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♥ Healthy Tips ♥ My Morning Routine!

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You only have one body, you might as well take care of it!!--XoXo--BLT :P GREEN Smoothie! http://youtu.be/sqxLMgTuZeQ Kimberly Snynder (Food Genius) http://www.kimberlysnyder.net/ HEALTHY TIPS -Use bottled or filtered water for your lemon juice, organic lemon if you can. -Wait a half hour before eating, or an hour after eating to drink ANY liquids! Don't have anything to drink with your meal. It is weird at first, but you get used to it. Liquids actually dilute your digestive enzymes! -For the Millet bread avocado sandwich, use organic sprouts and avocado if you can. Also, if you are a guy and very active, you can have more than one sandwich! ITEMS FEATURED IN THIS VIDEO: Garden of Life Vitamin Code Liquid Multivitamin http://www.vitaminshoppe.com/store/en/browse/sku_detail.jsp?id=GU-1150 Garden Of Life Vitamin Code Raw Calcium http://www.vitaminshoppe.com/store/en/browse/sku_detail.jsp?id=GU-1127 Dr. Ohira Probiotics http://drohhiraprobiotics.com/ Digest Gold http://www.vitaminshoppe.com/store/en/browse/sku_detail.jsp?id=KT-1005 Food For Life Gluten Free Millet Bread http://www.foodforlife.com/product-catalog/gluten-free-wheat-free-breads/gluten-free/wheat-free-and-gluten-free-millet-bread POSTER http://tinyurl.com/3gegoga SHIRTS http://www.brittanilouisetaylor.spreadshirt.com FACEBOOK http://www.facebook.com/brittanitaylorfans MAIN CHANNEL http://www.youtube.com/brittanilouisetaylor BONUS VIDEOS http://www.youtube.com/brittani TWITTER http://www.twitter.com/brittanitaylor WEBSITE http://www.brittanilouisetaylor.com GOOGLE+ https://plus.google.com/114516649244445618938/posts TUMBLR http://brittanilouisetaylorblog.tumblr.com/ STARRING Brittani Taylor FILMED BY Taylor Randall http://www.tjrfilms.com EDITED BY Grayce Niggley [email protected] MUSIC http://www.audiomicro.com
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Text Comments (336)
David Sousa (2 months ago)
Girl. That to me is starvation. I would die. o-o;
Gabrielle Jarmin (2 years ago)
You mentioned in one video that you have soft teeth. You should probably switch to straws with your lemon drink as the concentrated acid will damage your teeth even more. Also, don't heat the water as it will destroy the good enzymes in the lemon. Thanks!
CookieDoPanda (5 years ago)
You look unhealthy
Sophie Howie (5 years ago)
You are so healthy! However I shall be sticking to my wholesome breakfast of cookies and oreo truffles! Lol.
MustacheGeeK (5 years ago)
You make being healthy look really easy! Im such a fatty DX
Stevannah Marquez (5 years ago)
Lol you no what u should do Brit you should make another channel how to. Be healthy
TheBlueGirl18 (5 years ago)
no wonder ur so skinny(: all those vitamins and lemons and ur green smoothie lol but a healthy skinny
UnicornMadnesss (5 years ago)
My birds eat millet
giraffes areawsome (6 years ago)
She takes this right out of the beauty detox solution I do the same thing
Olivia Styles (6 years ago)
What was the comment?
Mohammad Rajabpoor (6 years ago)
Christina Xo (6 years ago)
She's healthier than I thought she would be
Sóley Jónsdóttir (6 years ago)
Rolf Arne Soergaard (6 years ago)
morning routine ^^
Anne Bonner (6 years ago)
I thought you were supposed to take vitamins with food. do you get nauseous since you take them half hour before you eat?
Chloe Ryman (6 years ago)
Uuugghh, don't we learn this in school!?!? Just kidding haha!!
SPARKLEVIDZ (6 years ago)
SO healthy, I'd never have the patience. (always a bit of a junkie!)
carissakt22 (6 years ago)
Brittney what kind of juicer is that?
Sophie S (6 years ago)
But I do love avocado :D
Sophie S (6 years ago)
I like to think I am a healthy eater... but not THIS healthy... I don't think I'd have the patience /persistence to have that every morning! kudos, Brittani!
Katte D (6 years ago)
Hey thanks for the tips! That breakfast look delicious although usually I prefer sweet breakfasts, like fruit smoothies (no added sugars) or bread with fruit, muffins, more fruit, oatmeal with a touch of organic sugar and bananas, hahaha you get the point.
Lulutooth (6 years ago)
Where can I but sprouts like that? I have no farmers markets around here. Do they sell them at walmart?
ShannonlaUnicorn (6 years ago)
The food, smoothie and vitamins are jam packed with energy and vitamins that help her through out the day. Like they say, it's not the quantity, but the quality. It's a lot more energizing if you follow her routine than eat four bacon strips and five pancakes.
momo (6 years ago)
OMG i never knew that u r not suppose to drink liquids half a hour before or a hour after u eat !!!
TheVanillebluete (6 years ago)
sounds a lot like kimberly snyders detox diet
riccarocktor (6 years ago)
did you read Kimberly Snyder's Beauty Detox Solution?
nikahatt (6 years ago)
She has tried to gain weight, so don't call her anorexic. She's naturally like that. I know two people who are like that and are insecure about how thin and bony they are. That's just how her body is. And she can't change that. She can eat lots and lots of food and it'll be the same. Just because she's not eating a full on meal for breakfast doesn't mean it's not food. Breakfast isn't suppose to make you full, it's to jump start your day.
Noga Adar (6 years ago)
More healthy
Cody Dobson (6 years ago)
It's food. Unproccesed food. Healthy. You heard of healthy right?
eliana olsen (6 years ago)
You gluten free???
Laura Downham (6 years ago)
Can you do healthy foods for lunch boxes ect for school
kaylayi (6 years ago)
more healthy video thingys ! :D
victoriaroseh (6 years ago)
Breakfast isn't meant to get you full, it's just something to start your day. Cereal is less filling to me imo. Plus, in the vid she says she has it with an avocado sandwich. Since when was defending yourself bad?
kasrh (6 years ago)
It is obvios to me that you don't know nothing about common sense. You have a point in some ideas but that healthy appearance is easy to make from nothing. I'm not saing that BLT is not healthy and I'm not saing that that mix isn't healthy but she should eat something NEXT to that mix. You look quite defensive and that says many things about you. Sorry for the typing mistakes
victoriaroseh (6 years ago)
The smoothies and diet plans in there have more than enough vitamins, nutrients, and calories for daily life which come from actual food, not pills. I know because I checked before doing this, and the author is a certified nutritionist. Heck, she is wayyyy healthier than most people. It's literally a crap load of veggies! Shes not harming herself lol!
victoriaroseh (6 years ago)
When you think about it, our bodies weren't made for things like cereal and how its made today. The smoothies she showed in that video, which I have tried, taste morstly like fruit and they are yummy! They are just green. Seriously, there is nothing to worry about. I was obese and did this not only to lose weight but to be healthy and it made me feel amazing. I would never let myself starve or be unhappy with my diet for looks because they aren't what I cared about, I just wanted true health!
victoriaroseh (6 years ago)
If I told someone that I thought they were stupid, because I was thinking it, it would be considered rude. There is more to health than just calories. If she going to unhealthy extremes in her diet, it would be obvious. She would not have that pretty glow, nice hair, or energy that she has in every single video. Being filled with fruits and vegetables> having cereal. Especially considering for many people it's cinnamon toast crunch. If you watched, she mentioned health benefits not skinny ones.
kasrh (6 years ago)
I was not rude, I just said what I was thinking. She could have eaten some cereal or an yogurt and still be healthy. I am quite concerned about her and mostly because I really like her!
victoriaroseh (6 years ago)
I used to always eat junk but I eat very similar to her now and I got used to the different flavors. I love them and I have so much more energy and lost so much weight! Don't be rude, if it's not something you can't stick to, you shouldn't make the other person feel bad about it. It's better for her, would you rather have her start her day with a cold slice of pizza? I know many people who do and they don't glow or have energy like she does.
Lara Short (6 years ago)
Drinking the lemon water thing now, omg its amazing:3
Kendal Moore (6 years ago)
brittani is not perfect she mite be good person and role model but no one is perfect
Annie Vendela (6 years ago)
that's exactly like telling someone they're too fat, some people can't gain weight easily either. That's just a really rude comment
carrotsticks58 (6 years ago)
no! its wonderful! <3 :D
carrotsticks58 (6 years ago)
how can you be 'too healthy' ?
vballplayer4life (6 years ago)
Please look at her new video on this... She is not too skinny she can't help it
Anna Dykstra (6 years ago)
spouts have salmenila!
Supersassypandas (6 years ago)
This video helped because I'm really unhealthy and want to become healthy and there are some good tips I could use.
xvanyrocks (6 years ago)
She's healthy. Shut up. ((: See the color of her skin, hair, nails? They look perfectly normal. But she's strange, and cool. So yeah. She's healthy though.
dayaalice22 (6 years ago)
she just made video about how that it is so mean to say that and thats it is just as bad as calling someone fat!
Doodle Jump (6 years ago)
U r too healthy
Nat Perfect (6 years ago)
For everyone who have problems with health I would recommend 417 paleo recipes
samarakittenINC (6 years ago)
started watching the video, when an advertisement with Brittani in it came on. Interseption, much?
Spencer Toth (6 years ago)
@Girlz0nly try almond milk. I used to like milk too but once I started drinking almond milk and got used to the taste, I think it tastes better
riri yay (6 years ago)
I don't have a routine I just eat the food I see . Lucky I'm still really,really skiny so ppl don't notice :)
NIKKIE (6 years ago)
I love watching your health tips I'm a total health freak I look forward to more
Ember Sixx (6 years ago)
My routine eat whatever Damn cereal in the cabinet then go out the door
osa13121 (6 years ago)
i sale great vitamins if ur interested e-mail me [email protected]
Wassupfreaks199 (6 years ago)
Interestinggg <3 But your voice is all echo-ey echo-ey :P
Era Res (6 years ago)
Brittani, You're the healthiest person I know!!! :)
Nina (6 years ago)
I love your videos about health and stuff! I would LOVE to see more :D
kasrh (6 years ago)
I really love youre videos and I like you, but that is NOT food!
katikaru500 (6 years ago)
Brittany,i am quite sure that all that stuff is kind of useless
Declan (6 years ago)
Hahaha theres no way I could do all that every morning
XGCOwnt (6 years ago)
no thanks.. I like my steak. :P
Cassidy Lina (6 years ago)
they are vitamins, the things she is doing is how humans everywere should live
Cassidy Lina (6 years ago)
this is real food, french fries and poptarts are prosesed
Cassidy Lina (6 years ago)
dairy is not good for you some of the things in dairy are good for you but like cheese they add hormones in it, or like cheddar cheese when you buy it its orange right? well its supposed to be white its colored its bad for you plus cows milk is also bad for you, you should try almond milk its more healthier...
Cassidy Lina (6 years ago)
there not pills there vitamins
Isabella Amelia (6 years ago)
Yea try eating real food !!!!!!!
Lilly Medina (6 years ago)
You could try eating real food instead of so many pills!! It's not good for you brittani :(
Lidia20S (6 years ago)
so you dont drink during your meal..... ? please write back, vur confused
I Much (6 years ago)
thanks for this vid Brittani, very informative but quick and good ideas for a healthy breakfast!Please make more if you can.
Noordstroom (6 years ago)
God you're so healthy O.o I just ate a slice of pizza from yesterday... as breakfast. hehehe xx
Georgia Brennan-Scott (6 years ago)
Thats why ur super skinny!!!
Stefan Milenkov (6 years ago)
Getting healthy with you is so fuuuuuuuuun! <3
olive7999 (6 years ago)
I LOVE green smoothies!!! A specially the ones with spinach, bananas, dates and almond milk in them! Yummmmmmm 0_0
moondoggie517 (6 years ago)
Oh man....o___0 I gotta wait an hour to drink?? Geeze, the FIRST thing I do in the morning when I wake is a shot of vodka. Lol :D jp
9february9755 (6 years ago)
Thanks so much Britt!! For ur green smoothie it helped me lose 3kg
Cmurray (6 years ago)
i love your health vids brittani!!! make as many as you want and i'll love them all :)
ZiYan (6 years ago)
I luv that your videos are short because I don't like when people RAMBLE AND RAMBLE on and on and the video just drags... I LUV YOUR VIDEOS AND YOU!
CrazyLove144 (6 years ago)
Hey Brittani! I tried the lemon water thing yesterday morning, but it's still super hot here and I prefer cold drinks to hot ones. Does it have the same effects if I take it with ice water instead of boiling water? LOVE YOU!!!!! <333
Soledad Lalla (6 years ago)
@moogle276 yah! i wonder how old she is...........
Soledad Lalla (6 years ago)
oh god how do you eat so healthy!!!!!!!! lol like after i do all that ill probably go to mcdolands lol
ItsHannahB (6 years ago)
Thanks brittani, in getting my braces soon and will have to Eat more healthy for 18 months sooo yay;) xx
CHEEKY LUVLIES (6 years ago)
someone went to hi-health
B Gibbs (6 years ago)
your poor future husband....i dont see him getting a baller sandwich just grass a bullshit
AmberB (6 years ago)
Can you do a video for healthy ways to make your nails grow quicker/longer
Brianna Ler (6 years ago)
Abbie Cowton (6 years ago)
Ur really cool brittani cos you are so active and so nice its really Awsome !!!
Amber Yang (6 years ago)
Kk thanks! Follow me on instagram please! @hippyloves thanks😄
koannika (6 years ago)
i mean. she just said avacado in the video....
Airidas (6 years ago)
Hi Brittani, so i want to ask you a question. I am 13, and i am a boy, is it weird that i take care off my skin and drink, eat stuff just like you. Please tell me, i love you !:* <3
hiholaola (6 years ago)
more of these!!! Thanks for the tips <3
Erin Piggott (6 years ago)
i always love watching your videos brittani. your always so happy and peppy and your just so amazing luv u brittani
Fatima (6 years ago)
please make more health related videos. im having a hard time losing weight and having a nice body. thanks brittani:)
SCPhotography (6 years ago)
Honestly though, why are you so thin ?
katrinaxx (6 years ago)
how tall are you brittani?
Amber Yang (6 years ago)
ThomEA (6 years ago)
Does Brittani remind anyone else of Flo from the progressive ads?
Fiona Carter-Tod (6 years ago)
I don't understand how u can eat so healthy I don't have the will power

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