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Bodypainting Day Part II on Saturday July 18, 2015

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This video shows the various artists painting the models throughout the day. Great chance to see the atmosphere of the day. The Second Annual Bodypainting Day held in Dag Hammarskjold Plaza on Saturdday July 18, 2015. Over 100 painters and over 100 models attended. A similar event will be held in a month in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Andy Golub helped to organize this event. He has been known in the past in New York for creating live art and also for helping to establish legal precedent in New York to allow nude painting of models for artistic purposes. website: andygolub.com Body painting day is going to happen again in 2016. For all those who might like to be a part of it and might want to help out you can go to the following links: http://bodypaintingday.org/ http://bodypaintingday.org/artists-and-models/
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Sam Ryan (7 days ago)
The lady in orange. Beautiful.and thank you for letting us see your beautiful labia also.
Sam Ryan (7 days ago)
Beautiful and sexy and thank you to those brave enough to loose the panties. THAT is body art at it's best.
Robert W (12 days ago)
Great music but do slow the panning, too jumpy.
george kamanga (21 days ago)
what is wrong with you camera man are you drunk ? you cant stand still
Jean louis Sturnich (1 month ago)
C’est quoi comme peinture
Robert Weiss (2 months ago)
Great music but video was too uncontrolled.
Ss Dubey (3 months ago)
Though the videographer try to shoot but he waste more time in panning, occasionally he tried to zoom .feu study shots are necessary in such type of program.
خالد الرقاوي (4 months ago)
*رووووووعة امممممممممم وين هذول*
Shyam Sunder (6 months ago)
The Voice india (6 months ago)
Kahi baris na Ho jaye
dbr (6 months ago)
Get a new camera person, I got so dizzy I could have fainted
799jmt (6 months ago)
Camera man has been retrained!!!
Hasan Hasan (7 months ago)
Shauntrail Skinner (7 months ago)
No matter what size you are, the body is a work of art.
dave oneil (2 years ago)
FritertPotet (7 months ago)
dave oneil stfu
Silver Bear (3 years ago)
Quit moving the camera so much holy crap. I couldn't see anything but bury people.
799jmt (3 years ago)
Thank you for watching. You are right. I have learned not to move the camera as much in later videos.....but always I thank everyone who provides constructive criticism.
Bear 113 (3 years ago)
Enjoyed the video and your choice of background music fit quite well. I would love to see them have a Body Painting Day here in Geneseo, N.Y.
gayan sanjeewa (3 years ago)
more pussy baby
wessie6781 (3 years ago)
nice background that is what you are filming is it?
799jmt (3 years ago)
+wessie6781 You are right. It was a way for people who were not at the event could see what was going on the day of body painting.
dugierex (3 years ago)
I'm with my husband, very classy, the human body is a work of art. People, don't be a shame of your nude body. Its a gift from GOD our father
Sam Ryan (7 days ago)
Good for you. Ignore the haters. I could look at naked bodies forever. They are all beautiful.
Klutzyshithead 101 (6 months ago)
Taunter Atwill is wow... so bitchy
Taunter Atwill (6 months ago)
Stuff your 'god' up your ass please, this is not the US!
Yohann67 (3 years ago)
Horrible incessant panning and jerking almost makes you nauseous. STOP IT! Slow down!
799jmt (6 months ago)
Taunter Atwill (6 months ago)
@799jmt "improved"? lmfao!
oceandrew (3 years ago)
+799jmt I'm afraid I have to agree with Yohann67. The camera is not like the eye that can scan back and forth quite naturally taking in all that it sees. The viewer must explore each frame edge to edge, up and down to "see" what is in the frame so the slower the better. You'll notice that video tripods have fluid filled heads that force you to go slow.   Anyway... fun event.
Yohann67 (3 years ago)
+799jmt Sorry if it sounded rude, but when I first reviewed some of my own videos I was appalled and was yelling the same things at the screen. It seems like your panning is painfully slow when you are doing it but when you replay it you slap yourself in the head and think WTF? Was I on crack! I literally have never re-watched my videos because of that! I ruined some good stuff.
799jmt (3 years ago)
+Yohann67 Thank you for watching. I really appreciate all feedback....good and bad. This is how I have improved my hobby of taking videos :)
dugierex (3 years ago)
Beautiful and so is the nude body, Nudity should be legal, its about freedom. If they can have law about same sex marriage why not nudity
Sam Ryan (7 days ago)

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