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NECRO - "LICINPUSEE" OFFICIAL VIDEO (Twerking Booty Shaking Sexy Girls Big Butts Strippers Models)

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Sexorcist Sexy Hottie Gorgous Women Big Butts Twerking Black Girls White Girls Latina Chicks Chicas Hip Hop Music Underground Rap Hardcore Lyrics Obscene Offensive Dirty Filthy SUBSCRIBE TO NECRO'S YOUTUBE - CLICK HERE http://hyperurl.co/390gng CHECK OUT NECRO ON SPOTIFY - FOLLOW PLAYLISTS http://hyperurl.co/7q1i36 CHECK OUT NECRO'S ENTIRE CATALOG ON ITUNES http://hyperurl.co/3ys12e NECRO ON AMAZON http://hyperurl.co/4porin NECRO ON GOOGLE PLAY http://hyperurl.co/e1qn6z NECRO SOUNDCLOUD https://soundcloud.com/necrohiphop NECRO PANDORA http://hyperurl.co/aqdj76 Directed by Necro - IG: necrorules Written, Produced & Edited by Necro Engineered & Mixed by Elliott Thomas for Cosby Honkey Productions All solo models, slow motion, time lapse, beach & milk shots by Necro All Necro rapping parts, strip club, Indian restaurant, landscape & cat/model shots by Reel Wolf Films All car shots & Necro/model beach shots by Mr. Hyde & camera car mount rig NECRO STORE http://www.necroproduct.com NECRO FACEBOOK http://www.facebook.com/necrohiphop NECRO INSTAGRAM http://www.instagram.com/necrorules NECRO TWITTER http://www.twitter.com/necro_is_god NECROHIPHOP http://www.necrohiphop.com Executive Producer: Necro Co-Producer: Tom Vujcic & Lukasz Furczon Cinematography: Necro & Delaney Siren Color Correction: Necro Key Grip: Drew Waine & Kevan Browne Gaffer: Matthew Almeida Production Manager: Necro & Ryan Fitzmaurice Assistants: Drew Waine, Tone Space & Amir Radi Licinpusee cover artwork: Ink-a-zoid Thanks to Ughhblog.com for your help(Armando & Victor Arena), Patrick Whyntie, all the models that participated in this video, love you! - Lolli Jayde for helping out, The Strip Club we used in LA, The Indian restaraunt in LA and all the workers there Shot on location in the Gold Coast & Adelaide, Australia + Los Angeles, California Necro Booking: [email protected] Necro Snapchat: necrohiphop Necro Bandcamp https://necro666.bandcamp.com/ Necro Google+ http://hyperurl.co/fm1j6h Necro Linkedin http://hyperurl.co/fkkgqg Necro Vimeo https://vimeo.com/necro Necro Forum http://www.necrohiphop.com/forum Necro Patreon https://www.patreon.com/necro Necro Ask.fm http://ask.fm/necro777 Psycho+Logical-Records 2015
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NECRO VIDEO (9 months ago)
FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/necrorules FOLLOW ME ON SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/artist/51vjIMmHWyVqDrkxD07Jh7 I shot this video in Australia & California - I shot 5 cards of footage - It took me a whole month to edit this video because I had so much HOT!! footage to choose from - There is over 20+ girls in this video, models, fans, girls from all over down to participate in this amazing production - I am very proud of this video because it had no paid promotion because Youtube does not allow age restricted videos to be promoted, so this is all organic love - Respect perverts!!! - Necro
Tari Saptari (17 days ago)
Blue pilem
Aaron Immortal (23 days ago)
Dood four c dih di d. Cppld do dpl
Nour Hussein (27 days ago)
Mariah Rodriguez (1 month ago)
Fgxhdhehebdejdb do tree you guys are so ugly and so cool a
Times stuff kalawong (5 hours ago)
so ew why did they upload this?
btw my dick feels weird o-o
this is pornhub
PatrickM1995 (3 days ago)
Dianka Moja (4 days ago)
to je super
Tyson Waltets (9 days ago)
This guys a trooper 👍
Sergey Maintser (12 days ago)
İsimsiz adam (16 days ago)
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Muhamed Husakovicok (18 days ago)
Ricardo Campbell (19 days ago)
Nita Nicolae (20 days ago)
You wsnt to suci my coci cmon fuck my pines
Matt Jackson (21 days ago)
That Arabian dude or whatever makes me laugh soo hard every time I watch this
Ricky Thayn (21 days ago)
Who listing to this garbage SMH
Matt Jackson (22 days ago)
This is the dopest video I’ve ever seen !sooo dope !
Cristopher Ruiz (22 days ago)
Cristopher Ruiz (22 days ago)
Это гипер Ахуенно!!! Я😋😋😋
Elly_the_ panda_girl (22 days ago)
I hate gay!!!!!
datempal (22 days ago)
Most underrated mf in the game. Absolute genius this man🔥🔥
Aaron Immortal (23 days ago)
Booty srx booty
WWDJD (24 days ago)
that fat ugly ass blonde chick in this video is nasty straight disgusting buttass ugly yo! does she got a unibrow?????
S K (24 days ago)
All of his videos are 0 % music and 100% porn. it's nasty
Joel Arevalo (25 days ago)
to hot girls from straight love
Samuel Perry (25 days ago)
so wierd
Nour Hussein (27 days ago)
Mohd aqil Mohd aqil (28 days ago)
Wowwww...sexy n nice you ass
Twilight Sparkle (1 month ago)
guilherme abrahão (29 days ago)
John Turner (1 month ago)
Love you
Jainie Escamilla (1 month ago)
Sexy ass
Marielson Batista (1 month ago)
😡 Á que bobeira mesmo!!
Junuz Salijevic (1 month ago)
Irish blower (1 month ago)
Girl kissing girl lesbein
Ant fam (1 month ago)
Lara B (1 month ago)
KALFU _ _ (1 month ago)
Pussy Rat yeaahh 🔥💃🔥💃🔥..bien forradito ehhh 👌👈👌👈👌👈👌👈
Trr Tell (1 month ago)
Sat Sri Akaal
The Old Boar (1 month ago)
I lick white pussy, black pussy, Spanish pussy, yellow pussy, hot pussy, cold pussy, wet pussy, smelly pussyyyyyy!
Alma Muriel (1 month ago)
Alma Muriel (1 month ago)
Danielle Moll (1 month ago)
Ew "
Death Wish (1 month ago)
This is the perfect song to eat Oreos to. They should use it in their commercial xD
Yo Mama (1 month ago)
You know what. I don't need this I'm going to sleep. You don't need it either
Ky Ky (1 month ago)
Butterface asf
Rashawn Young (1 month ago)
I want to f*** you in the titties
Your too much ---i don't know what's better the video or song---😵😵
Jay Santora (1 month ago)
I'll eat that pussy ya thot. but dont fart. I'll kill you while you push that shoppin cart up and down the block
Chris Pagan (1 month ago)
Yes necro I grew up jamming your music loud in my room or down the streets in my car.classic
Katie's Nguyen (1 month ago)
Katie's Nguyen (1 month ago)
50 seconds
wayne pickett (1 month ago)
thanks necro, str8 2 the point.
J'drian Reyna (1 month ago)
Shake that ass
William Carter (1 month ago)
Bogdan Craciunescu (1 month ago)
Major Lazer feat Necro in 2020 :D
Gustavia Mihayo (1 month ago)
I like the boys
Gustavia Mihayo (1 month ago)
Sexy so sexxxxxxxy
tanylah Taylor (1 month ago)
Jenny Rose de Ocampo (1 month ago)
I bet you always see some pussy
Jenny Rose de Ocampo (1 month ago)
How many times did he said pussy
RedEyeJedi (1 month ago)
sooo fucken fire the beat makes me come back and listen to it almost daily
Wena wena necro saludos desde Chile broo 9cortstriball videos en Youtube puros raperos de cora reales del rap
Raza Ali (1 month ago)
miney squad (1 month ago)
lern some respect for y'all grils
zafar Hussain (1 month ago)
Put that booty on me
rdmeenk 1 (1 month ago)
That ass is pure muscle!
Rodrigue Bidone (2 months ago)
Louis Hood (2 months ago)
I don't think anyone watches this for the music
Jose Bonilla (2 months ago)
Hola Hola
Elias Villalba (2 months ago)
Son riquísimas
Jessica Matilda (2 months ago)
Wow baby
Sian Taylor (2 months ago)
Alexandre et AnneMarie (2 months ago)
Trop sexi
chas votu (2 months ago)
We play music nightmares we can get it but what the freak is wrong with this kid memes like not good enough what is wrong with it sending me creeped out
chas votu (2 months ago)
Chucky guys are stupid what do you think you are
chas votu (2 months ago)
What is everything in these videos why is it so topia what's wrong with you does this babies can you meet doc donked about this
Naaznien Rehman (2 months ago)
And add indian song
Monica Carpio (2 months ago)
Don't you just love hot girls
Veronica Castro (2 months ago)
2019 en la casa ctm de chile q paso
Atta Sirhandi (2 months ago)
Subscribed your channel please make more videos like this
Elias Villalba (2 months ago)
Que rico😋
Alfred Steve (2 months ago)
Dick freaks
Filip Yt (2 months ago)
Ruhał byn
Innocent Ladka (2 months ago)
I like sexy girls
brittany conover (2 months ago)
I love this
gaming fun (2 months ago)
This girl is thick
Sameed Khan (2 months ago)
Hindi lines fuck this song
Mattastic Mattattack (2 months ago)
THE FUCK, they totally WASTED all that milk should of saved it after pouring it on their butts, could of had cereal as a snack , after all that booty shakin im sure the girls were hungry. And i just realized this is a music video.....something about cats and thongs i think
Mike Vassar (2 months ago)
Jayson Roe (2 months ago)
@ A
Jayson Roe (2 months ago)
henry ford (2 months ago)
Shake your batty on me
Torean Burden (2 months ago)
He is going to be the next r kelly n kelly
Torean Burden (2 months ago)
What is the milk for
Jason rogers (2 months ago)
leave sum pussy for the rest of us virgins :(
LiL E (2 months ago)
I like the cat
Yesey Jessy (2 months ago)
That is a big assb
Petrona Justiniano (2 months ago)
Tengo20 quieres sexo
Connor Wollen (2 months ago)
She is not 😘💖💓

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