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DIY Clothing Tutorials That Will Make Your Life BETTER (Fashion Hacks)

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Be ALWAYS CUTE and Fashionable with these simple and FUN Fashion DIYs. Watch this fun video to find out how you can repurpose your old clothes! Subscribe to our channel: https://goo.gl/hHvOf8 DIY Clothing Tutorials That Will Make Your Life BETTER (Fashion Hacks) https://youtu.be/B0dOyBLM1XM ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ALWAYS be fashionable! Reuse your old clothes and transform them into new and trendy items in your closet! Which DIY will you try next? Let us know in the comments below and don't forget to subscribe to TheTrendy! CHECK OUT THESE OTHER VIDEOS: 1. 10 EASY Ways You Can Reuse Your Old Clothes https://youtu.be/-oNsR3Xjg5k 2. 10 DIY Girl Fashion Trends Guys Love https://youtu.be/JQbr-uO4B7w 3. 10 Fashion Trends That Aren't Worth Your Money https://youtu.be/jozwPypmQ4U 4. 10 Best Ways To Dress For YOUR BODY SHAPE https://youtu.be/ACXrrjpStn4 5. 10 GIRL Trends That Guys LOVE https://youtu.be/bee4wDO5gIA 6. 10 Ways You Can Bring Your Closet From LAME To LIT https://youtu.be/BmNHHyu3rbI 7. 10 Girl Fashion Trends Guys Love https://youtu.be/XXaey12ObR4 8. 10 Popular Fashion Trends You Didn't Know Come From Korea https://youtu.be/lJvx6dAtOWE 9. 10 Things Fashion Retailers DON'T Want You To Know https://youtu.be/BRA8JNk4ujg 10. 10 Fashion Trends That Need To Go Away https://youtu.be/62rhbnlrsaE 11. 10 Ways To Look RICH Even When You're NOT https://youtu.be/j-AkjO32gyw
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Text Comments (1637)
TheTrendy (1 year ago)
Hey fam! We made a part 2, check it out now! https://youtu.be/B0dOyBLM1XM
EliZabet Ochoa (3 months ago)
Simple Crafts (3 months ago)
Gabriella Music (5 months ago)
La próxima vez trata de no tener esa música tan horrible la odio asquerosa inmunda música busca una mejor
I love donuts (6 months ago)
Gurupd Ghimire (8 months ago)
Debbi Folliett (1 hour ago)
I thought you said trendy clothes
Toraia Pixley (1 day ago)
-me looking in my closet and see 39 plain shirts-😂😂
Puja Sutradhar (6 days ago)
The green T-shirt seemed as if eaten by rat 😐
CECELIA LAMPSON (9 days ago)
Im sorry, i love your style, and your free to wear whatever you want, but you show a lot of skin, and in this day and age, thats dangerous for girls. Im just trying to protect you, and again, you can wear whatever you want
pop hamster (11 days ago)
Kolbie Vanest (13 days ago)
Your Music is so bad
Kolbie Vanest (13 days ago)
S0rr3ll (24 days ago)
Kandie Delahanty (25 days ago)
delwer reshid (27 days ago)
هذا جميل جدا
J gamer tv Allen (29 days ago)
This is very helpful for me and for others thank you so much
David Test (1 month ago)
Follow drop bomb gamer on mixer
Gacha Raeki (1 month ago)
i just saw that someone copied you OML....
BANG PINK (1 month ago)
The background music is so weird oml
Vanessa Vatev (1 month ago)
HOW TO LOOK LIKE AN ANIME LADY (Colorized 2090 w/ *music* )
Amia Williams (1 month ago)
Get some pants cut the middle and put it over you
titiana savadoRe (1 month ago)
This is very nice thank you 💕😍😍😍
Cherismay Duil (1 month ago)
1st of all, the song is not suitable for the content. 2nd, i still want to watch it bcos the new clothes that u make are pretty awesome. How wonder how can u do that without fail?
Cherismay Duil (1 month ago)
I wonder*
Christina Schemkes (1 month ago)
This is hilarious is not the fashion idea it’s the fact that I think it’s a boy modeling I can see a beard😂😂😂😂😂😂
madalynn rose (1 month ago)
Not a boy
Feleen Quizo (1 month ago)
cut out shoulder and off shoulder t-shirt
Kayleen Juliette (1 month ago)
The music is Making me go nuts
Sirens Lyrics (1 month ago)
If you are to do the ribbon T-shirt at least tie the ribbon at the bottom at least it will look better
G_aXcHa g*U_rL (1 month ago)
'that will make ur life better' *Me after have done these*- welp better life I'm waiting.
Diary of A bad b (2 months ago)
I used to watch these all the time !
shorty castillo (2 months ago)
Am gonna try all of them and more the turtle neck one I dont like it the long neck so I'll cut it
Jean Riley (2 months ago)
this music is hurting my ears, can you please do some thing more today?
jaquinha batista (2 months ago)
T A M A R A (2 months ago)
i think im gonna try the t shirt into a top
Sharona Kianmahd (2 months ago)
why the annoying music??
Jazzy Johnstone (2 months ago)
Some boo some 🥰😍😘
Daniela Sanchez (3 months ago)
06:40 no me gustó cuando le pusieron las cintas verdes
lil pump lover (3 months ago)
Am I the only one dancing on the background music 😂😂😂✋
Regina del Rosario (3 months ago)
Lo único q me gustó fue lo de la sudadera rosa 💚💚
Wangie Flower (3 months ago)
The first is so pretty😊
Wangie Flower (3 months ago)
The first is so pretty😊
Funny Face (3 months ago)
The music sounds like its in 10 different languages 😂
Sapana Lohera (3 months ago)
What is sound name in 1:04
millieloves2 (3 months ago)
Finally found it.❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Anees Ghenam (3 months ago)
منو الي عربي لايك بليز
Geovana Fernandes (3 months ago)
Enganação eu vi a tamb mó linda e tudo mais quando vou ver essa vista de vídeos nada ver com a tamb indignada
Counsel Counsel (3 months ago)
The one with the ribbons she looks like some creatures come and torn it up and a kindergarten tryed to fix it
Simple Crafts (3 months ago)
Super 👏👏
rayan- san (3 months ago)
الصوت مزعج
Tamia Allen (3 months ago)
No joke, this music gives me a headache🙄
Victoria Lukic (3 months ago)
When it shows the clothes on it looks like a. British girl
Kenzie Koone (3 months ago)
The music sounds like " so fuzzy!" And also "T-T-T-T-T-T-Tea rage!" My ears are calling for help
Gacha Potatopleb (1 month ago)
How do you hear that?
2:47 smh
Bryanna Sambury (4 months ago)
Uggg this music gave me a head ace
LMAFO LMAFO (4 months ago)
Shafiq Shahira (4 months ago)
What's the name of this music .
Hadley Hayward (4 months ago)
i don't really think these clothes are that fashionable, they're a little awkwarr
xAngelx Nya (4 months ago)
This is my first visit on this chanell and i need to subscribed this !
salah barikoas (4 months ago)
Sk Saidul (4 months ago)
Music is Soo annoying
Sara Soto (4 months ago)
Me encanto tu video
Chanching Kelly Jocia (5 months ago)
Thamires Coutinho (5 months ago)
Libor Pytel (5 months ago)
Jsi z České republiky nebo že Slovenska?
Ijianah Whiten (5 months ago)
🙂these R okay 👌🏿
Annika Richter (5 months ago)
Der Klamotten Stil ist hammer😍
Gachamel ツ (5 months ago)
First *GOOD* clothing hacks video. Thanks!
Stephanie Klansek (5 months ago)
literally 30 seconds in and my ears were yelling at me to stop cause this royalty free music is literally killing them.
Milagros Garcia (5 months ago)
the sweeter green you look fine before
Claire Nixon (5 months ago)
How are you supposed to wash half these clothes??????
Luz Estela Mendoza (5 months ago)
Aquí está sus comentario en españolis😝
miry :v (5 months ago)
1:03 y 6:43 horrible
Nevaeh Steele (5 months ago)
They are all awful except the lace up turtle neck and the pink floral sweater but the music is the worst of all
kawaii pricsila (5 months ago)
Hermoso like si a las español arrrreeee😄😆😂
российские аууууууууууууууууууууууууууууууу
Gabriely Pompeu (5 months ago)
Faz maia explicativo, esta cortando as partes importantes
Monica Mwete (5 months ago)
This video was taken from another channel
Catelyn Zander (5 months ago)
The songs killers me!
Sese Mimi (5 months ago)
Toooooop lifè o jame
FluffyPuffyKittyWow (5 months ago)
Love it but the second one u did i feel like u just ruined im ok with riped pants and no sholdes and stuff but u just made it look as if u just can afford a new swear
Lacota Shapley (5 months ago)
they should try other life hacks
I breathe oxyJIN (5 months ago)
The music is annoying it sounds like some type of robotic alien club music and I HATE it.. 🙄🙄🙉🙉
Faith Prado (5 months ago)
Who else watches these videos but don't try them because they think they're clothes is gonna get ruined...
TOP ideas! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Thanks ;D❤️❤️❤️
Alina Flores paredes (5 months ago)
La verdad es k no saben como transformar la ropa y si lo hacen no son bonitos Like si es verdad
Lilly Lemke (5 months ago)
I just spent an hour ruining my close...I tried
sharon blackwood (5 months ago)
sharon blackwood (5 months ago)
If my mom saw me wearing any of those she would say i'm NAKED witch is RIDICULOUS!!!
Nalle Palacios (5 months ago)
Me siento unica al hablar español
SNaty (5 months ago)
6:40 Really???
Kefilwe Koolopile (5 months ago)
Rema Rema (5 months ago)
I like
Dhruv Kasana (5 months ago)
I like pink sweater style
hind hindouchin (5 months ago)
kb unboxed (5 months ago)
Who watches these but never makes them?
Ana Paula Costa Da Silva (5 months ago)
Bem estiloso
Clare Steel (5 months ago)
Horrible hacks it’s just as bad as 5 minute crafts
darin darin (5 months ago)
Les idées sont parfaites mais c'est trop rapides. Ralentissez un peu s'il vous plait
Lourdes Bermudez (5 months ago)
my love forever 😍😍
human &&&&&&& (5 months ago)
no me gusto la verdad (las cosas como son)xd
miguella Johnson's (5 months ago)
Alaa HUSSIEN (5 months ago)

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