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How to Pack for a Day Hike

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[CHANGE VIEWING SETTINGS TO 1080p/720p] What to pack for a day hike or bush walk. It only takes a little bit of planning, yet it can make your day so much more enjoyable and safe. http://lotsafreshair.com for more tips! http://lotsafreshair.com/2014/04/14/what-to-pack-fo-a-day-hike/
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ThomasLaang (5 days ago)
That's a lot of stuff for a day walk.
I've thoroughly enjoyed your videos, thanks for taking the time to share them with us
Lotsafreshair (8 days ago)
Glad you like them.
DIYGearVideos (1 month ago)
Really like the bit about the film canister for storing (latex/nitrile) gloves. Brilliant tip!
Lotsafreshair (8 days ago)
Thanks! The trick these days is finding these old canisters!
Alexander Lotharson (1 month ago)
Trees?!? There are trees in Australia?!? I always thought Australia is just a huge desert full of kangaroos...
Lotsafreshair (8 days ago)
I'm sure that's a joke!
Pavle Balenovic (1 month ago)
Amazing scenery, indeed. There is really endless choice for hiking in front of us all but no one can afford enough. Nice video with surely useful advice for most.
Lotsafreshair (1 month ago)
Thanks Pavle!
Shirin Ali (1 month ago)
and nothing for snake bites??
Lotsafreshair (1 month ago)
Of course! It's in the first aid kit.
Aviah Duncan (1 month ago)
that is going to help me when i go camping
Lotsafreshair (1 month ago)
I hope so... but if you're camping you may want to check out the overnight packing video too.
Aamer Zaido (1 month ago)
Awesome, but I heard it's a dangerous place, snakes, scorpions all kind!
Aamer Zaido (1 month ago)
+Lotsafreshair, I said, I heard my beautiful lady and here is a love emoji for you 😍
Lotsafreshair (1 month ago)
Ah, I wish I had the laughing emoji here. I'm lucky if I see a few snakes a year. It's why many bushwalkers here wear gaiters.
Welsh Lone Wolf (1 month ago)
good videos subscribed
Lotsafreshair (1 month ago)
Ah, thanks!
Don Carbon (2 months ago)
she must be an annoying one to spend time with
Lotsafreshair (1 month ago)
Geez. Thanks Don. :-(
Johnny Bushman (2 months ago)
Don’t need a rain coat, 55 gal drum bag works good, lighter and lest space . I don’t know about the gators, have to carry food for them too 😁, over all nice video , love to go there some day , absolutely beautiful !!!
Lotsafreshair (1 month ago)
Ah, feeding the gators ;-D. They keep the snakes away though!
Blackout NW Scout (2 months ago)
Really good start, but also, water filter, fire, knife, emergency shelter (mylar bivy will do and is very light) and an extra day of emergency food.
Lotsafreshair (1 month ago)
As always, I suggest what I found works for me and there are many different ways to skin a cat. However... I carry water purification tablets in the first aid kit (lighter and less bulkier than a filter), a small swiss army knife (just for cutting cheese for lunch), a spare muesli bar and scroggin!
d gee (3 months ago)
This video is superb, you really nailed it. The only thing that needs mentioning is, what's the best thing to do with that toilet paper after you use it. Leave No Trace practice would be to pack it out, so bring another ziplock. If it's just a day hike, I guess you can avoid bringing a small trowel if you relieve yourself before starting the hike. I see other people have been suggesting some great things to consider bringing in case of an emergency such as a multi-tool and duct tape, and also personal preference items such as a hat. So I guess I'd say, a small emergency mirror or reflective surface in your emergency/medical kit would certainly help a spotter in a plane pinpoint your location. They make small tough emergency mirrors that are the size of your palm.
Lotsafreshair (1 month ago)
I just use the heel of my boot and/or a stick to dig a cat hole. I'm also trying to cut down on my single use plastics (as a former ziploc addict!), so I'm less keen on the carry out method of leave no trace. There's leaves, burn the paper if safe to do so or bury 15cm down and use the cheap/recycled stuff that breaks down quickly. Oh and the video was about what to take... not how to use it ;-)
SpaceCowboy GQ (3 months ago)
Why did "shit shovel" catch me so off guard? lol
Lotsafreshair (3 months ago)
Heaven on Earth is Love (4 months ago)
thank-you! :) m.
Lotsafreshair (3 months ago)
No problem!
Lotsafreshair (4 months ago)
No worries!
Aliff Ja (4 months ago)
Very useful tips
Lotsafreshair (3 months ago)
Eric Ladd (4 months ago)
You most probably have them, but I would suggest a: whistle & a couple of 'Setopress' (brand) bandages for snakebite. (Setopress - use the brown rectangles to squares for the correct compression for snakebite)
Lotsafreshair (4 months ago)
Yep. I carry a whistle and snake bandage ;-)
MayfallTribe (4 months ago)
6:10 no one gonna comment on "shit shovel?" Gotta kick outta that. ;)
Alexander Weaver (4 months ago)
Nice day hike kit. The only thing extra I might add is a ferro rod, a Bic lighter or some waterproof matches. If for some reason you have to overnight in the bush having a fire would be potentially life saving. I also carry an emergency reflective blanket that can be either a shelter or body wrap. Taking the surgical gloves is very smart. I pack on the philosophy, one is none and two is one, so I pack two pair of surgical gloves. I love your country and was fortunate to visit the Gold Coast while hoteling in Coolangatta. I would love to return one day and really visit more of your beautiful country.
mariposa de barrio (5 months ago)
Forgot knifev:(
miranda oaa (6 months ago)
I really wanna start getting into hiking, West Virginia has some beautiful views.
Lotsafreshair (5 months ago)
It certainly does! I hiked in the Dolly Sods last year and thought it was lovely!
Thank you! I’m from America. I went camping a lot a lot when I was young. I wrote your list down, thanks!
Lotsafreshair (6 months ago)
You can also read about it all and download my lists from my site here: DAY - https://lotsafreshair.com/2014/04/14/what-to-pack-fo-a-day-hike/ and OVERNIGHT - https://lotsafreshair.com/2017/10/13/whats-in-my-kit-for-a-weekend-hike/
I cannot tell you how many times we’ve needed a knife and nobody had a Good One. Somebody needed some strong large safety pins and nobody had them either, some small diameter rope was needed nothing, no one had a mirror, I needed a handkerchief nobody had an extra! Somebody got wet and they were really cold and we really needed an emergency blanket and nobody had one she ended up getting hypothermia and being shipped out to the hospital, unfortunately! And it could’ve been prevented if we had an emergency blanket!
*Please Add; a safety blanket, a camping mirror, fire sparker stick, good quality knife, mace or pepper spray for Bears, a pashmina/and neck gaiter, a mini sewing kit with 3 needles 5 large safety pins thread etc., belt, 50 feet paracord rope, quality belt, and maybe a Bright Red Kerchief (emergency flag).*
Lotsafreshair (6 months ago)
A few of these items you mentioned are in my first aid kit (signal mirror, foil blanket) and I have a firelighting kit as well with flint and other options. We don't need to carry mace (we don't have bears in Australia), and my small swiss army knife (or Opinel) is perfect for my needs.
EUSTAA (7 months ago)
Is dat grampian
Lotsafreshair (6 months ago)
Do you mean, 'Is that filmed in the Grampians?' (Bwahaha). No, it's the Blue Mountains of NSW.
Elijas Mihalić (7 months ago)
What is bush walk? I heard of backpacking, hiking and mountaineering but this term...
Lotsafreshair (7 months ago)
A bushwalk is what we call hiking in Australia.
Heather Hanson (8 months ago)
Cool! I love your tips! :D
Lotsafreshair (7 months ago)
Thanks Heather!
Renata Trevisani (8 months ago)
Good video!
Lotsafreshair (7 months ago)
Ah, thanks Renata!
ツSlicK (8 months ago)
Most important one is water
Lotsafreshair (7 months ago)
Yep... and...
Matt Bowen (9 months ago)
No knife and no fire starter.
Matt Bowen (8 months ago)
Yes. I'm from North America. Specifically, southeast Wisconsin, USA. Started day-hiking last year. Would be more fun if someone would come along with me. Oh, well ... Enjoyed your video. I use it to motivate myself. Get on a trail and quite making excuses!
Lotsafreshair (8 months ago)
Alas, I'm guessing you're from north america. I do carry a knife (to cut the cheese for lunch!) and I also carry a small fire lighting kit.
Norvik Boghosian (9 months ago)
Barbie girl :) I like see in nature.
Lotsafreshair (8 months ago)
Eye rolling now.
Lenny Pepperidge (10 months ago)
no knife eh?
Lotsafreshair (9 months ago)
Let me guess.. you're American, right?
Eddie B (10 months ago)
Thanks for the video my Girlfriend loved it, she's gonna make sure to pack that rain coat just in case.
Lotsafreshair (9 months ago)
Great to hear!
Sierra Tough (11 months ago)
Enjoyed the video!
Lotsafreshair (11 months ago)
interesting review
Lotsafreshair (11 months ago)
Glad you found it, 'interesting.'
Always Roaming (1 year ago)
Great video!
Lotsafreshair (11 months ago)
Sploosh Poops (1 year ago)
lol anyone else see it say shit shovel
Lotsafreshair (11 months ago)
Glad you're paying attention!
TemplarKnight21 (1 year ago)
Shit shovel. I don't know why that made me laugh so hard...
Michael (5 months ago)
Lotsafreshair (1 year ago)
Well, I aim to entertain as well!
xPumaFangx (1 year ago)
You forgot to take a knife.
Lotsafreshair (1 year ago)
Nope, it's in there... a small swiss army for cutting cheese... I don't need anything bigger.
Larry Kramer (1 year ago)
Did I miss something, or did you forget a knife? I don't go to the backyard without a knife.
Larry Kramer (1 year ago)
I read your detailed reply to the chimp person and I still find it unbelievable that 1000's of experts put a knife in their top 10 and you find little use for one. I do have a SAK that I value because it has a saw on it, which isn't much for cheese-cutting. Still, that only qualifies as a back-up. On trail? You know that there is no such thing as staying on trail when people go off-trail to pee and end up lost and dead. Could it be that Australia is so open that it is more difficult to get lost? And then there is unintended nightfall. Few things are as confusing as the woods at night. And then there is unexpected bad weather, like a snowstorm. In all my years, which are a lot more than 17 outdoors, my only (mini) crisis was to run out of water in the Nevada desert, but that doesn't mean that something bad cannot happen tomorrow. So I disagree with some of your ideas, but your personality makes up for that.
Lotsafreshair (1 year ago)
Nope... didn't miss it. Although I do carry a small swiss army knife for cutting cheese for lunch! Check out the comment to +Chimp Master for more details...
Ariz Nur (1 year ago)
Ulalala purple bag, the bag you use very good color, and I really like
Lotsafreshair (1 year ago)
Thanks Ariz, I'm glad you like it. It's a macpac pack.
Amazing! love the video~!
Joie Mojica-Gahum (1 year ago)
One plus thing that i bring is a roadeavour bottle that has electrolyte drink for that extra push in steep terrains.
Lotsafreshair (1 year ago)
Great tip. Nothing like that extra push in tricky terrain! I like a jelly snake myself ;-)
Dawn Somerville (1 year ago)
Love the video....but what about Bear spray? knife? taser? lighter? I might have missed it....but water bottle/canister? I would have a hat with a sun visor too......
Lotsafreshair (1 year ago)
This is Australia... we have no bears. I have a small swiss army knife for cutting cheese, no need for a taser (seriously??) and a lighter is in my first aid kit.
UMU Project (1 year ago)
What a breathtaking scenery! 😍
Lotsafreshair (1 year ago)
Yes - the Blue Mountains of NSW, Australia.
Immolateus (1 year ago)
I have a similar pack myself, thanks for sharing.
Lotsafreshair (1 year ago)
Great minds think alike.
Great tips! I usually carry my gloves in with my CPR mask, but I like the idea of keeping them I a film canister!
L Roz (1 year ago)
What a Doll ! BTW....no knife ??????
Lotsafreshair (1 year ago)
I have a small swiss army knife to cut cheese with for lunch. I have no need for anything bigger.
This video is so useful! Thanks!!
Walt Daniels (1 year ago)
Wow looks like a beautiful place to get out in. Nice video.
Harold clark (1 year ago)
Hi, just found your channel, very interesting and useful. I'm in vic Dandenong Rangers
Santiago YouTube (1 year ago)
what brand is your backpack?
Tony White (1 year ago)
You made a good point about first aid, the better more intensive course for Advanced First aid will teach you about extended care. When in the bush and remote areas emergency services could be hours away, they conditions could get worse and they may have to attempt extrication the next day when conditions clear up. Learning advanced first aid is great but please at least do an applied first aid course. St John Ambulance have loads of courses, you can use the qualifications at work and home not just on the trail. Cheers great video.
Beau Crawford (1 year ago)
she forgot all the emergency kit. like fire starter, knife, a good steel bottle and some type of tarp for shelter.
Adamast (1 year ago)
The 5C's is not everyones basic, but it is certainly a standard for youtube kits.
TSA Master (1 year ago)
Why is she smiling the whole time?
Draegan Fleming (1 year ago)
😂😂😂 i poop in the woods tooo
Anna Lisa Marten (1 year ago)
Thank You for this Great Video! I often feel I'm forgetting something, so this is a nice reminder of what is most important! Gorgeous scenery by the way!!
DSBSB (1 year ago)
Knife. No1 item on every outdoor list. I see you've mentioned a couple of times, that you don't know why you'd need a knife. With the exception of boreal forest, a knife is always the most important piece of kit (in boreal forest, it's an axe). Used for cutting food, prepping kindling/firewood, starting a fire with a firesteel, cutting cordage (which should also be there), repairing rucksack, picking flint out of shoe soles, splinters, opening cans/packets, clearing a path through bush, digging (lose the shit shovel - save weight), shaping hooks/pegs for tarp lines (tarp should also be there), tool-making, first aid - the list goes on. You should carry a knife - even a Swiss Army - they can be lifesavers. No outdoor/survival course has ever omitted this.
SpeedRider (1 year ago)
cool thx i going on a walk tomorrow this is perfect i hade ever thin i need lol
remedy0726 (1 year ago)
Kanzee (1 year ago)
Bum tickets....very important 💩💩
Lee Hanyo (1 year ago)
A map, compass, GPS, phone, and emergency beacon....you're definitely not getting lost haha
jesse bond (1 year ago)
and videos like this are how people die in the back country ...you just packed that bag like any city dweller imaginable. a knife is absolutely needed any knife it doesnt matter how big or small sometimes you dont have the luxury of using both hands and being able to or even just knowledgeable enough to make a knife.... a stainless steel or titanium cup or pot not just for purifying water but for cooking is a must have... if your going into the bush regardless of where you should have enough food for 2 days minimum not just a lunch even more so since your advocating people leave the main trail and explore which is how people get lost ...all it takes is one moment of tripping over a rock and all of your electronic devices are done for and your compass is broken in half (yes ive seen it happen) 80% of this video is simply bad advice and i dont have the motivation to continue correcting you
i'm not even a hiker or camper. i have no idea why i'm watching this. but i learned that hikers carry shit shovels lol
Dean Muir (1 year ago)
PLB = Take my money coz I'm important
Dean Muir (1 year ago)
Dean Muir (1 year ago)
Rule 1: Drive to car park Rule:2 Stay within 10 miles of car park.
Robert Allen (1 year ago)
..thx for the great ideas..from Arizona..we strap pneumatic hammers to our day packs here..more rocks than soil..ha
D Benoit (1 year ago)
I am hiking the grand Canyon next year
Kendan (1 year ago)
Blondie Aussie Hiker :)
aztekawarrior7 (1 year ago)
Eriq Ventenilla (1 year ago)
Nice. but she forgot a few of the 10 essentials...Especially when you are hiking in the bush....
Nelson rodriguez (1 year ago)
nice video
Adventure Awaits (1 year ago)
Thanks for sharing! Enjoyed video
JustSimplyBrandon (1 year ago)
Finally! A comprehensive video of the basics of what to bring on a hiking trip! You definitely nailed it right on. Other videos try to constrain themselves to "10 essentials" and end up going overboard with what I personally would call "survival" items (in other words, extras). You basically demonstrated what every hiker minimally need to have on their person with extra food for thought and this definitely is relevant to any hiking location worldwide. All the extra stuff should based on location, time, and personal need. Much appreciated this video and hope others break away from the "10 essential items" to follow this.
Lotsafreshair (1 year ago)
Thanks so much +JustSimplyBrandon it's so encouraging when someone recognises what I'm trying to do. Appreciate it!
Tamasi (1 year ago)
This is awesome! I've always been a camper but now i'm getting into over night hikes and eventually through camping on longer trails. I'm checking out the rest of your channel right away! Subscribed!!
Lotsafreshair (1 year ago)
That's great news that you're heading into overnights too!
Foxy Fitness (1 year ago)
Awesome video! I've recently discovered my new love for hiking.
Lotsafreshair (1 year ago)
Thanks Heather - I appreciate your comment.
Stilish UK (1 year ago)
Awesome tx , been hiking for many years n has got lost few times lol wish I had carried the stuff with me
Lotsafreshair (1 year ago)
Yeah, some people would say that there's a lot there in my bag, but if you get lost, you appreciate it all.
Spicy Boy (1 year ago)
I would suggest adding a lift shelter like a tarp just in case, great vid though!
Lotsafreshair (1 year ago)
Yeah, emergency shelters are handy indeed! Good idea.
Nikki Swenson (1 year ago)
Get rid of half of that crap, all you need is a backpack cooler full of beer & a good knife.
Parker Taix (1 year ago)
Nikki Swenson u know nothing about outdoors
iiOnyx (1 year ago)
my dad only packs all of that for a hike lol
Lotsafreshair (1 year ago)
Biker Tejas (2 years ago)
Really great information!!! will be very useful for my next trek !!! Thanks!!!
Lotsafreshair (2 years ago)
+BikerTejas great! Thanks.
Bill Dannelly (2 years ago)
great pack one thing I would add is a poket knive and a little bit of duct tape
Lotsafreshair (2 years ago)
+Bill Dannelly I do carry a small Swiss Army knife for cutting cheese and have been known to use the medical strapping tape from my first aid kit for running repairs.
Wolf Unchained (2 years ago)
Great to see women getting more and more involved in hiking. Keep up the awesome job.
Random Vans (2 years ago)
I LOVE the little bits of comedy you always try and put into your videos 😂❤️ shit shovel is my fav! Amazing video as well! ❤️❤️
Lotsafreshair (2 years ago)
Ha! Glad I made you laugh... :-D
Bush Channel (2 years ago)
Hey Champion, nice video! Very much agreed, resembles our day kits almost exactly :)
Lotsafreshair (2 years ago)
Thanks mate. Nice to hear from a knife fancier who doesn't tell me I need a bigger knife! ;-)
sami yemeyahni (2 years ago)
@1:40: Can (did) you do a video on what should go into the first aid kit? Thanks.
Lotsafreshair (2 years ago)
It's on the list +sami yemeyahni Hopefully coming soon!
Kirilly Tindle (2 years ago)
was just wondering what kind of food do you take on day walks because im thinking of going on a 6 hr walk soon and its not anywhere near cafes ect ?
kd5you1 (9 months ago)
I would take anything you like that isn't perishable. Tuna and crackers or flour tortillas, fruit, etc. If you have a small stove like a msr pocket rocket, a small propane tank, and a pot you can cook canned or freeze dried food. At Academy and Walmart there are freeze dried foods made by Mountain House in the camping section. MREs are not bad but they are a little heavy if you need to take several in one outing.
whoodiestyle (1 year ago)
take whatever you like to eat. I love tuna packets and bear naked oatmeal and I add in extra cranberries
Nikki Swenson (1 year ago)
If you have to ask that you should just stay home
Mel and Jona Travel (2 years ago)
Great video, really useful information and full of helpful tips! Nice work! =)
G K (2 years ago)
Nah, all I need is a knife
Lotsafreshair (2 years ago)
It's a different approach +Gjermund Karlsbakk and no less valid, but a survivalist approach, not a hiking or bushwalking approach, which is what this channel is all about ;-)
eyeseeeu2 (2 years ago)
watching this because i think its funny how white people do stuff like this.
Lotsafreshair (2 years ago)
... as opposed to Purple, Green or Spotty People?
Nick Bringman (2 years ago)
I go hiking to new trails every weekend, I used this video as my guideline! Great Job!
Lotsafreshair (2 years ago)
Awww, thanks +Nick Young - that's super encouraging for me. That's great that you get out every weekend too... nothing quite like it!
horsenaround2000 (2 years ago)
Wow! Good job mentioning things I have never thought of! Thank you.
Lotsafreshair (2 years ago)
Pleasure! Glad you found it helpful.
Happy Trails with Nick (2 years ago)
Great video, beautiful countryside also. Thanks for sharing. Just a suggestion, but I saw you pack your first aid early. You may want to pack it near the top of your bag so you can get to it quick in case of an emergency.
Happy Trails with Nick (2 years ago)
+Lotsafreshair Great point, giving first aid should not be rushed, more harm than good. Thanks for the perspective.
Lotsafreshair (2 years ago)
Hi Nick, thanks for stopping by. I put my kit where it is for a few reasons and there's been a bit of discussion about it. The things in first aid that need fast action are generally speaking things you do with your hands (deadly bleeds, CPR) hence my gloves are in the top compartment. In the same what that you never see an Ambo run, applying first aid is something that I don't rush at, but approach systematically and after full assessment. Having a kit (and PLB) lower down in the pack makes me slow down and think through all the steps needed, not just rush at something. I've just recertified by RAFA/WFA for the 5th time and I still haven't found a good reason to have it near the top... but each to his own... put it where you're most comfortable.
Liam Smith (2 years ago)
Could you do a video showing how you store all of this im having a bit of trouble with storage
Liam Smith (2 years ago)
+Lotsafreshair thanks thats helped alot
Lotsafreshair (2 years ago)
Good idea Liam. Generally speaking I keep everything inside the pack and stored in the garage, spare room or storeroom after it's been cleaned and dried after each trip... except my sleeping bag which I hang on a coathanger and leave on the back of my bedroom door. Hope that helps.
Grab Me Gear (2 years ago)
Handy tips, thanks for taking the time to put this together. 👍
Lotsafreshair (2 years ago)
Thanks! Yep... these take quite a bit of time. :-)
Puro (2 years ago)
Toilet paper In nature?
Lotsafreshair (2 years ago)
There's a few schools of thought on this and I definitely recommend it only for poo's. There's no need to use paper for wee's (obviously I'm talking about women here) in nature. Some people bury their paper with the poo, others burn the paper (fire risk) and others carry everything out... oh and then there's the use a leaf method... not my favourite. Is that what you meant +PureYO
Hiking Equipments (2 years ago)
Thanks for sharing! I like it so much so many beautiful places in Australia.
Lotsafreshair (2 years ago)
Indeed... many lovely places to see here. Thanks for stopping by.
Great video mate :0 Im subbed, keep up the good work :)
Thats cool, no problem :D
Lotsafreshair (2 years ago)
Well... that's a tricky one. I really don't play that game and I'm only subbed to about 10 or so channels and they're all personal friends. Sorry. Totally understand if you unsub me for that reason. All good.
No problem and hope you sub back :)
Lotsafreshair (2 years ago)
Thanks! Glad you liked it.
Kylie Hu (2 years ago)
Finally! I've found a fun, modest, to the point YouTube which also happens to live in Australia where I live!!😚
Lotsafreshair (2 years ago)
Again, I'm humbled thanks Kylie. Thanks for your encouraging words.

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