days ago)
Jimi hendrix?
Matteo Whitlock (2 days ago)
Gohan is bae
Hey Lala (2 days ago)
#funny but boring
Hey Lala (2 days ago)
#cutest thing ever
Sliced And Diced (2 days ago)
Maddy B (2 days ago)
The life as a dog
THEVI NOGARA (2 days ago)
Not PewDiePie (2 days ago)
HeyDino (2 days ago)
Plot twist: the GoPro shuts down
kylee serafica (2 days ago)
So cute!!!
Even Baker (2 days ago)
So cute🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐕
A Jay (2 days ago)
Welcome to another episode of "Why is this in my recommended".....
KIM P CHANNEL (2 days ago)
I have a 4 dog in my house when go out from the house all they do is playing each other
Thefuutychanly 21 (2 days ago)
In the background it sounds like water
Ryan James (2 days ago)
My life no job watching dogs on YouTube haha my life Is hopefull
Thomas Anderson (2 days ago)
WOW! I had a puppy Husky for like a 3 weeks.. it was few years ago tho but.. now... I want Husky!
cresun (2 days ago)
Just patiently waiting for his master to return.
Alex Andra (2 days ago)
So, is that a camera at the head of your bed?
Tokin (2 days ago)
I'm literally watching what a dog does at 4:54 Am... I really need a hobby..
I will be freaked out if dog or camera sees paranormal activities.
Danney Larmon (3 days ago)
What a good boy
CuboidPixel (3 days ago)
Maybe I should get off YouTube the rest of the year cuz they keep recommending me videos that are old and irrelevant. Great video though
Jeremiah Reyes (3 days ago)
These kind of dogs always have beautiful eyes.
Campbell Craft (3 days ago)
How old is he
Frisk Flowertale (3 days ago)
Instead of "Secret life of pets" we have "Secret Life of a dog"
Sqwuirtz (3 days ago)
I also have a husky and I was wondering does ur husky shed alot
Ladybug (3 days ago)
To quit in that house for him. He need some music on. LOL
Form Over Function (3 days ago)
Crazyyy how I'm looking through videos, thought about watching your channel and it just popped up as recommended.
bon bon chan (3 days ago)
Gohan **_**
Matthew Ashworth (3 days ago)
U named him gohan from dbz 😍😍 ?? Hes adorable i pretty much assumed this is what happens :(
Disapointed he didn't fight Cell...
Chris Bradley (3 days ago)
Fun? Not really. Please think of some other use for your GoPro
Gabby S (3 days ago)
👁👁 3:57 why is there sound of water ?
Jackson Rau (3 days ago)
Lmao imagine being named after an anime character
jamie davis (3 days ago)
so cuttteeeee
So when Gohan has a kid....is the kid gonna be name Pan a female? Or Goten as his brother/son? Eeer?
A. A (3 days ago)
Subscribed only because of the name
Rouge Xtreme Gaming (3 days ago)
Gohan where'd you Gohan😂😂😂
Epic Gamer (3 days ago)
im afraid of dogs but your doge is soooo cute i cant be afraid of it
ãbxłyyñ (3 days ago)
And why did I watch this?
ãbxłyyñ (3 days ago)
My dog would not just lay there....
Epic Gamer (3 days ago)
he walks wtf omg 😣
PAPU BETCH (3 days ago)
What a sleepy husky?
Sharon Looney (3 days ago)
Been a very good boy
Sharon Looney (3 days ago)
Been a very good boy
Jack Patrick (3 days ago)
I liked the part where nothing happened
Gabriel Garcia (3 days ago)
Operation.. Pretend to be a dog while human is not home.. Successful!
Neto Garcia (3 days ago)
1:39 my dog does the same... Don't believe me? Prove https://youtu.be/UfanXVJRb2o
Schweet Dee (3 days ago)
wtf am I even doing here f***
Bronson White (3 days ago)
ahhhhhhhhhhh runnnnnn
Bronson White (3 days ago)
smiley dog ..................

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