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The old Yugoslavian Rucksack A Versatile Hunting Day Pack.

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A quick look at the Yugoslavian Rucksack,Yugoslavia was a communist country in Southeast Europe during most of the 20th century. It came into existence after World War I in 1918. The varied reasons for the country’s breakup in 1992 ranged from the cultural and religious diversity between the ethnic groups making up the nation after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Watch Bill re purpose this surplus pack into a versatile hunting day pack.
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Jack Slap (5 months ago)
Thanks for the video on this. I bought one a couple of years ago. Wondered what the second set of straps on the bottom were for. Now I know. I noticed that it could be used as a haversack as well by using one strap attached to the D rings on the side, and storing the other. Although you could probably attach both to the D rings and have one go around your waist to keep it secured. Was also thinking that the top sack you put your water bottle in could be left hanging out on the side and secured to the D ring. That would allow more internal room if needed. Anyway, thanks again for the information.
Tema_buraz (8 months ago)
Good thing im Serbian these things are like less than 5$ here
Nikola Plavšić (11 months ago)
I will try to explain the content for this backpack.....Those round straps under the backpack are for tent canvas which is used for shelter or as a poncho....But as you said in the video......you can put pretty much anything you want....a blanket, a sleeping pad or a thin sleeping bag.....And now for the insides....That sack is for bread....You can put your mess kit inside but that is not necessary....The mess kit can be put on your belt....You can use that extra space for food.....We still have canned food in the army :D :D :D.......In the left side of your pack is spare ammo.....in the right side of your pack is a spare hand grenade.....And now for the front pocket....You put your spare socks, a towel, signal flare, heater for your food, and a small fire extinguisher.....As we all know you don't need an extinguisher so you can put some spare underwear.....As a camper....I put a lot of food and spare water instead of all those things I really don't need :D :D :D :D.....Great review by the way :) :)
Nikola Plavšić (1 year ago)
Glad I've helped :) :).....Trust me....this is the best battle pack you will find....It is indestructible :)
Thank you Nikola, you always wonder about how military surplus was used and what experiences it may have been present at.
Danny Hughes (1 year ago)
Hi DR. 54R.shaolin Kung Fu. Of China. Rope chain and tango. Son of red sun 1957.
zpetar (1 year ago)
1:08 those metal enclosures looked really cool and they were really well made. 2:10 What you call pistol belt was holding much more. Actually regular soldiers didn't have pistols. They had gas mask bag, ammunition/magazine pouch, hand grenade pouch, knife/bayonet, mass hall kit, folding shovel. Old Yugoslavian military belts came with suspenders to carry all that weight. https://sites.google.com/site/yugoslavianpeoplesarmyjna/web-gear
ArtMG (1 year ago)
i found a bag like that in abandoned yugoslavian school it was very cool
Alex Enriquez (1 year ago)
"These little cosmetic mirrors...you know they're kinda gay..." lol
Triumph Gibbo (1 year ago)
Alex it would kill me if some search and rescue scissor kickers found me dead and went through my pack and found that cosmetic mirror and then listed me as some kind of a rope licker.
m1cajah (1 year ago)
Hi! Loved the pack and seeing your contents. I have one of these packs on the way (got mine for $9 + shipping from Swisslink.com). I was hoping you could tell me what that pink device was again? A "back trekker"? Just curious as I have a propensity for getting myself lost - LOL. I would like something simple to help me find my way back...not that I'm ever more than 5 miles from a road, river, or rail line where I live.
m1cajah (1 year ago)
LOL - yeah, the spontaneous camping is covered. It's more that I'd like to travel more than a mile or two into the woods and be able to get back to the truck. I have a compass and can handle the most rudimentary tasks with it, but I'd prefer a simple GPS and rely on the compass ONLY in an emergency. Sad - I used to be great with the compass in Boy Scouts, but that was 40 years ago. Thanks for the information!
Yes, Bushnell has come a long way with not just this but their scopes and bino's as well, hey don;t worry about getting lost anyone that tells you they never got lost never left the truck, just be ready for some unplanned camping and an adventure
m1cajah (1 year ago)
Thanks for the reply. Just looked it up on Amazon - is that the one from Bushnell?
The original BackTrack forever changed the game with its unmatched ease of use. It's a GPS device that is simple and intuitive. It's now even more streamlined - 20% lighter, enhanced with an ergonomic shape and improved design. Utilizing GPS technology in its most basic format, it has just two buttons and stores up to three locations. At the end of the day, simply select your desired location, and the unit displays direction and distance of travel. The BackTrack has a self calibrating digital compass and backlit display, two features you will love about the original
miloš tadić (1 year ago)
Great video and good review,support from Serbia
Wildhorse customs (2 years ago)
not going to say your wrong about the bottom straps holding your pants or pistol up I'm sure it does a great job of that but the design of those yes was meant for your belt but it was to keep the bag from bouncing violently while running and to keep it from sliding around on your back when performing a low crawl or other movements. good video none the less, just a bit more knowledge is all I'd like to add.
Jeremy you are 100% correct on this, the holding the pants up thing is just a bonus for old fat guys like me with a lot of belly and no rearend
The pack was introduced to the newly formed National Yugoslavian Army or JNA, under the command of the famous and infamous Josip Tito, who led a resistance organization fighting the German occupation of Yugoslavia. After the war he assumed the role of Prime Minister (later President), and Marshall of Yugoslavia, meaning he had supreme control of the JNA, numbering about 8.000.000 men. After Tito’s death, religious and ethnic violence spiraled into several wars. During the Croatian War of Independence, Serbian rebels were outfitted by the JNA and also got a hold of this pack. This means that the pack was probably issued to Yugoslavian troops in the 50’s and saw continues service until the late 1990’s, quite the service record.
Шумадинац (11 months ago)
Chacote Outdoor Recreation N stands for Narodna-folks JNA-Yugoslav Folks(or peoples Army), not national
diy dark matter (2 years ago)
great video i subscribed be great if you could check out my channel as well .
karen bradley (2 years ago)
im curious to see how a survival straw works? video request.
John The One (2 years ago)
karen bradley look back in the past videos and you will find it.
John The One (2 years ago)
Hay Bill, how can I get that pack?
From the Sportsmans Guide 2 for 17 bucks

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