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Caustic vs Dina Brass Full Battle | Spin The Mic 2017

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Makar nominated Caustic, he spun the mic and it landed on Dina Brass. Watch the full 2 hour Spin The Mic 2017 movie here... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2yxpDxEYf4 Established in 2006 in the UK and US, Spin The Mic is a unique hip hop rap battle format where opponents are selected at random via the spinning of a microphone. Set in an underground gladiator style arena, 15 MCs will get bodied and only 1will be left standing and walk away with £1000 cash prize. The first season of Spin The Mic featured the likes of iLLmaculate, The Saurus, NoCando and MC Riz aka the actor Riz Ahmed. ===Rappers=== Caustic (KOTD, Dont Flop, Grind Time, URL, King of the Dot, BOTZ) vs Dina Brass (Queen of the Ring, QOTR) ===Judges=== Bagnall (Unilad & formerly of Dont Flop) Tony D Cadet ===Credits=== Executive Producers - Harold Anthony & Ara Bozadjian Director/Editor - Marqus Akcent Producer - Harold Anthony ===Follow Jump Off TV=== http://facebook.com/JumpOffTV http://instagram.com/JumpOffTV http://twitter.com/JumpOffTV http://www.jumpoff.tv Interested in bringing Spin The Mic to your city email [email protected]
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Text Comments (7)
SSJ GAMINGS (16 days ago)
Jay Jay (1 month ago)
This was painful to watch
SoLe TREPZZ (6 months ago)
Jeez i havent watched this channel since 2013
Chris Xenoit (6 months ago)
God damn
Marnie Hayes (7 months ago)
get these fucking Americans off mate I want English voices not USA shit like if you agree
Marissa Swartout (7 months ago)
First like

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