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Funny Dogs Scared of Masks - Part 1

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Sometimes(only sometimes) we scared our Dogs just to make fun. It is not an animal abuse, just a funny joke between friends :) Rate, share and subscribe Music: Happy Boy End Theme by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100648 Artist: http://incompetech.com/
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Ophiuchus123456789 (3 months ago)
Out of all these, still the best one has to be that old black dog giving that clown mask the scared side eyes while ruffing and howling.
Lottie Blazer (4 months ago)
You shouldn't scare a dog with a firefighter outfit firefighter can save animals and you if you do that the dog won't come to a firefighter if there's a fire or flood or anyting you're something else and don't use a police officer mask
Pedro manuel Sanchez G (4 months ago)
S M (5 months ago)
We see here a high iq self reacting creature and also a human
•Lilly Tubez• (9 months ago)
Illusions (9 months ago)
no u
prakash zone (9 months ago)
2:29 the little Pavilion was looking so scared
Diana Dobson (9 months ago)
So funny poor little pooches the one with the kitty dog running all over the place kitty licking itself as long as you feed me i don't care what you look like
Samuel Moon (9 months ago)
lissalives Smoot (10 months ago)
Pugs just don’t give a shit! 😝
Oh, god now my suggested videos are all like this =(
Looks like their in play mode...
TheRandomGirl 101 (11 months ago)
i love the pug one !!!!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
M a r i e (11 months ago)
Sawrattan (1 year ago)
I'm no animal expert but do you think they're more scared by the smell than appearance? Because they see a living thing but it has no natural smell, which might freak a smell-specialist out
Troller Gamer (1 year ago)
Look at the big eyes of the puppy so funny and scary the EYES
Wongchhu sherpa (1 year ago)
Some dogs are not scared because there tali goes inside between two legs.
Adam Browning (1 year ago)
Funny but the music sucks
tio zeno (1 year ago)
Ho my god
tio zeno (1 year ago)
👎 dogs know their owners smell and voice.
m. h. (1 year ago)
the dogs be like I know u there ur sm- wtf u have same smell but not same face wtf!! what the fuck is happening!!!
Sanji Vinsmoke (1 year ago)
Una vez mi hermana me quizo asustar con una mascara, y salto mi rotwailer y casi se la morfa. Es peligroso este juego si tienen perros grandes.
Cintia Vilhena (1 year ago)
GKILLA_21 R (1 year ago)
Funny right Ha
Kimberlee Strickland (1 year ago)
LOL cats not impressed
Some of these dogs are pets other than for home security, that's for sure :D
I don't like the dogs are scared they are very sweet.
J T Gibbs (1 year ago)
I love at 2:15 the cat is sitting there couldn't give a shit.
Michael McAuley (1 year ago)
This is one of the reasons I love dogs
mobile Legends (1 year ago)
Dog at 1:20. "You already make me wear this dumb ass sweater. Don't you torment me enough?"
claudette dalton (1 year ago)
its a wonder their owners dont get bitten when its a mistaken identity haha
Ella Ams (1 year ago)
i wouldn't wear a mask around a pitbull..you might regret it
Aimeezahra Fauzi (1 year ago)
So funny 😂😂😂
Meme Trash (1 year ago)
He protec But he also attac.
Nottylibrarian4u (1 year ago)
It would be funnier when a masked robber gets into your house and the dog goes "mehhh.. i know its just you!" and moves on with his business.
LeanaCecelia (1 year ago)
Can we not always add dumpy music to these compilation videos 😥
Amil Raqimov (1 year ago)
Oh nooo! 😥
Peter Stephen (1 year ago)
Put a mask before a rottweiler.
Put s mask before a pitbull or a K9
Colin Jones (10 months ago)
Peter Stephen BIG
BB- BRANZ (1 year ago)
Peter Stephen ull prpbably lose ur hand with that mask..itd be silly to put it on ur face😂😂😂
Sebastian Smaga (1 year ago)
2:07 big eyes cute
Peter Horvath (1 year ago)
The dog knew that still you are his owner, only he very clearly disliked the mask.
Mis. Wifeyy (1 year ago)
2:10 the cat is like let me chill 😂😂
kunal sharma (1 year ago)
The 1st one could even scare a human :p
whisperingthylacine (1 year ago)
Never scare a dog with a fire fighter outfit! What if a fire fighter needed to rescue the dog? It would not trust them.
vinay tigadi (1 year ago)
They might hurt these people or themselves...
Lory 91 (1 year ago)
Sans !!! 2:29
Scottie Russ (1 year ago)
The music on this video makes me want to slam my face into a wall
Owl Shine (1 year ago)
I can't believe it, they're teaching their dogs to be mean to ugly people.... :(
Owl Shine (1 year ago)
(Okay before people attack, I just want to say... it's a joke)
Dog: fuck off you sons of bitches
Ferry Ihsan (1 year ago)
If you want to scare i hope with a big more dog not thiny dog😂😂😂.doberman or you dog have been trained.with a big teeh its true scary
Car Zone (1 year ago)
Dont scare them for ur fun. This harms their brain very much. They starts scarring badly if they see any such thing
zєllαяѕн TM (1 year ago)
It would teach them not to scared with scarry mask
Fabe360 (1 year ago)
Cool video!!! 👍 check out my channel !
nate word (1 year ago)
dogs suck
the last one looked just like sans the skeleton :v
Ashish Mishra (1 year ago)
Courage the cowardy Dog .
Su Tristão (1 year ago)
que fofos!!!!!❤❤❤❤
adam holdis (1 year ago)
i am try do that to my dog
berner710 (1 year ago)
0:40 lmfao that look it gave her
Sparkles The Cat (1 year ago)
The dog is really saying if you want me to poop on your bed just take one step closer to me with the mask I dare you.
Yasir (1 year ago)
not funny! do this on a rottweiler!!
Tio Ivo (1 year ago)
Various fursuits in the video
Lava spoon (1 year ago)
Poor puppys
9ers (1 year ago)
Tail wagging = not scared.....
Shan Devin (1 year ago)
someone should try doing this to 1 of my pitbulls
patatakap (1 year ago)
Alternative title for this clip: 'Dogs amused by human buddies with masks'.
Michael Pasler (1 year ago)
Aber die kennen doch den geruch ihres herrchens
Karen Rubio (1 year ago)
Alexander Chavez (1 year ago)
dogs always they know is you with something on your face,because dogs reconize people by smell 😁😁😁🐕🐕🐩🐩🐶🐶🐾🐾
Masochistic Suicidie (1 year ago)
Those puppy eyes 2:10 Adorable
Frankie Corona (1 year ago)
36ji Jjhhhjjjjjjjjjjjjjkkkkkkkk
waddietwo (1 year ago)
Is the dog at 1:30 a Jack Russel Terrier?
I think they were not scared...they were playing
AMREV (1 year ago)
that dog which colour is black and white looks like my pet
Chris Gee (1 year ago)
Then your pet is a wigga
That Guy (1 year ago)
Music is trash
cheL Balangue (1 year ago)
Lulu Charlene (1 year ago)
Get away from me you piece of ugly ass shit 😂😂😭
cool orbs in some of those
Ancient Warrior (1 year ago)
my dog could rip my head off
Song plz?
Zach Brown (1 year ago)
Dang these went downhill after the first half of the first one
oh floofy (1 year ago)
That face tho
km3l4 (1 year ago)
1:26 race of dog pls?
Alike Na (1 year ago)
not nice to scare the dogs!!
Chris Gee (1 year ago)
Take that huge ass L
Vanessa Murphy (1 year ago)
very funny stuff, but the accompanying music is totally inappropriate,.,,, sorry
Vanessa Murphy (1 year ago)
not wanting to offend....
Toys Unboxing (1 year ago)
+Vanessa Murphy Thanks, no need to be sorry :)
MiaRo RoMia (1 year ago)
Junge was ein dumme hässlich scheiße ganz ehrlich
Christy Dunlap (1 year ago)
To get a true reaction you need someone the animal doesn't know wearing a scary mask. Then the owners smell isn't there. Then see how the dog reacts! Record that.. that should be good. Here the is like I know that person is he going to hurt me? let's see nope! It's play time. But love the videos
downhillrunner (1 year ago)
Can somebody tell me this song
DESH VAKT (1 year ago)
I love dogs
LGD FiberOptix (1 year ago)
that cat doesnt give a FUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCKkkkkk
Tritonewt (1 year ago)
0:44 BANE?
mike o'neill (1 year ago)
These dog are thinking, "well I think I know who that is, but wtf is wrong with your face?"
The first dog says: aaaaah porcoddio!
Mark Brennan (1 year ago)
I had snitches after petting my dog because I forget to get my costume off when I came home from Halloween party. After she bit me and realize it me she cried the whole night.
Teresa Heary (1 year ago)
Love love love these animal owners and their pets 😍😍
Leila Fanous (1 year ago)
And i dont likt it when i dont get. And anservfrom un. . it makes me feel. Fatigue. Sexula3 . so say good noghr. End a conversarrion . b . i gatto go or nice to tlk to you. 👍. . right this now you dont say anything Leavong me hanging. Say goodby. That pisses me . please.
Chris Gee (1 year ago)
Bitch you said noghr? Racist af
Nightpony inRface (1 year ago)
2 of these didn't have scared dogs
Ugandan Knuckles (1 year ago)
The 2nd one the dog wasn't sceard it wanted to play
Amber Lea Rutter (1 year ago)
Unkillable Ninja lol that is my dog ( I'm not lying)
I made a tortilla mask.... My dog wanted to eat my face :,v
can you not need song. stop song

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