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Post Malone Sauces on Everyone While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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From the breakout success of "White Iverson," to a guest spot on Justin Bieber's blockbuster Purpose Tour, Post Malone can't stop winning. Now, as he prepares to drop his debut album, "Stoney," on 12/9, he risks it all by taking down a platter of dangerously spicy wings. In the process, he offers some top-shelf animal anecdotes, a very hot In-N-Out take, and a working definition of "sauce." Let's get weird. We're finally here to supply you with the dopest merch! We sell everything from Hot Ones Hot Sauce like the The Last Dab to the highest quality tees. Shop here: https://bit.ly/2w8lVer We're finally here to supply you with the dopest merch! We sell everything from Hot Ones Hot Sauce like the The Last Dab to the highest quality tees. Shop here: https://bit.ly/2w8lVer Click here to purchase Hot Ones hot sauces: http://bit.ly/2ja8sx2 Subscribe to First We Feast on YouTube: http://goo.gl/UxFzhK Check out more of First We Feast here: http://firstwefeast.com/ https://twitter.com/firstwefeast https://www.facebook.com/FirstWeFeast http://instagram.com/firstwefeast https://www.reddit.com/r/hotones/ First We Feast videos offer an iconoclastic view into the culinary world, taking you behind-the-scenes with some of the country's best chefs and finding the unexpected places where food and pop culture intersect.
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Text Comments (23670)
Allie Bollow (57 minutes ago)
Real question, did post ever steal Justin's dog?😂
Donald Cedar (13 hours ago)
...what? Fiery Chipotle... the sauce everyone says they like isn't available and will never be available again? Fuck that dude. Unsubscribe.
Harold W (22 hours ago)
Dude. Boneless wings. Man, that’s just chicken nuggets.
Lane Siemers (1 day ago)
his face when he says what do i do with my hands 😂😂 2:29
Jenn Rose (1 day ago)
for real, 21 Savage needs to do one of these
AlphaP (1 day ago)
watching the glass of beer constantly refill throughout the video
Joshua Searle (1 day ago)
I've seen Shaun's bites. They're ugly, awesome and full. He's just a goblin for wings like gremlins are for food after midnight. Shaun's guage is 10,000,000 Scoville plus some mega death for fun
ELCGamingTV - (1 day ago)
who else searched up broken tree iowa then checked to see if anyone else said that? lmaoo
Shannon Gonzalez (1 day ago)
he’s so fucking cute what
Kevin Huston (1 day ago)
I would chill w post.. (or, rather.. "post"... w post)
Elijahr3729 (1 day ago)
"I havent gotten him back yet,but I think I might steal his dog"😂😂
Briana T (2 days ago)
Hell naw Postey Bojangles all the way Chic fil a is trash 😂
Menzy (2 days ago)
I’m sat here with Ice cream and it’s really nice
Cristal Valadez (2 days ago)
The last one is what you're supposed to start with
peppyluscious (2 days ago)
11:44 AYY
Conner Heckart (2 days ago)
I just wanna be friends with Post. This dude is so humble and funny
Miss Cash (2 days ago)
He is just so likable ...I like him!
XOwenX (2 days ago)
“Megadeth is a great band and so is Rage” I’m a Post Malone fan now, that statement right there, I love him
heather walters (2 days ago)
I'm hurting just watching you post! 😰You slayed that shit! Big ups!!Dallas proud!! & Thx for sticking up for Whataburger!!! Represent!! Proud moment!!😀❤️
heather walters (2 days ago)
1st time I've seen one of your vids,...great show! Of course I'm a post fan, so that didn't hurt, but, good show! I subbed! Thx y'all, can't wait to watch more! 😊
Erika Ramirez (2 days ago)
kyla jones (2 days ago)
He look like such a bad bitch in the thumbnail
Dale Johnson (2 days ago)
When life hit you harder than expected 9:00
TitaniumN07 (2 days ago)
4:11 and 9:22 you're welcome. 😂
Naomi Clark (2 days ago)
I thought I couldn’t like him more than I already did. I was wrong.
roastmypig (2 days ago)
last bite was fucking bullshit. post didnt get the sauce into his bite. he faked his reaction
Weed Emboiz (2 days ago)
Austin Post is truly one of the greatest Texans of all time
Logan Fehr (2 days ago)
I live in Saskatoon
Captain Tony (2 days ago)
Hell nah in n out smackin on whataburger cause that its whatadodo
Post Reading In Spanish is all that's good In this World!
Aaron Jake (2 days ago)
Damn?! He look like that? He ugly 😂 my bad... I love that dude
Bud Kinder (3 days ago)
I like post Malone he's a great guy
I am xF (3 days ago)
When he goes give me some of that God damn milk😂😂😂😂
PhantomGames (3 days ago)
"Oh yea. How bout that?" had me dead
amido albudah (3 days ago)
His accent tho
JAY got 4gb RAM (3 days ago)
"you are the dragonborn bro..do whatever you want" and me like "HELL YEAAAAAH"
D Izzy (3 days ago)
He's saucin
Rodepug (3 days ago)
this boys butthole burning and doin lobsters
Abdullah Mousa (3 days ago)
Thank you sir i appreciate you! Fuck you for giving me this wing though...
6:37 look at his hand...,do i have a dirty mind?
His bud light dough
Pengo Wengo 05 (4 days ago)
I also love skyrim
Ayanna Brinae (4 days ago)
He’s so sweet omg I would love to just hug him ♥️
Dr3adL0rdhg (4 days ago)
It makes me happy knowing my second favourite musical artist plays Skyrim 😩💦 makes him sexier
Lilly Hernandez (4 days ago)
I can't even eat the first hot sauce 😂
YvngKozik (4 days ago)
Linda Garcia (4 days ago)
17:33 Burps "boobs" omg I love post 😂
Ty Eldred (4 days ago)
"In-N-Out is like a fuckin little fuckin really little patty bro" ..... "I need something with some fuckin hair on its chest cuz"
Wyatt Games (4 days ago)
Didn't think he would play Skyrim
Brittany Bright (4 days ago)
13:10 “You see the order on the screen..yeah fuck this shit whoever made this is a fuckin psychopath, sociopathic gah damn”
Tony Estrada (4 days ago)
who else notices this at 6:38 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Kyle Morelli (4 days ago)
I would love 2 be on this show
Jake Bradle (5 days ago)
I wish they got the chance to interview XXXTENTACION
Tanner Grinzel (2 days ago)
Jake Bradle XXXTENTACION Was dead
Jaymond Meier (5 days ago)
Hey whats weird about Saskatoon?
Caylee Preece (5 days ago)
Awww he’s so cute aww my baby ❤️❤️❤️
Chrillele (5 days ago)
I JUST FUCKING LOVE POST MALONE! And he makes the best music!
Jason De La O (5 days ago)
" hella trip to the toilet " lmfao
Spino Gaming (5 days ago)
“Kids used to throw gum in my hair,.... Look at me now mother fucka, Eating hot chicken wings”
HENNY FINESSE (5 days ago)
P O S T E Y 💗
Braddon Schulze (5 days ago)
Just like regular show they getten food high
Shasha Abdul Wahab (5 days ago)
“ look at me now mafaka, im eating hot wings “
Natalie Cruz (5 days ago)
Wow post without the dumbass face tattoos
Jennifer A (5 days ago)
Posty needs to come back to Saskatoon ❤️
Jaylen Stephens (5 days ago)
Gimme soma dis got dam milk
3than R33dy (5 days ago)
Post is such a character
Talia Ngunovandu (5 days ago)
Dude lil pump should so be on this.
Rima Swarovski (6 days ago)
Doing lubster. .
Zaria Johnson (6 days ago)
6:29 💀💀 I’m DEAD
officialstevencrowder (6 days ago)
He's a cool dude. But I know everyone is watching so he isn't dropping his fake accent anytime soon.
SON GOKU (6 days ago)
Before his dumb face tattoos
Em Zzy (6 days ago)
My husband ♡
Grievous (6 days ago)
Why he would want to cover himself with crayons is anyone's guess.
kenia guerra (6 days ago)
They should do habanero sauce as well!!
jack master (6 days ago)
Seriously not gonna ask him Chicken Shack vs churches Chicken
Cheeserz TM (6 days ago)
Post malone cool asf
Amanda R (6 days ago)
That smile at 3:23 omggg take my heart!
iChrisOhGawd YT (6 days ago)
White overs on only good song but more than a month later congratulations is dropped
rosie Doeser (6 days ago)
I collect hot sauces where do I find his one? Can someone set me up with a link?
usudu123 (6 days ago)
“Jaden looks good though”
Daniel Pizano (6 days ago)
Shake n bake
KENNEDY SNODDY (6 days ago)
Post Malone is so CORNY!!!!!😂😂😂
Julian Stavik (6 days ago)
he look like a well dressed hobo
Mengpeng (7 days ago)
The kinda guy you would love to invite to a family cookout. Post would be there saying "thank you for having me. I'm having a great time and the food is amazing!" the whole time.
jp39 15 (7 days ago)
Post malone is dragon born 🐉 Ps talagata nights=what should i do with my hands
zimm zimm (7 days ago)
Tucker Savage (7 days ago)
when he said skyrim i instantly listened
Sydney Maloney (7 days ago)
TAPATIO!!!!! King of hot sauce!!!!! Thanks for bringing awareness 😎
Gabby Quigley (7 days ago)
I like him and I can tell he's from Texas because he pronounced it WATERburger 🤣🤣
Shaelyn MC (7 days ago)
15:29 I think you are lacking vitamin meee
misterscottintheway (7 days ago)
Oooiki (7 days ago)
post malone is my new favourite music artist just because he plays Skyrim
Oooiki (7 days ago)
and in the picture that they showed after he said that he likes skyrim he was holding an xbox controller so that adds to things too
Pavilion Gt (7 days ago)
Best in the show took it like a man
amber gowens (7 days ago)
I love Post but he looks like his breath stinks 🤢
Ark O. (8 days ago)
Stoney is not the best thing in the world. But beerbongs and bentleys is
Dani Msp (8 days ago)
O my god look at post Malone’s faceeee 9:21😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I’m dying
Dylan Holmcrans (8 days ago)
who the fuck thinks buffalo is better than polynesian
Mac Miller ❤️
Zavion Kirby (8 days ago)
this guy is the goat ay hot wings
Ingrid Crux (8 days ago)
When he didnt have faces tatts😂
Shane and Post I would cry

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