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Six moon Design Lunar Solo Tent

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A look at the Six Moon Designs Luna Solo Tent. 650g/24oz A roomy, one person, ultralight tarp tent.
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Juke Box (2 years ago)
Thanks for the review. Looking at this tent on the Six Moon Designs website (https://www.sixmoondesigns.com/collections/tents/products/lunar-solo) it says it has a "6 inch deep bathtub floor" but that didn't seem to be evident from your video. Could you confirm whether it does actually have a bath tub floor? I'm not sure how old your tent is, but I know that they changed the design in 2012, and wondered whether this was part of the change? I'm thinking about buying this for the CDT. Thanks
phrayzar (2 years ago)
Hi D A, thanks for watching. The bathtub floor is a bit of a controversial issue with this tent. You can get a 6" bathtub if pitched correctly and using an adjustable hiking pole. That way you can set the pole a little longer, making the front wall of the tub 6". Otherwise it tends to be about 3". However, that said, the overlap is still sufficient to keep the inside dry in windy rain.
adam crane (2 years ago)
Hey there question for you. I just bought this tent, and have some problems setting it up. I have trouble getting the doors to stay taught for the vestibule. I can't seem to get the loops at the bottom of the doors to stay in the piece that slides up and down the guyine at that front of the tent. Did you have this problem at all? Any advice?
phrayzar (2 years ago)
Hi Adam, I have encountered the problem with the loose doors. Personally, I think that the line provided to attach the doors is too short. I changed the line for a longer one and it is always taught now. If you have taught doors, the prussuik knot that they hook to will tighten and hold in place.
Thanks for the great review! Been looking at a compact solo tent and this one looks like it fits the bill!
thenightowl (2 years ago)
24oz is 680g, not 650g. This does not include pegs or pole (if required).
StumpJumper (2 years ago)
Great video. I'm enjoying mine! My only issue with the Lunar Solo is getting a really tight pitch. I find it almost impossible to do unless the side pullouts are used. I was hoping it moved (flapped) a little less in direct wind...
Willem Knopper (2 years ago)
how much does this weigh just the fly and your complete set up. Six Moon Designs weights (grams) don't make sence with there conversions from ounces to grams
Woodlands North (2 years ago)
Nice, a lightweight shelter with bug protection and lots of airflow.
Molon Labe (2 years ago)
When compared to other manufacturer's like products, the Lunar Solo is hard to beat for design (weight, area and set up) and price. It truly is a leading shelter for single hikers who wish to have a superior product at a reasonable price. Too many people pay too much attention to marketing and hype and buy more expensive inferior products. No one hiking solo should choose a shelter that requires two trekking poles or a system of proprietary interlocking poles (especially arced poles) to set up, in my opinion. This is a great product.
phrayzar (2 years ago)
I agree about the poles. After a lot of in field research, I want just one pole and plenty of internal room.
Wye Explorer (2 years ago)
Hi Phrayzar...Just purchased. No longer shopping. Thanks for the review. I'll let you know how I got on. ATB Mark.
bainyshmall (2 years ago)
I'm thinking of buying this but am concerned about water getting onto the floor in really wet conditions, it doesn't look like there's much of a lip around the edges. I'm used to more of a bucket type floor, how would you recommend it for places like Tassie's southwest
bainyshmall (2 years ago)
+phrayzar thanks for that :) the other shelter I'm considering is the Big Sky Wisp, similar design but looks like it has a lot less ventilation
phrayzar (2 years ago)
+bainyshmall I have it pretty low here, it can be pitched higher, so that there is 5" of bathtub. That would mean using an adjustable hiking pole for support. I did the south coast track in the six moon design skycape trekker (a similar tent) in 5 days of torrential rain, and it was ok, this one would have been better. bigger vestibule and much roomier inside. I'm pretty sold on single skin tents these days. This is a great tent for very high winds also, which could be good for tassie.
Insight Living (2 years ago)
Excellent tent setup you got here. I also made a six moon design video. Please check it out and let me know what you think. Any suggestions will help
CyclingSoreThumb (3 years ago)
I have this exactly the same tent. Use it in UK conditions and seems fine so far. Picture here https://flic.kr/p/FaJbTE Use it mainly for bikepacking The only thing I have changed is the hook that holds the front down. I have put on a more substantial hook and replaced the knot with a mini line lock. Works well..
Eric Sainz (3 years ago)
Hello phrayzar, are the main reasons you switched from the SMD Skyscape Trekker to this Lunar Solo as follows: 1. the Trekker requires two trekking poles, and the Lunar Solo requires just the separately purchased Carbon Fiber Pole or a trekking pole, and 2. the Lunar Solo has a larger vestibule over the Trekker model? I was going to purchase the Tekker when they are available again in May based primary on your youtube review of the Trekker, you had me sold... then I came across your review of the Lunar Solo made me pause and reconsider my tent purchase. Was condensation ever a major problem with the Trekker in your experience? Do you have any other pros - cons between these two models of tents? Your feedback is appreciated. For what it is worth, I hike in the Rockies of Colorado.
phrayzar (3 years ago)
+Eric Sainz Hi Eric, thanks for the interest and questions. You are correct with the summation about the differences with the tents. I have had some condensation in the tent but mainly in a valley at water level, where the underside of a tarp was wet. I had the same issues with the trekker. pretty much al tarp tents will get condensation in the right conditions. I like the extra room of the luna. I also love the fact that, when lying down, you have a view out under the vestibule, something not present in the trekker. Had it out in a downpour recently and it felt very protective, even with some stiff winds. For your mountain type of environment, a pitch with the back into the wind will be necessary. Thanks, F.
Wawhiker (3 years ago)
Very nice! Excellent choice. Looking forward to your next adventure out in it...
phrayzar (3 years ago)
+Waw Hiker Thanks mate, I hope to get a video out soon. Hope yourself and Cooper have been getting out lately. Safe travels, F.
matanuska high (3 years ago)
..1200 cm?that would be 472 inches..i think you mean millimeters..
phrayzar (3 years ago)
+matanuska high Correct, I'm glad someone here is paying attention ;) And thank you.
PHARRAOH (3 years ago)
they do make a great tent. I gave one like that away awhile back on a contest, the guy brought it with him and us, to a 10,000' pk and the wind kicked up. It held up great. Enjoy my friend.
phrayzar (3 years ago)
+PHARRAOH Thanks Al, I have had my eye on this tent for a while then forgot about it. It's only when a friend brought one along to a trip that I got to see how big it is for its weight, I was sold.
MTwoodsrunner (3 years ago)
nice tent ...a gal i guided in Wyoming's wind river range used this tent during an eight day backpacking trip and once she got used to setting it up it worked out quite well...atb...woods
phrayzar (3 years ago)
+MTwoodsrunner It would seem that I am in good company with this tent. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Safe travels, F
TomsBackwoods (3 years ago)
right on! Thanks for showing!
phrayzar (3 years ago)
+TomsBackwoods Thanks for stopping by.
Cragdwella (3 years ago)
Awesome ! I have the LE and have used it now for three seasons,including seven nights in the Sierra's of California. Bye far the best solo tent I have ever used. I still enjoy my Warbonnet Blackbird hammock et up but for a tent,this one for me is perfect. I seam sealed it mine,did you have Six Moon do yours ? Thank you,Peace
phrayzar (3 years ago)
+Cragdwella Hello mate, I tend not to seam seal sil tents anymore. I have never had a leakage issue with either tarp or tent seams. My rule is, if I can see daylight through a stitch line, I will add a little to that area. Otherwise I don't bother.
James S D (3 years ago)
Looks a bit flimsy Phrayzar, maybe ok be for the Aussie outback, don't think it would survive a British or European winter though. Never heard of that brand, I guess they're Aussie. Have just bought a similar Terra Nova tent here, the Terra Nova Coshee 1 micro tent, about the same size but slightly different shape, about the same weight and pack size too, am taking it to Glastonbury for a wild camp soon, like it so far, so far so good. Thanks mate.
Molon Labe (2 years ago)
Six Moon Designs is located in Oregon, USA and is a manufacturer of very popular lightweight hiking products. This shelter, LUNAR SOLO, is designed and sold as a 3 season tent, not to include winter. It's Appalachian Trail.
so steve (3 years ago)
+phrayzar but i like the design,technology evolve with the years to
so steve (3 years ago)
+James Stewart Dunn looks very nice,for summer,but like you say,i don't think it will survive here ,(from belgium)
phrayzar (3 years ago)
+James Stewart Dunn I think The UK and ireland are a special case when it comes to weather. This model and others very like it are regularly used as shelters for the Appellation Trail, the Pacific Crest Trail and the Continental Divide Trail in the states. 2,200, 2.663 and 3100 miles respectively. This shelter is probably made from the same silnylon that the Terra nova is made from. The only real difference is that it is single layer on the back. I have done some soaking wet week long hikes in tents just like this, and stayed completely dry inside. They really are a marvel of design and technology. Thanks for the comment and interest.
garyg763 (3 years ago)
Got one and love it. If I'm not in my hammock this the tent I take. Good review!
Turtle Bushcraft (3 years ago)
very nice tent for sure I have the LE and love it thanks for sharing atb John
biggles1024 (3 years ago)
Good review of an interesting tent. Cheers, b.
Random Button Pusher (3 years ago)
Thanks for the nice close look at this tent.
Finn Blu (3 years ago)
. . . what's not to like bonus is the color and the lower general profile not a fan of trend to offer bright clown -car / disco colors to tents my focus is the space for gear as well in the generous vestibule. thanks thanks
phrayzar (3 years ago)
+Finn Blu Thanks for the comment mate. Yeah, it's a pretty low impact colour, and very spacious for a one person tent. Safe travels.
Don Milligan (3 years ago)
Very nice looking at a great shelter.

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